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Common TotalAV Issues

  • By Gunner0428


    Ongoing Charges and Difficult to get support

    Having purchased and used the TotalAV app on my iPhone, I decided that it did not provide the level of protection that I was looking for.Getting the subscription turned off and ongoing charges turned off as well, has been a little more difficult.Disabling the subscription on my iphone was a available and appeared to work , at least on my phone, although charges continued.Finally calling TotalAV, I was told that to cancel, I must call them.Oh , when you call and get the automated menu, and one of the choices includes "press 2 for unknown charges", well I assume this problem is common.Further when I asked how to confirm the app was disabled on my phone, I was told to go to the web site and use the online chat. I tried this on my phone and got no response. It appears an email is the only option for technical support though Im not willing to waste any more of my time on this mess..... unless the charges continue.Maybe I was just one of those few unlucky out there. Otherwise I would consider using another app for security.Good luck

  • By Justandliza


    Typical poor customer service- a scam

    When I became aware that the device was not what I needed and instead was a photo clean up application, I promptly requested a refund. This was within minutes of the purchase. Instead of receiving an email indicating a refund and cancellation, I was sent an explanation of what the application does- not even bothering to mention my refund request. These are the practices of an app provider that at best has no care for the time of their customers and at worst is willing to cheat people out of a measly $3. I would strongly recommend that anyone considering this application look elsewhere, this is absolutely not worth the trouble. To note- In more than ten years I’ve never felt strongly enough about a product to write a review. Take heed.

  • By D-Sattel


    Does nothing you can’t already do for free.

    This app does absolutely nothing! I purchased it because the advertisement said it would remove malware. Unfortunately, after you pay and download the app, it says it “will protect your phone from malware by not allowing it to infect your device”. You also have to pay extra for each piece. The “check device security” feature only lets you know of your software is up to date and tells you if you haven’t set up your Face ID or password. $3.00 to buy the app, $37 to subscribe to the service, and another $39 for the VPN. Definitely not worth it. You can get all those things for free.

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Reported Issues: 26 Comments

May 01 2022

I not happy bind my laptop

By john bennett
Mar 23 2022

you have deducted money from my credit card account.
I am not a customer so please refund $143.17 taken on 26 january

I complained about the same problem a year ago and was told you would fix it

By Jayaraj Erudayaraj
Mar 08 2022

Hi TOTALAV Anti Virus Team,
Kindly Kindly cancel my account as I am facing lot of internet issures after your subscription. I have cancelled long before. I am not using TOTALAV anymore. but still I am getting the request from the the comoany. Kindly return back 99.00 EUR.

Feb 07 2022

Please cancel my subscription to 970-690-9110. I purchased a new phone and have not downloaded totalav to it in over a year. paid via visa debit card with last four digits 3490. Please confirm and advise regarding cancellation.

By Andrew Robertson
Dec 10 2021

I contacted them on the 0800 number but cant get it again cancelled all of it but see that they have only refunded one amount back to my bank really bad service as it was promised to me, very over priced compared to Norton who I have had no trouble with for last 2 years. Total AV TOTAL SCAM

By charles oston
Nov 15 2021

I cancelled totalav several months ago . they have now taken £118.80 from my account without my permission. how do i get my money back?

By Mr Anthony David Ryder
Nov 09 2021

re my id no 361's now 5mths in my account.For some reason or other,I'm now inundated with pop-ups.Which I find SOME I find, are of YOUR making,re sales tactics!!Re my account,I found the following service supply for my computer;(1)Vin -secure internet service,(2)Webshield-protection Against malicious websites.(3)Total Adblock-blocking intrusions.I am now so fed up, with trying to use what space I have on my monitor,with the continuing POP-UPS.HELP HELP please remove. After all said and done,when I open up some of the adverts,they were directed to TOTALAV advert.I ask again,please help!!A,D Ryder. 361-008 46. (11/05/2021) [emailprotected] You

By Georg Mesletzky
Nov 02 2021

Hallo Damen und Herren von TotalAV,
da ich Rentner in Deutschland bin, eine Rentenanpassung nicht geplant ist, die Preise jedoch ständig steigen, kann ich mir TotalAV nicht mehr
Ich bitte um sofortige Kündigung.
Bitte senden Sie mir eine Kündigungsbestätigung an obere E-Mail-Adresse.
mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Georg Mesletzky

Oct 14 2021

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Approximately a month ago, I cancelled my subscripton to TOTALAV. Now you have charged my checking account $119. This is completely unauthorized. PLEASE REFUND MY MONEY IMMEDIATELY!!

By Evelyne VINET
Sep 16 2021

Cette année vous avez encore prélevé le 05/07 142,80 € et 10,80 € le 22/07, pour l'abonnement à votre antivirus . Mais depuis une alerte me signale que mon antivirus a expiré et que je ne suis plus protégée. Depuis je vous envoie en urgence plusieurs mails sur vos différentes adresses mails, mais vous me répondez en anglais ou ne répondez pas à mon problème. Je vous demande de rétablir au plus vite cette protection que j'ai payée en juillet pour un prix exorbitant proche de l'arnaque., et me rembourser ces 3 mois pendant lesquels j'ai été privée de protection.
Merci de me répondre au plus vite et en français ,

By Neha Goel
Aug 15 2021


I have recently purchased a membership for Total AV but have been charged ridiculous price of NZD117.26
There is no option for cancellation of the membership and no invoice detailing the plan purchased was sent to my email. Can you please explain what I have been charged for and the steps to cancel my subscription if I decide to proceed in that direction?

Kind regards,

By robin church
Aug 08 2021

I have camceled my subscription more than twice and they still take payment out of my account. Does anyone know the number to the BBB ? August 8,2021

By Heather taylor
Aug 02 2021

Looking at your messages no one is happy.i want to cancel your package and if I do not hear from you I shall be contacting a solicitor.

By Judith Tumulty
Jun 09 2021

I never purchased this product. Please refund my bank account the $99.00 I was charged. I have no idea what this is and I'm a senior citizen and struggling financially as it is ! I need this money immediatly!

By Hank houlett
Jun 07 2021

Delete your scam.And I have called my bank to NOT honor your request for payment.You are nothing more then a piss ant and a total rip off

By Linda Kampmeier
Jun 03 2021

Never ordered totalav and being charged for it. Want money refunded.

By Sherry Miller
May 25 2021


By Cynthia Moore
May 18 2021

I do not use your services but I still get charged for something I do not use so could you please refund my money as I am a pensioner. Yours sincerely Cynthia Moore.

By Mark Garrett
Apr 29 2021

Cancel my subscription! For the last time please.

By Jayne Middleton
Apr 27 2021

I deleted the app but I don’t know if I’ll get charged

By Vishal M. Shukla.
Apr 19 2021

Please cancel my account and refund my subscription. I have sent you many mail so please give me solution.

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By Wayne Donovan
Apr 15 2021

Please cancel my account and refund my subscription.

By Simon Prentice
Apr 05 2021


I’ve just been charged £118.80 for a subscription which I have not requested. I had an account under the email [emailprotected], this has been shut down over the past year, so have not received any information regarding me being charged for this year. Another issue is my email account of that address has also been discontinued, so I can’t access emails from that account, hence my new email address provided. As a result I cannot access the email account, but have got previous emails to prove I have cancelled my subscription LAST YEAR! I would like a full refund asap please as I do not want the service.

Thank you

By cynthia anderson
Mar 07 2021

please cancel my subscription and refund my money back into my account thank you cynthia r anderson

By Roy Collier
Mar 03 2021

I don't want to totalav anymore. I can't afford to pay £9.95 a month. The app doesn't do anything for my phone so is not wanted.

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a TotalAV customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using TotalAV.

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