8 Signs She’s Totally In The Mood (and 7 You Ain’t Getting Any) (2023)

When you are in a new relationship, it’s all pretty much about having fun. Unfortunately, as the time passes, the everyday life just sneaks up on you and you are just not in the mood every second of every day. Well, except if you are a guy. So is it possible to tell if you will be getting lucky that night? You bet it’s possible!

And what about the girl you just started dating but you haven’t really got to the physicalpart yet? When you’ve spent years with someone, it’s is easy to read their signs because you know that person inside and out, but when it comes to the new girl, sometimes it can be really hard to tell if she is in the mood. However, there are some pretty good signs you can rely on that will help you assess the situation. Whether it’s your wife of 10 years or the girl you just met a few hours ago, there are certain hints she will be dropping when she wants to have coituswith you (and when she doesn’t). Here are 8 signs she is totally ‘n the mood (and 7 you ain’t getting any).

15. In The Mood: She Licks Her Lips A LOT

8 Signs She’s Totally In The Mood (and 7 You Ain’t Getting Any) (1)

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If you really want to know more about a woman you’re dating, you ought to learn how to understand her body language. Did you know that 80% of the communication that happens is actually non-verbal? There are numerous little signs that will help you understand what a woman wants if you pay close attention to them. If she licks or bites her lips, it might be just one of her natural, unconscious reflexes that mirror some hotthoughts she’s having about you. She might also be doing that on purpose as a part of her attempt to seduce you. Either way, if she is doing that, it is definitely a good sign for you and it means you will probably get lucky. On the other hand, she might just have really dry lips so don’t take this as a clear invitation to the bed just yet.

14. You Ain’t Getting Any: She Just Got Out Of A Bad Relationship

8 Signs She’s Totally In The Mood (and 7 You Ain’t Getting Any) (2)

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If you have just started dating a girl and she tells you that she just got out of a really bad relationship, there is a big chance she will want to take things slow, which means you will have to wait for it a little bit longer than expected. If she keeps talking about her previous relationship and all the bad things that have happened, that might actually be quite a big red flag for you that this person is simply not ready to date anybody just yet. Not you, not anyone. If you really like this girl, the best thing you could do is to take things slow and see where it gets you. However, don’t expect to be getting any anytime soon because you might end up disappointed.

13. In The Mood:Her Pupils Are Dilated

8 Signs She’s Totally In The Mood (and 7 You Ain’t Getting Any) (3)

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People often say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and psychologists actually agree with that. When talking about love and physicalattraction, you can try to hide it all you want, but the eyes don’t like. When a girl is attracted to you, her pupils will dilate involuntarily when making eye contact with you. The interesting thing about that is that when your pupils dilate as a result of your arousal, it will also trigger the same reaction in the other person when your eyes meet. Basically, when you see someone with dilated pupils, there is a bigger chance you will find them attractive. That is why people feel that dim lights are more romantic since their pupils will automatically dilate more when there is lesslight in the room.

12. You Ain’t Getting Any: She Doesn’t Want To Come Over

You had a perfect night planned. You decided to prepare the meal you do best, you rented a cute, romantic movie, you bought some first class wine, and you changed your bed sheets. Then you called your date and invited her over for a great date at your place – and she refused. This is one of the best signs that she is not ready to get it onwith you yet. She is not stupid; she knows what it means when you invite a girl to come over. On the other hand, you should know that is the part of the deal she is saying “No” to, especially if she proposes a change of plans where she moves your date night outside of your apartment and into some public place. So no, you ain’t getting any.

11. In The Mood:She Gets Closer To You

8 Signs She’s Totally In The Mood (and 7 You Ain’t Getting Any) (5)

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When a woman is aroused by a man, she will try to get as close to him as possible. If she touches your arm or, basically, any other part of your body, there is a big chance she wants to have some “fun”with you. If she is interested in cuddling,that is basically foreplay for her.A woman’s body is very different when it comes to the arousal when compared toa man’s body. When you are aroused, it takes just one look at your pants and it’s pretty clear. However, with women, things aren’t so obvious and you will need to pay closer attention to the little things. So while casual cuddling might be quite boring for you and you’d like to get to the “real stuff”, that actually might be the beginning of the “real stuff” for her.

10. You Ain’t Getting Any: There Is Someone Else

8 Signs She’s Totally In The Mood (and 7 You Ain’t Getting Any) (6)

Via: Youtube

You are definitely not getting any if there is someone else she likes better than you. People who are just casually dating often have dates with a number of different people during the same time period. It might just be the case that she met a man of her dreams a couple of hours before she met you but your date was already scheduled so she didn’t want to blow you off. If she keeps checking her phone and she can’t wait for the date to be over, you are definitely not getting any. If you are in a long-term relationship, there might be a chance she is cheating on you. If she has a sudden need for privacy, she is more focused on her appearance, her phone becomes a forbidden zone for you… There is definitely someone else.

9. In The Mood:She Mentions Hanky PankyA LOT

8 Signs She’s Totally In The Mood (and 7 You Ain’t Getting Any) (7)

Via askmen.com

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Women aren’t as direct when it comes to the physical partas men are. Well, at least most women. Your date probably won’t tell you: “Okay, let’s do it now”, not necessarily because she is shy, but because there is no fun in that. Playing the game of seduction is way more interesting than cutting to the chase right away. However, she might drop certain verbal hints that will let you know that you are on the right track for getting in bed with her. If she keeps mentioning hanky panky, she isn’t doing that by accident. A woman will never just mention itcasually to her date if she is not willing to put it on the table at some point, so if she is doing that, she is trying to let you know that she is open to being with you physically.

8. You Ain’t Getting Any: She’s On Her Period

8 Signs She’s Totally In The Mood (and 7 You Ain’t Getting Any) (8)

Via paradigmmalibu.com

She might not tell you that directly, but if she is dropping hints about how bloated she is or how awful she feels, you are definitely not getting any. Even if you’ve had period hanky pankywith her before, that doesn’t mean she will feel like it every time. Every woman is different. Some women feel extra aroused when they’re on their period, while others just want to crawl somewhere in the dark, preferably alone, and wait for it to pass. You simply have to respect that. However, if she slips the “P” word into the conversation, she is definitely trying to let you know that you shouldn’t count on getting any. There is not much you can do at that moment except to wait for a couple of days and try again.

7. In The Mood:She Invited You To Her Place

This one is a classic. If a woman invites you toher place, there is a 99% chance that she wants to have relationswith you. The remaining 1% is for all unfortunate men who have been friend-zoned by a girl of their dreams at some point. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. However, if it’s a girl you have been dating for some time and if she invites you for a cup of coffee, you will probably be getting something else instead of the promised coffee. Not that you should complain. If it’s a girl you have just met, then consider yourself particularly lucky. The invitation to a girl’s apartment is just one small step away from hooking up with her so try not to blow it at the very last moment.

6. You Ain’t Getting Any: She Had A Really Bad Day

8 Signs She’s Totally In The Mood (and 7 You Ain’t Getting Any) (10)

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If your girlfriend/wife had a really bad day and she is in a really bad mood, you probably won’t be getting any. You might try to cheer her up by doing something really nice and romantic that might eventually lead to hanky panky, but there is a really big chance that it simply won’t work. You might actually end up pissing her off even more. The best thing you could do in situations like this is to listen to what she has to say and to be there for her. It will pay off in the long run because she will feel that you genuinely care about her and it will make the two of you even closer and more connected than before. And, yes, that will lead to better coituseventually.

5. In The Mood:She Sounds More Sensual Than Usual

8 Signs She’s Totally In The Mood (and 7 You Ain’t Getting Any) (11)

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Have you noticed how almost everything you say can sound dirty if you say it the right way? Well, it’s true. If a girl speaks particularly softly and she makes everything sound a little bit dirty, she definitely wants to make love toyou. She also might seem turned on by a lot of things, but that is just her way of letting you know that she is ready to have her way with you. If she teases you constantly, she is trying to show you how irresistible she actually finds you. Do you know what the other name for that is? Flirting! It’s as simple as that. If a girl is constantly flirting with you and she can’t help herself from talking dirty and behaving naughty around you, there is a big chance she is super aroused by you.

4. You Ain’t Getting Any: You Pissed Her Off

8 Signs She’s Totally In The Mood (and 7 You Ain’t Getting Any) (12)

Via complex.com

If you did something to piss your girlfriend off, you can forget about getting lucky that day. There is always a chance you might have great angry coitus, but don’t count on that. Her withholding coitusis the best possible way for her to punish you for your bad behavior. Or maybe she simply can’t even look at you without wanting to kill you so you should just keep your distance until the things cool down. You could try to apologize but don’t do that only to get in her pants because she will see right through that. It might have worked for you once or twice, but it definitely won’t work forever and she will be even angrier than before if she realizes what you’re trying to do.

3. In The Mood:She REALLY Enjoyed The Goodnight Kiss

So you took your girl out on a date and now you’re standing in front of her home wondering what to do next. It’s a situation every guy has found himself in. Now it’s the time for the goodnight kiss and for you to say goodbye. But what if she seemed a bit too enthusiastic about the goodnight kiss? You kissed her and she kissed you back way more passionately than you expected. Yup, she probably wants to have some “fun”with you but she is a little bit shy about inviting you up toher place. So what should you do? Well, it’s not nuclear science, you could simply ask to come in and then take it from there. What is life without a little bit of risk? However, make sure you are not too pushy and don’t make her uncomfortable.

2. You Ain’t Getting Any: She Is Tired

8 Signs She’s Totally In The Mood (and 7 You Ain’t Getting Any) (14)

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It will happen from time to time that you schedule your date after a particularly long day. If a girl mentions during the conversation how exhausted she is, there is very little chance that she will be in the mood for hanky panky. Maybe she was working a double shift, maybe she trained hard atthe gym, or maybe it’s just one of those days… However, if she spends the whole evening yawning, it is a pretty clear signal that she can’t wait to go to sleep. You definitely don’t want her falling asleep in the middle of the action so maybe you should just reschedule your date for some other night when the things might go slightly better for you. Besides, her bedroomperformance will be a hundred times better once she is well rested.

1. In The Mood:She Does Something Extra Nice For You

8 Signs She’s Totally In The Mood (and 7 You Ain’t Getting Any) (15)

Via: Degrassi Wiki

If you’re in a long-term relationship, there is a chance the romance will fade with time. Life can be pretty overwhelming sometimes and that can take a toll on your “fun” time. However, if your girlfriend/wife took her time to do something really special for you, for example, she prepared your favorite meal, bought you a gift you really wanted for a long time, made herself look extra pretty for you, it means she is probably in the mood for some action. Especially if that is not something she does all the time. However, don’t just take it for granted because that might really ruin the moment very quickly. Don’t forget to thank her and compliment her, and you might get some special attention beneath the sheets as well.

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How do you know if she's not interested in you anymore? ›

To know if she doesn't like you anymore, pay attention to her body language to see if crosses her arms around you or steps back when your talking, which may mean she's no longer interested. You should also watch to see if she touches you less or stops touching you altogether, since this could mean she's moved on.

How do you know if she is into you? ›

Signs a Girl Is Attracted to You
  • Smiling at you.
  • Shooting short glances your way.
  • Darting her eyes away when you look at her.
  • Making prolonged eye contact with you.
  • Running fingers through her hair.
  • Licking her lips.
  • Exposing her neck.
  • Tilting her heads towards you.
Aug 15, 2021

How do you know if a girl doesn't want a relationship? ›

She talks about other people

While sometimes women may talk about men in front of you to make you feel jealous, it's easy to tell when this is not so. If she talks to you about how much she likes someone (and not how much someone likes her), then it's an indicator that she doesn't want a relationship with you anymore.

Can a girl like you and not show it? ›

She may have good reasons for keeping a lid on her feelings for you. She's already in a relationship and isn't sure whom she wants to be with. She knows what she feels for you but doesn't want you to know just yet. She's ashamed of her feelings for you but can't help showing them sometimes.

What a woman will do if she loves you? ›

What Women Do When They're In Love
  • She Listens To You. ...
  • She Does Little Things. ...
  • She'll Enhance Her Cooking Skills. ...
  • She Cares About Your Safety. ...
  • She Texts You A lot. ...
  • She Wants to Explore and Have New Adventures. ...
  • She'll Change Her Social Media Status. ...
  • She Has A Healthy Amount of Jealousy.
Aug 31, 2021

How do I know if she just wants to be friends? ›

Any physical contact is going to be minimal. Body language is a major telling factor when a woman sees a guy as a potential romantic partner or someone in the “friend zone.” If she sees you as just a friend, any physical contact is going to be minimal and/or never go past a certain level of affection.

When should I walk away from her? ›

If you feel like you can't trust the other person in a relationship, making a relationship work in the long term, or the short term can be very complicated. If you know that they're hiding things from you or if they have in the past, it may be time just to walk away from the relationship.

How do you know if a girl is wasting your time? ›

4 Signs The Woman You're Pursuing Is Simply Wasting Your Time & Is Not Actually Into You
  • 1) She Is Still Seeing Other People.
  • 2) She Cancels On You Way Too Often.
  • 3) At Times When She Doesnt Cancel, She.
  • 4) Doesnt Take An Interest In You Or Your Day.
Sep 28, 2021

How do you tell there is no future in a relationship? ›

8 Signs That Your Current Relationship Has No Future
  1. Your partner can't accept you for who you are. ...
  2. You can't accept your partner for who they are. ...
  3. You struggle to handle each other during the hard times. ...
  4. Your needs are not being met by your partner. ...
  5. You are not at the same place mentally.
Nov 3, 2021

How do you impress a girl when her mood is off? ›

Contents show
  1. Talk to her.
  2. Listen and understand her feelings.
  3. Give her a hug.
  4. Take her out on a date.
  5. Show her positivity.
  6. Try some humor.
  7. Give her a small gift.
  8. Cook for her.
May 11, 2022

Why does my girlfriend's mood change so quickly? ›

Mood swings in females can be the result of PMS, PMDD, PME, pregnancy, and menopause. Females can also experience mood swings as a result of conditions that affect all sexes, such as mental health conditions. A doctor can diagnose the cause and recommend treatments.

How can you make a woman happy? ›

10 Surefire Ways to Make a Woman Happy
  1. 10 Surefire Ways to Make a Woman Happy.
  2. Believe in yourself. While women love a confident man, we don't expect you to be confident all the time. ...
  3. Don't take yourself too seriously. ...
  4. Follow through. ...
  5. Tease… ...
  6. Take care of your appearance. ...
  7. Romance us. ...
  8. Take responsibility.
Sep 20, 2015

How do you know if she likes you more than a friend? ›

You find her liking your old photos and posts, too. She even tags you in flirty, cute, or romantic memes. She posts statuses, pictures, and stories about the two of you quite often. All these actions show that she likes you more than a friend.

What are the signs of true love from a girl? ›

10 Symptoms Of True Love
  • You Feel Relaxed With Them. ...
  • That Person Is A Good Listener. ...
  • You Are Happy Just Because The Person Is Around. ...
  • That Person Stays In 'Recently Contacted' In Your Contact List. ...
  • That Ease Of Communication. ...
  • Continuous Efforts To Make You Smile. ...
  • Your Chat Is Still Same. ...
  • Encouragement For Your Passion.

What gift does girl like most? ›

If she is a traditional woman, a pretty outfit (a salwar suit or a saree), home linens, a trip to a religious place, or membership of a meditation and yoga centre can be very nice and thoughtful gifts. Along with that, feng shui gifts, Idols of Buddha or Ganesha also put a big smile on their face.

What makes a woman fall deeply in love with a man? ›

They desire a sincere, family-oriented, honest, trustworthy, and respectful man. A woman often looks for a man who will treat her with love, care, and respect without drama. Hence, if you want your crush to fall in love, show your best personality to her.

What every woman wants in a man? ›

Women desire a man who is honorable, fair, and ethical. In terms of relationships, having integrity can help strengthen the bond a man has with a woman, as his moral principles will guide his behavior and help him to be the best partner that he can be.

How do you tell she wants your attention? ›

25 Signs She Wants You to Notice Her
  1. She Laughs At All Your Jokes…or Any Time. ...
  2. She Plays With Her Hair. ...
  3. Eye Contact. ...
  4. She Stands Close to You. ...
  5. Signs She Wants You to Notice Her: She Wants to Spend Time With You. ...
  6. She's Always Dressed to Impress. ...
  7. Signs She Wants You To Notice Her: She Draws Attention to Her Mouth.

What is more than friends but not dating? ›

A situationship is that space between a committed relationship and something that is more than a friendship.

How do you know if a girl wants a physical? ›

If she's grinding or pushing herself against you, trying to hold or hug you, her body language is as inviting as it gets. Curling toes are another good indicator, but try to catch a glance offhand. If the motion is subconscious, it's probably genuine.

Why walking away from a woman is powerful? ›

You create strength. One of the biggest reasons why walking away is powerful is because it gives you a strength you never thought you had. The power of walking away from a woman or man builds an emotional armor that can get you through even the most difficult situations.

How do you know if someone is the love of your life? ›

The love of your life is the person you are most comfortable with, who you naturally feel that you can be yourself around. This is someone who makes you feel loved for who you most essentially are. When you are loved at this level, you transform into the best possible version of yourself you can be.

What a man thinks when you walk away? ›

He might feel sad and rejected.

Many people feel a sense of grief for the person and relationship they lost. Your significant other might very well experience intense sadness after you walk away as he grieves for what you had together.

How do you test a girl for a relationship? ›

Here are some signs that you and your girlfriend truly have something special together, and should be working on preserving your relationship.
  1. She always cares about the well-being of your friends. ...
  2. You are able to go on trips without fighting. ...
  3. She often checks you out. ...
  4. You have common values. ...
  5. She often brags about you.
Dec 24, 2021

What is a low value woman? ›

15 Signs of a Low Value Woman - YouTube

How do you respond to a girl who is playing hard to get? ›

How To Grab The Attention Of A Woman Who Plays Hard To Get
  1. DO: Understand the difference between “hard to get” and “not interested”. ...
  2. DON'T: Push the issue if it's a hard no. ...
  3. DO: Try to get her to talk more than you do. ...
  4. DON'T: Interrupt or ignore her. ...
  5. DO: Make associations with the things she likes and dislikes.

How do you know when a relationship is really over? ›

There's No Emotional Connection

One of the key signs your relationship is ending is that you are no longer vulnerable and open with your partner. A cornerstone of happy, healthy ​relationships is that both partners feel comfortable being truly open to sharing thoughts and opinions with one another.

When should you let a relationship go? ›

Refusal to Communicate, Address Problems, or Invest

Or perhaps they aren't invested enough in the connection to make an effort. Regardless of the reason, when there's only one person making an effort, it's not really a relationship. It's time to let them go.

How do you know when someone is not the one for you? ›

The Trust And Respect Isn't There

If you don't trust and respect that person, they're not right for you. And if they don't trust and respect you, they're not right for you. "Once trust and respect is lost, then so is the relationship," relationship trainer Daniel Amis tells Bustle.

What makes a woman happy in a relationship? ›

Other tips on how to keep your girl happy include taking care of your appearance, planning fun dates for her, and being a good listener. What makes a woman happy? In the end, it doesn't take much. All she wants to make her happy is your love, affection, and attention.

What questions make a girl blush over text? ›

These questions will let her know you are into her and make her blush with excitement!
  • What would you say if I told you I wanted to go on an adventure with you?
  • Who do you have a crush on right now?
  • What would you say if I said I had a crush on you?
  • Want me to tell you a secret?
  • Do you believe in love at first sight?
Sep 21, 2022

How do you set a girl? ›

How to Impress a Girl (13 Modern Tips & Tricks)
  1. Show Love is in the details.
  2. Complement Her.
  3. Be chivalrous to Her.
  4. Dress to impress Her.
  5. Be Confident When Talking with Her.
  6. Make her Laugh.
  7. Listen to Her.
  8. Make Her Feel Special.
May 18, 2022

How do girls get mood? ›

Want her to crave for you? Start the foreplay before you leave for work. Do it throughout the day, sent her short text, call her, set her mood and by the time you will be home she will already be looking forward to meet you. Women always feel, they need to be perfect in order to please you in the bed.

What are mood swings in love? ›

Mood swings occur when a person's emotions rapidly change. For example, they may be happy one moment and then sad, angry, or irritable the next. Sometimes, mood swings can happen with little to no warning.

What makes a woman happy most? ›

Compliment her in the right way.

Compliments are a sure bet to making a woman happy, as they are with anyone, but you have to compliment correctly. Don't compliment her on things like her figure, because then she will stress about keeping it nice. You also shouldn't compliment her on things like her hair or eyes.

What are a woman's needs in a relationship? ›

Traits of Relational Sensitivity. Women need men to show kindness, patience, understanding, empathy, and compassion. Regardless of the type of relationship, men and women should be considerate of each other's feelings.

How do I keep her interested? ›

21 Ways To Keep A Girl Interested In You
  1. Don't become complacent. ...
  2. Be a gentleman. ...
  3. Don't be a 'Yes' man. ...
  4. Understand when she needs support. ...
  5. Don't stop flirting. ...
  6. Appreciate her. ...
  7. Make her your priority. ...
  8. Maintain physical contact.
Oct 10, 2022

How will a girl react if she knows you like her? ›

If she knows and does like you back she will talk to you more, walk near you, sit next to you, make eye contact, twirl her hair, or give you compliments. She may also be secretive about who she likes.

How do you know if a girl likes you romantically? ›

8 Signs That she likes you Romantically
  • She smiles often. Notice the way she smiles. ...
  • She has told her best friend about you. A woman usually shares everything with their best friends. ...
  • The teasing game. ...
  • She shows interest. ...
  • Read her eyes. ...
  • You own her undivided attention. ...
  • She asks. ...
  • She puts efforts.
Sep 5, 2019

How do you tell if someone is genuinely interested in you? ›

How Can You Tell if Someone Likes You?
  1. Proximity. ...
  2. They remember the small details. ...
  3. They make an effort to find conversation topics. ...
  4. You will see the “Duchenne Smile” ...
  5. They are nervous around you. ...
  6. They are curious about you, more than you expected. ...
  7. They always find the time to see you.
Jan 1, 2021

How can you tell if a girl is confused about her feelings? ›

Another sign that she might be confused about her feelings for you is if she finds it difficult to actually maintain eye contact with you. A confident girl would find it easy to look you straight in the eyes, stare at you for a few seconds, and even give you a kiss on the cheek.

How do you know if she likes you more than a friend? ›

You find her liking your old photos and posts, too. She even tags you in flirty, cute, or romantic memes. She posts statuses, pictures, and stories about the two of you quite often. All these actions show that she likes you more than a friend.

How do I get a girl to confess her feelings? ›

Treating a girl well, flirting with her, and being honest about your feelings are all great ways to give her the confidence to tell you that she likes you. Once you are able to make a girl feel comfortable, she'll be more likely to be honest about her feelings for you.

Why would a girl hide her feelings for you? ›

She could be veiling her emotions and more so if she is shy or apprehensive about being rejected. Or perhaps it is too soon for her to understand her feelings. If she likes you but is not ready to confess, she might be dropping subtle hints for you to pick up and make the next move.

What are the signs of a player? ›

15 Warning Signs of a Player
  • #1 He's Incredibly Charismatic.
  • #2 He's a Little Mysterious.
  • #3 He Doesn't Introduce You to His Friends.
  • #4 He's Way Too Friendly With Your Girlfriends.
  • #5 He's Never Available on Your Schedule.
  • #6 His Plans Are Always Last Minute.
  • #7 He's Never Available on the Weekends.
May 17, 2022

How do you know if someone is your soulmate? ›

  • You're each other's biggest fans. ...
  • You feel each other's pain. ...
  • There's chemistry. ...
  • You're there for each other. ...
  • You're secure in the relationship. ...
  • You just want to be around each other. ...
  • You feel like you've known them forever. ...
  • Sometimes, you feel like you can read their mind.
Aug 29, 2022

Can you feel when someone is attracted to you? ›

Can you feel when someone is attracted to you? Yes. When someone feels you are an attractive person, some things come up between you that aren't there otherwise. The clues aren't always obvious, but you can see some of them by paying attention.


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