11 FAQS about Brick Repointing Services before Hiring Them (2023)

What is Brick repointing?

Repointing is a procedure of refurbishing the pointing. You might be thinking what is pointing then? Pointing is the outer part of mortar joints that hold together your bricks. In simple terms, pointing is used to join bricks and stones when constructing a building and Brick repointing involves when it needs to eliminate these joints and refill them by putting mortar inside them.

There are various issues involved in damaging pointing of a building including weather, previous bad repointing, or wrong products. These issues enable the unwanted entrance of water and it causes significant damage, salt dissolution, and deposition. With proper techniques of repointing brickwork, you can repair it and make it safe.

What is the process of repointing brickwork?

Proper groundwork- When you find weak mortar in your buildings, you have to remove them first in order to repair them again. Make sure you can dig out perfect inches deep for thinner or thicker pointing. You can use an electric grinder or a hammer and chisel to precisely remove the weak mortar completely. If you are using percussive tools, be careful with it as it can lead to weakening the brickwork when you have new at this job or don’t have experience. Else, it should be used only by experienced workers.

Mortar materials- You have to select the best quality mortar that isspecially intended for Brick repointing in London. Make sure the mortar can able to offer waterproofing, outstanding moisture permeability, and immense flexibility. Aside from that, you should have a better idea of it.

The surface has to be moistened to minimize the loss of water in the mortar. The mortar must be pushed to the end of the cavity and tightly compressed. Make sure it is set when doing the finishing. Also, you should care about the temperature of the mortars. If it is in winter, you can use protective matting to keep the mortar from freezing which would ensure the quality and durability of the work.

Drying and cleaning- At last, let the mortar dry and then clean it. The drying process should take about 3 days and then only you can clean the joints for proper finishing

However, this is a time-consuming job that needs lots of effort and experienced as well as proper repointing tools. This is where a professional team can meet your demand and offer you anwonderful Brick repointing in surrey.

How a specialist team will help you with Brick repointing?

In order to keep your property in a good condition for as long as it stands, you have to take proper care of it. You must be concerned about any damages that could happen owing to different reasons as well as you should take care of the aesthetic aspect of your home.

Remember that your property or home starts to develop cracks and fissures in different parts of it owing to weathering elements or the pressure applied by the weight of the house. Do not be surprised as this is a common process that may happen to everyone and these damages are most probable in old buildings. However, you should more concerned about the repairs and maintenance work from time to time instead of thinking about how it had happened. It prevents major damages develop in your home.

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Wondering about the best outcomes from the repointing or repairing brickworks? You must consider a professional team to perform this job. They work with the best materials and tools to refurbish the lost shine and power of your home. They can give you the finest quality Repointing service and make your building or chimney more attractive.

Specialist and trained-

A professional team employs a specialist and well-trained workforce to carry out traditional and modern repointing effectively of building structures. They bestow all the techniques and modern tools in order to ensure the best results.

A wide range of services-

They can easily find out whether the mortar has been compromised or not and accordingly, they can recommend you the best repair solutions that can be very good for you. From bricks repair, bricks cleaning, stone repairs, restoration repairs, and mortar matching, they have got you covered. Rest assured that a skilled workforce can improve the value of their buildings and leave your home as new as before.

In-depth knowledge-

A professional team understands that the surface layer of your house can be exposed to different external forces such as sun, mildew, rain, algae, sand, and dust that lead to weakening brick walls and mortar that again cause its eventual deterioration. In this case, an expert Brick repointing team removes the mortar as per definite depth & width by using the right tools. Then they clean it to make it ready for Repointing. They ensure the accurate ratio of sand and cement is mixed for Repointing to get long term protection.

Years of experience-

Hiring an expert team for repointing and repairing can be a smart move. Their wealth of experience and expertise help them to choose the right building materials that are usually used in different parts. Also, they offer successful methods to get back your home to superior shape once again. They are highly skilled and have been working with different sorts of materials. They especially aimed at adding great features to your properties.

A professional team can also carry out the work for chimney stacks to improve their water diffusion resistance and reinstate mortar damaged.

Cost-effective services-

Do not bother about the cost of Brick repointing in London. It is quite affordable to meet your budget. On the flip side, they offer added value features. All you just need to find out the best and reliable repointing team that would meet your expectations.

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Brick repairs-

A professional team offers the best Brick repairing services that your building would require. No matter how beautifully you have constructed your masonry, they would need repairing at some time for both beauty and structural integrity.

This is where an expert team can accommodate you with the best and dependable Brick repairsat the best pricing range.

Cracking-It may be the result of foundation problems as well as due to a design flaw, deterioration or settlement, or a combination of different issues. This is not easy for you to identify the exact issues. But a professional team can figure it out immediately and fix it.

Chimney-Although it is the exceptional side of a property and self-supporting structures, they can also cause special challenges and affect your property when gets damaged. Do not ignore it; rather hire the best team to fix it.

Unsecured walls-This is yet another important thing to consider and it must be handled by a highly experienced team. Whether you want to renovate your existing property’ walls or constructing a new building, a professional team can ensure the safety and stability of your home.

Leaks-A leak in your building’s walls can cause various issues and end as a deterioration of a building. An extremely experienced and skilled repointing team can easily handle it.

Stains-Do not bother about stains that can block your building’s potential. A professional team uses different effective processes to make your home’s walls stand out.


Do you have certifications?

Make sure you hired a certified repointing team for your job. They should also have a general contractor’s license.

What are your credentials?

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Different companies are available in the market to make big claims about their ability. However, you should ensure that you are working with a real pro before you go any further. They must have their credential to show as a professional team.

What are your experience and specialty?

When it comes to Brick repairs or repointing, you should get in touch with a company that has a wealth of experience working with a variety of projects. They must be accustomed to the area. You can also ask for references.

Make sure they can able to cover both residences and commercial properties while others have specialization in stone restoration. What exactly your project’s need, you should hire accordingly.

Do you carry insurance?

A professional repointing team should have the insurance to cover if damage your property.

Will you clean up the site after finishing the project?

Make sure a company will do it. You can ask your company before starting a project.

What is the cost of your service?

Everyone is concerned about the cost of any service. In this case, you can compare the prices of different contractors before deciding on any company. Choose one of them that suits your budget. Do not compromise with the quality of work just for the sake of price.

How often should I have my brick or stone re-pointed?

Precisely done repointing enhances the overall appeal and value of a property. It removes weakening mortar from the joints of a brickwork wall and replacing it with new mortar. If it has done so poorly, then it will need future repointing more frequently.

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A professionally-done repointing ensures the longevity of the mortar joint, the wall, and the historic structure. The fact is that it is the nature of mortar joints to deteriorate. Hence it requires restoration and maintenance at some time.

How do I know if I need my chimney restored?

Sometimes, you may see pieces of the mortar joint placing at the base of the chimney. As a result, you can experience water dripping on the inside of your building. This is where you need to call a professional team.

What materials will be used?

You can ask your contractor that what materials they plan on using as it varies according to the requirements of the project.

How long masonry repair will take?

It depends on the scope of work and on average, it takes 1-2 days. A professional team is always available to answer any queries or concerns as the project progresses. They will inform you about the entire process when you need it. Do not hesitate to ask anything regarding the process. Else, the paucity of open communication with the contractor can lead to discomfort.

How to find the best contractors for repointing?

There are various companies available providing Brick repointing in London.In order to get the best source, you can ask any of your known person to refer you to the contractors they worked with. But, you have to ask your queries directly to them and verify their business before hiring them.

In a nutshell, choose an experienced, professional repointing team online that provides repointing, brick cleaning, lime mortar repointing, brick repair, and restoration services to businesses and individuals. They should ensure complete customer satisfaction and meet your expectations.

Are you searching for the best repointing team? You can visitwww.pointingbrickwork.co.uk. It is the one-stop-shop for all your brick pointing requirements. They have extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of brickwork pointing, repointing, repairs, and restoration services and offer affordable services.


How do you know when bricks need repointing? ›

If you can see gaps in your brickwork, then it's definitely time to repoint. Ignoring the gaps will only cause the quality of your brickwork to deteriorate, leading you to potentially end up in a bigger predicament than where you started. Perhaps you've spotted damp in your home recently.

When should repointing be done? ›

When is repointing necessary? Repointing is premature until mortar has weathered back to a depth equivalent to the joint width or is very loose. The lime mortar used widely for pointing on older (pre-c1919) buildings is more permeable than the brick or stone, concentrating frost and salt action in the joints.

How important is repointing? ›

Repointing can be a vital procedure for helping to keep that quality intact – not least because the mortar should show ageing more quickly than the bricks. This ageing is a sign of the mortar's softness that helps save the bricks from the worst effects of weathering and erosion.

What happens if you don't repoint? ›

What if I don't repoint my brick or stonework? If you hold off on repointing your brickwork/stonework, you risk further damage caused by moisture leaking into your joints. This can erode your bricks and cause an even more expensive project down the road.

What is the purpose of brick pointing? ›

Repointing is the process of removing deteriorated mortar from the joints of a masonry wall and replacing it with new mortar. If properly performed, repointing restores the visual and physical integrity of the masonry, and therefore the longevity of the building envelope and any required building envelope surveys.


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