10 Best Disney Prince Outfits (2023)

The enchanting world of Disney has offered many beautiful outfits. But a few of the most underappreciated are those worn by the handsome gentleman known as the Disney princes. From those born into royalty to the ones paired with members of the official princess line-up, these dashing individuals have a fashion sense that is just as impressive as their stories.


But which among them has the most fashionable of ensembles? That is what this list is here to answer. So grab your sword and your favorite noble steed, and let's discover the 10 best outfits worn by some of the Disney princes!


Charming's Ball Outfit (Cinderella)

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With a personality as vibrant as a piece of un-toasted toast, Cinderella's Prince Charming is only remembered for his dance moves and the stunning ensemble he wore to the ball. For just like his famous princess's iconic blue gown, many have tried to recreate Charming's fashion moment in their own real-life fairy tale way.

With the great combo of red, gold, and cream white, this outfit checks all of those classic princely fashion boxes. Plus, with the military-style shoulders and accessories, and those timeless black shoes, Charming comes off like the stylish definition of what his name implies.

The Prince's Main Outfit (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

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Nothing is quite as impressive as a man that knows how to wear a big puffy blouse with confidence. And Snow White's Prince achieves that task along with wearing the most ridiculous hat seen on any members of the prince club. Yet somehow, this royal makes it all look effortlessly stylish

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With his cape, tall brown boots, and other well-chosen elements, this outfit defined the classic aesthetics of future Disney (and cinematic) princes to come. It also proved that a male lead could be just as glamourous as his leading lady - feathers in hats and all.

Flynn Rider's Wedding Outfit (Tangled)

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Though known for his roguish charms and famous green ensemble, the best outfit worn by Flynn (aka Eugene) is the white suit he adorns at he and Rapunzel's wedding in the Tangled Ever After short. For not only does the outfit show Flynn at his most handsome, but it is also a perfect compliment to Rapunzel's wedding gown.

Both feature gold trimmings on white fabric that look incredibly regal. But its the beautiful sash and sun symbol jewelry that makes the entire look. They stand as a beautiful representation of both Flynn's relationship to his princess and the journey he takes from crown-stealing criminal to crown-wearing royal.

Li Shang's Battle Armor (Mulan)

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Remembered for his excellent battle skills, Mulan's Li Shang might not always be considered the most fashionable individual on this list. But with his battle armor, this warrior proved that you can still help save the country, get to have dinner with your dream girl, and look stylish all at the same time.

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With vibrate reds and touches of yellow and greyish green, this armor showcases Shang's loyalty to his family's history and his pride towards his heritage. But what finishes the look is the simple cape set against the striking black elements of the outfit - making Li Shang stand tall when leading his army into battle.

Aladdin's "Prince Ali" Outfit (Aladdin)

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Though this diamond in the rough may be more remembered more for his roguish looks, many would agree that Aladdin's peak style moment happens when he becomes Prince Ali. For no one wears the combo of cream, gold, and a splash of purple with such polish and confidence as this dashing fellow.

From the feather-trimmed turban down to his gold shoes, this outfit screams absolute royal perfection. And if this ensemble proves anything, it's that Genie's true calling was to be a fashion designer all along - and Aladdin is the perfect model to prove it.

Edward's Royal Outfit (Enchanted)

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He might not be the most memorable prince on this list (especially since he didn't spend a lot of his movie in animated form). Still, Prince Edward certainly left quite a fashionable impression on audiences. And no look quite says that like this famous signature royal ensemble.

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With various shades of red and gold trim, this outfit is as princely perfection as one's attire can be. There's the ridiculous puffy sleeves, the flowing cape, and those classic boots. But what sells this look is the beautiful embroidered details, which validates Edward's royal status in the most stylish of ways.

Philip's Forest Outfit (Sleeping Beauty)

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There aren't too many princes that can rock a red pointy hat without looking ridiculous. But Prince Philip is the exception to such a statement. For not only does he know how to wear such an accessory with ease, but he also makes it look quite dashing while riding a horse.

Shown during his first real introduction, Philip's outfit is simple in structure and color combos. But what makes it a winner is the red cape and hat - showcasing Philip's adventurous and curious personality. Obviously, he's a fashion icon and a game-changer for on-screen animated royalty.

Eric's Wedding Outfit (The Little Mermaid)

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With his dreamy blue eyes and incredible head of hair, Prince Eric is equal parts excellent in both the Disney prince and fashion-forward categories. But when looking through all of his stylish looks, none of them can top his stunning wedding attire.

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Dressed in white, blue, with gold and black trimmings, this outfit perfectly evokes the nautical aesthetic of the story along with Eric's seaside lineage. Plus, he knows how to compliment his bride-to-be without overtaking her big fashion moment - making for one stylish happily ever after.

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Naveen's Dance Outfit (Princess and the Frog)

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Despite being a frog for the majority of his movie, Prince Naveen has the most variety when it comes to his wardrobe. And though his final green princely garb is undoubtedly stunning, none of his outfits are quite as cool as what he decides to wear on the streets of New Orleans.

Decorated in various shades of beige and browns, this ensemble wonderfully showcases the trendy looks of the film's setting while also showing Naveen at his most confident and comfortable. Plus, no royal has ever looked quite as dapper while "cutting a rug" like this prince does here.

The Beast's Ballroom Outfit (Beauty and the Beast)

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The Beast certainly has quite a fantastic wardrobe. From his torn purple cape to his adorable winter ensemble, all of his outfits are iconic in their unique way. But none of them capture as much regal splendor as Beast's blue and gold suit he wears to dance with Belle.

Taking its style cues from the Rococo era; this outfit has a distinct classic flair that allows the Beast to look dashing from every angle. But it is the evolution of this suit towards the film's finale that makes it the clear winner. Because whether you're under a curse or the prettiest of future kings, this ensemble will always make you look like Disney fairytale perfection.

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