35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (2023)

There’s a certain preconceived notion about men’s ponytail, but it’s time to lay it to rest. Haircare and styling belong to everyone.

If you’ve got a head full of long, healthy, luxurious hair, then it’s your bound duty to play with it, experiment with it, and do it up in as many different ways as possible. Start with the ponytail and you won’t believe how quickly you acquire an appreciation for buns.

The Man Ponytail Is Officially Evolving

Once upon a dreadful time, ponytails for men were either mere afterthoughts or sculpted, over-moussed disasters.

Now, it’s not just acceptable for men with impressive tresses to experiment with new hairstyles, but it’s also downright encouraged—as it should be. There are way too many flattering things to do with your hair to limit yourself, bro.

1. Short Top Pony for Men

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (1)

A short ponytail for men is exactly what you need if you have tapered sides. Use a hair elastic to tie that hair down, and you’ll let your forehead breathe.

2. Dreadlock Ponytail

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (2)

Dreadlock ponytails for men are very stylish and if you are not afraid of getting these permanent knits, you are one step away from a magnificent hairdo. You can wear the dreads loose or pinned in a pony.

3. Ponytail with Hair Extensions

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (3)

Take advantage of all those types of hair extensions and get yourself a pack of twisted braids. Shave your head, but spare the top. Braid the remaining hair and attach the knits if you want to obtain a ponytail mohawk for men.

4. Ponytail for Asian Men

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (4)

Go for a tapper on sides and back and when you’re tired of fixing a Pompadour every morning, give your hair a styling break and opt for a top hairdo. Any Asian man with a ponytail will love this hairdo!

5. Gray Ponytail

The Witcher will be jealous of your stunning grey ponytail for men. Dye your whole mane in a silver shade and pin it in the back with a hair elastic. You will pull off a jaw-dropping look that is also very modern.

6. Samurai Ponytail

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (6)


(Video) HOW TO GET A MAN BUN 2021 | Men’s Long Hairstyle Tutorial

When you have long hair, the styling opportunities are nearly endless. Create a samurai look by going for a loose ponytail for men. Pin the whole mane on top of the head and wrap a black ribbon around the base to give the hairstyle height.

7. Ponytail for Long Hair

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (7)

Sometimes having long hair can be difficult. All that styling, arranging and fixing each strand… If you want to take a break from these procedures, a man ponytail for long hair is very easy to make, and it will keep the mane tamed.

8. Ponytail for Old Men

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (8)

An old man with a ponytail will certainly look fashionable, and if your strands are too short, tuck them over the ears. Wear a medium beard, and show off those sexy grays.

9. Braided Ponitail for Men

When you want a fashionable hairdo, a rope blonde ponytail for men is the thing you never knew you needed. Combine all sorts of knits and grow a beard to obtain that Norsemen appearance.

10.Ponytail for Black Men

If you have African American hair, a ponytail for black men will make you look incredibly handsome. Create a mohawk and go for dreadlocks or twisted braids for the remaining hair. Pin them all in a pony, on top of the head.

11. Ponytail with Fading Temples

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (11)

When you have thick hair, even as a guy, you can find in a men’s ponytail one of the best approaches for styling your mane. Give the hairstyle a fancy touch up by trimming the temple area.

12. Ponytail for Receding Hairline

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (12)

When you have a receding hairline, you can try covering it or embrace it by getting a ponytail hairstyle for men. You can also trim your back hair and wear a beard to pull off a messy look.

13. Jumbo Ponytail for Men

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (13)

Hairstyling is not only for women! Use your imagination and get yourself a pack of Jumbo hair. Create a mohawk by shaving the sides and attach the hair extensions to the top. You will end up with a rebellious ponytail for men that will look eye-popping.

14. Ponytail for Medium Hair

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (14)

(Video) Ponytail Hairstyle Prom Ponytail For Medium Hair | Long Lasting Ponytail

Man ponytails are highly versatile and can be arranged on top of the head or in the nape area. If your hair is too short, use bobby pins to secure the rebel strands. If you also wear a beard, you’ll have a sexy look that will win any girl’s heart.

15. Half Ponytail

A man ponytail can be styled for all sorts of hair types and face shapes. So if you have medium hair and want to pin those strands that get in your way, a half ponytail will do the trick.

16. Pony with Bandana

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (16)

Men love looks that are both practical and cool. So getting a messy pony in the lower top part of the head will give you that careless vibe guys love. To fancy up the look, use a bandana, fold it and place it around your head, keeping the hairstyle down. Get your favorite sunglasses and you’re ready to rock!

17. Braided Pony

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (17)

Braids don’t come in handy only for women, but also for men with long hair. So next time you’re thinking about today’s hairdo, try making a low ponytail. Secure it with a hair elastic and braid it. Secure it again and you’ll discover a wonderful hairstyle that shows off your hair’s thickness and length.

18. Curly Half Up Half Down

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (18)

Half up half down ponytails are excellent ideas for men who have curly hair. Índeed, this amazing texture can be problematic for some guys, but not if you use the right products. Curl richer pomades and creams will give your hair that wet aspect and add more texture. Your ringlets will hold better, and no matter what type of ponytail you’re pulling off, the hair will have no frizz. This probably makes the best ponytail for men with curly hair.

19. Low Medium Pony

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (19)

Not all men think about fashion when choosing a ponytail hairstyle. Some just need a practical hairdo that keeps their hair tied when doing all sorts of activities. But that doesn’t mean these men can’t turn a practical idea into a gorgeous look with pony and a beautifully trimmed beard.

20. Samurai Ponytail

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (20)

Samurai hairstyles are timeless, mostly because they have been part of Japanese culture for hundreds of years. Its popularity never faded and probably won’t in the future too. So no matter the age, if you need a hairstyle that is perfect for any situation, a samurai ponytail is your best pick.

21. Multi Tie Ponytail

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (21)


Having such long hair requires a lot of dedication. More than this, you can’t always wear your hair loose, so you need to find proper ways to pin it down but still make it look attractive. And if your hair reaches your elbows, all you need to do is get a bunch of hair elastics and tie the hair multiple times, like in this image. Make sure the spacing is almost the same.

22. Dreadlock Ponytail

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (22)

(Video) Roster Moves are a BLAST - It's Server Time #35

The greatest thing about dreadlocks is that you can recreate most of your hairstyles before creating your beloved locs. But surely, when playing sports or doing other activities you might want to get them out of your way. And the easiest way to do so is to pin them in a simple high pony in the back. Your nape won’t be sweaty and you’ll still be able to get girls’ attention.

23. Low Asian Pony

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (23)

Most Asian men have straight hair, but if you want your hairstyle to look flawless, you’ll need to get a straightening iron and learn how to use it. Take piece by piece and once you’re done, pin all hair in a low ponytail. You might also want to use a pomade to make your hair look sleek and shiny. If you’re wearing a suit, your hair must be impeccable.

Top Knot Hairstyles for Men

24. Men’s Half Up Ponytail

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (24)

There’s nothing like a half ponytail to keep the hair out of your face. It’s a trick that girls and women have known about for years, and there’s no reason dudes can’t benefit from it, too. You get all the joy of long hair, but you can still show off your sculpted forehead and an epic full beard.

25. Halfhearted Bun

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (25)

The lazily looped bun is another trick the ladies know and love. You pull your hair back as usual, then half-heartedly tuck and twist it through your elastic. You always end up with something more or less exactly like this: a casual ponytail hybrid that’s laid-back, stylish, but practical. Browse the popular bun hairstyles for men.

26. Shaved Sides Ponytails

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (26)

A lot of attractive ponytails for men are paired with a haircut that involves shaved or closely cropped sides. It’s an excellent solution for growing out the men’s undercut.

27. Men’s Braided Undercut With Ponytail

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (27)

Love the look of an undercut but don’t want to commit to cutting your hair? Separate the top half of your hair and secure it into a ponytail, covering your elastic with a section of your hair. Braid the underside into tight cornrows and use a wax or pomade to smooth down everything in the back. You’ll have the sexiest man ponytail ever.

28. Classic Ponytail

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (28)

A traditional, timeless ponytail is among the most popular and stylish teenage guy hairstyles. Ask any woman in your life who’s ever had long(ish) hair: ponytails never let you down, not even once. Frankly, if you have enough styling products and bobby pins, there’s nothing you can’t do.

29. The Perfect Messy Bun

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (29)

I don’t think you’ll ever see a bun more perfect than this. The woman, guy, kid, don’t matter. This right here is #goals. It’s not only full and thick, but it’s also beautifully formed. Damn, boy.

30. With a Fade

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (30)

It’s hard to pick what I like best about this hairstyle. That fade is smoother than butter, though. The gradient is flawless. However, the locs in that ponytail are frigging everything.

31. Preppy Pony

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (31)

Long hair on men hasn’t always featured into the preppy aesthetic, but everything changes. You need a carelessly secured, casually tousled ponytail to pull off the crisp, clean-cut, boat shoe vibe. However, while the pony itself can be artfully mussed, make sure everything else is neat and sleek.

(Video) Quick & Easy 90's Ponytail Tutorial | Trendy

32. The Lazy Man’s Ponytail

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (32)

Sure, looping your ponytail into a half-hearted bun is lazy—but look. What saves this style and turns it into something languidly and effortlessly elegant is the strand of hair wrapped around the base of the ponytail and securing the bun. That’s gold.

33. Falling Tendrils

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (33)

Whether you wear your man ponytail long and flowing or twist it into a bun, you should leave a few stray tendrils of hair hanging around your face. It softens the features and creates a frame. Kind of irresistible, to be honest.

34. Natural Poof

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (34)

From the fade to the perfectly formed poof of hair on top, this ponytail is fire. The hard part, straight edges, and the curve in that fade also make this a killer coiffure for my dudes with style.

35. High and Flowing

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (35)

Hey, fellas, if you got the length, let it fly. Gather your ponytail high. Let it bounce. You need to keep your neck cool, too, man. You need to show off your jawline. Go to it.

36. Straight and Sleek

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (36)

There are plenty of simple ponytails for men, as well. Brush or comb your hair back as smoothly as possible, slick back the front, and form your ponytail right in the middle of the back of your head. Easy.

37. Low and Smooth

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (37)

Elegance is easy with a ponytail. Comb it out or use your brush and make sure it’s moisturized and shiny. Then form a ponytail low at the nape of your neck and secure it. Fini.

38. Pulled Back Braids

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (38)

Pull back your braids and still show off the fly pattern of your cornrows and the laid quality of your edges. Keep a few braids loose just because.

39. Braided Bun

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (39)

If you’re on the lookout for an innovative man ponytail, you found it. Braid a section of the long portion of your undercut, then loop all of it into a half bun. You’ll get mad compliments. Everybody loves a good braid.

40. Thick and Gathered

35 Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles for Men [2022] (40)

Thick ponytails are on-frigging-point, always, all the time, yes. This is glorious and that’s the end.

Men’s ponytails have eclipsed the questionable, kind of skeevy styles often seen in the 1980s and 1990s, thank the hair gods above. Lately, they’ve also evolved away from struggle tails and failure buns. Would you ever wear your hair in a ponytail?


What is the hair style for 2022 men? ›

Mid Fade + Design

This tapered style is a good starting option if you can't decide between long and short mens haircuts 2022.

What is a ponytail on a man called? ›

What Is A Man Bun? Let's get the definitions out of the way. For men with long hair, a man bun is a style that features a ponytail or bunch of hair, bundled together somewhere on the crown. When the bun is placed high on the head, it's usually referred to as a topknot.

Are ponytails in for 2022? ›

"Snatched and sleek ponytails will always be in style and 2022 is no different," Clayton tells Seventeen.

How do men wear ponytails? ›

Gather your hair into a ponytail at your desired position. Pull the tie to the side and pull the hair through. With the tie around your fingers, twist it and pull to the other side and pull the hair through again. Repeat these steps until the hair tie is tight around the ponytail.

What is the hottest haircut for guys? ›

The 12 Most Attractive Hairstyles For Guys That Women Love
  • The Undercut.
  • The Quiff.
  • Square Cut.
  • The Hockey Cut.
  • The Buzz Cut.
  • The Ivy League.
  • The Caesar Cut.
  • The French Crop.
Jun 24, 2022

How do I make my hair fluffy? ›

How To Get The Fluffy Hair Look
  1. Blow Dry Your Hair Upside Down. ...
  2. Opt For Hot Rollers. ...
  3. Reach For A Volumizing Hair Care System. ...
  4. Keep Dry Shampoo On Hand. ...
  5. Tease Your Hair. ...
  6. Use A Hair Diffuser. ...
  7. Use The Right Hair-Styling Products.
May 13, 2022

Is long hair attractive on guys? ›

Whether it's tied up in a high ball, or running wild down his back, long hair just looks sexy. It's manly and bold, like a viking or a gladiator. It's natural and primal like an ancient warrior.

Which is better bun or ponytail? ›

And a ponytail? Well, even if it's high, it essentially creates a long sponge that absorbs the sweat from your head, pulling it down to the more porous ends of your hair. But if you tuck it up very high on top of your head into a bun and tuck the ends into the middle, it keeps your hair from getting quite so soaked.

What does a man bun say about a man? ›

7) What does the man bun really mean? The man bun is arguably a symbol of something new and daring in an age when it's harder than ever to buck the status quo. Short neat hair has been "in" ever since Mad Men brought it back, and the man bun is a fresh transgression.

Do guys like ponytails? ›

Guys really like the messy ponytail look. You know, when a girl puts her hair in a ponytail, but then over time some of the hair falls out of place.

How do I make my ponytail look good? ›

My 5 Minute Ponytail Routine - KayleyMelissa - YouTube

How do you do a half ponytail men? ›

Man Bun Hairstyles Tutorial - TheSalonGuy - YouTube

How long should a ponytail be? ›

How long should a man's ponytail be? Roughly speaking, your hair should be long enough to be tied behind your head. So, once it is around 6-8 in., you can try to tie it in a high pony men hairstyle. Though, for a decent low pony, you should have at least eleven inch long hair.

How do men put long hair up? ›

Four ways to wear long hair | Eric Bandholz - YouTube

What is an F boy haircut? ›

This heartthrob knows a good f*ck boy haircut, as basically any Zayn Malik hair style falls under this category. Longer spiky hair on top and shorter tapered sides make up a great combination for a playful and stylish appearance.

What is a gentleman's haircut? ›

What is a Gentleman's Haircut? At a glance, a gentleman haircut is a shorter style that features a defined side part. One side of your hair is cropped short in comparison to the other, which is longer and may feature a combover.

What is a bro flow? ›

A bro flow is a medium to long length hairstyle which is allowed to take its natural shape without too much interference. Many men choose to brush it back, away from their eyes, but it's an easy-going style that can be worn however you like.

How do men get volume in hair? ›

Getting a layered haircut can increase volume in your hair. Massaging the scalp also helps hair look fuller. Try switching up your part for instant volume. Using a volumizing shampoo can also be very effective.

Should guys wet their hair everyday? ›

Why shouldn't you wash your hair daily? “Neither guys or gals need to wash daily unless their scalps are particularly greasy," Bard says. "Most people report that their hair doesn't accumulate enough sebum to feel greasy until day three."

What do girls look for in a guy? ›

Women desire a man who is honorable, fair, and ethical. In terms of relationships, having integrity can help strengthen the bond a man has with a woman, as his moral principles will guide his behavior and help him to be the best partner that he can be.

What do girls find attractive in guys? ›

Women view a man who makes them laugh as more intelligent, better able to provide, and more physically attractive. Also, women may perceive their potential partner's ability (or inability) to make them laugh to indicate how happy the relationship will be in the long term.

Do girls like chest hair? ›

Overall, 40 percent of the women agree. However, 43 percent of the total women surveyed prefer men keep all their chest hair, considering it a sign of masculinity. And 17 percent want a smooth chest without a single hair. For the men, 83 percent said they have just let their chest hair grow.

Do ponytails damage hair? ›

Hair breakage: Putting your hair in a ponytail in the same place every day can stress your strands where the elastic meets the hair, especially if you wear your ponytails very tight. Constant friction on the strands can lead to fraying and breakage, potentially causing frizz and fly-aways.

What ponytail suits your face shape? ›

Ponytail for Rectangle Shaped Faces

To balance out angular features and to add width, bouncy hair will suit rectangular faces. If you have a rectangular face, go for a wavy ponytail with soft bangs or a subtle curtain bang down the middle to flatter the forehead and balance the face.

Should I tie my hair when I sleep? ›

Should You Tie Your Hair Up At Night? 'It's much better to tie your hair up before you go to bed, particularly if you have long hair, so that it doesn't tangle during the night and suffer breakage the next morning when you try and brush it out,' explains Dr Alia.

Can men wear ponytails? ›

Ponytails are for the fellas too! The man ponytail is more versatile than one may think. Just like the man bun, this style can be worn by a diverse set of men with different hair types. The key to nailing this look is finding the kind of ponytail that suits your face, hair texture, and hair length.

Are man buns still cool? ›

While man buns may not be as prevalent as they were back in the mid-2010s, they're still trendy and stylish. Not only is it dapper, but it also holds well alongside other trendy styles, such as the pompadour and undercut.

Should I cut my man bun? ›

Cutting it off may just be a good change of pace since you've probably had your locks for a while now. Depending on how luscious they are, you'll probably have a few people in your life try and stop you from making this leap, but if you're ready then you should do it.

What your ponytail says about you? ›


You are loud, proud and POPULAR. High maintenance, high expectations, nothing is worthy. These desirable traits mean that you are the one in your friend group likely to start new drama; you live for conflict so you can't help yourself and life would be so boring without you.

Is messy hair attractive on guys? ›

Messy hair – women love this casual look on men

The just-out-of-bed look, messy hair, isn't seen as sloppy – actually, it's super hot! Men with this hairstyle are seen as having a relaxed, easy-going nature. Women also find men wearing this scruffy look more interesting!

Why do guys like when girls wear ponytails? ›


Having said that, we love when you put your hair in a ponytail, as well, for much different reasons, one of them being the simple fact that we love seeing your face. Long hair, bangs, all that stuff takes away from your face and makes you look different (not necessarily for worse).

Is long hair OK over 50? ›

It's totally possible to rock long hair over 50 — even with glasses. We've rounded up everything you need to know about maintaining long hair after 50, including the best long hairstyles for ladies over 50 and how to go gray with long hair.

What are the names of ponytails? ›

  • braid,
  • pigtail,
  • plait,
  • queue.

How do you do a high full ponytail? ›


How do you wear a ponytail over 40? ›

5 Simple & Chic Hair Styles | Beauty Over 40 - YouTube

How do you do a professional ponytail? ›

How to Create a Voluminous Ponytail | Hair Styling Tutorial - YouTube

How do you do a stylish ponytail? ›

HOW TO: EASY PONYTAILS | Perfect Prom Hairstyles - YouTube

What is a samurai ponytail? ›

The chonmage (丁髷) is a type of traditional Japanese topknot haircut worn by men. It is most commonly associated with the Edo period (1603–1867) and samurai, and in recent times with sumo wrestlers.

How do you do a boy bun? ›

To do a man bun in the simple top knot style, start by pulling your hair back and bunching it up towards the top of your head. Next, pull the hair through an elastic hair tie to create a high ponytail. Then, fold your ponytail in half to create a bun shape, and secure it by twisting the hair tie around it.

How do you do a messy Man bun? ›

How To Tie A Messy Man Bun (in SLOW MOTION) - YouTube

How do guys pull their hair back? ›


How do men pull their long hair back? ›

3 Sick Mens Long Hairstyles | From The Guys With Long Hair - YouTube

How long is a 22 inch ponytail? ›

22 inch Ponytail Extension Length Guide

With their easy to apply design, 22 inch ponytails;is a go to look for those times you need to add a little spice with little effort! This length sits mid way down the back when in a high ponytail and around the hips when in a low ponytail.

What is the most popular haircut for 2022? ›

First up: the mid-length bob. Longer than a short bob but shorter than a long bob, this haircut falls somewhere above the shoulder and below the chin and will be a hit for 2022, according to Rubenstein. “I'm seeing a mid-length, blunt, '90s-style bob,” Rubenstein says. "Think Kourtney Kardashian's latest chop."

Is the mullet back 2022? ›

The mullet is indeed coming back in 2022, however, with a modern twist. This time around, it's all about embracing natural texture, adding fun colors, and rocking more structured yet alternative shapes. More hair is being kept on top than in the 80s, and the length at the back is not as extreme.

Are buzz cuts in Style 2022 men? ›

Buzz Cut: Buzz Cut is an old hairstyle that is going to be trendy in 2022. It is an entire class of hairstyles that includes different kinds of modifications. Mancave for Men offers customized buzz cuts so you can have the hairstyle you desire.

What is a bro flow? ›

A bro flow is a medium to long length hairstyle which is allowed to take its natural shape without too much interference. Many men choose to brush it back, away from their eyes, but it's an easy-going style that can be worn however you like.


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