Best Standing Desks of 2022 (2023)

Working out of home isn't a very active process.It mostly includes sitting at a desk all day long without relaxing your body. However, if you want to stay active and alert during the work day, standing desks can be a great option. It may not seem like much, but standing and typing on your computer is a lot better for you than sitting in a chair all day. The best standing desks are adjustable, so you can convert into a sitting desk and vice-versa. That level of adjustability is nice, especially if you were working out your legs and need to give them a break.

Sitting for long stretches isn't healthy; it's associated with cardiovascular disease, obesity and other potential health risks. That's bad news for office workers, but swapping out a regular desk for a standing version can make a difference. Scientists are still studying the extent of the health difference between sitting and standing, but someresearch showsthat an average person burns eight additional calories per hour of standing instead of sitting.Other estimates are significantly higher.

Best Standing Desks of 2022 (1)

Whilestanding instead of sitting might not lead to weight loss, it's still shown to help moderate blood sugar faster following a meal and reduce the potential for back or shoulder pain (although you might be trading that for leg or foot pain).Check out these tipson how to position your desk formaximum comfort, whether you're sitting or standing.

I tested eight standing desks of various prices, styles and options to get to this list of favorites. Each model is a little different, but they all share one key feature: the ability to raise or lower on demand to suit your specifichome officeneeds.

Best Standing Desks of 2022 (2)

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At $795, the Vari Electric Standing Desk is expensive, but it's also the best standing desk I tested. Measuring 60 inches wide, with a depth of 30 inches, providing ample desktop area and a weight capacity of 200 pounds, the Vari electric desk can easily hold a dual monitor work setup using monitor arms and pretty much any other office accessories or desktop options you need. This stable standing desk looks nice, too. I got the "reclaimed wood" finish, but the top is really made of plastic (although it doesn't look cheap). The steel legs are very sturdy and you can adjust the feet if there's any wobbling.

It was surprisingly easy to install, too, considering it's the heaviest desk of the bunch. I did need help moving the top of the desk onto a flat surface for the installation (make sure the surface is cushioned to avoid scratching it) -- and flipping over the finished desk at the end, but there was minimal hardware and few steps involved overall.

The digital display on the electric control panel makes it easy to see the height of your desk, and it provides four buttons for setting custom desk heights. The adjustable standing desk also comes with an optional storage mount to organize your cables -- and a couple of sturdy hooks to hold a bag or headphones. And, it isn't loud when it's raising and lowering the adjustable height.

The Vari is too big for my house, but it's still the best standing desk with an easy installation, an attractive design, simple, quiet controls and tons of space. For the price, I do wish this one included a standing mat, but that's my only complaint.

$795 at Office Depot

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Best Standing Desks of 2022 (3)

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As configured, the Uplift Standing Desk V2 I tested clocked in at a whopping $846. Yes, it's pricey. But if that's in your budget, this premium standing desk is well worth considering. Not only was this model easier to install than expected (you only need a few tools and Uplift includes accessories for no extra cost to organize all those pesky device cables), it was by far the most customizable standing desk of the bunch.

You have the basic options, including five desk sizes, a handful of frame colors (gray, dark gray, white or black) and over two dozen desktops, ranging from laminate (most affordable) to solid wood. From there, you have the ability to add multiple additional accessories, such as grommet covers that screw into either size of the desk for additional storage, outlets and more. There are also five different keypads to choose from in a black finish and three different keypad options in gray and white -- and an wireless foot switch accessory if you'd like to raise and lower your desk via a pedalat your feet (in addition to the keypad).

I tested the 48 by 30-inch model with a white frame and rubberwood desktop, complete with one cupholder grommet and one power grommet (the power grommet brings two outlets up your your desktop so you can more easily charge your phone or other handheld devices) and a paddle keypad you can press up or down to raise/lower your desk.

Overall it's an excellent, sturdy desk that seems durable enough to stand up to years of use. Again, if the price doesn't scare you away, consider adding the Uplift Standing Desk V2 to your short list.

Best Standing Desks of 2022 (4)
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Megan Wollerton/CNET

The Ikea Trotten is an excellent option when you need a larger standing desk, but don't want to spend too much money. This simple sit-stand desk nails the basics.

This standing desk option is relatively easy to install, but I did need help screwing in some stubborn hardware -- and flipping over the completed desk after finishing the setup. The Trotten measures 47.25 by 27.5 inches. It has a sturdy, easy-to-clean work surface made of particleboard and fiberboard, as well as a steel base for a stable standing desk.

While this adjustable standing desk model doesn't have electric controls to raise or lower the desk height, the manual hand crank (which can be mounted on the right or the left side), was easy to turn for adjustments. And when you're done using it, you can slide it back under the desk.

Best Standing Desks of 2022 (5)

Megan Wollerton/CNET

The Latitude Run Amilcar was by far the easiest desk to install out of the bunch, with the fewest number of steps and parts -- connect the base to the table leg; then connect the table leg to the desk. Done. And with a width of 25 inches and a depth of 18 inches, it's a fantastic option for smaller spaces. It's also just 29 pounds, so I was able to install it myself without needing help.

Despite its lighter weight, it's a sturdy desk that's easy to raise and lower with the pneumatic lever mounted to the right side of the desk. Minor gripe: Every other desk in this roundup (except for the Seville Classics Airlift Height Adjustable Desk with Glass Top) lets you choose between the left or right side for mounting the electric control panel, lever or hand crank. This one doesn't. So if you're a leftie like me, the lever on this desk will be on the wrong side.

That said, the Amilcar is an excellent standing desk overall that's especially well-suited for small spaces. It also comes with both foot mounts and wheels so you can choose the mobility option that makes the most sense in your space.

How I tested

I selected desks of different sizes and styles. Some are controlled manually, while others have electric motors for height adjustment. To test each standing desk, I started out by building each one and noting the ease or difficulty, including whether I needed help with any of the steps. Then I spent a full day working at each one -- switching between sitting and standing -- making notes when something worked particularly well or caused a problem.

The good news is that four of the models I tested worked extremely well. The Vari Electric Standing Desk, the Uplift Standing Desk V2, the Ikea Trotten Standing Desk and the Latitude Run Amilcar Height Adjustable Peninsula Standing Desk all earned spots on the best standing desk list above.

The four others I tested -- the Seville Classics Airlift Height Adjustable Desk with Glass Top, theSeville Classics Airlift Pro S3 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, the Steelcase Solo Sit-To-Stand Deskand the Fezibo Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk with Double Drawer -- didn't make the cut. The Airlift with Glass Top came close to earning a spot above. It's a beautiful, sturdy desk at a midrange price. It also features a small center drawer for holding the basics. Unfortunately, its built-in touchscreen wasn't very responsive and the two USB-A ports, while a nice tech feature in theory, are outdated for today's phones and tablets.

The Airlift Pro S3 was a decent desk, too, but it was a little tougher to install than the others in its size range and it had a cheaper-looking finish than the overall winner for best standing desk (the Vari desk).

The Steelcase Solo desk was surprisingly simple to install for its size (the same as the Vari desk). Instead of using screws to install the legs, these simply lock into place. The desk is sturdy, looks nice and is quiet when raising and lowering. But the Vari has a more sophisticated control panel, a nicer-looking finish and comes with desk accessories.

The Fezibo model intrigued me due to its built-in storage, but I found this model more difficult to assemble than many of the others. Still, it's a reasonable option if you'd like storage compartments integrated into your desk and two levels -- one for holding your monitor and the other for your keyboard and related accessories.

As always, consider your specific needs before you buy a sit-stand desk. Do you have a lot of space and a higher budget? Consider the Vari or Uplift models. The Ikea model is a fantastic midsize manual desk at a great price. The Latitude Run Amilcar is the best option when you want a sturdy standing desk that won't take up a ton of space. Regardless of your home setup, one of these models is bound to suit your needs. But if you aren't sold on a standing desk, consider a standing desk converterfor your existing desk instead.

Standing desks 101: What to know before you buy

As with any new piece of furniture, you'll want to take a little time to balance your needs with the space and budget you have for it.

What's your budget?

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Prices range widely for standing desks, but you can find a great one to suit your needs at almost any budget. As noted above, the Latitude Run Amilcar and Ikea Trotten Standing Desk were my favorite options under $300.

How much space do you have?

Make sure you have enough space for your standing desk before you make your purchase. Don't just consider the room it's going in, either. Also think about the doors, stairwells and other places the box must pass through. It might fit in your planned office space, but if you can't get it up your third-floor walk-up, you'll be in trouble.

How tall do you want to go?

All adjustable-height desks have a low and a high range for sitting and standing, but the height adjustment ranges aren't universal across different styles and brands. If you're on the shorter or taller end, certain models might not be comfortable for you, so check the specs beforehand to determine if you'll be comfortable using the desk, both sitting and standing.

Electric or manual?

Electric standing desks cost more than manual desks, so your budget will absolutely come into play here, but there's more to consider. Manual desks, which have pneumatic pedals, hand cranks or other manual controls, are lighter and quieter (because there's no heavy, noise-making motor mounted under your desk). Manual desks also don't require proximity to an outlet to work. Electric desks allow for easy raising and lowering with the press of a button; some even have digital height readouts so you can always return your desk to the exact same sitting or standing height settings.

Some standing desks (typically the smaller ones) come with wheel attachments for better mobility. Others allow you to mount the electric or manual height control to the left or right side, to favor your dominant hand. Some even have two levels so you can put a monitor on the higher level and your keyboard and mouse on the lower one. If any of these sound appealing, factor those into your purchase decisions.

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How many hours should you stand at a standing desk? ›

Many ergonomic experts recommend standing about 5-15 minutes out of every hour when using a standing desk, although research is ongoing. One study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine recommends that it's ideal to move, stand, and take breaks from sitting for a total of at least 2 hours in an 8 hour work day.

Are fully standing desks worth it? ›

Standing desks are also linked to higher rates of productivity by as much as 45%. Users may also have better heart rates, improved energy levels, and a better mood overall than those who only sit. Switching from sitting to standing while working at your desk is an easy change to make.

How high should my standing desk be 6 2? ›

(Your height in inches) + 1 = Your perfect desk height in cm
Your Height (Feet and Inches)Your Height (cm)Standing Desk Height (Inches)
6' 1”18544
6' 2”187.545
6' 3”19046
6' 4”192.547
15 more rows
15 Jan 2020

How big should a desk be for 2 monitors? ›

There are various sizes to choose from, but we recommend the 55-inch worktop for two monitors.

Can you stand too long at a standing desk? ›

Risks of Standing For Too Long

Despite the proven benefits of standing desks, it seems you can also stand for too long. Ask anyone who is on their feet all day for work and most will tell you it isn't easy. Too much standing can cause lower back pain and problems with leg muscles, tendons and varicose veins.

How long standing is too long? ›

There appears to be general agreement among the study findings that prolonged standing without dynamic movement, even for periods as short as 30 minutes, leads to physical fatigue, discomfort, and pain in several body regions.

Is standing healthier than sitting? ›

The Pros. Besides less sitting time, standing at work has other benefits: More calories burned: One study showed that standing sheds 88 calories an hour, compared to 80 calories for sitting. Walking burns a lot more -- 210 calories an hour.

Why I stopped using a standing desk? ›

Your standing may not be going down or standing desk stopped working because: The desk may be malfunctioning. There may be too much weight on it. An object may be obstructing travel.

Is standing up all day bad for you? ›

When standing occurs continually over prolonged periods, it can result in inflammation of the veins. This inflammation may progress over time to chronic and painful varicose veins. Excessive standing also causes the joints in the spine, hips, knees and feet to become temporarily immobilized or locked.

Is Jarvis best standing desk? ›

The Jarvis desk is one of the best value electric full standing desks currently available. It's been at the top of our list as well as many others for years. It's a beautiful, stable, quality desk that offers seemingly endless options to customize your desk to your style and needs.

What is the best way to stand at a standing desk? ›

Stand with your head back, and hips upright with an 'S' curve in your spine. Maintain good ergonomic principles: find a good chair, use proper pelvic support, and have your knees at 90 degrees. Raise your monitor height to be level with your eyes.

What width should standing desk be? ›

The minimum size for a standing office desk is 24 inches in width, 18 inches depth clearance at knee level, 24 inches depth clearance at foot level, and 4 inches height clearance.

Is 32 inches too high for a desk? ›

What is the ergonomically correct height for a desk? The ergonomic average height for a desk is anywhere between 23 to 32 inches high. It depends on the user, but most people need a desk height between 25 and 30 inches.

Are wider standing desks more stable? ›

Assume Wider Desks are More Stable

Unfortunately, this is not true and buying a wider frame will not eliminate the frame's stability problems. We have the ability to test a standing desks frame deflection so we tested a 48” and 72” for comparison.

How do I choose a desk riser? ›

Shopping for a Convertible Standing Desk? Know Your Requirements First
  1. Choose Your Convertible Standing Desk Type. ...
  2. Determine the Height Range You Need. ...
  3. Determine Your Ideal Work Surface Size. ...
  4. Consider Models with Tilting Keyboard Trays for Better Typing Ergonomics. ...
  5. Evaluate Work Surface Stability.
9 Jun 2021

What is stand up desk called? ›

A standing desk, also called a stand-up desk, is basically a desk that allows you to stand up comfortably while working ( 5 ). Many modern versions are adjustable, so that you can change the height of the desk and alternate between sitting and standing.

Is a 48 desk big enough for 2 monitors? ›

If you have room in your space, we recommend using a desk that's at least 55 inches wide to accommodate a dual-monitor setup, and at least 30 inches deep to ensure you have as much desk space as possible. In a smaller room, you could scale down to 48 inches wide and 24 inches deep.

What size desk do I need for 3 27 monitors? ›

A desktop that is at least 55 inches long is required for a three monitor computer desk.
Monitor sizeRecommended Desk Size (length)Recommended Desk Size (width)
25 – 27 inches63 inches28 inches
28 – 30 inches78 inches28 inches
20 inchesApproximately 50 inches30 inches
22 inchesAt least 55 inches30 to 40
3 more rows
17 Oct 2021

How wide of a desk do you need for 3 monitors? ›

here's a quick explanation about the size of the desk for 2 or 3 monitors: The desk should be at least 56” wide and 28” deep to fit two monitors, and for three monitors standing side by side, it should be at least 66” wide and 32” deep to fit three 24” monitors and also a few other accessories.

Are standing desks good for your knees? ›

Yes, being in a standing position for too long can be bad for your knees. If you don't take breaks from standing often or continue working despite ongoing knee pain, you might be doing damage to your knee and related structures in your body.

How often should you stand using standing desk? ›

That means for every 1 to 2 hours you sit in your office, 1 hour should be spent standing. Try to alternate between sitting and standing every 30 to 60 minutes. Bottom Line: Try to alternate between sitting and standing.

Is a standing desk better for your neck? ›

Those who used standing desks during the studies reported an improvement of up to 32% in their lower back and neck pain after using the desk for a period of several weeks.

What should you avoid while standing? ›

Don't cross your legs; keep your feet on the floor, with your ankles in front of your knees. Make sure that your feet touch the floor, or if that's not possible, use a footrest. Relax your shoulders; they should not be rounded or pulled backwards. Keep your elbows in close to your body.

How do you survive standing for 8 hours? ›

7 tips for prolonged standing
  1. Wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes with a low heel. ...
  2. Wear support hose or socks. ...
  3. Wear a lumbar support belt and strengthen your abs. ...
  4. Maintain good posture. ...
  5. Move around to aid in circulation. ...
  6. Stay well hydrated. ...
  7. Ergonomic aids.
11 Jul 2013

Are humans meant to stand all day? ›

Human body is designed perfectly to freely stand, walk, bend, squat, lie down, roll, etc. We aren't meant to lean anywhere or have a specific object to support our body because every joint has its function to allow ourselves to stand and move freely without pain from the bottom of our feet.

Does standing reduce belly fat? ›

Promote abdominal strength, increase stability, improve breathing, coordination, and reduce your waistline. Regularly practicing standing core exercises is essential to sculpting your midsection and reducing belly fat.

Is it worse to stand all day or sit all day? ›

The science of standing

Standing requires more effort and energy than sitting, which means that it burns more calories. However, the research shows that standing at work instead of sitting will not help you lose weight because the difference in calories burned is minimal.

How long should a human stand? ›

Sitting behind your desk all day is bad for your health and experts have long been advising people to stand at their workstations for about 15 minutes an hour. But a University of Waterloo professor says his research shows that people should be standing for at least 30 minutes per hour to get health benefits.

Which is best standing desk in UK? ›

The Flexispot's Pro Series E7 is the best standing desk for most people as it blends a solid build, large desktop area and a decent max weight capacity — all at a reasonable price with a plethora of customisation options to tailor it to your space.

Are all standing desks the same? ›

Standing desks come with a lot of different features, with many models even adjustable to switch between standing and sitting throughout the day. Different standing desks are appropriate for different people and different situations, and we're here to help you choose the right one for you.

Are standing desks Good for you 2021? ›

Standing doesn't do much to lower your risk of heart disease, and standing for too long can actually harm your health. However, if you find the right balance between standing and sitting throughout the day, using an adjustable standing desk at work is better than just sitting.

Is it best to sit or stand at desk? ›

Sitting behind your desk all day is bad for your health and experts have long been advising people to stand at their workstations for about 15 minutes an hour. But a University of Waterloo professor says his research shows that people should be standing for at least 30 minutes per hour to get health benefits.

Is FlexiSpot a good brand? ›

Is FlexiSpot a Good Brand? Not only do they have the volume of sales and experience, but they also have highly-rated products, winning awards for the “Top Rated Standing Desk” by TechRadar in 2021 and 2022.

How tall should a standing desk be for my height? ›

Generally, the best height for a standing desk should be at elbow level. This implies measuring the height from the floor to the bottom of your elbow while your elbows are at a 90-degree angle from the floor. This is the level at which the desk should be made.

Are electric standing desks reliable? ›

Electric standing desks are reliable and durable and getting better all the time. The growth in engineering, desk design, materials and features available all have made the electric standing desk a must-have staple in any modern office.

How long do standing desks last? ›

A well designed pneumatic desk, built with commercial grade materials, can last 30 years or more – a very wise investment over time. Our desks are the only commercial-grade pneumatic standing desk on the market – quality, American-made pneumatic desks designed in Germany, built with Swiss steel.

Are standing desks good for your back? ›

Although a standing desk might improve back pain, it's likely not a cure-all. For example, a standing desk might help improve your posture and take the pressure off your neck and lower back; however, it's not enough to correct more serious problems, such as scoliosis or a bulging disc.

What width should standing desk be? ›

The minimum size for a standing office desk is 24 inches in width, 18 inches depth clearance at knee level, 24 inches depth clearance at foot level, and 4 inches height clearance.

Is standing all day healthy? ›

Prolonged and frequent standing, without some relief by walking, causes blood to pool in the legs and feet. When standing occurs continually over prolonged periods, it can result in inflammation of the veins. This inflammation may progress over time to chronic and painful varicose veins.

Does standing all day count as exercise? ›

Standing doesn't count as exercise, and, unlike running or cycling, there is there is no evidence that simply standing at work improves cardiovascular health. In fact, the latest science suggests a lack of exercise, not sitting at work, might be the bigger health problem overall.

How much standing is too much? ›

People who sit for more than four hours per day lead a sedentary lifestyle. This includes adults who exercise regularly after work. Even just one hour of sustained sitting causes blood to pool in the legs. Risks begin to manifest for those who stand more than four hours per day.

How long is too long to stand? ›

It is best not to sit in one position for more than 20 minutes, or to stand in one position for more than 8 minutes. If prolonged sitting in the workplace is required or desired, individuals should gradually transition to significant periods of standing.

Does standing all day build muscle? ›

The human body is designed to stand, not sit. Standing is better for the back than sitting. It strengthens leg muscles and improves balance. It burns more calories than sitting.

What's worse standing or sitting all day? ›

Besides less sitting time, standing at work has other benefits: More calories burned: One study showed that standing sheds 88 calories an hour, compared to 80 calories for sitting. Walking burns a lot more -- 210 calories an hour.


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