Hoop Group AC Jam Fest: Day Three Standouts (July 8, 2022) (2022)

Owen McCue (@Owen_McCue) & Zak Wolf (@ZakWolf22)

ATLANTIC CITY — The Hoop Group Jam Fest series concluded its annual stop at the AC Convention Center, a three-day tournament that’ll set up the Hoop Group Summer League championship this weekend at Spooky Nook.

The tournament finished up on Friday as CoBL had staff on hand from the first slate of games until the final buzzer.

Here’s who stood out in front of the CoBL staff during games we watched on Friday:


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Hoop Group AC Jam Fest: Day Three Standouts (July 8, 2022) (2)

Ohio Buckets' Logan Beaston dribbles the ball. (Photo: Owen McCue/CoBL)

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Logan Beaston (2023 | Ohio Buckets | Tiffin Columbian, Ohio)

Beaston rarely missed in the first half of Friday’s 17U championship when he scored 15 of his team-high 19 points, knocking down four 3-point shots. The 6-5 shooting guard didn’t need much space to get his shot off and was comfortable shooting off the catch or pulling up off the bounce. Beaston worked hard away from the ball to get open for looks when the defense started locking in on him. With the ball in his hands, he changed speeds to beat his defender, using an effective crossover on multiple occasions. The go-to move helped him get into the lane and turn into a distributor in the second half.

.@OhioBuckets’ Logan Beaston has been phenomenal here in championship game, crossover over into a floater here. pic.twitter.com/a9Xqno28BN

— Owen McCue (@Owen_McCue) July 8, 2022

Braylen Burbridge (2023 | Team Hardaway | Miami Palmetto, Fla.)

Burbridge showed off his smooth offensive game and competitiveness in a 77-74 overtime loss against 610 City. Burbridge went back and forth with 610’s DiNero Washington in the second half. Burbridge didn’t back away from the challenge on either end as he guarded Washington and went right back at the 610 guard, scoring 19 points. He can put points up in a hurry, scoring 15 in the second half alone. Burbidge showed he’s not a one-dimensional scorer by using his mid-range game effectively along with getting to the rim with ease.

Kody Colson (2026 | Team Final | Shipley)

Playing up an age group, Colson wasn’t afraid of the big moment in Team Finals 67-62 win over Team New England in the 15U championship game. Colson allowed teammates like Deuce Maxey and Milan Dean to create for themselves and draw in the defense, while he waited to punish the defenses for leaving him open. Colson knocked down 4-of-6 threes, moving well off the ball to find holes in the defense to get wide open looks. Colson finished with 15 points, knocking down a couple of clutch free throws down the stretch to put the game away after the game started to get tight.

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Hoop Group AC Jam Fest: Day Three Standouts (July 8, 2022) (3)

NH Lightning's Badara Diakite dunks the ball. (Photo: Owen McCue/CoBL)

Badara Diakite (2025 | New Heights Lightning | Northwest Catholic, Conn.)

Diakite proved why he’s being talked about as one of the best players in the 2025 class in a 73-69 loss to Jersey Force in the 16U championship. Diakite and his team were playing up an age, but it didn’t matter much as the big man poured in a game-high 24 points. Standing at 6-10, Diakite is an imposing figure despite only just finishing his freshman year of high school. He caught a couple of lobs thrown by his teammates as well as punching home a ferocious put-back in the second half. Diakite also flashed his touch from the outside, knocking down a shot from beyond the arc as well as hitting a tough fadeaway jumper with a hand in his face. He used his long arms to block shots at the rim and his big frame to battle for rebounds under the basket. Diakite is definitely a player to look out for in the next couple of years as he continues to get more reps under his belt.

.@NH_Lightning big man Badara Diakite the euro in transition. pic.twitter.com/CHY6NIdbpm

— Owen McCue (@Owen_McCue) July 8, 2022

Jack Graham (2023 | Rhode Island Basketball Club | Milton Academy, Ma.)

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Graham followed up two impressive performances on Saturday with an efficient showing in Rhode Island’s big 51-45 win over Team Takeover on Friday. The 6-3 guard was poised all game long, not forcing up any tough looks despite having the hot hand. Graham knocked down 3-of-6 attempts from beyond the arc as part of a 17-point performance. Graham’s shooting ability allowed him to use his pump fake effectively, which opened up the mid range as well as driving lines. He was also a scrappy defender, getting his hands into passing lanes and diving onto the floor for loose balls.

Justin Molen (2023 | East Coast Cyclones | Hill School)

Molen had a strong offensive game for the Cyclones in a semifinal win over the NJ Road Runners before he and his teammates captured a championship later in the day. Last year’s Delaware state player of the year at Salesianum did some damage from deep but mostly used his 6-6 frame to finish inside. Molen uses length to keep the ball away from defenders while finishing inside — an up-and-under move to finish off a fastbreak was very pretty. Molen ran the floor on multiple occasions, making good decisions and seeing the floor well.

Deuce Mutts (2023 | Penn Warriors | Salesianum, Del.)

Hoop Group AC Jam Fest: Day Three Standouts (July 8, 2022) (4)

Penn Warriors' Deuce Mutts eyes the rim. (Photo: Owen McCue/CoBL)

Mutts pairs a high-motor with terrific athleticism, resulting in controlled chaos at times on the floor. His constant energy and hustle was rewarded with 16 points in a win over Team PA Black on Friday. Mutts finished through contact on drives to the basket and got out on the fastbreak. He also scored a couple baskets on post-ups when he found a smaller defender on him. Obviously, that energy and athleticism reared its head in other aspects of the game as well, whether that was coming up with a rebound on either end or frustrating his man on defense and getting into passing lanes.

Dayon Polk (2023 | Penn Warriors | Sanford, Del.)

Despite having his minutes limited due to foul trouble, Polk still managed double figures, scoring 12 points in a win over Team PA Black. He showed off his shooting stroke early with two first-half threes, then did some damage inside later on in the game, finishing smoothly in traffic. Polk doesn’t have top-end speed or quickness, but he easily managed his way into the lane on multiple occasions with change of pace and deception. Polk’s impact was clearest when he was on the bench as his calming presence at the lead guard spot was visibly missed. After seeing his team’s late shaved down while he was on the bench, he came back into the game late in the second half to steer the way to victory.

Penn Warriors’ Dayon Polk to Sam Stanford. pic.twitter.com/mRPHTs2Kx6

— Owen McCue (@Owen_McCue) July 8, 2022
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Hoop Group AC Jam Fest: Day Three Standouts (July 8, 2022) (5)

NJ Road Runners Dave Olaniyi goes up in traffic. (Photo: Owen McCue'CoBL)

Dave Olaniyi (2022 | NJ Road Runners | East Newark, N.J.)

Listed at 5-10, the shifty guard nearly single-handedly carried the Road Runners to a comeback win over the East Coast Cyclones in the semifinals with his 21-point effort. Olaniyi knocked down an early pull-up three, but most of his damage came inside as he got creative with both hands to finish at the rim against larger opponents on defense. Olaniyi ran the pick and roll beautifully with big man Caleb Embeya, dumping off to his rolling teammate when he decided not to blow by his man. Olaniyi was active with his hands on defense, stripping opponents on multiple occasions and his leaping ability lets him contest shots in the lane as well.

Ben Rill (2025 | York Ballers | Westtown)

There’s a lot of room to grow for the lanky lefthander, but Rill, a 6-8 wing, displayed both productivity and potential in a semifinal loss to Team New England. Offensively, Rill, who scored 17 points, did most of his damage inside the arc whether that was in the midrange or the lane. He also stepped out for 3 in the second half. Rill is not a plodding big man. A spin move into a layup in transition showed off some above average coordination for a young player his size. He also worked hard on defense covering out on the perimeter against smaller guards.

KJ Satterfield (2023 | Team Diffrrnt | Patrick School, N.J.)

After a quiet performance on Saturday, Satterfield saved his best for last in AC, pouring in 23 points in Team Diffrrnt’s championship win. He was killer in the midrange, using a variety of dribble moves to free himself before rising for a jumper, which typically found the bottom of the net. He also knocked down three 3-point shots in the contest. The 6-4 guard’s vision and passing ability was also on display when he got into the paint or in transition.

Honorable Mention

Jacob Beccles (2023 | East Coast Cyclones), Terrence Cob (2024 | Prim3 Tim3 | Chester), Solomon Callaghan (Jalen Franklin (2022 | Team PA Black | Susquehannock), Duce Jackson (2023 | 610 City | Collegium Charter), Region Knight (2022 | Team PA Black | Tri-State Prep), Deuce Maxey (2025 | Team Final | Archbishop Wood), Noah Payne (2023 | East Coast Cyclones | Eastern Regional), Rory Perkins (2023 | Team Takeover | Landon High School), Zyaire Price (2024 | Jersey Force | Arts High School), Josh Reed (2024 | Philly Revolution | Archbishop Wood), Julian Sadler (2024 | Prim3 Tim3 | Perkiomen Valley), Kmari Smith (2024 | 610 City | Collegium Charter), Meleek Thomas (2025 | New Heights Lightning | Lincoln Park), Jaiden Williams (2023 | Team Diffrrnt | Cardinal Hayes), Ryan Zan (2023 | East Coast Cyclones | Perkiomen School)

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