I want to put on a new roof. Which shingle is the best. Owen corning Duration,Certainteed Landmark,Atlas Pinnacle or Tamko Heritage and Why (2023)

Question by wit196: I am a home owner and I've had about 5 estimate. All the local roofers use different shingles.Can someone help me with picking out the best shingles that I have listed.Maybe none of them are that great please help.

Answered by ReliableAmericanRoof: Wow, i aum surprised you didn't get 10 answers already with roofers say X was the best or N was the best or A was the best. In reality you are focusing on the WRONG THING!

5 estimates? Why 5? Why would you do that to yourself? Normally if you are dealing with reputable companies you don't need more than 2 estimates. I advocate to people to always get at least two estimates and if the roofers are saying something very different or if the roofers are way way way off in price, get an equalizer, get a 3rd. Obviously if you don't trust a roofer disqualify that roofer immediately. I beliee you have now fallen into "Analysis Paralysis" which is what happens when you have too many opions.

But back to the topic, I said you are focusing on the wrong thing. Why did I say that? Because you can take the best shingle in the world and if installed wrong is compeltely garbage. i can take the worst shingle, known to fail, and if installed properly will last some ammount of time. So you should focus on the roofer, not the product. The roofer is more important and a good quality roofer will only want to install good quality product.

The roof is a system comprised of many components, not just the shingles. You have the water proofing underlayment such as ice shield, the water resistant underlayments such as felt. You have the shingles, the ventilation and the flashing details. All of these things add up to equal one roof. Neglect one and your roof is doomed to fail.

But the roof is more than just product it is detail, know how and heart. Heart? yes heart. It takes the utmost CARING the utmost DESIRE to want to install a good roof. It's hard work and easy to fall into the train of thought as to do what's easier, instead of what's faster. Faster and easier seldom ever equals better. At the end of the day you ened a roofer that cares about your roof.

So what product is best? That's hard to say. Each manufacturer has multiple plants and it seems each plant puts out varying levels of quality. I will tell you in my area Atlast is known as a cheap commodity shingle. I have Tamko Heritage on my house but I stopped using it because I was having seal failue issues and at the time they offered no contractor certification program, but I hear they started up one. Ownes corning is a decent product backed by a great company. I don't install very many OC's though. I primarily install CertainTeed Landmark shingles and my feeling is that they are the best on the market in my area. I'm sure others will disagree with me.

But don't miss the point, the roofer is more important than the shingle.

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Answered by ReliableAmericanRoof: In my previous post I said: " It's hard work and easy to fall into the train of thought as to do what's easier, instead of what's faster." I want to correct myself (since it's too late to go back and edit.) I meant to say:

It's hard work and easy to fall into the train of thought as to do what's easier instead of what's better.

Answered by roofermike: You've listed many of the dimensional shingle products available in the South Florida roofing market. Dimensional shingles are a laminated upgrade of the standard 3-tab. Missing from the list are Timberline HD shingles from GAF. All of these shingles are very similar in price and performance. To me the difference is in the warranties. That being said, the important warranty comes from the roofing contractor.

"Roofer Mike"

For more on this subject read: Fiberglass Shingles: A Viable Option If...

OR: About Your South Florida Roof

from the Roofer Mike Inc website.

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Answered by Guest_95353363: which roof shingle delivers the best bang for the buck gaf timberline or certainteed landmark

Answered by Guest_944687514: I had a new roof installed in 1999 with Owen Corning shingles and they seem to be holding up very well.

Kathy Bryant

Lawrenceville, GA

Answered by Guest_96909875: I had Owens corning Duration put on my house in 2011, I really like it, It makes my roof look so nice it is much easier for The Roofers to put on and they can get the job don faster.

Answered by Guest_94618006: I am in the process of re-roofing. The builder installed IKO 'organic' shingles 17 years ago. They are disintegrating and pieces have been falling off for months. My neighbor's house, built same month, same builder, same shingle, re-roofed last fall. Same deteriotion. However, the architectural shingle used on another neighbor's house, same builder, is still looking good.

When i researched all the unsettled lawsuits just against IKO and 'new' 35-50 year warranties offerred by many companies, I found it very interesting the the second owner my home will only get a 5 year pro-rated warranty. The roofing industry apparently counts on homes selling on an average of 6 years and when a product almost loses its warranty once the house is sold, it is not a product I trust.

I started finding the oldest homes in my area and their roofing is slate and sanding seam. I can not afford slate and while properly applied 24 guage standing seam may be twice the cost as shinges, it lasts up to 100 years, can be repainted and I can start using the rain water on my vegtable garden. Additional beneifts are that my house is cooler as summer temperatures in my attic have dropped to 20-30 degrees above outside air temps. With singles i was hitting 150 degrees on a cloudless VT summer day.

I am now looking to see if i can use an energy credit as standing seam is the new green 'cool' roofing.

There is a contractor discussion and great info about 5-6 contractors into the web page

Source: https://www.contractortalk.com/threads/shingle-vs-metal.102649/

Answered by DonaldP: This is a bit late to help the person who asked but, for anyone considering a new roof, there is also the option of a metal roof that looks like a shingle, shake or tile roof. They are made to look like standard roof materials. Mine looks just like a shingle roof, it has the colored rock pieces just like shingles and my home is in an area with a Home Owners Association. It also has a lifetime warranty.

Answered by WoWHomeSolutions: If you surveyed most roofers and asked what they would put on their home, Certainteed would be first with Owens Corning and GAF fighting for 2nd.

(Video) Best Roofing Shingles: Certainteed, Atlas, Owens Corning, Tamko, IKO

If you stay with any of those three, you should be fine.

You are only talking about the consumable (and only part of that) part of the equation. Who and how they are putting on the roof is just as important.

What are the work scope details, have you talked to previous clients, what are they doing about flashing, drip edge, step flashing, etc.

The best shingle, installed improperly, makes a bad roof.

Both Certainteed and Owens Corning are fantastic shingles in my opinion and have great companies behind them.

Source: https://www.windowsonwashington.net/blog-full/topic/roofing

Answered by Guest_9267303: For anyone considering a new roof, all I can say is I would avoid Tamko like the plague. After many problems, they replaced my 4-year old roof, which never sealed, and now the replacement rook isn't sealing either, and they say they've already fulfilled their obligations under the warranty.

Answered by Crystal: My opinion is not only do you have to look at the quality of shingle, price to have the work done, with whom you have the work done but you have to also make sure that the person doing the work on your home also knows how to ventilate your home. Without having proper ventilation on your home it doesnt matter if you have Tamko or GAF roofing on your home you will have problems over time. Heat and moisture builds up causeing condensation which over time softens the decking, causes mold, then you might as well be throwing your money out the window because the manufacturer may not cover your roof warranty. My opinion is stay away from Tamko.. If I had my choice it would be Certainteed Landmark.

Answered by Guest_9403742: Whatever you do, don't use Certainteed. THere was a class action lawsuit against them. We were one of the unlucky ones who had a Certainteed roof put on by our builder. The roof did not last, and curled up within a couple years.

Even the Insurance adjusters will tell you never to use Certainteed.

Answered by Jfondren4136: I recently replaced my 17 yr old roof because I noticed that it was beginning to fail due to brittleness and accumulation of algae. I wanted a roof that would give me a near life-time product so I compared shingles by TAMKO, CertainTeed, GAF, and Owens Cornung. I had five estimates that were within $1,500 of each other, and I know that they were all inflated to increase the contractor's profit so I haggled with each and brought the cost down significantly (approx $700-$1,000 per estimate).

I know that the quality of the work performed is crucial, but there is no way to compare installers as you will read below. I determined that if you start with the highest quality product that one can afford, you have a greater chance of achieving a great protective roof. You don't want to rely on the warranty when what you want is a product that lives up to its reputation and avoids having to invoke the warranty. You buy a cheap product that is flimsy and in time it will likely blow away in a storm or become so brittle from the sun that it cracks and flies off with a strong gust of wind. Climate may be a significant factor for the lifetime of shingles so a higher quality shingle will better withstand extreme climate changes. Like the saying goes, "Pay me now or pay me later," but in the final analyis we all choose a product by some combination of affordability & quality.

I disagree with the comment that all shingles are made alike - they are not all made alike. Owens Cornung had greater self-sealing qualities than all the rest. Lesser quality shingles will also have to be replaced twice as often and are more susceptible to failure under extreme climate changes, thereby raising the risk of allowing the outdoors into the indoor parts of your home. I've seen the destruction that a leaking roof can cause to a condo that I formerly owned.

I found that if I upgraded to architectural quality shingles that I could get a longer lasting shingle with a fifty year guarantee by GAF and Owens Cornung. I also upgraded the felt paper to 30 lb weight and am very pleased with the final product. While there are some similarities among shingles, there is a noticeable difference in the quality offered by GAF and Owens Cornung, especially in the thickness of the asphalt and self-sealing qualities that is more water and wind resistant. Thicker shingles also increase the insulation value of the roof. I already have a climate control fan vent in the attic but for those who don't have an automatic vent fan in the roof, then adding a fan or adding a roofing vent cap system is valuable addition to extending the life of their most important home protection - the roof itself.

Everyone says that their roof installers are outstanding, but I found that most installers speak no English other than "NO PROBLEMO." This can lead to frustration, irritation, hemorrhoids, and installation problems. You need to follow the installers to see that the installation is in accordance with the contract and product warranty/liability requirements.

I finally decided on Owens Cornung after reading consumer reviews that found only 25% of consumers were satisfied with TAMKO; 40% approval rating for CertainTeed; 70% for GAF; and 85% approval rating for Owens Cornung. The installer I selected is certified by Owens Cornung to do the work properly. I now have a fifty year warranty on a product that will last my lifetime and transfer to the next owner. I paid a little more money to double the life and warranty on my roof and have a lifetime of satisfaction and stress-reducing, all season protection for my most valuable asset.

Answered by Guest_9830919: Whatever you do,never,ever, buy ANY Certainteed shingles. Their shingles are junk, and all of the reputable, professional roofers in our area REFUSE to install any Certainteed shingles. I had 60 squares ( 30 yr warr. shingle) put on my new home. After 8 years the shingles are losing tons of granules. Sent sample problem shingles to factory. Their written diagnosis was that there had been a "problem in the manufacturing process". The solution? After pro-rating shingle value, they paid me $2000. That's it !!! I could take them to court, but they know that folks will not spend money on expensive lawyers for a few thousand dollar shingle claim.

Bottom line: One of the oldest, and most trusted shingle manufacturers is now just another rip-off manufacturer who does not care about customers-only their profits. Help push them out of existence by spreading the word to NEVER buy any Certainteed Shingles for ANY reason!

Answered by Guest_9139900: We have used Owens-Corning Duration Shingles since our home was built in 1987. We replaced our original shingles with the latest version of Duration shingles in 2012 after our insurance company siad we needed to. We live in coastal Florida and our roof has withstood many hurricanes and tropical storms without an issue. What more needs to be said?

Answered by Guest_9783165: I have an Owens Corning roof with a 30 year warranty. The roof is only 11 years old and half the shingles are crumbling! They will not honor the warranty because it only applies to the person who purchased the roof and the NEXT owner. I am the third owner of the house. Unbelievable to me that they can get away with this. DO NOT BUY Owens Corning and watch the warranty from ANY manufacturer because this is an important selling feature if you do sell your house.

Answered by Guest_92933801: I see this is a year old so probably a decision has been made , A little tip DO NOT PICK OWENS CORNING . We got our roof done a year ago All ready have problems > Buckling soft spots and leaking sky lights . Now I now its not so much the quality of the shingles here . BUT their after the job Inspectors DIDNT even go on the roof ( kinda hard if you are 400 lbs I guess ) The contractor ( via sears ) doesnt even show on their list anymore ( Keith Melady roofing , see review ) Any way owens corning doesnt do a thing , neither does sears . So my advice DONT USE ANY OF THE COMPANIES MENTIONED . If the shingles are not installed right it doesnt matter what you used . YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN !!!

Answered by Davidhughes: Whats does the shingle have to do with what sound very much like install issues?

Answered by HalunenLaw: The class action law firm Halunen & Associates is investigating Atlas Chalet shingles for a possible defective shingles lawsuit involving shingles that are blistering, cracking, and showing excessive degranulation. If you have purchased shingle products from Atlas Chalet and are experiencing similar problems, you can share your concerns with the firm through its website at: http://consumer.halunenlaw.com/contac... or call (612) 605-4098. [Advertising Material]

Answered by kent0111: I put owens corning on in 1992. They are still nice and the roof is excellent for being 22 years old. I did this myself. No leaks and have not lost one shingle since installation. I live in Indiana and have a lot of snow and ice and rain.

Answered by Gene: No one has mentioned Marlarkey Roofing Products of Oregon. No. 1, it is an American Company while Certainteed is a French Company, and the warranty and rating seem to be as good or better than the other brands listed. The Malarkey Legacy shingle has a 20 algae warranty while most other have only a 10 year. For wind it is equal and for hail, it will withstand a ninty mile per hour golf ball, so hail should not hurt it.

Answered by TaylorBuilders: Owens Corning in my opinion is hands down the best shingle on the market. The real problem comes with the installation. A poor installation can make some home owners upset at the shingle, but the frustration belongs on the roofer. If your roof is not properly ventilated or installed it really doesn't matter what you use, you will have problems. There are a lot of things poor roofers do to void warranties & improperly install shingles. It would be like blaming a tire company because the mechanic didn't use lug nuts. I would recommend using Owens Corning Duration shingles which carry a 35 yr warranty. Be aware this warranty only covers 10yrs of complete replacement as long as properly installed and damage isn't due to weather, trees, etc.. after 10yrs the replacement value is pro-rated & warranties generally only transfer to one owner. Also make sure your roofer removes the previous shingles, and never shingle over architectural shingles. Unfortunately there are a lot of roofers who do a long list of things to watch out for, so I can't list everything. To find a company you can trust make sure they have been in business for at least several years, have a high ranking on BBB, & on angies list. Make sure they are licensed, bonded, & insured. Pay attention to what is on the bids you receive & ask your bidders plenty of questions about their process.

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Answered by timbo: Well good reading here but we have 25 year rated 3 tab Tampko on our dutch colonial home in SE PA which are over 30 years old and just now in need of replacement. We get heat, cold, snow/ice, hail, thunderstorms etc and no complaints how they've held up.

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Answered by tgivaughn: GAF Timberline UltraHD ... or Timberline HD if labor is dirt cheap ...

are the best bang for the bucks

That said, shop for a double thick (protecting a roof deck most insurance cos will fight you before replacing), estimated warrranty TWICE what you want the life to be if living in the South. Then run the numbers to see how long you can avoid labor replacement costs w/o hail intervening your plans. That said, the shingle costs unfairly outweigh the very hard, hot labor costs. Installation savvy is key to those expensive shingles lasting longerst w/o leaks. Installers with flashing expertise or shop is nice bonus and very prudent.

(Video) How To Install Owens Corning Duration Shingles Why They Are The Best Shingles.

Shopping for relectivity shingles would have been a good idea, except brands like Solaris have priced themselves up among the metal roof candidates = no sense. Except for radiant barriers, the studies on reflective shingles are not yet showing much (if any) annual payback in energy savings to pay for this type of shingle profit fat.

Answered by Guest_9511512: As a roofer we have found out the hard way that the only company that backs their shingles is Malarkey. The rest of the companies tell you you are on your own. I once asked Malarkey why they were so good and they said that they are a small company built on customer service. And the person who said that the installation is key is also correct. Get a local who does quality work and will be around next year and for years to come. They may not be the cheapest but they will be the best.

Answered by hallmarkrealtygp: I had a 35 year Tamko dimensional shingle put on my Jacksonville, Fl home and at year 15 they should have been replaced. You can see the fiberglass exposed all over the roof on a sunny day. So, I went looking for a good quality shingle and I was very disappointed from the reviews I read on very popular brand shingles. Here are a few links to show you what I found on just a couple of the brands I was interest in ( past tense ). I have found that you can have the best installer put on an expensive shingle that is actually no where near the quality advertised and the shingles will fail very early and the roofer will be blamed. People that say, well this warranty is longer and reads better than this company have not understood the reality of what some shingle manuf. companies actually do. I am only listing my research from two companies ( GAF and Owens Corning ) because I don't want my entry to long. I hope my research helps:








Owens Corning:






Answered by rexroof: We have installed all brands. Owens Corning Duration True Defintion with Sure Nail Technology is the hands down winner as far as I'm concerned. The fiber glass mesh embedded in the nailing area makes it one of, if not the most, wind resistant shingle. It is more resistant to pneumatic nailer fastener blow through, and really resistant to blow off. Only 4 nails per shingle = 130 MPH Wind Rating. Most other manufacturers require 6 nail fasteners. If you nail another brand and a Sure Nail Shingle to a piece of plywood and try to pull them up you'll quickly find out you probably can't pull the Sure Nail Shingle off while the others pull up right through the nail fastener.

Answered by AaronTrompeterdotcom: If you live in the South-West go with plaster. Fire hates it.

If you live in the North and get lots of snow, get metal. Snow slides off it, and if it's raised-seam, solar panels mount to it easily.

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Answered by Guest_9291935: how much the shingles weigh has a lot to do with the price and how long they will last.

i put metal on mine or about the same cost.

ALSO be sure to get a good underlayment the old black felt is not as good as the new plastic

underlayment. look at some you tube vids and the program This old house.

Answered by JessicaNV: Wit196....

I used to be a property insurance adjuster. I have been on many roofs inspecting wind and hail damage. If you plan to be in your home a while, I can tell you that 25 year shingled homes require less new roofs than lesser, say 15 year shingles. It costs more but sure can be worth it both expense and headache wise. Hope that helps.

Answered by jeffharling: Try the new BP "weather tite" shingle, it has two layers of tar strips to hold to the roof deck.

Wind warranties are great to.

Hope this helps.



Answered by tdburrows: Instead of listening to anecdotal evidence, why not look at shingle standards (ASTM specifications), and then find out who actually has their products tested by someone independent of themselves to meet those standards. In manufacturing, there always has to be a standard used to create a product, otherwise what's the point. We're at a point in time where society as a whole has accepted that it is the norm for manufactured goods to be made disposable, ie made without a standard on the cheap, and then marketed as a premium line. ASTM D3462 is THE standard for fiberglass shingles, and has been since fiberglass shingles were created. Only two manufacturers have their shingles tested by an independent party (Underwriters Laboratories) to meet this standard, which encompasses the tear strength, nail pull through resistance, and wind uplift of a shingle. Those two companies are CertainTeed (nationwide) and Pabco (West coast.)

(Video) What Are the Best Roofing Shingle Brands?

The other point that was made was about the importance of the installation. Another simple point, but of the upmost importance is how much margin for error does an installer have when nailing a shingle in place? There are only a few companies that provide a larger margin for error when installing a architectural shingle, and they are CertainTeed, Owens Corning, and Atlas. CertainTeed created NailTrak for Landmark shingles 12-13 years ago, and Owens Corning and Atlas only recently have tried to follow suit. This becomes important becuase if a shingle isn't nailed correctly, then the homeowner doesn't have a warranty from a manufacturer anyway. To the person below who complained never ever to use a CertainTeed shingle because they only received $2000 dollars for an 8 year old roof, where the warranty was prorated, they're lucky to receive that, as other brands probably wouldn't have givent them that much because they would have a "get out of jail free" card in the form of improperly installed shingles. Understand a shingle warranty before you go bashing a manufacturer. This is why having a Roofing System installed by a credentialed contractor is paramount to give you the best warranty possible.

Answered by Guest_95579201: We're getting ready to put up a new roof and have been doing some research. I would agree with those saying be careful about GAF. The following link talks specifically about GAF admintting that their Timberline series had a manufacturing defect (and it went on to say that GAF changed its manufacturing procedures for newly manufactured shingles). It also notes that they did not warn consumers who had already purchased the defective shingles. You shoudl be VERY wary of a company who goes out of their way to hide problems from consumers:


This URL talks about how GAF has several plants across the country, and each one uses a differnt process to manufactur the Timerline shingles. Ask yourself, "Why would they use different manufucaturing processes in each plant?" Does that makes sense???


CertainTeed has had issues too:


And not surprisingly, Owens-Corning has had issues too. It seems like all shingle manufacturers have problems with at least of their shingles. It's irritating trying to pick one, as just as you think you've settled on one, you read negative things about it. Why is it so hard to make make a xxxx shingle, and why don't manufacturers stand behind their shingle?

On the other side, should some of the blame fall on the roofers? Manufacturers offering training to roofing companies and ceritfy them to install their prodcut. I just wonder how many of the issues are install-related? Granted, some things like curling or granules falling off prematurely are obviously a manufacturing defect.

Another point of frustration is finding reviews that rate one manufacturer number 1, while another rates them, say, #7.

So, what to do? It seems like all you can really do is find a roofer who is certified in the shingle you want and pray it works out (but we still wouldn't choose GAF because of the reason stated earlier).

Answered by jeffharling: After dealing with most major roofing shingle brand names in the past 25 years. I would share the Canadian made BP Shingles. The new "weather tite " technology has 2 layers of tar protection. The first holds tight to the roof deck with roofing nails. The second layer seals the over lapping shingle and prevents wind, rain and ice from penetrating through to the underlying underlayment or plywood.

The shingles are thicker, longer and weight more than other manufacturers and it is my firm belief they will stand the test of time even in extreme weather conditions.

Source: https://www.redbear.contractors

Answered by hallmarkrealtygp: I gave quality research and links on GAF and Owens Corning in a previous post. As of this moment, I have not found a shingle that I believe reviews well. I live in Florida and recently two or so roofers were telling me about shingles fusing to the peel and stick. That dosen't sound like a problem until you need to re roof 18 years from the new roof. Then I am told that it becomes so difficult to remove the old shingles and get a flat surface that the cost to re roof goes way up. I believe that a peel and stick product gives a superior water barrier so using it on the full roof is desired. SInce i could not find any shingle approve for Florida that reviewed well in my research, I was going to go with Owens Corning. However, I called the company and the tech said that Owens Corning would not warrant the shingles if I used a peel and stick product followed by a coat of 30 pound felt. I had heard that some roofers in Souther Florida use this double layer to give superior water intrusion protection under the shingles. This also solves the problem of the shingles heat fusing to the peel and stick because the shingles will now heat stick to the 30 lb felt. So, I went from about to go with Owens Corning to telling people beware. I called GAF and emailed them on this double underlayment and I have two emails back saying that the double underlayemnt will not change the shingle warranty.

Answered by Franksauto: I am about a week away from having my roof replaced. The home is 27 years old and the roof has held up well. It probably has a few years left but it is ugly and has some growth on it. After months of trying to decide what color would look best, I finally decided on black. The house behind me actually has the nicest black (to me) I have seen. I like it a lot. My roofer said that is an IKO dual black. He uses IKO along with OC, CT and Gaf. He told me IKO has come a long way since its problems, that he really likes it and that its now one of the heaviest shingles on the market with an extra strip of sealant. I am kinda hesitant about using them after all the bad reviews I have read. Does anyone here have any comments on the new IKO, good or bad. Also He told me I wont need a zink strip because most shingle companies now embed their product with zink fibers and they are pretty much all antifungal shingles.

Any comments would be appriciated.

Thank you

Answered by dswen3: Well, Good Luck getting to the truth. I have Certainteed Landmark Pro on my house. However, the roofer is not up to code becuaue the so called A+ roofer (Illinois) I hired in July, 2014 subcontracted the job. He subcontracted to a storm chaser, later to find out they were non-licensed roofers. After almost a year of hell the insurance companies finally settled, but are punishing me with a 2nd claim. The first claim was hail damage like everyone else. The 2nd claim became broken rafters (12 of them) from the non-licensed roofers slamming bundles of shingles upon our roof. Low and behold the local roofer wouldn't take responsibility because he only wanted to sister the rafters and only with a 6 ft. board not a 16 ft. board for each rafter. Oh yes, don't forget if something goes wrong the insurance companies will claim "workmanship" not a covered benefit. Read your policy!

Not to scare you, but I would never want this to happen to anyone. I had to write to the Illinois Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau, the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations and now the Illinois Department of Insurance. A very exhausting process, but it was worth it. The roofer is reprimanded and fined.

I will say that Certainteed Roofing has the worst customer service especially when my roofer buys directly through them. They won't even give me a discount on the new shingles that have to be replaced because the roof is not up to code, and I have the broken rafters. So, in essence I will be paying for 2 roofs in 1 yr. and Certainteed's representatives lie, lie, lie! I expect more from a company as we are the consumers advertising their product.

Go through each quote with a fine tooth comb as you will find something different in each one. Make sure if it's insurance claim that everything in their bid is in the roofers contract. You would be surpised the things that are missed. However, I have the best looking roof in the neighborhood even with the shingles curling under. On that note, I like Certainteed for cosmetic reasons, but nothing else.

Answered by Guest_9496299: Short and sweet answer: GAF and Owens Corning. (Not a contractor here...just have had several roofs)

Answered by KarenW: Tamko and IKO are rated very Poorly if you google: best roofing shingles..Owens Corning and GAF Timberline are consistently rated top 3 by nearly all websites that have the reviews coming from Roofers. I have been researching extensively, and personally decided to go with GAF Timberline, only because the Angie's List Reviews of the Roofing Contractor that installs them is Fantastic! Also, because I actually called GAF and found they are a GAF Certified installer, Master Elite installer. I have found from many estimates, that there are a lot of scammers out there, pushing very inferior product, so they can bid the bottom lowest price. Also, not just your shingles are important. The underlayment is important. The synthetic underlayments, such as Titanium UDL, Grip-Rite, and Rhino, or GAF's own underlayment are FAR, FAR superior to Roofing Felt. 15lb felt is cheapest, but most do 30lb felt, but Synthetics are Way, way better and not that much more costly at all. I totally disagree with only getting 2 estimates. As even some of the highly rated contractors, are installing inferior products such as the IKO, which are among the worst rated shingles. If using Ownens Corning, make sure your roofer is Owens-Corning Certified. The GAF Certified or Master Elite Installers, can also get GAF Shingles at a much cheaper price than the Roofers who are not GAF Certified or Master Elite. I also had 5 shingle estimates, and each one advised different brands, and so I did major internet research on Reviews, myself. Got quite an Education doing the research as well. Make sure you ask your Roofing Contractor How Many Nails Per Shingle, that they use, and actually be home, and see the shingle wrappers, underlayment wrappers, and how they install. 6 Nails per shingle row gives the Very Best protection against high winds. Some use 5, some only 4. Since your New Roof is a Major Investment, Do Your Homework! You will find an Informed Consumer, will get a much better product offered to them, than the consumer who is not informed in the least. Good Luck!

Answered by sbstembridge: DO NOT use GAF shingles. If they send faulty bundles, they WILL NOT PAY to have them replaced. We had several faulty bundles and the shingles would not lay down appropriately. We had different roofers and adjusters look and all say the workmanship was done well bug the shingles are faulty. HOWEVER, GAF claimed it was the workmanship and would not pay to replace the faulty shingles. We've spoken with multiple attorneys who have all said we have a case and have also said our roofer has a defamation of character suit but that it is a waste of time because they have a staff of attorneys and will draw it put so long that we wouldn't be able to keep up with the cost. I would pick the roofer you trust and request they do not use GAF. Any roofer can access different brands.

Answered by MALARKYLEGACY: We built our home in 1994. Since then, We have replaced our Certainteed shingles 3 times and all three times we had problems with sediment piling up after storms and they constantly blew off the roof; we replaced so many shingles on the West side of our home, one could include this as re-shingling part of the roof. Finally sustained significant hail damage. I submitted a claim the 3rd time and denied; Certainsteed's response "they were not applied corrently". We have always had a reputable person to replace/apply the shingles. The 4th time, we followed the advice of our "Shingler" and went with the Legacy 50 year Malarky shingles. We have a large hip roof home out side of city limits "on the priarie" where we have significant wind gusts and storms. The result: OUTSTANDING!! We recently had another hail storm, golf ball size and larger; our roof is the only one in the neighborhood that does not have hail damage and does not need to be replaced (with the exception of the vents and the Ridge caps). We had this confirmed by our the person who applied the shingles and the insurance agent, who was amazed. You get what you pay for and these are definitely worth the price. VERY HAPPY IN SOUTH DAKOTA!! :)


Answered by waymoon: I have Certainteed Landmark Pro with 50 yr non-prorated warranty for the past 3 years. These shingles are just little thicker than the Landmark regular and almost twice as thick as the GAF Timberline. So far, I had zero issues with the Landmark Pro. With 23 squares and two skylights, I paid ~$8000.

Choose your roofers wisely! Do your homework. Ask them for training certifcations from Certainteed. Call Certainteed to verify their cert number. If the installer does not have cert #, don't use them. I'm not saying that anyone who isn't trained doesn't provide an excellent job. BUT, how do I know if you do? Having the cert helps minimize your risk. In my POV, choosing the quality-certified excellent installer is equally important as the quality of material. I based their quality of work with referrals, referred from another coworker and another referral from a "list of 15 consumers" provided from the installer. I contacted all 15 and visited only 2 or 3 and became friends.

Next, I recommend using all the material systems recommended by the shingle manufacturer. Not necessarily these materials are better quality than other brands, but having the roof installed with the materials recommended helps with the warranty claim if ever needed.

So, I have a certified installer, using all recommended materials, got actual feedback within my location, I think I've performed by due dilegence.

Answered by Guest_99672481: My Certainteed Sealdon 25 year 3 tab shingles I installed in 2003, photo

(Video) Why Roofing Shingle weight Matters: GAF, IKO, Atlas, Tamko, Pabco, OC, Malarkey, Certainteed

as it was in 2003, note the continuous ridge vents, there are many eave vents and 3 gable vents as well, there is also a power attic fan.

By 2007-2008 these shingles started looking like this in the areas where direct sun hit, at first I thought maybe it was ice damage... boy was I wrong!

By 2012 it was clear the shingles were severely failing, so I did a google search and found a Certainteed class-action lawsuit, that was when I learned my 25 year shingles were DEFECTIVE. I joined the class and did the paperwork, photos, provided some receipts for the materials that I kept, and sent them one complete shingle as required, here's what the shingles all looked like in 2012, it's easy to see the green granules were now coming completely off in large chunks:

Here's what MY Certainteed 25 year warantee 3 tab shingles looked like last week when I set about replacing it, I installed this roof in 2003;

After I submitted my class-action claim and documentation, I received a check for just about $1200, I used about 16 squares, the green was Sealdon 25 the grey/white I also used was their Custom 30 and even these are failing but not as badly.

The saving grace of why this roof does not leak is due to my using Tamko Moisture guard over the entire deck, even with the 3 tab nail heads all exposed due to curling, the Tamko had sealed around the nails and there are no leaks!

So what's a homeowner to do now? after spending weeks researching, reading reviews and more, I came to the conclusion there isn't one single asphalt shingle roof worth buying, it doesn't matter if it's "laminated" "thicker" what brand makes it, it's all the same JUNK. Every one of the common big manufacturers who sell to your local building supply houses and roofers whether it's Certainteed, Owens-Corning, whatever- have numerous complaints and lawsuits against them for defective products, failing to honor warrantees, giving homeowners the runaround, offering them a lousy amount of money on a claim and stating they completed their warrantee. I've read of people who paid $8,000 to $12,000 for a new roof only to get a check for barely $1,000 for the "warrantee" payoff just a few years later!

So here's what I decided to do, since it's late summer now and I don't have the time/money right now to entirely re-roof my house, I decided to tear off the West slope shown in the first photo which is now down to the crappy recycled PAPER Certainteed used to make these shingles with! And re-shingle it with a different brand and color of 3 tab (3 squares worth) since no one around here even carries 3 tab any more, I had to sort of "special order it" this will get me through the winter water tight, but come next spring I will be installing an aluminum permalock shingle roof.

This stuff comes with a lifetime NON prorated warrantee, it's also a transferrable warrantee. I have thus far not found even one complaint about the product itself and the company making it has been in business since 1948, I only found some complaints about installers of it.

As of today it costs about $225 a square, roughly double that of the cheaply made asphalt junk. It can be installed right over the 3 tab provided the shingles are not all curled up of course, so I won't need to do a tearoff.

The bright bulbs at Certainteed created a "green" product that was supposed to break down quicker in the landfill, instead it started breaking down on my roof just 4 years after it was installed!

Source: http://aluminumshingle.com

Answered by Guest_9763028: I live in Central Florida and I have had Certainteed 30 year Presidential Shingles for 10 years. The shingles blistered and began to degrade about 8 years after they were installed. When I submittted a claim to Certainteed they were impossible to deal with. Certainteed did everything in its power not to fulfil its warranty claim. When I began discussing this with two neighbors I found out they were having the same problem with their Certainteed Shingles.This was three years ago. There are over 10 homes in my neighborhood with the same defective shingles and Certainteed (a $4 billion company which is run by a cold-hearted French company named Saint-Gobain) and all of us recently called out lawyers. Stay FAR away from Certainteed. I will be replacing my roof with Dow Corning Products shortly and the way it looks probably having to pay for this out of pocket despite two engineering experts reports stating that Certainteed's product was completely defective. Please be careful. Certainteed is the devil.

Answered by Dcroofing: I am now a licensed c-39 roofing contrcator in southern ca. My career in roofing began in manufactuting technical sales. I sold 18 Million worth of Tamko Roofing materials in Northern CA in the beginning years of 2000-2005. I never once had any serious issues with shingles, rolled roofing, mastics etc. The minor issues were addressed quite reasonably by Tamko to avoid further concerns. I've since worked in distribution and had experiences with all the above shingles. All manufactures listed in this blog produce #1 product. All warranties are written to protect themselves and if you read the fine print, the warranties all fall back on the quality of workanship by the contractor. The truth of the matter is you won't ever know the difference as an asphalt shingle is simply just that. Check weights as one major manufacturer was reported to have been pulling quality (weight /materials) to subsidize price. Personally, I know too much about the roofing industry and as an expert roofer can

install them all to meet their specifications. Crude oil is the the main bi-product in manufacturing all asphalt shingles, and, in my experiences Tamko, Atlas

and Malarky the mo flexible final product in bitumens. make sure your roofer ventilates your attic space properly and use the the lightest color possible to reduce heat consumption. If installed properly you'll never need another new roof.

conclusion: Go with Heritage or Pinnacle or trust your gut feeling and communicate with your contractor ventilation needs - if any

Answered by stevestuckey: NO ATLAS--I have actual holes in my shingles caused by'excess cement' that they specified.

Of coarse it's my fault cause the rep and factory says so. No help from them. NO ATLASsrs

Source: srs

Answered by kz9jzr: Just call Raspberry Roofing...they will give you an honest answer and do a beautiful job. I am very pleased with my roof.

Answered by Sterling: Stay clear of CertainTeed!!!!!!! We built our house in the Fall of 1999 and started noticing our gutters the granduals were 1/2" or more deep. I cleaned the gutters every year and close to 90% of the junk was granduals. The roof is so bare of granduals, roofing companies are constantly stopping by and wanting to give us a new roof. Here lies another piece of advice, don't fill more than one or two claims or you'll get a letter like we did from our insurance co. (Encompass) that the shingles are defective and there is no significent damage from hail to warrant a new roof and we have x no. of days to get a new roof or they are dropping us. I just checked on line and CertainTeed and TAMKO both have horable reviews, including holding up to their warranties. I'm searching too for a good shingle, so good luck to us both.

The Browns, MN

Source: Go on-line

Answered by Kennybb: I'm a roofing estimator /salesman. The answers steering towards choice in roofer being the most important factor are very true. However, I have not read every comment but I have yet to see anyone address the REAL UNDERLYING issue: the actual crew of guys actually doing the installing. But that's what all 5 roofers already told you, right? That their company "is the best out there!" I realize the original question is addressing shingle manufacturers and you have now seen some pretty consistent answers as there are good ones and some not so good. The top names keep coming up as do the bad ones. Roofing contractors are no different. A great salesman can convince you to choose him and the shingles they use, as long as he is in the ballpark on price. Here are some facts about choosing your roofer: about 95% of roofers out there use independent contracted roofing crews to actually install your roof. Only 5% have employee based companies where the labor can be totally quality controlled. These companies are usually the large ones in your area that have been in business for decades, advertise everywhere so you've heard of them, their bid will typically be 20%-50% higher than others and you probably won't go wrong by using them, if you have the extra money to pay for it. Most don't. This makes choosing the roofer somewhat of a crapshoot unless you do your do-diligence. Otherwise it goes back on which salesman was the best of convincing you. To give you an example of my own experience: I just bought a house that needs a new roof. The company I sell for has 4 different "crews". All independent contractors, all are hard working Hispanic. I only want our most experienced crew. I'm in a recent storm ridden area of Texas and all crews are in demand and very busy. Some times the 'crew leader' gets overloaded and may put an additional "crew" together. This is where things can fall apart real quick. I just had this happen on roof I sold a couple months ago and this inexperienced crew got fired and we just about cut off our relationship the the original crew leader we've had for over 10 years, just for doing this. They can get greedy and risk quality to keep demand with work load. This is just what you DONT WANT! In short, a roofing contractor only has so much control over the actual crew, other than if they do crappy job they won't get anymore business from them. So on roofing day, try to be home and observe. Not that you know what your looking for but if things are obvious this is their first rodeo, make that call to the roofer you are concerned. You'd be amazed how quick I got my best crew to come in and take over a job!


Answered by supapaloco: I cannot answer this question with a recommendation but I can give my feedback on the experience I at the home I just purchased. I recently (2016) purchased a home with CertainTeed Organic shingles and the roof was flagged as prematurely aged in the home inspection report. I found the class action lawsuit website and purchased the home with the confidence that I would be able to recoup some if not all of my loss (the shingles were only 15 years old after all). Apparently I did not interpret the fine print properly and I will receive NO compensation. I now have a lovely GAF (timberline) roof and confidence it will not leak but I had to pay a significant sum with no assistance from the class action suit. In my situation CertainTeed did not stand behind their product - fine print got me but the fact remains, the roof was only 15 years old when I bought it and still they choose not to stand behind the product.

Answered by hesham1984: hi :)

I Prefer :

Answered by Goofyroofer: We had Certainteed Landmark-- the old roof was GAF Timberline

Answered by jburnett: Please stay away from Certainteed shingles. They are crap and their warranty is even worse. We had Landmark 30 year shingles and they only lasted 12 years, actually even less. 12 years is when we really noticed severe granular loss. Certainteed only offered $923. It is a shame they or anyone like this is allowed to do this to people.

Answered by forry: I had GAF 40 year shingles put on my house when it was built in 25 years the shingles started to come apart with tabs blowing off on a regular basis. My contractor told me to contact them about this problem. They would not do anything for me, not even send anybody out to look at them. they made it impossible to get anything out of the so called 40 year warrenty. With everything that they wanted me to do I asked them if I needed to go to the moon to get space rocks to see if that was the problem. Needless to say there is NO WARRENTY

(Video) Malarkey, Atlas, Tamko, IKO, Certanteed, Owens Corning, GAF, Pabco

Answered by fresnorooferpros: As <a href="https://www.fresnorooferpros.com/">Professional Roofers</a>, our recommendation would be owen corning. They are known to produce great results that last for a very long time. Or Atlas is also a great option.

Answered by jemlasiter: Hello

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Which shingles are better CertainTeed or Owens Corning? ›

Both shingles are made well and come with competitive warranties, similar color choices, and quality. That said, CertainTeed shingles are heavier, offering more protection, and seem to hold up to wear and tear much better than Owens Corning shingles.

Are Atlas shingles better than CertainTeed? ›

From the perspective of choice, CertainTeed has Atlas beat, hands down. A second measure of quality is how well a roof holds up in windy conditions. That is important here in the Northeast, as high winds occur with surprising frequency. The Atlas Glassmaster is rated for winds of 60 miles per hour.

What shingles are better GAF or atlas? ›

For example, GAF shingles are characterized by a good thickness that allows them to withstand winds traveling at 80 mph. Meanwhile, Atlas shingles are designed to decrease the possibility of algae growth. These make up major health problems that must be dealt with inside the home.

Are tamko Heritage shingles any good? ›

TAMKO is a quality shingle and ranks the highest in my book. Ten years ago, I used a mixture of CertainTeed, GAF, TAMKO and Owens Corning. I switched to TAMKO first because of color choices. I always thought TAMKO had the best colors on the market.

Are Atlas shingles good quality? ›

Inspectors, homeowners, and contractors rate Atlas amongst the top five brands that manufacture roofing products. Their products are of excellent quality and are affordable. The company specializes in asphalt shingles and has amongst the best warranties in the market.

How long do Atlas Pinnacle pristine shingles last? ›

These Atlas laminated roofing shingles weigh about 215 lbs/square and come with a 10-year material warranty (see manufacturer's website for details).

What grade of shingle is the best? ›

They're recognized by their clean, horizontal appearance, giving them a more decorative look with the 3-tab construction. Fiberglass-backed shingles have a Class A fire rating, which is the highest available.

Are Owen Corning shingles good? ›

Owens Corning shingles are well known for their high quality because of the materials that are used and the process by which they are made. The shingles are layered with: Patented Fiberglas, which protects against the elements, and has a class A fire resistance rating.

What are the longest lasting roof shingles? ›

The longest-lasting shingles on the market are laminated shingles with a lifetime warranty and fall into two categories: dimensional shingles, which have a standard architectural shingle pattern) and “luxury” shingles, which do a better job of approximating the appearance of shakes or slate shingles.

How long does TAMKO shingles last? ›

TAMKO's Heritage® line of shingles continues to offer a 15-year Limited Wind Warranty of 110 mph for standard application and 130 mph for high wind application, as well as a 10-year Algae Cleaning Limited Warranty.

How long do TAMKO architectural shingles last? ›

All Heritage shingles come with a 10-year non-prorated period which TAMKO calls the Full Start™ period. Our new Limited Lifetime Warranty is just one reason homeowners and builders choose TAMKO. A trusted source in the building industry for 75 years.

What is the difference between GAF and tamko shingles? ›

GAF Timberline HD® asphalt shingles are available with a lifetime limited warranty and Stainguard® Protection against algae. Tamko Heritage Woodgate® shingles are protected with a lifetime limited warranty, 10-year Full Start period, and 10-year algae cleaning limited warranty.

Are Atlas Pinnacle pristine shingles impact resistant? ›

These architectural shingle lines have a Class 4 Impact Resistance rating that protects them from damage by hailstones up to two inches in diameter. Their large size gives a roof a distinct designer look and is available in a wide selection of designer colors.

What are Atlas Pinnacle shingles made of? ›

Legend - Atlas' Legend shingles are made with the Scotchgard from 3M, which protects them from black streaks caused by algae. The shingles are available in five colors, come with a 40-year limited warranty, and a 110 MPH wind limited warranty.

What is the most popular Atlas shingle color? ›

Atlas Pinnacle – We

Weathered Wood is one of our most popular colors. It's grey with a tinge of brown.

Which Atlas shingles is best? ›

Atlas is the only company to offer Core4 Technology in their class 4 impact resistant shingle. This makes their class 4 shingles the best on the market.

What is the rating on Atlas shingles? ›

Final Overall Score: 4.55/5

All of the shingles we reviewed proved to be at or above average, but if you're looking for a top-of-the-line, great shingle, the Atlas Pinnacle Pristine is a good choice. We've been really happy with how they perform year after year.

How long do Owens Corning Duration shingles last? ›

Choosing the right Duration series shingle for your home
ATTRIBUTESDuration®Duration FLEX®
SureNail® Technology
Limited Lifetime Warranty ³
Wind Resistance ⁴130 MPH130 MPH
Algae Resistance ⁴10 Years10 Years
10 more rows

Is CertainTeed better than GAF? ›

CertainTeed shingles are recommended, as workmanship and materials are a higher quality than with GAF. GAF Materials Corporation was founded in 1886. They merged with Elk in 2007, but continue to manufacture both Elk and GAF brands. They sell 15 types of shingles that vary in quality, composition, and price.

What is the most popular Owens Corning shingle color? ›

9% Owens Corning Onyx Black

We spoke with some roofers in California at a conference recently and they said this is their most popular color there. It's striking, though not terribly energy efficient, since it absorbs a lot of heat.

What class are Atlas Pinnacle shingles? ›

A Class 4 shingle offers the best possible protection from such hazards. Atlas Roofing manufactures two lines of Class 4 shingles, StormMaster® Shake and StormMaster® Slate. The key to their Class 4 rating is Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS), a rubberized polymer that gives a shingle more flexibility and durability.

How much are Atlas ProLam shingles? ›

Atlas Shingles Prices Per Square Foot
Price Per Sq.Ft.Cost Installed on 2,000 sq.ft
ProLam$0.69 – 0.81$5,380 – 5,620
BriarWood Pro$0.70 – 0.81$5,400 – 5,620
Legend$0.69 – 0.81$5,380 – 5,620
Atlas Premium Shingles
7 more rows
Mar 22, 2022

How much is a bundle of Atlas StormMaster shingles? ›

Atlas StormMaster® Weathered Wood Hip and Ridge Roofing Shingles (31 lin. Ft.)
Atlas StormMaster® Shake Impact-Resistant Roofing Shingles (32.8 sq ft) at Menards®
Everyday Low Price$52.00
11% Mail-In Rebate Good Through 9/5/22$5.72

What is the difference between Owens Corning Oakridge and duration shingles? ›

Owens Corning certifies their shingles through independent testing. The Oakridge series meets 110 mph wind resistance standards with a standard 4 nail application, but the Duration series can withstand winds of 130 mph.

What is the most common roof shingle? ›

The most common residential roofing material used in the United States, asphalt shingles are popular because they are economical and easy to install. These shingles can be reinforced with fiberglass or organic materials (cellulose) without changing the appearance of the shingle.

Is Owens Corning Duration a 50 year shingle? ›

American Roofing and Remodeling is a preferred contractor certified with Owens corning who offers a 50 Year shingles warranty. This covers both labor and material if a full roof replacement would need to be done.
Algae Resistance10 Years
Coverage per Square98.4 sq. ft.
7 more rows

How much do Owens Corning Duration Designer shingles cost? ›

Duration Shingle Prices

Owens Corning Duration shingles start around $100 per square.

What is the difference between duration and duration storm shingles? ›

Unlike standard shingles, TruDefinition Duration STORM features patented WeatherGuard Technology. TruDefinition Duration STORM Shingles are specially formulated to provide great contrast and dimension to any roof.

Are CertainTeed shingles any good? ›

Are CertainTeed shingles any good? CertainTeed shingles are one of the best brands out there for homeowners looking for a beautiful and durable roof. A general agreement among those in the roofing industry is that this brand's shingle quality is superior to most other fiberglass shingle brands.

Are Owens Corning shingles any good? ›

Owens Corning shingles are well known for their high quality because of the materials that are used and the process by which they are made. The shingles are layered with: Patented Fiberglas, which protects against the elements, and has a class A fire resistance rating.

How long do Owens Corning Duration shingles last? ›

Choosing the right Duration series shingle for your home
ATTRIBUTESDuration®Duration FLEX®
SureNail® Technology
Limited Lifetime Warranty ³
Wind Resistance ⁴130 MPH130 MPH
Algae Resistance ⁴10 Years10 Years
10 more rows

What class are Owens Corning shingles? ›

Class 4, Impact-Resistant Roofing Shingles | Owens Corning Roofing.

What are the longest lasting roof shingles? ›

The longest-lasting shingles on the market are laminated shingles with a lifetime warranty and fall into two categories: dimensional shingles, which have a standard architectural shingle pattern) and “luxury” shingles, which do a better job of approximating the appearance of shakes or slate shingles.

What grade of shingle is the best? ›

They're recognized by their clean, horizontal appearance, giving them a more decorative look with the 3-tab construction. Fiberglass-backed shingles have a Class A fire rating, which is the highest available.

What is the most popular CertainTeed shingle color? ›

Burnt Sienna – The most traditional option among the CertainTeed Landmark shingle colors, Burnt Sienna shingles have a warm reddish-brown hue that is a safe style choice for traditional homes, yet is still exciting enough to make your new roof really stand out!

What is the most popular Owens Corning shingle color? ›

9% Owens Corning Onyx Black

We spoke with some roofers in California at a conference recently and they said this is their most popular color there. It's striking, though not terribly energy efficient, since it absorbs a lot of heat.

What is the difference between Owens Corning Duration and duration flex shingles? ›

Duration FLEX™ shingles offer 42% better nail pull-resistance against wind compared with standard shingles. Built-in flexibility helps Duration FLEX™ shingles resist cracks and tears in all-weather installation conditions – offering more than 10% stronger tear strength compared with traditional shingles.

Is Owens Corning Duration a 50 year shingle? ›

American Roofing and Remodeling is a preferred contractor certified with Owens corning who offers a 50 Year shingles warranty. This covers both labor and material if a full roof replacement would need to be done.
Algae Resistance10 Years
Coverage per Square98.4 sq. ft.
7 more rows

How much do Owens Corning Duration Designer shingles cost? ›

Duration Shingle Prices

Owens Corning Duration shingles start around $100 per square.

How long will Duration shingles last? ›

The average lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is 10 to 30 years depending on the type of asphalt shingle you use. They don't last as long in warmer climates, such as the Southwest, as they do in colder climates in the north and northeastern regions.

Are Owens Corning shingles tax deductible? ›

Homeowners can claim a credit of 10% up to $500 of the purchase price of qualifying products. There is a $500 lifetime limitation on this credit. All Owens Corning products listed on page 1 of this certificate qualify for up to $500.

Which is better Oakridge or Duration shingles? ›

The Oakridge series meets 110 mph wind resistance standards with a standard 4 nail application, but the Duration series can withstand winds of 130 mph. SureNail Technology – This technology is the most important difference between a good shingle and a great shingle.

Which Owens Corning shingles are Energy Star rated? ›

Duration® Premium COOL Shingles are ENERGY STAR® rated and offer a corresponding Owens Corning® hip & ridge product for the finishing touch. These shingles also offer the advanced performance of patented SureNail® Technology.

Are tamko Heritage shingles Class 4? ›

Tamko Shingles

The Heritage series of laminated asphalt shingles now includes a Class 4 impact-rated version designed to resist cracking and rupturing from heavy hail, the firm says. The underside is reinforced with a layer of non-woven polyester fabric that uses thermally bonded fibers to add impact resistance.


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