10 Reasons to Use Castor Oil on Your Face (Overnight) (2023)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a single pure oil that could keep your skin moisturized, clean, glowing, and acne-free?

What if this oil could also grow your eyelashes and eyebrows?

Along with many other facial skin benefits, Castor oil (on your face) can do all of these.

In the last 10 years, Castor oil has trumped every other oil I have used on my face, body, and even my hair.

10 Reasons to Use Castor Oil on Your Face (Overnight) (1)

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I use it to cleanse and moisturize my skin, get rid of chapped lips, blemishes, redness, sunburns, pigmentation, you name it.

I rub a few drops of it every night and wake up with glowing skin and less under-eye puffiness.

And, to my surprise (because I was a skeptic):

With thickened eyebrows and longer eyelashes.

But these are only some of the facial (and body) skin benefits of Castor Oil you’ll discover in this post.

The best part?

Organic, cold-pressed, and hexane-free Castor oil works best when you only use tiny amounts of it.

With this cost-effective oil, less means more.

In this post you’ll find:

Page Contents

  • 1 What is Castor Oil?
    • 1.1 How Is Castor Oil Produced?
  • 2 What Does Castor Oil Do to Your Skin?
  • 3 How to Apply Castor Oil on Your Face
  • 4 10 Uses for Castor Oil on Your Face
  • 5 What is the Best Castor Oil?
  • 6 Side Effects of Applying Castor Oil on Face
  • 7 Castor Oil Skin Uses FAQ

What is Castor Oil?

Castor oil is a vegetable oil pressed from castor beans. Castor oil is a colorless to very pale yellow liquid with a distinct taste and odor.

It includes a mixture of triglycerides ( in which 90% of fatty acid chains are ricinoleates). Folk healers around the world have used Castor oil for a variety of skin and health conditions for thousands of years.

(One of the most common uses was for treating eye irritations, and in my experience, it’s definitely the ultimate dry eyes remedy).
10 Reasons to Use Castor Oil on Your Face (Overnight) (2)

How Is Castor Oil Produced?

Pure Castor Oil is derived from the seeds of the Castor bean plant (Ricinus communis), which was once referred to as the “Palme Christe” (the leaves were said to resemble the palm of Christ).

It is produced by cold-pressing the seeds and the clarification of the oil by heat.

Each year, 600–800 million pounds of castor oil is produced for a variety of uses.

Here’s the unique quality of Castor oil’s chemical composition:

Almost 90 percent of its fatty acid content is a rare, dense, and concentrated compound called ricinoleic acid.

What Does Castor Oil Do to Your Skin?

Many studies (some are linked to in the post) have shown that ricinoleic acid found in Castor Oil can hydrate the skin and prevent wrinkles, prevent the growth of viruses, bacteria, and yeasts molds,reduce skin inflammation, help with ringworm, keratosis, abrasions, and fungal infections, heal acne, and more.

Here are a few more uses:

1. Reduce itching and swelling (see the best dry itchy scalp remedies)

2. Relieve sunburns

(Video) 10 Reasons I Use Castor Oil On My Face Overnight

3. Treat skin growths

4. Treat skin allergies and rashes

5. Relieve pain

How to Apply Castor Oil on Your Face

Before you apply pure Castor oil, wash your face with warm water to open up your facial pores.

Castor oil’s consistency is quite thick and it’s easier to mix it with a carrier oil to help you massage it in circular motion well into your skin.

You can use carrier oils such as almond oil, coconut oil, and olive oil.

Leave the Castor oil on your face overnight and rinse in the morning for the best results.

10 Uses for Castor Oil on Your Face

Some of these uses are science-backed, and some are not. I have had positive results with all.

1. Castor Oil for Skin Glow and Wrinkles

10 Reasons to Use Castor Oil on Your Face (Overnight) (3)

Castor Oil penetrates deep into the skin, softens, and hydrates it like no other oil.

It promotes blood circulation, and the most-welcomed “arrival” of collagen and elastin, which delay wrinkles and fine lines and immediately create skin glow.

👉To Moisturize:

  1. Mix 3-4 drops of Castor Oil (only pure, cold-pressed and hexane-free CO will work) with some olive/coconut/jojoba/sesame oil.
  2. Rub it on your face for an amazing glow that lasts for many hours.

(I use it after my twice-weekly red light therapy home treatment)

  • For dry skin: 2 drops Castor oil + 6 drops Sesame Oil
  • For normal skin: 2 drops CO and 6 drops of Grape Seed Oil or Olive Oil/
  • For oily skin: 2 drops CO + 6 drops Jojoba Oil.

👉To cleanse:

Do the oil cleansing method with Castor Oil instead of coconut oil:

Gently massage your face with the mix of your choice and put a slightly warm damp cottoncloth on your face for about a minute.

Then remove the excess oil with a cotton pad.

Your skin will be soft, nourished, and hydrated – you’ll love it.

10 Reasons to Use Castor Oil on Your Face (Overnight) (4)

Sky Organic pure castor oil – $17 at iHerb (save 5% with coupon code EPP3583)

A Fast-Acting Castor Oil Face Mask:

  • 1 teaspoon CO
  • 1 egg yolk

Mix and apply the mixture to your face for 10-15 minutes, then clean your face (without soap).

Enjoy the amazing glow and hydration of your skin.

Warning: Most commercial Castor Oil is made from non-organic Castor seeds, which were heavily sprayed with pesticides, are solvent-extracted (hexane is common), deodorized, or otherwise chemically processed.

This will damage beneficial nutrients and may even contaminate the oil with toxic agents.

Make sure to use a pure, cold-pressed, and hexane-free Castor oil, like this one.

And, use a dropper bottle to keep the oil clean and uncontaminated.

2. Under Eye Wrinkles/Puffiness/Bags

10 Reasons to Use Castor Oil on Your Face (Overnight) (5)

When I started using Castor oil as a home remedy for dry eyes (it’s amazing!) I noticed that I started waking up in the morning with no under-eye puffiness, and much to my surprise – somewhat less wrinkles!

(Video) Top-10 Beauty benefits of castor oil for skin [ Most people don’t know how to use castor oil ]

Since the main active part of CO reduces swelling, I now understand why this happens.

I’ve added Castor oil to my ultimate anti-wrinkle eye serum recipe ever since, and my under-eye bags are gone (except after sleepless nights, courtesy of my toddlers…)

👉To reduce under-eye puffiness:

Gently rub 2 drops of Castor oil with a few more drops of Coconut oil under your eyes every night before you go to sleep.

Note: I also use Castor Oil inside my DIY all-natural mascara recipe!

3. Acne & Acne Scars

Castor oil can prevent the presence of acne-causing bacteria in the long term. The daily application of CO is a great addition to natural acne treatment.

👉To treat existing blemishes:

Dab CO onto the affected area with a clean cotton swab. You can try adding a few drops of organic ACV and 2 drops of Frankincense oil to the mix.

Leave on until absorbed.

(If you suffer from chronic acne, I recommend trying home blue light therapy treatments–proven to destroy up to 80% of your acne – naturally).

👉 To prevent future breakouts:

Wash your face with warm water to open your pores, and rub a small amount of CO on your entire face. Leave on for the night.

Castor oil can also be used to treat and reduce acne scars, especially if you use it after LED light therapy treatments.

4. Chapped Lips

Although you may not want to have Castor oil anywhere near your mouth, it still does wonders for dry and chapped lips.

It’s already added to many OTC lip remedies, but it’s much cheaper to do it yourself at home. All you need is an organic, hexane-free cold pressed Castor oil.

Simply rub a bit on your lips and it will help heal cracks while preventing further chapping.

5. Sunburns

This wonderful oil’s anti-inflammatory properties and proven pain relief abilities make it a great and simple way to soothe a sunburn.

👉 Apply CO mixed with coconut oil (1:1) to the affected area – at least 3 times a day. Even better – leave it on all night and wash it off in the morning.

6. Eye Lashes and Eyebrows

10 Reasons to Use Castor Oil on Your Face (Overnight) (6)

It’s a little embarrassing, but it’s the truth:

I’ve burned my eyelashes more than 3 times in the last 10 years. What can I say, I tend to get too close to my Lavender-scented candles.

Using CO, I was able to re-grow my eyelashes twice as fast as the last two times. They grew back to their normal length (I think even a little longer) in less than 10 days.

👉 To make your eyelashes grow longer naturally:

Apply 2 drops of pure CO on your lashes every night.

Since some of it may get into your eyes (which is harmless), make sure to always use a dropper bottle to keep the oil uncontaminated.

The same goes for your eyebrows:

Apply 2 drops of CO on each eyebrow every night to fill them up and make them thicker.

If you’ve over-plucked your eyebrows, this is a great remedy.

(👉 Check out how to use Jamaican black castor oil for hair growth)

7. Melasma (Hyperpigmentation)

A few studies have proven that CO can reduce even deep types of melasma and pigmentation.

(Video) Can I use castor oil on my face everyday - Is caster oil good for wrinkles

Rubbing a few drops of CO twice a day can help reduce pigmentation and melasma.

Here’s a forum discussionabout treating Melasma (deep pigmentation) with Castor Oil.

8. Oily Skin

Castor oil is a better alternative to coconut oil if you want to use it as a face cleanser for oily skin.

Here’s how to do oil cleansing with castor oil, for oily skin:

If not for oil cleansing, you can use CO as an oily skin treatment:

After steaming your face for a couple of minutes, gently rub some castor oil on the oily areas of your facein circular motions.

Leave it overnight, and clean off in the morning with a damp towel.

9. Castor Oil for Scars

Scars are simply the leftover marks of a skin “injury” when healthy skin tissue is destroyed.

CO is filled with fatty acids, especially omega-3 fatty acids. These components pierce the scar tissue and pump it out. Next, they hydrate the skin and promote the growth of healthy tissue.

The oil also draws out the dirt, bacteria, excess oil, and dead cells from the skin, stimulates the lymph system, and boosts blood circulation.

This is how CO helps to reduce scars and discoloration of the skin.

👉Here are 2 methods to apply castor oil for scars:

1. Clean the affected area, steam your face for a few minutes to open up skin pores, apply a few drops of CO, and massage for a minute or two. Repeat twice a day.

2. Apply CO on the scars and wrap with a small cloth. Then place a hot water boil on for about 20 minutes. Repeat every day until the scar is gone.

If you’re interested in a real-life example, here’s how Sam from Skinuniverse.com healed her three-year-old deep burn scar with CO.

10. Skin Rashes and Irritation

The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of castor oil make it ideal for the treatment of rashes, itches, and bug bites.

If the affected area is small, you can soak a band-aid in castor oil and apply it to the area.

Use heat to make it absorb better, and a skin rash can disappear in a matter of minutes.

For larger areas, dip a wad of cotton in CO and apply it directly to the affected skin area.

Leave it for an hour (or overnight for itches) and wash off after, if you’d like.

Repeat this a few times a day to get faster results.

What is the Best Castor Oil?

10 Reasons to Use Castor Oil on Your Face (Overnight) (7)

The best castor oil should be organic and hexane-free. Here’s my favorite brand:

Side Effects of Applying Castor Oil on Face

The FDA has declared Castor oil is safe to use, but just like with anything else, side effects (skin reactions) have been reported.

Generally, CO doesn’t commonly result in allergies, skin sensitivities, and doesn’t act like a photosensitizer, according to human clinical tests.

(Video) Try Castor Oil for Your Skin and Face and THIS Happens ❗️

As with anything new, proceed carefully to avoid possible reactions. Rub a small amount on your arm to check that it’s safe for you.

Avoid if you are pregnant or nursing, and most importantly:

Becareful about your source of Castor Oil. Much of the oil sold in stores is made from Castor seeds heavily sprayed with pesticides.

Remember: always use cold-pressed, pure, hexane-free Castor oil.

Castor Oil Skin Uses FAQ

Can castor oil be used as a carrier oil for essential oils?

Just like your grandmother may have told you, castor oil is a perfect carrier for essential oils. You can use it to create your homemade massage oil with essential oils, and you can use it to dilute any essential you want to use on your face.

Is Jamaican Black Cator Oil Good for Your Skin?

Black castor oil is extracted in a different way, which is also the traditional method of extraction. This oil is often considered to be pure and superior in terms of its nutritional content. When it comes to your skin, black castor oil contains no chemicals that can penetrate your skin.

Does Castor Oil Lighten the Skin?

Castor oil contains a lot of fatty acids, that reduce pigmentation by piercing the scar tissue and pumping it out. Reducing pigmentation

fatty acids are the magic ingredient that helps reduce pigmentation. They do this by piercing the scar tissue and pumping it out. This naturally lightens the skin. (Studies below)


Pure, cold-pressed, and hexane-free is one of the best (if not the best), oils you can have at home to use daily on your face.

It’s safe, relatively cheap, and it can be used to keep your face young and glowing, reduce acne, skin growths, fungus, irritation, inflammation, and almost any skin problem.

It will grow your eyelashes longer and your eyebrows thicker and eliminate scars that bother you for years.

How about you? What’s your experience with Castor oil? Shareitwith us in the comments below.

To your health and happiness,



Patel VR, Dumancas GG, Kasi Viswanath LC, Maples R, Subong BJ. Castor Oil: Properties, Uses, and Optimization of Processing Parameters in Commercial Production.Lipid Insights. 2016;9:1–12. Published 2016 Sep 7. doi:10.4137/LPI.S40233

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Is castor oil good for face overnight? ›

Can I leave castor oil on my face overnight? No. Avoid leaving castor oil on your face overnight. It may clog the skin pores and may also cause allergic reactions.

What happens if we apply castor oil on face daily? ›

Acne: The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil make it useful in reducing acne. Ricinoleic acid can inhibit growth in the bacteria that cause acne. Texture: Castor oil is also rich in other fatty acids. These can enhance smoothness and softness when applied to facial skin.

How long does it take for castor oil to work on face? ›

Step 3: Leave on skin for about 20 minutes, the time it takes for castor oil to absorb into your skin. Avoid drinking and eating in the meantime.

Does castor oil darken face? ›

Castor oil is considered to be the best treatment in making your face appear brighter and lighter. It reduces dark spots and other issues from the skin effectively.

Can castor oil remove dark spots? ›

Gently massage castor oil to your brown spots, leave it on for a few hours and rinse twice a day to make them slowly fade away. After a few applications, castor oil can also help even out your skin tone making your face appear brighter and younger.

Does castor oil tighten skin? ›

Castor oil acts as a lubricant and is beneficial for preventing sagging skin. It doesn't let the skin become dry and helps to tighten loose skin. It should be done in combination with toning exercises and a well-balanced diet. Massage castor oil directly onto the skin daily.


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