LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 4 Recap (2023)

It’s Sunday night and depending on where you live it could be a long weekend. The only way tonight could be better is with some LEGO. Let’s get in to LEGO Masters Episode 4.

The door is up and our teams are presented with two wheels. The gameshow type that is.

Today there are two builds. The second of today’s builds will be an elimination. Yep, we are losing another team tonight.

LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 4 Recap (1)

The first build is called Fantastical Beasts. Each team will spin both wheels and have to combine the two animals they spin up.

This should be a heap of fun.

  • Gabby and Ryan – Shark Flamingo
  • Jess and Anthony – Pig Flamingo
  • Own and Scott – Shark Peacock
  • Amy and Dawei – Elephant Scorpion
  • Michael and Harrison – Spider Bat
  • David and Gus – Walrus Flamingo
  • Sarah and Fleur – Shark Frilled Neck Lizard

There is a giant curtain at the back of the room so they won’t get the giant projected clock.Teams will get 6 hours for this build.

David and Gus are handicapped a bit by David not knowing what a walrus is. Luckily Gus is able to sketch it out awesomely and they get to work. I don’t know how long it’s actually been but they’ve been on screen for like a minute and their build is already looking great.

They are going with a single leg design. Which could be risky in terms of balance.

Sarah and Fleur are thinking Glam Rock for their Frilled Neck Lizard Shark. I think Frilled Neck Lizard is an easy get because it’s got such an obvious thing to include.

Fleur is not experienced in building animals, which isn’t great.

Gabby and Ryan are going big. There’s 6 hours. This seem risky. They are going full Kale by the look of it.

Michael and Harrison’s Spider Bat is looking great so far. Terrifying but great.

Jess and Anthony are making something less combined than the other teams. It’s like somebody has sewn together half a pig and half a flamingo. I love it.

Amy and Dawei’s Scorpion Elephant seems to be huge and hitting all of the key elements you’d expect.

Scott and Owen seem to be trying to integrate Power Functions in to their Peacock Shark. This could be something that lifts their build above the others. If they can get it to work. Scott is working on the peacock feathers and they look great.

They are half way through the time. Could come down to the wire for some of these.

(Video) BTS, 95: LEGO(R) Masters Season 3, Episode 4 Review!

Fleur and Sarah’s build is not looking great. And then Fleur drops it and it looks worse.

Dawei and Amy are having problems with the structural integrity of their build, and Dawei cops a chunk of LEGO in the face for it. Thankfully he seems to be alright.

One hour to go!

Gus and David’s build is looking great but if it can’t stand up they are screwed. It seems to be standing and it looks great. They take the head off for some reason?

Gabby and Ryan still seem a long way off. This could be THE BRICK OF DOOM at work.

The Peacock Shark is getting its feathers. Attachment is proving to be an issue. A small support at the back seems to help. but I am sure Brickman will comment on that.

Scott returns from the Brick Pit and is blown away by the build that he has actually worked on. I don’t blame him it looks awesome. Could be a winner.

Dawei and Amy are really struggling, while Gabby and Ryan look like they may just get over the line.

I am not sure if Fleur and Sarah have ever seen a shark or not because their blue blob isn’t looking very shark-ish.

Jess and Anthony are fighting over a finishing touch. Time is up and it looks like everybody got their build done.

Let’s see the results…

Scott and Owen

LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 4 Recap (2)

The Hammerhead Peashark is awesome. Great detailing all over. It really looks like the two things it is meant to combine. Definitely a contender. Brickman isn’t a big fan of the stand. I don’t think it’s a dealbreaker.

Gabby and Ryan

They tried something ambitious and managed to get it done. Gotta give them credit for that. Brickman doesn’t seem blown away but I think it’s good.

Fleur and Sarah

If this was the elimination they’d be playing their Platinum Brick for sure. This is not good. It looks like they got Walrus.

Harrison and Michael

Oh this is creepy. I love it. I think they’ve done a great job with this one. The spider body is particularly good. I’m not sure about the wings though.

Amy and Dawei

I guess it does look like an Elephant Scorpion. Except that something has clearly gone wrong with the unattached ears.

(Video) Lego Masters US S03E04 1080p

Jess and Anthony

Their Pig Flamingo looks sad. I feel bad for the little guy. Not a bad build at all.

David and Gus

The two that one the last episode with an animal build have created another great build. The head flamingo head with tusks is great and the fact they got it standing like a flamingo without additional supports is a major tick. I think this will take it out.

The top two teams are Owen and Scott and David and Gus. Unfortunately only team can win the advantage for the elimination build, and that is… David and Gus.

Today’s second build is revealed as the curtain drops. It’s a huge space shuttle replica. The second build is called Mission to Mars. Hamish and Brickman open the shuttle to reveal 7 empty sections. Each team must fill their segment with a minifigure scale build.

LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 4 Recap (3)

There is a very limited space and it is going to come down to story for this one.

Teams have 8 hours. David and Gus get an extra 30 minutes, and they get to play it at any point of the build. Essentially pausing every other team for 30 minutes. This could be a good thing to save until the end of the build.

As Hamish points out this build is about Brick Economy. Getting the most you can in the limited space.

David and Gus are building an arcade with jumping castle. Super silly and fun. They are using Power Functions in their build to give it some life.

LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 4 Recap (4)

Sarah and Fleur are doing musical theatre. This could be fun but I worry about how much interesting detail and story they can fit in for this one.

Amy and Dawei are doing an alien jail break. I am not sure how well this fits the brief of what humanity would take on a mission to mars. These two really like to leave major components of their build until after the filler.

Scott and Owen are doing a space armoury. I think this fits the brief. You certainly wouldn’t colonise another planet without weapons, right?

There seems to be some debate about the level of colour. I think Brickman is going to blast them if it’s completely grey. They need some contrast.

Michael and Harrison’s idea is simple but I really like it. Of course we would take dogs to mars! They have dogs in mechs. How can this not win?!

Gabby and Ryan are doing an art gallery, but also adding in a heist story.

LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 4 Recap (5)

(Video) Lego Masters us Season 3 Episode 11 - Marvel Masters

Jess and Anthony are doing a chocolate factory. This seems very important. I love the Mars Bar pun of it. Could be a top build.

Brickman comes to chat to Sarah and Fleur and gives them a tip about making sure their build has a great central feature. I’m always iffy about this kind of direct advice. When the sole judge tells you to do something its because the sole judge wants to see that.

They decide to do the thing the sole judge suggested they do.

Brickman and Hamish stop for a chat and it seems Dawei and Amy, and Scott and Owen could be in trouble.

Owen and Scott get a chat with Brickman. He points out that it needs some colour and contrast.

LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 4 Recap (6)

In the stupidest move of the show so far Owen decides that ignoring the advice of the show’s sole judge is a good idea.

With one hour to go Gus and David hit the stop button and the other teams just have to stand around for the next 30 minutes. They aren’t even allowed to chat.

LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 4 Recap (7)

Gus and David decide to build a mechanical bull with their extra time. Could be a little extra feature that pushes them over the top of the other teams.

Scott and Owen are in trouble. I think they have forgotten that they are building for a TV show and their build needs to look good on that TV show. I can’t make out what is going on with their build.

Sarah and Fleur should be able to avoid using their Platinum Brick.

Dawei and Amy could be in trouble. It’s not looking great.

Scott and Owen are going to come to blows over colour.

Let’s check out the final builds…

Gabby and Ryan

The art gallery is beautiful. All of the artwork builds are beautifully done and really clever builds. I wasn’t sure about the heist plot but I really think it adds to it. They used the centre of the wand elements, that’s really good parts use.

Michael and Harrison

I think I liked the idea of this more than the exection of it. It’s good but not amazing.

(Video) Sneak Preview of LEGO Masters, Season 3, Episode 4!!!

They are safe but aren’t going to win it.

Sarah and Fleur

The advise from Brickman really helped with this one. The extra layering makes it a lot easier to take in all of the details. I am not sure this will win but no need for them to play the Platinum Brick.

I love the orchestra but the mirror is a really clever idea.

Scott and Owen

This is bad. The motion helps but it really is just a blur of grey elements. Without the closeup shots you can’t take in everything that is included and it’s lacking any clear story beyond “a military mech”.

Bottom two here.

Gus and David

LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 4 Recap (8)

From a clear bottom two build to a top two contender. Great motion with the jumping castle and the fold out mechanical bull makes great use of space. The details throughout the build are great.

Anthony and Jess

These two will be safe with this build. Lots to love about it and a really fun story. My only complaint is that the explosion of chocolate at the back doesn’t work. It looks like some random wooden structure rather than flowing wave of chocolate.

Amy and Dawei

This turned out better than I expected. The main alien looks pretty good and the rest of the set dressing works in with the story they have created. I don’t think it’s the best interpretation of the brief.

Brickman hints at these two being bottom two.

Time for the results…

Sarah and Fleur are feeling confident and don’t play the platinum brick.

The top two teams are… Sarah and Fleur as well as David and Gus. Both great builds but I think Gus and David have it.

And I was right. Gus and David take it out. There’s no prize but it makes 3 wins in a row for this team. Definitely the team to watch.

Unfortunately it’s not all good news. One team has to go. The bottom two teams are Amy and Dawei, and Owen and Scott.

Amy and Dawei are out.

LEGO Masters Season 3 – Episode 4 Recap (9)

This one feels like it wasn’t as clear cut as last weeks elimination. I really did not care for Scott and Owen’s build but agree that Amy and Dawei’s wasn’t perfect either. Honestly the more I think about it the more I think this is the wrong call. It feels like Brickman got it in his head early on that this build wasn’t going to work and wasn’t going to change his mind. The minifigure that he called out could have easily been played off as being a “here we go again” look. I have a feeling the Owen and Scott’s build is the sort of thing that appeals to AFOLs, so it’s possible nobody will agree with me.

(Video) Lego Masters us Season 3 Episode 5 - (Oct 19, 2022)

What did you think of this one?


What happened to Episode 4 of Lego masters? ›

The winners are… Nick & Stacey! 10:00 p.m. — Unfortunately two teams didn't rise to the top this week: Christine & Michelle and Jonathan & Xavier. Ultimately, the team Amy and Jamie decide to eliminate is Christine & Michelle.

Did Kristi and Daniel know each other before Lego masters? ›

Dan and Kirsti didn't know each other before the show and were paired together “Whoever was picking them did amazing. Looking back there is no one else I would have wanted to do this with.” There favourite thing to build together was the bridge. “We had so many challenges and builds we are proud of.”

Who won Lego Masters Season 3? ›

The top two teams were Dave & Emily, and Stephen & Stephen. Stephen & Stephen won the challenge. The bottom two teams were Emily & Liam, and Nick & Stacey. Emily & Liam were eliminated for poor time management, leaving them very little time to get the whole sky in their scene built.

Did Domino Masters replace LEGO Masters? ›

Don't worry, Domino Masters coming to FOX doesn't mean LEGO Masters is over. It's actually the opposite. LEGO Masters was renewed by the network in early December. With the similar name and formatting, fans can assume that LEGO Masters' success was what urged FOX to create Domino Masters.

Was LEGO Masters Cancelled? ›

As of November 29, 2022, LEGO Masters has not been cancelled or renewed for a fourth season. Stay tuned for further updates. Want to receive updates about this TV show automatically?

Are Caleb and Alex a couple LEGO Masters? ›

Port Macquarie's Caleb Campion had a very different relationship with his partner Alex, who he described as a lifelong friend. Caleb didn't know Alex prior to the show and they bonded over creating different builds. He said they laughed and had a lot of fun together on the show.

Are Joss and Henry Brothers? ›

The little boy who grew up playing with the iconic blocks in his bedroom is Australia's Lego Master. And now Joss Woodyard - who took out the title with his younger brother Henry on Monday night, May 16 - says he's one step closer to fulfilling his dream of becoming a Lego designer in Denmark.

Are Nick and Gene a couple? ›

Video editors Nick and Gene are best friends and lifelong LEGO® lovers. When they realised they shared this passion they became obsessed with what they could create.

Are Gabby and Ryan siblings LEGO Masters? ›

Gabby and Ryan might seem like they get along like old friends, but they actually met just before filming on LEGO Masters started. The pair revealed they got along from their very first conversation over Zoom and remain friends today.

Are Gus and David friends? ›

David and Gus have remained friends since filming on LEGO Masters wrapped and plan to do more building together in the future.

Where are Jackson and Alex now? ›

Since winning, Jackson and Alex have been working with not-for-profit organisation FORM in Western Australia on various projects. Their biggest is an immersive exhibition called Relics: Bricks of the New World, which runs until the end of May at The Goods Shed in WA as part of the Scribblers Festival.

Do Domino Masters build 16 hours straight? ›

For Eric, "the element of the sport" was what impressed him most about the series. The host revealed that the artists' creations took up to 16 hours of hard work and the competitors certainly broke a sweat — not to mention the emotional toll that the competition took.

Did Brad Pitt make Lego Masters? ›

Brad Pitt, an executive producer of Fox's Lego Masters since its inception, has yet to make an appearance on the show — until now. In the season 3 trailer of the brick-building competition series, debuting exclusively on EW (below), Pitt makes his debut — as a minifig, naturally.

How long does it take to film Lego Masters? ›

By the end, to make just 4 hours of TV, we had done 32 days of filming! All the builds were done in the “Build Room” a TV studio, set up with 8 workstations, and around 1 million LEGO Bricks! The shortest build was 15 minutes, the longest was 10 days!

Will there be a Lego Masters 2023? ›

LEGO Masters exploded onto our screens in 2019 and has cemented itself as one of the most popular shows on TV. In 2023, the feel-good phenomenon is back with an all star cast as the best of the very best return with a new wave of brilliant building and imagination for LEGO Masters: Grand Masters.

Which country did Lego Masters first? ›

Lego Masters is an international reality television show in which teams compete to build the best Lego project, based on the original British show of that name, which premiered in 2017. Many other countries adapted the format and began airing their own versions starting in 2018.

Do LEGO Masters get paid? ›

Yes, Lego Master Builder is a real job with a real salary. So what do they do? Every day is different when you are a Lego Master Builder. Today you might be giving a demonstration at a discovery center, tomorrow you are working on a life sized Batmobile and next week you have to finish up a Minecraft set for next year.

Are Lexi and Rachael friends LEGO Masters? ›

Rachael, 37, and Lexi, 33, are LEGO® Masters teammates from New South Wales. Rachael is an auditor. In 2015, her second son was born and since then their LEGO collection has exploded as they enjoy building together.

How old is Fleur LEGO Masters? ›

Season 3 (2021)
TeamAgesRelationship/ Occupation
Sarah & Fleur45 & 43Mums
Harrison & Michael26 & 25PhD candidate & physiotherapist
Anthony & Jess20 & 30Hotel concierge & science communicator
Amy & Dawei33 & 33Content creator & auditor/wedding photographer
4 more rows

Is Joss from Lego Masters married? ›

JOSS, 23, & HENRY, 20 NSW

For the Newcastle brothers, winning Lego Masters is all about setting themselves up for the future. "My girlfriend and I recently got engaged, so my share would easily cover the wedding," says Joss.

How old is Joss and Henry? ›

Joss, 23 and Henry, 20. From: NSW

Joss is obsessed with all things LEGO, working at a LEGO store and having one of his builds exhibited at the LEGO House Masterpiece Gallery in Denmark.

How many votes did Joss and Henry get? ›

Joss and Henry are crowned the winners of LEGO Masters Australia Season 4. Joss and Henry are the winners of LEGO® Masters Season 4! The brothers have won the title of Australia's next LEGO Masters and $100,050 prize money after they impressed Brickman and 200 voters with their 'Kaiju Monster vs Mecha Crab' build.

Does Brickman have kids? ›

The Brickman is a team of skilled LEGO® brick artists and craftspeople led by Ryan McNaught, aka “The Brickman” who never really grew up! Well that's not quite true, he has twin sons, but for decades he has been playing with those little plastic bricks called LEGO®.

Are Nick and Danielle together? ›

June 8, 2021: Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson get married

On June 8, 2021, Ruhl and Thompson tied the knot. "This is the last thing I thought would happen. It happened," Ruhl said as they exchanged vows. "We love each other and we care more about each other than we could ever express to anyone."

Do Danielle and Nick make it? ›

They were one of two couples to actually go through with the wedding on the show, but it was revealed by E! News in August that Danielle had filed for divorce.

Are Nick and gene from LEGO Masters a couple? ›

Video editors Nick and Gene are best friends and lifelong LEGO® lovers. When they realised they shared this passion they became obsessed with what they could create. While Nick tries to bring his sense of humour and creativity into each build, Gene is more focused on getting his builds done as quickly as possible.

Are Jess and Anthony LEGO Masters relationship? ›

"It was a weird kind of role between sister/mother-hen/bestie, it was an interesting space to fill." Now that filming on LEGO Masters has finished, Jess and Anthony remain friends and are thinking about doing more builds together. "We still chat now," Jess said.

Who are Zack and Wayne from LEGO Masters? ›

Whether it was parading dragons, exploding aliens, or wearable works of art, Stockton brothers Zack Macasaet, 26, and Wayne Macasaet, 28, built a name for themselves one brick at a time on Season 2 of Fox Network's LEGO Masters.

Is Gus Fring LGBT? ›

This week, AMC aired the ninth episode of Better Call Saul season six, titled “Fun and Games.” During the episode, it was finally made absolutely clear that Gus has been gay all along. The revelation took place as Gus actively – but also smoothly – flirted with a character called David at a wine bar.

Did Gus have a lover? ›

In 2020, Gilligan stated that "I personally think Max was more than just a friend to Gus. I think they probably were lovers." Gould later confirmed that Gus and Max were lovers by confirming that they were boyfriends on the Ringer podcast The Watch.

Why did Don Eladio let Gus live? ›

Don Eladio spared Gus' life when he killed Max Arciniega because he knew who Gus was. He recognized him as the man who had built his empire and was therefore not a threat that could be eliminated easily.

Did Henry and Cade know each other? ›

Henry and Cade were previously unknown to each other, having been paired together in the show's casting process.

Where are Jackson and Alex from? ›

From: Western Australia

Jackson, 29, and Alex, 29, best friends since high school, are ready to bring their A-game to the competition. They both fell in love with LEGO at a young age and have managed to use their favourite hobby to influence their careers.

What episode does Jackson beat up Alex? ›

Something's Gotta Give is the eighth episode of the seventh season and the 134th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Who has been evicted from Lego masters? ›

Despite being one of the strongest teams on LEGO® Masters, Kirsti and Daniel were sadly eliminated after the Beginning, Middle and End Challenge.

Is Lego masters on tonight 2022? ›

The fourth season of Australian reality television series Lego Masters aired on 18 April 2022.

What happened to Kale from Lego masters? ›

Kale and Bilsy

However, the passionate builders were known to clash during challenges, which certainly made the show interesting. Since then Kale has continued his love for LEGO building and LEGO photography on his Instagram.

Who won Lego masters 4? ›

Newcastle-based brothers Henry and Joss were tonight crowned the worthy winners of season four of LEGO® Masters on Channel 9. The impressively creative duo took out the title, winning $100,050.

Is LEGO Masters filmed in one day? ›

All the filming was done at weekends or in school holidays, and as me and Nate were both teachers this suited us perfectly. By the end, to make just 4 hours of TV, we had done 32 days of filming! All the builds were done in the “Build Room” a TV studio, set up with 8 workstations, and around 1 million LEGO Bricks!

Do they build for 24 hours straight on LEGO Masters? ›

They're usually around 8–12-hour builds. We were trying to think of something that's really much bigger than we would normally do for these challenges, but also not too big, so we don't run out of time.

Do Lexi and Rachel know each other Lego masters? ›

Rachael, 37, and Lexi, 33, are LEGO® Masters teammates from New South Wales. Rachael is an auditor. In 2015, her second son was born and since then their LEGO collection has exploded as they enjoy building together.

Who won Lego Masters 2022 last night? ›


Who is Crystal from Lego masters? ›

Melbourne-based content creator Crystal Wang is an absolute delight. Her style is colourful, her personality is bubbly, and her love of all things Lego is absolutely contagious. But don't be fooled by her appearances – this girl is also a cosplay master and a competitive Lego builder, as seen on Lego Masters Australia.

Do Lego Masters get paid? ›

Yes, Lego Master Builder is a real job with a real salary. So what do they do? Every day is different when you are a Lego Master Builder. Today you might be giving a demonstration at a discovery center, tomorrow you are working on a life sized Batmobile and next week you have to finish up a Minecraft set for next year.

Does Brad Pitt produce Lego Masters? ›

Brad Pitt, an executive producer of Fox's Lego Masters since its inception, has yet to make an appearance on the show — until now. In the season 3 trailer of the brick-building competition series, debuting exclusively on EW (below), Pitt makes his debut — as a minifig, naturally.

Does Jordan work for Brickman? ›

After being on the show i had the opportunity to work with the Brickman team as a model builder, were i worked building everything from small scale insects to full size cars. i recently left the brickman team to join the Light my bricks team as their content producer.

Who are the final 3 in Lego Masters 2022? ›

The Grand Final episode saw the three surviving teams were given 28 hours to create their last epic build, a gruelling task, after which a room full of Lego fans chose their favourite build to crown the 2022 Lego Masters. The teams who took on the final challenge were Joss and Henry, Nick and Gene, and Alex and Caleb.


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