Alani Nu Pre-Workout Review 2021 - Is It Safe? Results, Ingredients, Side Effects, Does It Work? (2022)

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  • Alani Nu Pre-Workout: The Ingredients
  • How does Alani Nu Pre-Workout work?
  • What are Alani Nu Pre-Workout’s benefits
  • How to take Alani Nu Pre-Workout
  • Alani Nu Pre-Workout results – before and after
  • Alani Nu Pre-Workout – what are other people saying?
  • Does Alani Nu Pre-Workout have side effects?
  • Alani Nu Pre-Workout Review: Our Conclusion

Alani Nu Pre-Workout Overview

From the creators of popular, filler-free fat burners and flavorsome protein powders, Alani Nu also has its very own pre-workout. As a company who specializes in natural formulas and quirky flavors, their pre-workout certainly seems to be no different.

It boasts a completely transparent formula and comes in a variety of flavors – from ‘Hawaiian Shaved Ice’ to ‘Mimosa’. As is custom of all pre-workouts, this supplement promises to help maximize your workout with a balanced ingredient profile of energy boosters and performance enhancers. It also claims to deliver more power to muscles so you can push past fitness plateaus which are blocking your progress.

But how far does this pre-workout compare to others on the market? Is it better? Or are the fabulous flavor choices simply there to distract you from a mediocre formula?

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You can’t get much past us here at Spot Me Girl. That’s why we’ve stripped this pre-workout back to its fundamentals, putting it through an investigatory workout of its own to find out if it can really help make yours better.

Pros and Cons of Alani Nu Pre-Workout


  • 100% natural formula
  • Fully transparent ingredients label
  • Lots of flavors to choose from


  • Contains some artificial flavorings
  • Fairly expensive price point

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Alani Nu Pre-Workout: The Ingredients

  • L-Citrulline Malate 2:1 – This is a form of the amino acid L-citrulline which has been linked to bettering exercise performance in a number of ways. Because it can increase the blood flow in your body, research has shown a marked improvement to the endurance and power output of participants doing exercise, with one study elevating workout time by 12% longer after taking L-citrulline[1]. Citrulline malate is also directly linked to enhancing weight training performance and alleviating fatigue too[2].
  • Beta-Alanine – As a non-essential amino acid, beta-alanine has all sorts of properties which could benefit your workout performance. Combined with histidine in your muscles, it produces carnosine which can serve as a buffer against muscle acidity. Too much acid in your muscles can prevent muscles contracting properly and cause fatigue– especially after high-intensity exercise[3]. So, by taking this supplement, you could exercise for longer[4], with increased muscle endurance[5] to push yourself further in workouts.
  • L-Tyrosine – Often found in other supplements like fat burners, tyrosine has been linked to improving your concentration, attention-span and alertness[6]. It has also got de-stressing abilities by producing brain chemicals like dopamine – the pleasure hormone – and adrenaline/noradrenaline[7] which enhance your nerve cells’ communication[8] to reduce stress and elevate your mood. It also could have metabolism-boosting effects, since it produces thyroid hormones which are responsible for keeping your metabolism working properly[9].
  • Caffeine (from coffee: coffee arabica bean extract) – Though many people are sensitive to caffeine, it does have a surprisingly large amount of benefits – especially when it comes to exercise performance. Caffeine activates parts of your brain to increase energy and focus[10] so you can power through workouts easier, as well as stimulating adrenaline for better endurance[11] and activating muscles[12]. It also has thermogenic abilities, which could elevate fat burning[13] and help release more endorphins[14] so you feel happier.
  • L-Theanine (from green tea leaf extract) – This amino acid has many health benefits but is primarily used to alleviate anxiety and stress, as well as supporting healthy immunity and improving sleep quality[15]. Combined with caffeine, L-theanine has helped elevate levels of focus and alertness[16] too, so you can keep your eye on the prize all the way through your work out.
IngredientsAmount per Serving% Daily Value
L-Citrulline Malate 2:16 g*
Beta-Alanine1.6 g*
L-Tyrosine500 mg*
Caffeine (from coffee - Coffea arabica Bean Extract)200 mg*
L-Theanine (from green tea (Camellia sinensis) Leaf Extract)(TheaKalm))200 mg*

*Daily Value not established.

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Other Ingredients: Sodium Citrate, Silica, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Sucralose, Turmeric Root Extract, Acesulfame Potassium.

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Alani Nu Pre-Workout Review 2021 - Is It Safe? Results, Ingredients, Side Effects, Does It Work? (1)

How does Alani Nu Pre-Workout work?

The main goal for this pre-workout is to improve endurance during workouts so you can see quicker results. It brings together a series of well-researched ingredients to inject energy, focus and drive into your exercise helping you to train harder than ever before.

Even if you’re going to the gym regularly, you can sometimes hit a ‘fitness plateau’ which can limit your exercise potential and stop you reaching the goals you really want to. Alani Nu’s Pre-Workout aims to deliver power to your muscles from components like caffeine, beta-alanine and L-citrulline which can all help improve endurance and the volume of exercise you can achieve in one training session.

Using mood elevators and brain boosters like L-tyrosine and L-theanine will also help keep you mentally sharp throughout your work out, whilst ensuring your mind stays motivated and stress is blocked off. Having the right mindset is almost equally important to a workout as energy boosters and muscle enhancers. If you’re feeling distracted, stressed or generally down, you may feel like giving up – or not working out at all. Which is why this generous dose of ‘happy’ components will help get you in the mood to smash your workout.

What are Alani Nu Pre-Workout’s benefits

  • More energy and focus

This small, yet compact, formula is designed to stimulate your energy levels so you can keep workouts on point, even if you’re on a calorie deficit. By using stimulants like caffeine, you can feel more alert, concentrate better and keep hitting your targets every time.

  • Greater endurance

Many of the pre-workout’s ingredients bring the potential for better stamina when you’re exercising. By increasing the capacity of how far your muscles can go, you could see a significant improvement in your progress, going past previous targets with ease and setting the bar even higher every time you work out.

Alani Nu Pre-Workout Review 2021 - Is It Safe? Results, Ingredients, Side Effects, Does It Work? (2)

  • Better mood and motivation

We think it’s so important to have the right mood when you’re working out. After all, we lead busy, stressful lives which can sometimes become an excuse as to why we don’t push ourselves harder or even want to work out at all. Alani Nu bring L-tyrosine, L-theanine and caffeine together to provide a solid support for your mental wellbeing, helping to alleviate stress levels so you can stay motivated and more content before and throughout training to ensure you keep progressing.

  • Elevate fat burning

It goes without saying, if your workouts are more intense, you’ll burn off more calories. However, the inclusion of metabolism boosters like caffeine and l-tyrosine will make sure you’re burning excess fat off around the clock. By keeping your metabolism ticking over, your body will continue to breakdown fat cells and burn them off – even after exercise.

How to take Alani Nu Pre-Workout

Alani Nu recommend mixing half a scoop in 6-8oz of water 20-30 minutes before working out for the first week or two, to assess your tolerance.

Once you’re happy and your body has got used to the formula, you can increase your serving to 1 full scoop.

They advise not to take more than 2 servings per day – and if you are going to have 2 servings, make sure there’s at least 4 hours in between each one.

Alani Nu Pre-Workout results – before and after

What’s clear to see with this pre-workout is there are literally hoards of people who love this product, with hundreds of real people tagging it in their workout posts on social media. We’ve found a couple of progress updates on Instagram, where consumers have used the Alani Nu’s Pre-Workout alongside other products to achieve results:


Alani Nu Pre-Workout Review 2021 - Is It Safe? Results, Ingredients, Side Effects, Does It Work? (3)

Moveswithmariah: “Another week of work, with progress to show! – stomach is defining booty has started to tighten and lift my legs are already so much stronger than before! mentally I just feel….. blessed ❤️🙏🏻”

Alani Nu Pre-Workout Review 2021 - Is It Safe? Results, Ingredients, Side Effects, Does It Work? (4)

Marisamartinez1021: “It may not be very obvious to see the progress, but I feel the difference in my clothes as well as the increase in my strength.”

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Alani Nu Pre-Workout – what are other people saying?

On the Alani Nu Pre-Workout product page alone, there are tens of thousands of reviews and it’s clear to see this pre-workout is a hit with most people as it scores 4.9 out of 5*. Obviously not everyone will like it, and there are a couple of negative comments on there, but for the amount of reviews there are, the handful of complaints are minimal which is really positive to see.

Alani Nu Pre-Workout Review 2021 - Is It Safe? Results, Ingredients, Side Effects, Does It Work? (5)

Alani Nu Pre-Workout Review 2021 - Is It Safe? Results, Ingredients, Side Effects, Does It Work? (6)

Alani Nu Pre-Workout Review 2021 - Is It Safe? Results, Ingredients, Side Effects, Does It Work? (7)

Alani Nu Pre-Workout Review 2021 - Is It Safe? Results, Ingredients, Side Effects, Does It Work? (8)

Does Alani Nu Pre-Workout have side effects?

On the label, Alani Nu do state that you could feel tingly from the beta-alanine – and there is scientific research to back up this side effect – so it’s definitely worth assessing your tolerance with a smaller serving for the first couple of weeks to get your body used to it.

Also, there are a lot of stimulants and performance enhancers in the formula – including caffeine – which can have certain side effects like nausea, insomnia and jitteriness if you’re sensitive. Alani Nu advise to limit the amount of caffeine-containing substances alongside the pre-workout to avoid any negative side effects from too much caffeine.

They also recommend speaking to a physician before use if you are pregnant, lactating, have a medical condition or taking any medication to avoid any adverse effects and make sure it’s safe for you to take.

Some people have also commented on feeling sick after taking it but, as long as you follow the directions when taking this supplement, you shouldn’t experience any negative side effects.

If you do start to feel unwell or experience any unpleasant effects after taking the pre-workout, stop taking it immediately and consult a medical practitioner for advice before continuing your cycle.

Alani Nu Pre-Workout Review: Our Conclusion

When it comes to this pre-workout, we think it is pretty good overall. The fully transparent label of well-researched ingredients gives us confidence that Alani Nu really have thought about what they want to achieve with this supplement – especially for women.

If you look across the internet for reviews, you’ll notice there aren’t many negative ones at all. Even on Amazon, 82% of people scored it 5* which is pretty impressive. Obviously, you’re never going to convince everyone but we think the sheer amount of praise for this supp suggests it really is worth trying out.

Although it contains caffeine – which may exclude some ladies from buying if they are sensitive to it – it also uses L-theanine to keep side effects like jitters at bay, which shows they have thought about their formula and its potential hazards fully.

The only issue we have is it is quite pricey for a pre-workout and only contains a small amount of ingredients. It also seems to miss some post-workout features like recovery support such as acetyl L-carnitine that you can find in other pre-workouts.

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Total score

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Here at Hey Spot Me Girl, we’re all about safety – so we wanted to remind you to double-check with your doctor or physician if you have any concerns at all about introducing a new supplement into your diet.

Whilst supplements could be a great boost to your lifestyle, they could also have adverse effects on your body if not used properly, or if you have sensitivity to any of the ingredients. So, make sure you always check the label fully. Also, make sure you stick to the usage instructions, particularly during the first week.

It’s also worth pointing out you shouldn’t rely on supplements alone to achieve your physique goals. Remember girls, supplements are enhancers – not the only answer!

A balanced diet, consistent workout plan and sensible lifestyle choices are the fundamentals behind real change – and your supplement should only ever be used as a way of optimizing the results of your hard work, not a way of replacing it altogether.

So, whatever supplements you choose to improve your life, make sure your health and welfare is always paramount over anything else every single time.

*DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Products are intended for use alongside a diet and exercise regime. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Hey Spot Me Girl are not intended for the purpose of medical advice.

Individual results may vary. Please always consult your health care provider if you are taking any medications or have any medical condition. Must be 18 years or older to purchase. Always reference the ingredients and directions on the product label.


















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Does pre-workout has any side effects? ›

A 2019 study into people who regularly consume pre-workout found that 54% of participants reported side effects, including nausea, skin reactions, and heart abnormalities. However, the research adds that these side effects are likely more common in those who consume more than the recommended serving size.

What does Alani Nu do to your body? ›

On the upside, Alani Nu contains several B vitamins including biotin. Biotin works by helping break down the food we consume and converting it into energy for a number of essential functions (via Medical News Today). It has also been shown to help keep hair and nails strong and healthy.

Is the Alani pre-workout good? ›

A pre-workout supplement is a product intended to enhance athletic performance, endurance, or strength. Alani Nu Pre-Workout is considered one of the best tasting pre-workouts and contains minimal ingredients. It is also rated as one of the best pre-workout powders for women.

What are the long term side effects of pre-workout? ›

Consuming high doses of caffeine from pre-workout supplements, on top of your normal daily intake of caffeine in coffee, soda, or other sources, can lead to a number of heart-related side effects, including increased blood pressure (hypertension), which can raise your risk of a heart attack.

Can pre-workout affect your heart? ›

“Most pre-workout mixes are known to contain more than 200 milligrams of caffeine, the equivalent of two cups of coffee, which can improve energy levels but also increase the risk of high blood pressure, arrhythmias, and potentially a heart attack in patients with severe coronary disease.”

Does pre-workout affect kidneys? ›

Guanzon warns that these possible drawbacks include “negative effects on your kidneys, liver, and heart,” since the body may struggle breaking down the influx of chemicals, creating high liver enzymes.

Is Alani energy alcoholic? ›

Does Alani Energy Drink Have Alcohol? No, it does not have any “alcohol” but it does include “Sugar alcohol” for sweetness.

Does Katy Hearn own Alani? ›

About Alani Nu

Founded in 2018 by entrepreneur and influencer, Katy Hearn, Alani Nu® is a better-for-you health and wellness brand focused on providing low-calorie products with unique flavors.

How much caffeine is too much? ›

Healthy adults shouldn't consume more than 400 milligrams (mg) of caffeine per day. That's equal to about four 8-ounce cups of brewed coffee or 10 cans of cola. Teens should limit their caffeine intake to less than 100 mg per day (one 8-ounce cup of coffee or about two cans of cola).

Does Alani have creatine in it? ›

Each scoop contains 5g of pure creatine and nothing else.

How long does pre-workout last? ›

Most pre-workout effects last at least 2 hours. This varies by ingredient. For example, the increased blood flow from arginine may wear off in 1–2 hours, while the energy boost you may get from caffeine can take 6 hours or more to wear off.

When should you take pre-workout? ›

As the name suggests, pre-workout should be taken before a workout, and although many people drink it on their way to the gym or during their workout, it should be taken at least 30 to 60 minutes prior to hitting the weights or cardio machines.

Does pre-workout mess with hormones? ›

Summary – Pre Workouts Won't Damage Testosterone Levels

You know that testosterone is responsible for keeping you lean, strong and fit – so anything that decreases it just doesn't cut it. Pre workout supplements won't decrease testosterone levels, and some nutrient even boost hormones.

Does pre-workout raise your blood pressure? ›

All stimulants boost your heart rate, therefore, increase your blood pressure. For example, caffeine in pre-workout supplements can increase blood pressure. So, if you have or are aware of a health problem relating to your blood pressure, you should completely avoid them.

Is Preworkout a drug? ›

Phenibut is occasionally found as an ingredient of pre-workout blends, to reduce anxiety and supposedly boost dopamine levels, though it is now classified as a medicine or controlled drug in many countries. Phenylpiracetam is also sometimes used as an ingredient for its nootropic and stimulant effects.

Can pre-workout cause anxiety attacks? ›

Because many pre-workout mixes contain caffeine and other stimulants, anxiety is a common side effect for those who take pre-workout.

How do you get rid of pre-workout side effects? ›

Ways to reduce side effects

The best way to reduce side effects is to start with a small dose of a caffeinated pre-workout supplement, slowly increasing your dosage to see what you can tolerate. Remember that it's best to avoid caffeine for at least 6 hours before bed to help prevent sleeplessness ( 5 ).

What happens if you take pre-workout and don't workout? ›

It may seem taking pre-workout without working out would lead to extreme anxiety, jitters, or cold sweats. This may happen if the stimulant dose is astronomical and you have no caffeine tolerance. However, taking ½ to 1 serving of a moderately dosed pre-workout will help improve your mental focus for the task at hand.

Is pre-workout hard on your liver? ›

For the most part, pre-workouts won't badly affect your liver. If you're in a fit form, take pre-workouts as prescribed, and don't try out perilous trends, you'll most probably be fine.

Do pre-workout supplements cause liver damage? ›

Bodybuilding supplements that contain AAS can lead to liver damage, including severe cholestatic hepatitis, which can take months to resolve,” Fontana says.

Should you take pre-workout daily? ›

Pre-workouts are generally considered safe, but they shouldn't be consumed daily. If taken daily for an extended period, side effects may include insomnia, jittery/tingling feelings, and even long-term heart problems.

Is 200 mg of caffeine a lot? ›

Studies show that 100 to 200 mg of caffeine (about 1 to 2 cups of regular coffee) are enough to achieve these results. When caffeine consumption climbs to 250 to 700 mg per day, people may experience nausea, headaches, sleep difficulties or increased anxiety. People may have heart palpitations with more than 1,000 mg.

Does Alani have aspartame? ›

Does Alani Nu Energy Drinks have Aspartame? They don't. Instead, Alani Nu Energy Drink contains 2g of sugar alcohol and artificial sweeteners, sucralose, and Acesulfame Potassium.

What is sugar alcohol in Alani? ›

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol occurring naturally in fruits.

Who actually owns Alani? ›


— Entrepreneur and influencer, Katy Hearn, today introduced Alani Seltz, a new brand of hard seltzer launching exclusively in Kroger stores nationwide.

What company owns Alani drinks? ›

Founded in 2018 by Katy Hearn, Alani Nu® is a national nutritional brand that is strategically designed for women. With a powerful portfolio of extensive lines, Alani Nu has an exclusive retail line with GNC Holdings, Inc., and Amazon.

Where is Alani based? ›

Where is Alani Nu 's headquarters? Alani Nu is located in Louisville, Kentucky, United States .

What does caffeine do to your eyes? ›

An excessive consumption of coffee or caffeinated beverages can suddenly increase blood sugar levels, which can lead to blurred vision or spasms of the eyelid (eye twitches). Drinking too much caffeine can also cause a burning sensation and may make your eyes a little tingly.

Can caffeine affect your heart? ›

Caffeine affects the heart in multiple ways. Firstly, it promotes the release of noradrenaline and norepinephrine. Among other things, these hormones increase heart rate and blood pressure. Additionally, caffeine can act on enzymes that stimulate heart contractions, causing the heart to contract with more force.

How do you know if you're overdosing on caffeine? ›

Symptoms of caffeine overdose in adults may include: Breathing trouble. Changes in alertness. Agitation, confusion, hallucinations.

How much caffeine does Alani pre-workout have? ›

Turn your workouts up a notch with our flavor packed Pre-Workout. Formulated to provide you with 200mg of caffeine, and amino acids like L-Theanine to prevent you from crashing. The endurance and performance you need, the crisp flavors you deserve.

What does pre-workout do? ›

A pre-workout is a supplement that can increase energy levels, improve exercise performance, and stimulate muscle growth. Athletes, particularly runners and weightlifters, use pre-workout supplements before exercises like weightlifting or HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

What is creatine used for? ›

As a result, people take creatine orally to improve athletic performance and increase muscle mass. People also use oral creatine to treat certain brain disorders, neuromuscular conditions, congestive heart failure and other conditions. Topical creatine might be used to treat aging skin.

How do you sleep after taking a pre-workout? ›

The most effective way to sleep after taking pre-workout is to drink water to metabolize the caffeine, consume chamomile or lavender tea to calm your body, and take 0.5 mg – 2 mg of melatonin to induce sleep. Switching to a non-caffeinated preworkout brand can prevent future issues.

Do you have to take pre-workout on an empty stomach? ›

To answer this question simply, it is not necessary to take Pre-Workout Supplements on an empty stomach… for in fact there's more to it than just that. If you have recently eaten a meal, a pre-workout will still be effective and will assist your performance during your training.

Can Preworkout be taken empty stomach? ›

Most pre workouts are designed so that if you take them on an empty stomach there are no issues or side effects. It just enters your bloodstream quicker. That way you can maximize muscle pumps, it's stimulatory effect and ultimately get going in the gym straight away.

When should you not take pre-workout? ›

Caffeine can last anywhere from 3-5 hours. With that being said, if you plan on Jumping into bed around 11 pm, you shouldn't take your pre-workout supplements after 6 pm or they might affect your sleep.

How much water should I drink pre-workout? ›

Nevertheless, the American College of Sports Medicine offers the following general recommendations for hydration before, during and after exercise: Pre-workout: Drink 2 to 3 cups of water within 4 hours of your exercise start time. Drink an additional 1 to 1 ½ cups of water 10 to 15 minutes prior to your workout.

Should I take pre-workout at night? ›

As mentioned, you should drink your pre-workout 20-30 minutes before training and make sure you don't consume your pre-session energy boost within 4 hours of bedtime, as this could affect your ability to sleep.

How long do energy drinks last? ›

10 MINUTES 5-6 HOURS 5. Once you consume an energy drink it's takes around 10 minutes for the caffeine to enter your bloodstream. Your heart rate & blood pressure start to rise. This is the half life of caffeine,meaning it takes 5-6 hours for your body to reduce the content of caffeine in your bloodstream by 50%.

How do you know if you're overdosing on caffeine? ›

Symptoms of caffeine overdose in adults may include: Breathing trouble. Changes in alertness. Agitation, confusion, hallucinations.

How long until caffeine is completely out of your system? ›

The level of caffeine in your blood peaks about one hour later and stays at this level for several hours for most people. Six hours after caffeine is consumed, half of it is still in your body. It can take up to 10 hours to completely clear caffeine from your bloodstream.

What is a caffeine crash? ›

A caffeine crash typically occurs 3-4 hours after a person has consumed a moderate to high dose of caffeine and was previously in a tired state. Symptoms can include tiredness, irritability and fatigue.


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