Alani NU Balance Review: Ingredients, Benefits and Does It Work? (2022)

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Welcome to my honest ALANI NU Balance review from my own personal experience.

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I was diagnosed with PCOS several years ago when I was trying to conceive my first child. I’ve since given birth to two babies with the help of fertility treatments, but I still struggle with PCOS symptoms. Alani NU Balance and PCOS are supposed to go hand and hand, so I gave it a try.

Alani NU is a fairly new company created by personal trainer Katy Hearn and her husband. The company was founded when Katy became interested in being more proactive about her health and began a journey to find products and supplements that she could use to get her health back on track.

After starting several health and wellness companies, Katy and her husband began the their brand. Their most successful product to date is their Alani NU Balance supplement. It’s been heavily discussed all over social media, and it certainly caught my attention and I tried it out for myself.

Here’s my honest Alani NU Balance review after using the supplement.

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ALANI NU Balance


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Katy Hearn

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cira Nutrition (read full review)

The ALANI Nutrition Brand

According to Alani NU’s website: “Alani Nu supplements are strategically designed to provide you with everything they need and nothing they don’t, to help them find the strength inside.”

Alani Nutrition is a whole line of products are made here in the US and don’t contain harmful fillers or artificial ingredients but are still full of delicious flavor. Their premise to help women succeed in their health journey by providing healthy, proven formulas to take them to the next level.

What is Alani NU Balance?

Alani NU Balance is Alani Nutrition’s signature and most successful product to date. It’s marketed as a supplement designed to naturally balance the female hormones.

Katy Hearn describes this supplement as “Our 5-star signature supplement, Balance is strategically designed to support hormonal balance, weight management, complexion, and fertility. Enjoy restorative sleep, improved energy levels, and more.”

When hormones are out of whack, women deal with side effects ranging from weight gain and acne to energy deficiencies and infertility.



There are just 6 main ingredients in Balance Alani NU, these include:



This supplement is a naturally occurring carbocyclic sugar that’s proven to help reduce testosterone and triglyceride levels. This substance, in particular, is proven to help increase fertility in women, especially those who suffer from PCOS which is defined by excess testosterone and insulin resistance.



This antioxidant that you’ll find in Alani NU Balance helps to improve and brighten your complexion by hydrating your skin. It’s also said to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.



This is another component of Balance supplements that is designed to help increase female fertility and clear up acne. It helps prevent the body from converting testosterone into Estrogen, it stops harmful androgens from entering the receptors.

(Video) Alani Niu Balance Powder Review | One Month Update w/PCOS


ALA (alpha-lipoic acid)

ALA is a substance that’s naturally created in our bodies, but only in small quantities. It’s filled with antioxidant properties which have shown to lower blood sugar levels, combat signs of aging, and reduce inflammation. ALA combined with Myo-Inositol has been shown to increase insulin sensitively in women who struggle with PCOS, infertility, and obesity.



Chromium is yet another ingredient that helps to keep blood sugar levels in check, increasing your insulin sensitivity. This is especially important for women with PCOS or type II Diabetes.


(Video) Alani Nu Balance Capsules Review- Do the Ingredients Cause Side Effects?


Folate is an important B-group vitamin that everyone needs in their body. If you’ve ever been pregnant, your doctor probably advised you to take a prenatal vitamin with Folate as it helps to support fetal development. There are also cardiovascular benefits of taking Folate as well.

Claimed Benefits

If you haven’t guessed already, this supplement is designed to promote female health. Some of the many benefits it promises include:

  • Improved weight management
  • Promotes hormone balance
  • Regulates menstrual cycles and enhance fertility
  • Helps to clear acne

Alani NU Balance Review: Ingredients, Benefits and Does It Work? (3)

You can find all four of these issues listed in the book of women’s most frustrating struggles (if there is such a thing).

Balance has become very popular with women who suffer from PCOS, a hormone disorder that causes women to struggle with a variety of symptoms from amenorrhea (lack of a menstrual cycle), anovulation (lack of ovulation), excess body hair, weight gain, acne, and more.

It’s estimated that around 10 million suffer from PCOS in the US alone. There’s likely even more, but many women go undiagnosed. This is the leading hormonal endocrine disorder that affects women.

The good news is that it is manageable with medication and supplements, like Balance Alani NU, which acts to “balance” the hormones in the female body that are either too high or too low.

Real Customer Ratings and Reviews

Here are some real testomonials, taking right from their website. There are well over 7,000 reviews there as well as over 100 on Amazon.

“I am on my 3rd bottle of balance and I couldn’t be any more impressed! I’ve suffered from hormonal acne since 14..I’ve tried everything from prescriptions to over the counter products. I am so impressed with this product so far and its only the 3rd bottle! I definitely saw results within the first month, not with just acne but my weight and mood! Which has overall helped boost my confidence tremendously! Thank you, Katy and Haydn, for creating this amazing product that will definitely be essential for a lifetime!”

“I’ve been using Balance for over 6 months & have seen amazing results. Whether it’s with my periods, my face, moods. It has all improved. I no longer need to wear makeup on my face. I always recommend to all of my friends struggling with any of these things & they have all benefited from Balance. Definitely worth the purchase!!! As long as Alani Nu is selling balance, I’ll be a customer :)”

Before I made the decision to purchase Balance and try it for myself, I read through dozens of reviews, most of which were glowing. There are, of course, a few people who didn’t get the results they were expecting, but that’ll happen with any product.

Common Alani NU Balance Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Alani NU to help you as you determine if this supplement is a good fit for you:

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

(Video) Alani Nu Balance Review! How it helped me:)

How Do You Take It?

Are There Any Negative Side Effects?

Can Balance Help Me Conceive?

How Much Does Balance Cost?

Final Verdict: Does Alani Nu Balance Work?

After writing this review, I continued to use Alani Nu Balance for about three months before I started to experience some adverse effects. I was cramping, bloating, and my cycle was completely out of whack, averaging around 50+ days.

Needless to say, I stopped taking Balance and allowed my body to re-regulate on its own without any supplements, which took a few months. However, I was still unhappy with my PMS symptoms each month and I knew that my hormones could use a little balancing.

I recently discovered Symmetry by Cira and am loving this product. Similar to Balance, Symmetry is designed to help women feel better throughout their cycles. Both supplements offer similar ingredients, however, there are some nuances that might make one option better for your unique situation over the other.

My Expert Recommendation

I highly recommend taking a look at the ingredients of both options and making a decision as to which one is the best match for you. One thing that I love about Symmetry is the fact that it’s formulated to not just balance your hormones, but also help with weight and stress management. Cira calls it your daily perk-me-up, and I couldn’t agree more!

Click the button below to get the full rundown on cira nutrition, orvisit their website now to check out the brand.

Learn About Cira Nutrition

About the author

Tami Smith

Tami Smith is a certified Nutritionist and an ACE certified fitness trainer, specializing in pre and post-natal fitness. She studied business and earned her bachelor's degree in Business Economics. Tami is a mom of two and women's health advocate. Her passion is to help people live a fit, healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise!

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What does Alani Nu help with? ›

Our 5-star signature supplement, Balance is strategically designed to support hormonal balance, weight management, complexion, and fertility. Enjoy restorative sleep, improved energy levels, and more. Myo-Inositol- Promotes female fertility and restores insulin sensitivity.

Do I have to take Alani Nu balance in the morning? ›

Alani Nu's Balance is specifically designed to support hormonal balance, weight management, complexion, energy, and fertility for women. The bottle instructs to take four vegan capsules every morning with breakfast.

Is Alani Nu balance good for PCOS? ›

If you suffer from PCOS or have any kind of hormonal imbalance, Alani NU's Balance may be able to right the imbalance which can lead to a normal normalized menstrual cycle which will, in turn, increase your chances of conceiving.

Is Alani Nu reliable? ›

The Alani Nu Pre-workout has a great taste and contains minimal ingredients. The company is very forthcoming about the ingredient list plus the testing they perform on their products. For this reason, it is a very trusted brand. As a matter of fact, it has a 78% average five-star rating on Amazon.

What is the best supplement for hormonal imbalance? ›

Probiotics, B vitamins, lecithin, and botanicals — like black cohosh and vitex — are useful in regulating hormone levels. These supplements can reduce symptoms of a hormonal imbalance, including (but not limited to) PMS, irregular or heavy menses, low sex drive, infertility, and weight gain.

What is balance powder used for? ›

Available in two mouthwatering flavors, Balance Powder features our signature hormonal-balancing formula. With ingredients like folate and chromium, it's strategically designed to support hormonal balance, weight management, clear complexion, and more!

Who actually owns Alani? ›

Fitness entrepreneur and social media influencer, Katy Hearn, founded Alani Nu in 2018. Over the past two years, it has become one of the most trusted wellness brands on the market.

What does Myo Inositol do? ›

Myo-inositol (MI) increases insulin sensitivity, decreases hyperandrogenism and improves the menstrual cycle. Its effect during assisted reproductive technologies (ART) has been studied by many authors.

How long does it take to restore hormone balance? ›

How Long Does It Take to Balance Hormones? As you can imagine, this varies. However, research shows that by taking a holistic, well-rounded approach, you can balance your hormones in less than four months. In fact, you can significantly reduce the amount of chemicals and pesticides in your body, in one week.

What are the symptoms of low estrogen? ›

Signs of low estrogen include:
  • Dry skin.
  • Tender breasts.
  • Weak or brittle bones.
  • Trouble concentrating.
  • Moodiness and irritability.
  • Vaginal dryness or atrophy.
  • Hot flashes and night sweats.
  • Irregular periods or no periods (amenorrhea).
Feb 8, 2022

Why should you take a pre-workout? ›

Product makers say pre-workouts can keep you focused, give you energy, and improve your overall performance. The main ingredient behind these promises is high levels of caffeine. Pre-workout supplements have a range of 150 mg to 300 mg of caffeine per serving. This equals about three cups of coffee.

Are Alani energy drinks alcoholic? ›

Kentucky- Hard Seltzer- 5.0% ABV. Are you feelin' Seltzy? Your favorite Energy drink has turned itself into a hard seltzer. All the flavors you love from Alani Nu now with an extra alcohol punch!

What happens if you take pre-workout and don't workout? ›

It is not bad to take a pre-workout without working out if you take it in moderation. It seems the most adverse effects of drinking pre-workout on a regular basis would be from the stimulants. The most common side effects include insomnia, increased heart rate, restlessness, and nausea [8].

Do pre workouts burn fat? ›

Can Pre-Workout Help With Weight Loss? As stated above, while a pre-workout supplement likely won't trigger your body to burn more fat directly, it can help you accomplish fitness goals by boosting your workout performance.

Does pre-workout really make a difference? ›

Pre-workout supplements heighten your exercise performance simply by exposing you to high levels of caffeine. There is no evidence that the combined use of the ingredients will increase performance in ways that improve your physical or health outcomes.

Is 200 mg of caffeine a lot? ›

Studies show that 100 to 200 mg of caffeine (about 1 to 2 cups of regular coffee) are enough to achieve these results. When caffeine consumption climbs to 250 to 700 mg per day, people may experience nausea, headaches, sleep difficulties or increased anxiety. People may have heart palpitations with more than 1,000 mg.

Does Alani have aspartame? ›

Contains low calorie sweeteners: Aspartame.


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