Astroglide Gel Review (UPDATED 2022): Don’t Buy Before You Read This! (2022)

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Astroglide Gel Review (UPDATED 2022): Don’t Buy Before You Read This! (2)

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Astroglide Gelis a lubricant made to improve sex by making it easier for the vagina to remain wet. They add it is long-lasting, compatible with condoms, does not drip, can be easy to clean up, and has a thick blend of ingredients.

This is meant to rise off with water, while still staying on during intercourse. They advise to use it liberally on the genitals, and to one’s desired amount. When applied to condoms, they advise to use it on the inner and outer portions. It should be stored at room temperature, and they add it is important to note it is slippery.

Libitrinex was rated as the number 1 female libido supplement as it can assist in improving overall sexual function. This has natural ingredients such as potent aphrodisiacs which can improve blood flow, reduce fatigue, improve mood, and improve one’s sex life. Look at user reviews and see what is inside of Libitrinex by visiting the link here.

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Do You Know the Best Female Libido Enhancers of 2022?


The full ingredients are displayed on the back of each tube:

Purified WaterGlycerinHydroxyethylcelluloseChlorhexidine Gluconate
MethylparabenGlucono Delta LactoneSodium Hydroxide

Glycerin: Referred to as a humectant, this helps to trap moisture in the skin. This is a very standard ingredient found within cosmetics and lotions. This appears as a colorless and thick liquid.

It can be easily dissolved into alcohol and water. This can also trap water from the air, further improving the moisturizing effects possible. It is commonly extracted from the soap making process. It is widely considered to be a safe to use ingredient.

Hydroxyethylcellulose: Thickening and gelling agent that can be found within the cell walls of plants. This is used due to its ability to dissolve in water while still giving structure to other ingredients. It helps bind and build viscosity so the formula is able to apply with ease.

In small amounts it is unlikely to cause side effects, but Toxnet.Gov does say that this can lead to:

“intestinal obstruction”

Provided here is a fully examined top 10 list which evaluates the best female libido supplements of the year.

Chlorhexidine Gluconate: Often added as an oral rinse to help get rid of bacteria, this helps to disinfect skin and will often be used on surgical equipment. It can also get rid of yeast infections in the mouth, clean wounds, and prevent dental plaque from forming.

Some potential side effects can include:

  • Allergies, skin irritation, and eye issues.

In high amounts this can also lead to unwanted cell death. It’s not clear what kind of an effect this can have on the vagina, but since it can help get rid of bacteria, this can also reduce healthy flora which the vagina needs to stay healthy. Some may also have a serious allergic reaction to this which the FDA says is:

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“rare but serious”

Methylparaben: Controversial preservative which is potent at preventing fungus and bacterial growth. This can be found within cosmetics as it can enhance the stability of the additives, but it has been shown to potentially be damaging according to 3rd party studies.

A study in the Journal of Applied Toxicology found that this could:

“affect the growth of breast tissue… known to mimic estrogen”

While this additive is commonly found as a preservative, there have been concerns form watchdog groups who assert that there is no need for this additive as it can be cheaply replaced.

Glucono Delta Lactone: Added to cure, acidify, and pickle. This chemical can also provide a sour and tangy taste. It will often be used within Feta cheese to give it a distinct taste.

Sodium Hydroxide: Compound which by itself can cause chemical burns, but which is made safe by mixing in small amounts within soap, detergent, and other mixtures.

Review our expert’s picks for the best female libido supplements here.


Most of what is added is fairly common to lubricants; there is a preservative in Methylparaben, necessary water, glycerin to attract moisture, a thickener in hydroxyethylcellulose, and sodium hydroxide which has multiple uses including buffering effects.

Chlorhexidine Gluconate can get rid of all kinds of bacteria, including beneficial kinds which the vagina requires to help maintain its health. Methylparaben has also shown the potential for damaging side effects. It is not known why Glucono Delta Lactone is used, as it’s meant to pickle and provide a sour taste to foods.

A full breakdown of the year’s very best female libido enhancing brands is detailed here.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


The official website offers 4, 3rd party retailers which are verified to sell this. On they sell a 4 oz. tube for $3.54. It appears the maximum size one can get is 4 oz., and it’s not quite clear how many applications are roughly possible.

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Every 3rd party retailer has a different return policy, and some do not offer returns.

This formula has some additives which can be potentially harmful, and which have no benefit at all for the improvement of vaginal dryness. The key additives in this which can help with moisture are so basic and easy to source, that it makes sense why this is priced so cheaply.

It’s unknown what kinds of effects certain additives within this could have with continued use, which makes it difficult to know if it can be truly trusted. Long-term use of some of these ingredients can potentially lead to a reduction of healthy vaginal flora, and it can even possibly cause dryness and irritation.

We’ve simplified the search for the best female libido supplements by making a top 10 list.


BioFilm IP LLC owns this brand and their featured contact details available on their official website are:

Phone Number:(800) 848-5900

Email: A contact form is offered

A detailed FAQ list is offered which helps to breakdown some of the most common questions which can help with the use of this brand.

They do admit that some may experience irritation, and if so, they advise to discontinue use. It’s also said that swelling small amounts of this is not harmful, but that one should be careful in taking large amounts.

In this list they also mention how they do use parabens but that some groups have found no health risks.

You can’t find much information about the company online. They do however list experts who work with the company such as a sexual health advisor, sexologist, and they answer many questions to show how to have a healthy sex life.

The link here will help you understand what the best female libido supplements can offer.


Here are select customer opinions of Astroglide Gel:

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“didn’t last as long as I need it to”

“I Liked it except the smell of it. You do have to mix in a bit of spit to make it slick”

“Kind of sticky but I did like the consistency”

“Liked it cause it didn’t leave a trail, had a nice thick consistency which made it easy”

There are more positive reviews than negative ones, but one thing which is notable is that people often had to add spit, and some said it didn’t last as long as they wanted. This dried out which required frequent reapplication which took some out of the mood.

Other complaints are that it did not have a favorable consistency, and some even had bad side effects such as burning and irritation.

Learn more about what options exist for female libido by reviewing the top 10 list.


While this brand is a popular lubricant, it will not have any effect for the improvement of female libido or overall sexual function. It can help prevent vaginal dryness due to the commonly used glycerin, but there are some questionable additives in this which act as disinfectants, and others which are potentially harsh preservatives. Some of these cheap additives do reduce the overall price, but for customers who are concerned about what goes into their body, they may want to avoid certain additives within this. The company also does not offer direct sales, so there may not be an opportunity for a money back return.

Our pick for the best female libido supplement is Libitrinex. This supplement has a wide array of natural aphrodisiacs which can assist in multiple ways. It can increase sexual desire, prevent fatigue, support mood, boost blood flow, and generally increase sexual satisfaction.

Reviews from customers have showcased how beneficial it can be, as women said they were able to notice great changes in their sex lives. The formula is also free of any artificial or cheap additives which can potentially cause harsh side effects. They make it in a facility which is approved by the FDA, and which has 3rd party inspections allowed. Check out the official Libitrinex website where they offer testimonials and an easy to understand description of their formula; click here to be redirected.

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Astroglide Gel Review (UPDATED 2022): Don’t Buy Before You Read This! (11)


Is Astroglide safe for your vagina? ›

You can use Astroglide to help ease into a new sexual position, or to add heat and flavor to your sex life. Women can use Astroglide not only as a personal lubricant, but also to help relieve vaginal dryness.

Does Astroglide cause yeast infection? ›

But the main reason is that the original formulas of both K-Y and Astroglide contain both glycerin and parabens, which are ingredients that I recommend avoiding, primarily because glycerin can cause yeast infections in some women and because parabens can cause irritation in some people and have been inconclusively ...

Is Astroglide good for menopause? ›

Women in menopause should only use a water-based lubricant such as K-YTM or AstroglideTM. Lubricants that are flavoured or give a heating sensation are very irritating to dry tissues, so never use them. Water-based lubricants are best because they are thin and easily discharged from the vagina.

Is Astroglide supposed to be sticky? ›

This unique blend of high-quality silicone-based lubrication is ideal for sex play in and out of the water. Our X Silicone Gel lubricant is extremely long-lasting with a silky feel that is never sticky.

What lube do they use at the gynecologist? ›

And according to gynecologists, the type that's most likely to maintain the vagina's healthy bacterial balance is also one that might surprise you: a silicone-based lubricant. As a quick lube refresher, silicone-based lubricant is one of the three common categories of lube, alongside water-based and oil-based formulas.

What type of lube do gynecologists recommend? ›

The water base behind the Good Clean Love Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant will leave you feeling almost naked. It's highly recommended by gynecologists and is free from petrochemicals, parabens, and glycerin and is made with organic aloe leaf juice.

Can you get a bladder infection from lube? ›

Certain brands of products, such as spermicide or scented lubricant, can increase the risk of UTIs by upsetting the bacterial makeup inside your body.

Can lubricant cause BV? ›

Many personal lubricants, like K-Y jelly, contain glycerin which breaks down to sugars and promotes yeast infections and possibly also bacterial vaginosis, noted Dr.

Can too much lube cause a yeast infection? ›

In particular, glycerin may contribute to an overgrowth of yeast, which can then cause yeast infections. “That doesn't mean everyone who uses a glycerin-containing lubricant is going to get a yeast infection, but if you're already prone to them, glycerin may be an ingredient you may want to stay away from,” Dweck says.

How do you treat vaginal dryness naturally? ›

You may consider adding foods that contain plant estrogens, or phytoestrogens, such as soybeans, soy products, or flaxseed. A recent study shows a reduction in vaginal dryness with the use of plant estrogens. You should also drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and try to limit caffeine and alcohol.

What is vaginal atrophy? ›

Vaginal atrophy (atrophic vaginitis) is thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls that may occur when your body has less estrogen. Vaginal atrophy occurs most often after menopause. For many women, vaginal atrophy not only makes intercourse painful but also leads to distressing urinary symptoms.

What lubricant doctors use? ›

Medical lubricants help ease discomfort in patients and make it quicker and easier for surgeons, doctors, and medical practitioners to perform certain medical and surgical procedures. Medicinal castor oil, Surgilube, Lignocaine, and even K-Y jelly are popular surgical lubricants.

What lube to use if you are sensitive? ›

When it comes to lubricants especially for sensitive skin, water-based, silicone, or hyaluronic acid-based lubricants are generally best,” says Coleman.

What can I take daily to prevent UTI? ›

Vitamin C prevents bacteria from growing by making urine more acidic. You can take a 500- to 1,000-milligram daily vitamin C supplement. You can add vitamin C-rich foods to your diet, like oranges, lemons, grapefruit, strawberries, and leafy green vegetables.

What ingredient in lube causes UTI? ›

Using a lubricant with a spermicide can cause UTI's, as are lubricants made with glycerin, sugar, xylitol or any sweetener that can become food for bacteria. It's also key to check the PH of your lubricant.

How do you prevent a UTI when you feel it coming on? ›

In this Article
  1. Drink plenty of water, and relieve yourself often. The simplest way to prevent a UTI is to flush bacteria out of the bladder and urinary tract before it can set in. ...
  2. Wipe from front to back. ...
  3. Wash up before sex and urinate after it. ...
  4. Steer clear of irritating feminine products. ...
  5. Rethink your birth control.

What should you not use for lube? ›

  • Petroleum or petroleum-based ingredients: These often stay put for longer than other lubes by coating your skin, which can lead to infections. ...
  • Parabens: ...
  • Glycerin: ...
  • Benzocaine: ...
  • Propylene glycol: ...
  • Chlorhexidine gluconate: ...
  • Nonoxynol-9:

Does Vaseline help yeast infections? ›

DO pamper your skin. If you have external irritation on the vulva, applying thick ointments like Vaseline® and Aquaphor® can provide a barrier against yeast and reduce itching.

Can you put petroleum jelly on your vag? ›

Emollients (products like Petroleum jelly) should be used in patients with vulvar irritation sparingly. It is not recommended to insert emollients vaginally.

What foods make you wetter? ›

Foods high in fatty acids (Omega-3) may aid in producing additional vaginal lubrication, decrease vaginal dryness, and increase blood flow. Examples of those foods include raw pumpkin, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and fish (especially salmon, mackerel, and tuna) are great choices that are high in fatty acids.

At what age is vaginal dryness normal? ›

About vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness can affect any woman, however after the menopause it is very common, affecting over half of post-menopausal women aged between 51 and 60.

Is it normal for a 70 year old woman to have a discharge? ›

Older women should see a doctor promptly if they have a discharge, particularly if the discharge contains blood or is brown or pink (possibly indicating a small amount of blood).

Can a woman have an Orgasim after menopause? ›

Orgasms — and great sex — are still absolutely possible, through menopause and beyond. A few small changes can go a long way toward increasing your pleasure during sex — solo or partnered — and boosting physical and emotional intimacy with your partner(s).

Is Rhodiola rosea good for menopause? ›

The new clinical trial was published in the journal Pharmaceuticals in May 2020. The highly significant results of this study prove that the unique combination of Black Cohosh EP40 and Rhodiola EPR-7 offers significant and superior relief of a wide variety of menopausal symptoms.

Does Rhodiola help with menopause? ›

Many women experience declining energy, mood, cognitive function and memory during menopause. Rhodiola rosea extracts have been shown to enhance mood, cognitive function, and memory.

Does Ashwagandha affect estrogen? ›

The ashwagandha group experienced: a statistically significant reduction in hot flashes and urinary symptoms. an increase in estradiol, FSH, and luteinizing hormone.

Is Ashwagandha good for menopause symptoms? ›

Conclusion: These findings suggest that ashwagandha root extract can be a safe and effective option to relieve mild to moderate climacteric symptoms during perimenopause in women.

Does rhodiola raise estrogen? ›

Rhodiola crenulata induces an early estrogenic response and reduces proliferation and tumorsphere formation over time in MCF7 breast cancer cells. Phytomedicine.

What does black cohosh do to the female body? ›

Today, black cohosh is most commonly used for menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes (also called hot flushes) and night sweats (together known as vasomotor symptoms), vaginal dryness, heart palpitations, tinnitus, vertigo, sleep disturbances, nervousness, and irritability [5,6].

Is it OK to take rhodiola everyday? ›

When taken by mouth: Rhodiola is possibly safe when taken for 6-12 weeks. Rhodiola might cause dizziness, dry mouth, or excessive saliva. There isn't enough reliable information to know if rhodiola is safe to use long-term.

What are the side effects of rhodiola? ›

Possible Side Effects

Side effects of rhodiola rosea are generally rare and mild to moderate. They may include headache, stomach upset, drowsiness, dizziness, and difficulty sleeping. Do not take rhodiola rosea if you are pregnant or nursing, or taking prescription monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs).


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