30 Trendy Instagram Baddie Nails Acrylic Designs Ideas - PK Mart (2023)

These modern baddie nail art trends are now taking over social media. Regardless of size or style, these designs draw notice. They are distinct. Trendsetters avoid simple options like burgundy nail art and natural nails. There are a variety of designs available here, from long acrylics or coffin nails to vicious stiletto gels.

I’m going to share with you our top 30 acrylic baddie nails in this post to give you some ideas in case you want to acquire really long nails! Although the longer nails won’t appear as natural, they will still be beautiful. Look at these suggestions.

1 – Glittery Green Baddie Nails

30 Trendy Instagram Baddie Nails Acrylic Designs Ideas - PK Mart (1)

Green is known to be hip, and glittering green has an extra appeal. Although it enhances the nail’s length and shape, we are positive that this varnish will only be appropriate for particular occasions.

It has a classic Y2K baddie aesthetic and an adolescent girl vibe. You can remove this nail by yourself, which is another plus. To achieve this same final look, simply combine nails, manicure hardener, and glitter green polish.

2 – Retro Vibes Nails with Butterfly

30 Trendy Instagram Baddie Nails Acrylic Designs Ideas - PK Mart (2)

You can see it on this nail that retro baddie fashions have a life of their own. It’s a style we might have only envisioned on vintage clothing, accessories, and footwear.

This nail will look good with a matching throwback attire. When I see this appearance, I think of the “that girl” look from senior year of high school. Everything definitely melds together with our low-rise jeans and skirts, bandage tops, and vintage purses.

3 – Glittery Black Valentine Themed Baddie Nails

30 Trendy Instagram Baddie Nails Acrylic Designs Ideas - PK Mart (3)

If you’re designing a black valentine’s theme piece for a villain, black looks amazing in everything. I mean, we’ve always expected Valentine’s Day inspiration to be red or white, right? This is obviously a unique fashion choice.

This nail is evidence that black may be just as effective. It’s a Valentine’s Day look that you probably never imagined. But why not make God a horrible guy like you and me? This will help you obtain that menacing Valentine’s Day look.

4 – Valentine-Themed Coffin Baddie Nail

30 Trendy Instagram Baddie Nails Acrylic Designs Ideas - PK Mart (4)

This has a completely new life because to the charms on it. The line, ring, and heart-shaped charms are our favourites. It gives the nail an additional level of intricacy.

We are all accustomed to particular Valentine’s Day traditions, therefore there is nothing wrong with changing them to fit this theme. The blend of red and black? For nail tech, we must make a sacrifice. There is complete focus on the details.

5 – Black Frenchies Baddie Nail

30 Trendy Instagram Baddie Nails Acrylic Designs Ideas - PK Mart (5)

Who would have thought that black would look so good with bare nails? Rhinestones in shades of red, black, and nude polish can be used to replicate these patterns.

However, as it won’t be simple trying to draw the pattern with black, I’d advise going to a nail technician for better definition. You can simply substitute a different natural tone for the nude.

6 – Gray Swarovski Baddie Nails

30 Trendy Instagram Baddie Nails Acrylic Designs Ideas - PK Mart (6)

Gray is undoubtedly one colour that complements long claws well. Once you have a bottle of grey nail paint in your possession, you can easily reproduce this look. You can still rock this look perfectly without the charms.

This costume would go well with any nude attire and is an inspiration for soft baddie designs. I think you should admire this nail as much as I do. The end result will be stunning whether you choose gel or matte polish.

7 – Pink & White Combo Baddie Nails

30 Trendy Instagram Baddie Nails Acrylic Designs Ideas - PK Mart (7)

This baby pink and white colour combination is delightful. To have it exactly like this, you must go to the salon. We think the heart designs are partly to blame for the gentle, delicate vibe it exudes.

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The design is intricately drawn, and it must have required a lot of care to achieve that almost-perfect appearance.

8 – Powder Blue Baddie Nails

30 Trendy Instagram Baddie Nails Acrylic Designs Ideas - PK Mart (8)

Without going to the salon, you may achieve these powder blue nails. If you can locate the press-on varieties, all you’ll need is adhesive to achieve the desired appearance.

You can acquire this appearance if you pay attention and concentrate. The form and pattern are easily doable, but for best results, go to a manicure salon if you’ve never had to do your nails before.

9 – Pointy-Tip Rainbow Stars Baddie Nails

30 Trendy Instagram Baddie Nails Acrylic Designs Ideas - PK Mart (9)

A villain wearing stilettos? That is genuinely amazing. Consider this nail together with the gangsta Instagram baddie nails worn by influencers and celebs. We firmly believe that the claw form and the rainbow stars unify the entire nail.

When you wish to change this up, there is nothing wrong with changing the rainbow stars into a specific hue. Any matte colour comes to mind since the stars will still shine.

10 – Fiery Baddie Nails

30 Trendy Instagram Baddie Nails Acrylic Designs Ideas - PK Mart (10)

The coffin baddie nails are channelling these fiery baddies’ vibes. We are unable to unsee the craftsmanship that went into making this. We adore the red line artwork in particular. Red, of course, shouts fire like nothing else.

We have no doubt that this particular nail will suit wonderfully on your Halloween bucket list because it is a themed design that clearly chooses its occasion. Any gathering with a spooky theme is another setting where you may rock this. Additionally, we believe it will be the ideal pairing for any Riverdale-themed party.

11 – Yellow Ombré & Charms Baddie Nails

30 Trendy Instagram Baddie Nails Acrylic Designs Ideas - PK Mart (11)

Another traditional ombré style, but this time with yellow and a charm pattern rather than rhinestones. We adore seeing it! The colour combination is gorgeous. It combines the colours yellow, white, and nude.

This one ate it up. There’s just something about baddie nails and square shapes. The nail will still look gorgeous without the charms, despite how lovely they are. Add a few tiny rhinestones to the white and nude lacquer for added flair without the charms, and the manicure is still stunning. This email is unquestionably it if you want to keep your boss babe title!

12 – Spring Vibes Baddie Nails

30 Trendy Instagram Baddie Nails Acrylic Designs Ideas - PK Mart (12)

Why not celebrate the impending arrival of spring with a spring-themed baddie nail? It must have taken a lot of effort and time to create this flowery art because it is very lovely.

This nail is gorgeous in every way, and if you want something different than bare, try a gel or creamy white. A spring feel nail should naturally show up on a natural surface.

13 – Plain Ombré Baddie Nails

30 Trendy Instagram Baddie Nails Acrylic Designs Ideas - PK Mart (13)

Okay, we see what you’re thinking, but ombré is simply too lovely in every design and style that it occurs in. We enjoy seeing a baddie nail on a non-square shape for a change. And it continues to be stunning.

Unlike some, we think you can accomplish this on your own, particularly if they’re press-on. This simple ombré illustrates how even without line work, patterns, or decorations, basic nails may still manage to be villainous, and we believe the energy is contained in the length.

14 – Glittery Ombré Baddie Nails

30 Trendy Instagram Baddie Nails Acrylic Designs Ideas - PK Mart (14)

This sparkly ombré manicure is another style that typifies this period of baddie nails. This fits in wonderfully with the current bad-boy acrylic nails style. You’ve probably seen this on one of those social media stars in the fashion nova.

These are the nails that you may wear to any occasion. And we think that no other polish can get this precise look of being bare and not white. We attempted to picture it in a darker tint, but it didn’t work.

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15 – Royal Blue Baddie Nails

30 Trendy Instagram Baddie Nails Acrylic Designs Ideas - PK Mart (15)

We probably wouldn’t have assumed this look required as many rhinestones. This many rhinestones would look better on a garment than on this particular manicure, in our opinion. Yes, rhinestones enhance the elegance of a manicure style, but if you require this many, you might choose to change the royal blue to a creamy nude.

Even without the rhinestones, this baddie nail will still be the best it can be. The length and nail polish are both fantastic. To recreate, think about using medium or long claws, no rhinestones, and creamy nude for a novel appearance.

16 – Swarovski Baddie Nails

30 Trendy Instagram Baddie Nails Acrylic Designs Ideas - PK Mart (16)

This time, the square-shaped, naked-painted baddie claws have an additional pattern that resembles a rainbow cloud design. We find it fascinating how the different main colours take on different shapes to create this pattern.

If you want to become a bad guy, we especially suggest this because it can increase your confidence and go with practically any bad guy attire. It is to replicate it. It is advised to consult a professional because only a true specialist can even approach reproducing this.

17 – French Baddie Nails

30 Trendy Instagram Baddie Nails Acrylic Designs Ideas - PK Mart (17)

There’s also the straightforward, time-honored baddie nail design. It conjures up images of an opulent, sophisticated baddie. These nails are a fantastic way to accomplish it, as bad guys love to set the pace and trends for fashion.

The short square-shaped form and the nude and white combination are elegant. We adore the square-in-oval pattern. This was done by a nail technician who paid close attention to detail. And it definitely fits the mood of boss girls seeking something straightforward yet distinctive.

18 – Golden Snake Vibes Baddie Nails

30 Trendy Instagram Baddie Nails Acrylic Designs Ideas - PK Mart (18)

Okay, so if it’s not going overboard, is it truly a baddie nail? This finishing screams skill! The snaky design, which is where the primary definition lies, must have required a true specialist to execute.

This pattern, in our opinion, goes well with a subtle nude polish. The nude can be adjusted to a creamy white for a gorgeous appearance. Additionally, if you want something more understated, think about taking off the gold letters and rhinestones from the pinky and fourth fingers and replacing them with tiny silver studs.

19 – Ombré Baddie Acrylic Nails

30 Trendy Instagram Baddie Nails Acrylic Designs Ideas - PK Mart (19)

The length, designs, and definition of these nails conjure images of opulent badassery. We especially adore the combination of white and bare skin as well as the glittering nail polish.

We like everything about this style, but if you like something more understated, you might choose to take out the floral pattern. If you do this, you’ll still obtain a result that perfectly completes the bad guy look. We are already praising this nail technician for her finish.

We genuinely tried to picture it shorter, but the length is what gives it its beauty. How do you feel? Despite the length, do you think you’ll still want to wear this style? Do you believe it would still be appropriate in a smaller size?

20 – “That Girl” Baddie Nails

30 Trendy Instagram Baddie Nails Acrylic Designs Ideas - PK Mart (20)

The rise of the “that girl” trend should be familiar to you if you’ve spent enough time on social media. It’s an aesthetic trend that promotes the idea of young women enjoying their best life as boss babes and trendsetters through images and videos. It is not surprising that we have the “that girl” baddie nail type because this trend has dominated social media to such an extent.

The beauty is outlined in square-shaped acrylic, and neither the design nor the form resemble a finish you might create on your own. You must make a nail appointment if you want to get this precise elegant finish.

21 – Cultural Natural Tone

The pattern features long black tips and black text on a neutral-colored varnish. Although you can try this design on any nail shape, it would look much better on coffin or ballerina nails.

22 – Pink Butterflies

Due to its popularity while yet being aesthetically beautiful, it appears that I am in love with this set. You can’t overthink this stylish baddie acrylic nail design, especially with the butterfly decals. Of course, there are other kinds of decals that are worth looking at as well.


23 – Coffin Red Val Acrylic Nails

You must check out these pink Valentine’s day nails, red Valentine’s nails coffin, and Valentine’s day acrylic long if you’re looking for incredible Valentine’s Day manicure ideas, such as heart nail designs and February nail colours. These concepts are fantastic!

24 – Brown and Gold Foil

This design is an example of a no-brainer design. It looks fantastic and understated. The length and the brown and gold foil set both appear to be extraordinary.

25 – Fiery Red Acrylic Nails

If you like red, try this pattern. This baddie acrylic nail design is perfect for the summer because it has a strong, unbeaten appearance.

26 – Little Blue Hearts

Typically, you will like this on Valentine’s Day. Yes! Since many individuals dislike “red on Valentine’s Day,” try this collection of acrylic Bessie manicure designs if you want to stand out on V Day or any other day.

27 – Louis Vuitton Magic

The Louis Vuitton decals in black and gold look very adorable from the profile. Black and blush are hot right now, and these acrylic nails just so happen to be works of art.

28 – Black Flames Over Yellow

Over protective gel coatings, the appearance of yellow manicures combined with black Flames is always spectacular.

29 – Gold Foil Encapsulated Acrylic Nails

On a colourful nail, the pairing of a black colour and leaf accents always looks lovely. These ugly nails always look fantastic when coupled in a glossy manner. The foil technique, which is among the most popular, is excellent for creating abstract art.

30 – Cow Print Trendy Baddie Acrylic Nail

This is your chance to experiment with the latest trends in cow print nail art. Your nail artist will have more opportunities to add spots and dots while using acrylics, giving your nails a standout look.

The New Trends Have Been Set by Baddie Nails:

Every business has experienced changes in trends, and your nails are no exception. Things alter, including the manicure, nail art, and nail colour. The pandemic is currently the trend that we see altering the most. Of course, many businesses saw significant upheaval, but in the case of nail art, individuals started to explore for alternatives. The lack of access to salons made it difficult for women to keep up with trends. Additionally, manicures have become a crucial aspect of our lives today.

People then began searching online for ideas. And at that point, the idea of baddie nail art ideas became very popular. As everything moved online, this fashion became popular. People began employing this trend for their images, films, or simply to try them out in their free time as everything started to go online.

List New Trends of Baddie Nails:

There are many, but we’ve selected a few of the more popular and fashionable ones for you.

Multicolor bold nails:

Multicolor nails have been popular for a while, but applying bold colours in this way might be a little challenging. You must ensure that the colours work well together. Make sure at least one of your attempts to match the clothing shares the same hue. Like many women, the villain has long, coffin-shaped nails in colours of red, black, blue, brown, and orange. You can choose any colour you like as long as you consider how it will seem.

French vs American:

You may have seen a lot of celebs sporting this French vs. American fashion. Think again if you believe the acrylic nails are gone. They have returned with a fresh look that combines traditional European and American manicure styles. You can give it an ombre appearance or gold metallic tips. Your coffin baddie nails can also combine two colours.

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Baddie acrylic nails are not just about the colour, as we mentioned previously. You wish to express your personality in this way. Women can quickly grasp what your nail colour and style are saying about you. Since forever, neutral clothing has been in style, including for villains. Even with their unassuming appearance, they convey a lot about your self-assurance and attitude. It is among the best sources of inspiration for those wishing to present a more natural appearance.

You can experiment with it by blending two colours or applying an ombre effect. Additionally, you may simply put some tiny hearts or a devil emoji on it. There are so many neutral colour options; choose your favourite and style it accordingly.


When it comes to nail art, DIY has been finding more and more inspiration. Like the coffin-shaped bad guy with the red acrylic nails that you frequently see beauty influencers sporting. Since it’s all about the colours and how you want to play with it, even fashionistas can give it a go. Some people can style their preferred brand logos if they are more into fashion labels. You may have discovered where the terrible guy Louis Vuitton’s nail coffin got its inspiration.

3D nail art:

This type of nail art is ideal for villains. especially if you’re attempting something unique. It might be for a music video, your new appearance, a fan meeting, or events. Even if you are not famous, there are still a lot of methods to style it. It is frequently worn by famous people. In addition to giving you a flawless appearance, these baddie nails give you the self-assurance you need to assert your identity. For a very long time, 3D nails have been popular, and they will continue to be so in the future.

What are the pros?

There are numerous benefits to using acrylic nail extensions, including:

  • Nail stretching: this is the essential element, since it is possible to have long nails with the technique.
  • Nail stretching aids in the strengthening of naturally weak nails because clay that has been fashioned after natural nails and tips strengthens even flaky nails.
  • Removal: This is good news for people who wish to take their acrylic nail extensions off because, in contrast to other nail extension methods, doing so is simple.
  • Durability: Unlike temporary artificial nails, acrylic nails are noted for their durability since the acrylic mixture used to attach the natural nail and extensions makes them robust.

What are the cons?

  • requires ongoing upkeep; natural nails may become stained;
  • It is advised to take a vacation from use; if not properly removed, it might weaken the natural ones.

How Are Acrylic Nails Removed?

The primary piece of advice is not to attempt to trim your own nails if you decide to do so later. Since they are attached to your natural nails, it is best to have them removed by a professional who has the necessary tools and methods.

You run the danger of weakening and harming your natural nails if you don’t.

Even soak your nails for 20 minutes in acetone in an emergency situation, or keep them wrapped in a cotton ball soaked in the same solution for the same amount of time.

After that, remove the softened acrylic with the cuticle retractor. Extra advice: Use Vaseline to preserve your cuticles and fingertips, and stop right away if you experience any discomfort, itching, or irritation.

Does acrylic damage natural nails in any way?

Yes, using this kind of nail can slightly harm natural nails. They include fragile, frail, and dry nails; trauma-related undulations; and, in more serious situations, bacterial and fungal infections; allergies; and irritants brought on by the use of the items required for the application.

What safety measures ought to be taken?

The condition of your natural nails should be one of your primary concerns. It is vital to remove them and visit a dermatologist if they start to hurt, the skin surrounding them turns red or dry, or the nails start to come loose.

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