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November 24, 2020

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Generally, not everyone knows the benefits of B12 shots. This is because we hardly look after our wellness as long as we’re up and running. Our hectic lifestyles mean that most of us unconsciously lack the minerals and vitamins our bodies require to function optimally.

The B12 vitamin is one such vitamin. In fact, it plays a significant role in several functions in our body. As such, a deficiency in this essential vitamin is often noticeable as quickly as possible.

So, is it necessary to take supplements, or is there enough B12 vitamins in your diet?

Well, we’re all aware that it’s essential to take an adequate amount of minerals and vitamins regularly. This way, we can stay healthy and in the right shape always. Here is where the problem lies.

In today’s world, it’s even more challenging to guarantee that what ends up in our bodies is good for us. This is because of the several pollutants in the water and air, pesticides, and genetic modifications being added to the food animals consume daily.

So, how do we survive? Well, most of us regularly roam the aisles of supermarket sections with vitamins or health food stores. However, good intentions often turn to frustration easily. You may end up wandering for minutes without knowing what to buy. If you’re looking to boost your overall well-being, getting vitamin B12 injections is one of your best shots.

Vitamin B12 or Cobalamin is a vital vitamin your body system needs but can’t produce. This vitamin is often present naturally in animal products. However, it can be added to some food products and is available as an injection or oral supplement.

It’s normal to have several questions about this new trending wellness treatment in Miami. Most especially when the trend becomes the new normal, gaining more popularity. Knowing the benefits of B12 shots will enable you to make an excellent choice when considering your health and wellness desires.

Over the course of this blog, we will provide all of the information you need to have. We will discuss the benefits as well as the procedure for B12 shots and IV vitamin therapy treatments. Let’s go!

What is a Vitamin B12 injection?

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Vitamin B12 is a significant vitamin for the human body. This implies that our body needs vitamin B12 to function correctly. This vitamin is present in dairy products, fish, and meat. Also, it can be produced artificially from the laboratory. Usually, people consume it alongside other B vitamins.

During digestion, vitamin B12 is usually removed from protein and then sent straight into the bloodstream. The stomach needs sufficient stomach acid to retrieve the vitamin from the protein. In general, individuals who cannot absorb vitamin B12 correctly may have pernicious anemia. This is a type of anemia that is often distinguished by the lack of an intrinsic factor.

Ultimately, the standard average vitamin B12 intake per day should be around 2.4 mcg (micrograms) for individuals above 14years. However, breastfeeding and pregnant women need about 2.8 mcg and 2.6 mcg, respectively. Vitamin B12 is necessary for the proper development and function of the blood cells, nerves, brain, and other parts of the body.

Some of its function in your body includes:

  • DNA synthesis
  • Nerve cell wellbeing
  • Enhances neurological function
  • Produces energy
  • Formation of red blood cell etc.

How Long Does a B12 Shot Last?

Generally, it’s difficult to say precisely how long a vitamin B12 shot lasts in the body. However, the duration depends on your body’s reaction to vitamin B12 shots. It also depends on the frequency at which you get B12 shots.

Simply put, how long the B12 shot will last is different for everyone. Though it differs a bit from one person to another, the effects of B12 vitamins usually last around 48 hours to 72 hours after the initial injection. Notably, depending on the deficiency’s severity, patients may need five (5) to seven (7) shots in their first week of treatment.

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Health Benefits of Getting B12 shots and IV Vitamin Therapy?

Here are some of the health benefits of B12 shots:

Vitamin B12 Renews Your Energy

Typically, vitamin B12 works by helping your body convert food to glucose. After that, the glucose supplies your body with the necessary energy to live through the day. As such, if you have a vitamin B12 deficiency, you’ll have a tendency to get tired very quickly.

This is often a result of irregularities during food conversion into glucose. If B12 doesn’t convert your food into glucose, your body may not get the adequate energy it requires. Ultimately, a vitamin B12 shot can affect your energy levels significantly if you’re B12 deficient.

Furthermore, vitamin B12 is useful in boosting your core-strength by transporting your blood and making sure every organ gets enough to survive. So, if you’re feeling down or weak, or sad, you can get B12 shots in Miami atSolea Medical Spa and start feeling great again.

It Can Help You Lose Weight

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Do you want to lose weight and are B12 deficient? Well, there’s one answer, get more B12 vitamins. Naturally, B12 vitamins can help enhance your metabolism thereby helping you lose weight.

With increased metabolism comes the faster breakdown and removal of fat from the body. Don’t forget that Vitamin B12 comes with an energy boost that will be great for your workout routines.

Also, you will be able to go beyond your limit without getting tired afterwards. However, if your body isn’t getting sufficient B12, it’s not unusual to notice drastic changes in your weight. This is often due to low energy levels in your body.

B12 Shots Help Prevents Certain Diseases

Vitamin B12 can help combat and prevent a wide range of diseases. B12 vitamins alongside B6 and folate can alleviate any risk of breast cancer. Also, it helps in the fight against some types of lung cancer.

Vitamin B12 Enhances Healthy Cells in Nails, Hair, and Skin

B12 vitamin reduces acne as well as dry skin. In fact, it contributes to a rejuvenation process that can be great for healthy skin. Also, it influences the growth of strong nails and shiny hair.

Vitamin B12 Enhances Good Mood and Helps Fight Depression

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If you have feelings of hopelessness, guilt, numbness, grief, and loneliness, there’s a chance you’re suffering from depression. Generally, depression is becoming more common among adults in recent years. So, if you’re exhibiting any signs of depression, one of the safest ways to fight this mood disorder is with a B12 shot.

B12 Shot Enhances Your Sleep

B12 vitamins produce melatonin, which controls our sleep and wake cycles. Also, it produces serotonin in the body. If you didn’t know, serotonin levels help influence deep sleep and wakefulness. This means individuals with B12 vitamin deficiency can regain healthy sleep routines and thus live a healthier life.


There are several health benefits of B12 shots that people are not aware of. To truly appreciate the advantages of B12 shots, it’s essential to understand what vitamin B12 is and its uses.

With B12 shots as part of your IV vitamin therapy, it can help fight fatigue, weight loss, boosts metabolism and impact energy levels, etc. Unlike common oral supplements, vitamin B12 shots are 100% effective and promote your overall well-being.

Over the course of this blog, we have been able to break down the wonderful advantages of getting Vitamin B12 shots. With the help of a professional health care provider, you, too, can start enjoying these benefits. Here at Solea Medical Spa, we offer vitamin B12 shots as part of our IV therapy treatments available in Miami. Visit our medical spa today.

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