LEGO Masters week 3 exit interview (2023)

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LEGO Masters week 3 exit interview (1)

We're back in the swing of things in season three of LEGO Masters. It's nice to see guest stars in the show again! Another team was eliminated this week; we'll interview that team after the break. There was a surprise at the end of this week's show - we have coverage of that as well.

For those who were missing an interview with the first team eliminated, we have a possibility for that interview, continue to watch this space. As always, we're including all the final builds from this week's show.

This week's challenge was a bucking mechanical bronco! Teams had to build a rodeo rider that could withstand all ten levels of the mechanical bull trying to throw them off.

The mother/son team of Emily and Liam won the challenge for the second consecutive week, and this time, it netted them the golden brick, which was introduced for the first time this season. Their build was an adorable jackalope that made it through all of the bull's gyrations.

Unfortunately, the team that had to go home this week was The Grandpappies, Kerry and Patrick.

However, after Kerry and Patrick left the set, there was a surprise - a new team, Ethan and Dom, were introduced! They're both well known on TikTok. The interview with Ethan and Dom is below that of Kerry and Patrick.

What are the details on some of your builds that weren't shown?

Patrick: In the first episode, they showed great detail – our build even got animated. I absolutely love that. Second episode - our Peaceful Valley Jurassic World build - the camera angle showed it from straight across when I feel like it should have been maybe overhead so more of the details that we put into that build could have been shown. It was a very detailed field overall. I think probably there was more focus on the story and not on putting visuals of the build. Having been there in person, I thought the angles used for several of the builds were not as complimentary as they could have been. But I'm not the editor. And I'm not complaining.

Kerry: For me, being from Nashville, it was the cowboy. I was trying to create this Porter Wagner rodeo type jacket with the swinging laces and things like that. I think even Brickmaster Amy - she loved that whole colourful jacket with the laces and birds and all kinds of things. You see country music stars wear those flamboyant jackets. That was what I was going for. When you have the opportunity, you have to pay homage to your hometown.

What was the inspiration for your space cowboy?

Patrick: Spaced Out Space Cowboy, Kerry and I came to that conclusion of that’s what we would build pretty quick. We both started building from opposite directions; Kerry was building on the bottom, and I was building on the top. When we met in the middle and finally put it together, we had to get together with each other's thoughts and ideas and make some real quick modification. I can remember seeing some comics where you’d see eyeballs on stems. I couldn't wait to build that part. I even had a little alien fly on the Cowboy’s nose, that was his buddy from riding so many rodeos throughout the galaxy. I will mention that we had a misunderstanding on the requirements of the build which was 30 inches tall. We thought it was 30 inches from the saddle up. And that didn't turn out to play in our favour. In retrospect, I would love to be able to build out space cowboy differently, give him longer legs. The whole time it was on (the bull) I'm going, “Come on make it to number six, make it to number six”. I do want you to know that the Spaced out Space Cowboy suffered no injury at all from falling off the bull.

Were there bricks that weren’t available in the brick pit that affected your builds?

Kerry: Absolutely, I can attest to that on the Spaced Out Cowboy. I was looking for the curvature. There are no curves there. Everything was kind of sharp edges versus the rounded slopes. So a lot of those things are having to you're having to make do or figure it out. The Technic pieces weren't quite there. You might have great Technic parts but no pins for a particular thing. Any criticism that stuff looks boxy is because we couldn't find curvature type pieces to kind of round off or sculpt.

Patrick: Getting acclimated with the brick pit was a challenge. We had an iPad, and it had a diagram that says where all the parts are located. It was no difficulty figuring those things out from the big containers that you could easily see. But all of those little drawers and some of those sneaky drawers had two or three things; they had dividers in them. At the brick pit was one of the things that excited me most about the show I could not wait to get up there and get my fingers in it. Fortunately we were table one in episodes one and two. So we were closer than everyone else, and I could go be the grabby person that I wanted to be.

Kerry: To build on what Patrick just said when we were looking for pieces, everybody would stop and tell us where it is. Everybody would always help each other out. So everybody was pulling for each other. Sometimes finding the right pieces that you want was more of a challenge than the clock.

How did you prepare for the show?

Patrick: I feel like in preparing for the show, what I needed to do was to be ready to create whatever I was given for the challenge. What I did to prepare for was to find out that a certain LEGO set had some techniques in it that I didn't know. It cost me a little money, but I went out and bought a few things instantly - that Bowser’s Airship was one. Kerry showed me his Nintendo Entertainment System. So I went out and bought that build, so I could see how that construction was. I wanted to work on something that was already in the bag, build it by the instructions, so I could learn the technique. I went through a lot of those. We got some tips by email to go out and look at some things on YouTube. Kerry and I got together, and we met a couple of times but not nearly enough. And I think it didn't turn out too bad for us.

Kerry: I was definitely encouraging Patrick to spend his money on some techniques. But I saw everything on YouTube. I bought tons of books. I had no experience with gears. I was kind of afraid to that the first challenges would require something movable, so I was trying to learn gears. Some challenges they would send us in homework, you know, building a household object, build something as a waterfall, build something that had movement, build something that expresses your personality. But just learning how to build for scale. It's one thing to build a large AT AT or Titanic, but a lot of that detail does get lost on the TV screen. You have to build somewhat simplistic, something large, something built for TV. We learned that the attention to detail is secondary to your storytelling, the use of colour and techniques. So if anything, that was really our challenge - we're both very detailed meticulous builders. And sometimes it's hard to edit. We have such a passion for detail and skill and techniques. A lot of those things don't really play well on TV. Build big and beautiful is probably the big takeaway that I would say. How can you tell your story without having to use any words, so to speak.

What’s a favourite memory from your experience?

(Video) Hamish smashes a LEGO motorbike that took 135 hours to make | LEGO Masters Australia 2020

Kerry: I will always come away with the fact that we're just a great big family. Everybody keeps talking about the competition. We're just a bunch of LEGO enthusiasts from all spectrums that absolutely love coming together and creating great stuff with LEGO. I love the fact that we're the two old guys, and we come across a little more grandfatherly. All the relationships we built carry over to the set. We built those relationships that I cherish for a lifetime and then when you go to Chicago and Brickfair Virginia, any of these shows, we gained a family. Even (contestants from) seasons one and two, and even some Australian folks, they just welcomed us to the family. There’s a unique bond that we have and that's something I will always cherish forever.

Patrick: Quiet moments for me is in the morning, coming downstairs, to get ready to be shuttled over to begin our day. Having breakfast, watching folks as they came downstairs. Sitting there, trying to keep my mind blank about “Oh no. What's happening today”, but then on the other side of the coin I was ready to go. Usually, I was the first one down in the lobby. It was great to see everybody come down and say hi to everyone. Having those brief conversations until we got put in the shuttle and driven across town.

Do you have any particular stories that you remember about interacting with Will Arnett?

Kerry: Well, Will is one funny guy. He enunciates very well, very quick-witted. And I tried to keep making references to his show Murderville that my wife absolutely loves. You know he plays that detective. One quick story - your mind is racing, and you're instructed to keep building while you're talking with him. So he asked “What is Peaceful Valley life with you and your family? What’s it like when you go to a Peaceful Valley?”. We got the Great Smokies and there are rivers and camping and food, and we just love the great outdoors. You see wildlife and I kept trying to say “black bears”, and it came out polar bears. He was so funny. He's a real joy. I love Will Arnett.

Patrick: Will is, to me, just an amazing professional at what he does. His talent overwhelmed me. I've been a DJ since age 20. So I’ve performed for large crowds and small crowds, for big city events as music between big concert acts. I understand what it's like to be on the firing line for performance. And watching him before the final edits that everybody gets to see and see what he went through, I was very amazed. In looking forward to being on season three of LEGO masters, one of the things that that excited me most was having to have interactions with Will Arnett. I was like, “Please let me get up here and have some fun with this man. Because he's great.” And we did. If you saw some of the episodes, you see how we cut up with each other a little bit. I understand that the show has got to be so long and at the end of episode two, where Will says to me, “Well, Patrick, you know this is an hour-long show.”, They didn't put my whole story out there. I was very, very lengthy in telling that story (about our build). So I deserve what he said, every bit of it. I was just hoping that would make the show. So those are the kind of moments I remember.

Kerry: The quick follow up to that was when we were working on episode three. Will Arnett comes over, and we’re working on the cowboy, and asks “How’s it going, guys”. We ask him, “Will, is this still a one-hour show?” He says yeah and asked what we're working on, and we said, “By the way, Patrick wants to give you part two of the story that he didn't get to tell you yesterday.” And he just loved it. I mean, he's just in the moment all the time. And nothing scripted. He’s just so off the cuff. He just comes over and freestyles with you.

Many contestants talk about feeling like they’re part of family. Can you share your perspective?

Kerry: Well, I think the fact that you’re together so long, and you had to be under NDA for so long. It's like the best kept secret. You can't really tell anybody. It's just such a closely held thing. Yet you're trying to up your game, learning about gears and techniques, watching every possible YouTube thing learned from the previous contestants. Like NFL football, you're breaking down film. Patrick and I would have these brainstorming sessions, thinking about all these different scenarios. I think you just have to be there. It's just as such a unique bond. I don't know if I don't know how to describe it.

Patrick: I'm gonna be bluntly honest, some of the way we were absolutely focused on competition. We thought that we got to out do these people. We did a Zoom challenge with six other teams off camera; Kerry and I were trying to form some kind of strategy about who we had to outdo. This is the mindset that I had walking in the door when the shuttle dropped me off at (host hotel). I walked in the room and there were some folks there and Christina and Michelle jumped up and screamed “Hey, it's the grandpappies, they made it to the show, I'm so happy.” And I'm going, “Wait a minute, maybe I'm not thinking about this exactly right.”. Over about the first week, while we were in the orientation and the boot camp, it all changed. It was no longer a competition with everyone. It was a competition between the challenge and what Kerry and I were going to do as a team.

You’re known as the Grandpappies. Do you build with your grandchildren?

Kerry: My grandkids are in Washington DC. I remember we had to film some video clips to make it possible to use on the show and my four-year-old was in those. He knows I enjoy building LEGO. I have a twelve-year-old that thought it was pretty cool, but told me “don't come home a loser”. I think it's something they have some bragging rights about with their friends at school I told my grandkids one day all this (LEGO collection) be yours. They can't wait. We're spending all this money for our grandkids. We can always be the cool grandpappies. We’ll never lecture you, we’ll just build some LEGO together.

Patrick: Well, I've been a granddad for quite some time. As a matter of fact, I have about three grandchildren. But my youngest grandson is my youngest son's son, he just turned six years old. And anytime I've had the opportunity to come over and not babysit, I call it playtime with because I always take a little bit of LEGO over. We do have this huge LEGO collection that I have amassed. It goes 100% to my youngest grandson, with the stipulations that he not be allowed to sell any of it until he's at least 18 years old and not to sell it for more than 10% less than market value.

After Kerry and Dom exited the set, Will introduced Ethan and Dom.

How did you first get into the hobby?

Dom: My LEGO journey started essentially when I was six. For my sixth birthday, I got 7667, Imperial Dropship, just an old Star Wars battle pack. I have a sealed copy in memory of it. Me and my dad built it when I was six, and that kind of tumble weeded into what this is now. Just that one set and a whole lot of credit card debt [laughs].

Ethan: I grew up very close to my family, I have two older brothers. We all got the 2008 Republic Gunship, and I was five at the time. That was the first set that we all built together. That was really awesome. Like Dom said, he used the word “tumble weed.” That’s exactly what happened to me. It started when I was five and I got that set. A few years later I was already building character builds and MOCs. I have pictures of little me, I was probably six or eight, holding smaller character builds. It’s really cool to see those pictures of how far you’ve grown. You know, from the younger version of yourself to where you are now. I would say its important to look back and see how much you’ve grown from your first set or your first MOC to where you are now.

What was it like coming into the show three episodes in?

Ethan: It was unexpected.

Dom: At first, we weren’t too thrilled about it, but then we got on board. I’ll just leave it at that.

(Video) Boone's LEGO Masters Finale Song That Never Aired

Ethan: We missed Chris Pratt! [laughs]

Dom: We missed Chriss Pratt! I mean, come on! [laughs]

Ethan: Coming into the third episode, there are definitely some difficulties. We felt behind. We didn’t know the brick pit. Also, we didn’t know the vibe, you know, time management. These other teams have had three episodes to know the style, know the brick pit, to know how to build as a team. Now the competition is getting very narrow; three teams have already left. There’s not much trial and error, we can’t mess anything up. There’s definitely that. Some people can look at it like “these people just skipped over to the fourth episode to build.” Or there’s also the negative way, we don’t know the brick pit, are we up for the challenge?

In episode three, there was a bit of a feeling of out with the old and in with the new at the end of the episode. What are your thoughts on that?

Dom: I really can’t say much on that because I haven’t really though about it like that. But, damn, that is kind of how it looks. What it comes down to is we didn’t have a choice. They were like: “this is what we’re going to do with you.” And we were like, “okay.” We loved the Grand Pappies, they’re great.

Ethan: I wish we’d gotten to know the previous contestants that have already left.

Dom: We had a little bit of time during wardrobe processes and stuff, like probably a week and a half, to get to know everybody. We did get to know everybody pretty well. But that is something that I do wish we had more time on: building, being in the build room, being off set with the other contestants. It’s something I do regret missing out on. But it is what it is.

Are there any challenges from the first three episodes that you wish you could have taken part in?

Dom: Every single one. Absolutely.

Ethan: The ship behind me is actually me doing the very first episode challenge. If we did a spaceship, this is a giant camera. We’re content creators. So, we’re basically traveling through the galaxy, capturing all the moments on camera. I thought that was fun. You can actually see my room inside there. It was really fun to build. I’d like to maybe do the other two challenges.

Dom: The rodeo challenge would have been really fun. I feel like we could have built something really silly. With it being a primarily character build, it is quite unfortunate that we didn’t get a chance to be a part of it. Also the second one for missing out on Chris Pratt [laughs].

What was the biggest challenge for you on LEGO Masters?

Dom: Ethan and I can both agree on this, our wardrobe. We don’t wear sweatshirts all the time. Especially in hot studios with giant lights. Although we were really good at hydrating ourselves and making sure we didn’t pass out of dehydration, it was still quite difficult building with a constant stream of sweat on your brow. That, I would say, was the most difficult part.

Ethan: Not time management, Dom? Not working as a team? Not knowing where the brick pit was? [laughs]

Dom: The heat intensified all of that!

Ethan: Will Arnett? [laughs]

Dom: That is a close second.

Ethan: Okay. [laughs]

Dom: We can’t reveal too much, Ethan!

And finally, all the builds from this week:

(Video) How Tyler & Amy Created the Winning LEGO Masters Model

Photo credit for all pictures: FOX

Many thanks to True North Bricks for their collaboration on these interviews.


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LEGO Masters week 3 exit interview (19)

By WesterBricks in United States,

I don't watch the show, can someone explain how a new team was added, mid-season right after a team was eliminated?

LEGO Masters week 3 exit interview (20)

By MTimes3 in Canada,

"For my sixth birthday, I got 7667, Imperial Dropship, just an old Star Wars battle pack."
OOF! OLD??? It’s only 13 yrs ago, that’s NOT old sheesh. Jk of course but still ouch that smarts. Am I old now??? Asking that question answers that question.

LEGO Masters week 3 exit interview (21)

By PetesBricks in United States,

@WesterBricks said:
"I don't watch the show, can someone explain how a new team was added, mid-season right after a team was eliminated?"

I missed this episode- I have no idea how that makes any sense to just add a team. There must be some real-life reason in terms of the writing/production of the show. Maybe they needed an extra episode? But then why did they send someone home on episode 1? It's just guessing on our end.

LEGO Masters week 3 exit interview (22)

By BricksandBoosters in United States,

I do not like the add a team twist. Reeks of the teams get along too well and we need to manufacture drama.

LEGO Masters week 3 exit interview (23)

By monkyby87 in United States,

@PetesBricks said:
" @WesterBricks said:
"I don't watch the show, can someone explain how a new team was added, mid-season right after a team was eliminated?"

(Video) How This Guy Builds Amazing Lego Models | WIRED

I missed this episode- I have no idea how that makes any sense to just add a team. There must be some real-life reason in terms of the writing/production of the show. Maybe they needed an extra episode? But then why did they send someone home on episode 1? It's just guessing on our end."

As of now there is no explanation. It happened in the last 5 minutes of the show, and they literally just came in, said they’re competing now, and that’s it. I figure there’s a twist in there somewhere, like maybe they’re not actually competing or something, but for now we don’t know.
LEGO Masters week 3 exit interview (24)

By PDelahanty in United States,

I think the new team was added in so that they could start with the same number of teams and have the same number of episodes, but cut out a non-elimination episode (which is usually the first one at least). I think it was a poor production decision. I'd rather not have teams joining in after it's already going. Even though it means more people get to be part of the show, it doesn't seem fair.

Dear Lego Masters Producers: DO NOT EVER DO THIS AGAIN!

LEGO Masters week 3 exit interview (25)

By JasonBall34 in United States,

Unfortunately, the producers probably have seen all this negative discussion about the new team being added, but they see it as indicative of a completely successful move and good decision on their part. "Woo-hoo! It's generating discussion and buzz!" And then they call it a day. And then promptly do it, or something even worse, next year all over again.

LEGO Masters week 3 exit interview (26)

By Yorick in United States,

They are teens, they probably had to complete a quarter in high school first, idk

LEGO Masters week 3 exit interview (27)

By Andhe in United Kingdom,

@WesterBricks said:
"I don't watch the show, can someone explain how a new team was added, mid-season right after a team was eliminated?"

Because it's a gameshow and the producers can do what they want. Add teams, remove teams, double eliminations, no eliminations. Whatever makes 'good TV'.

LEGO Masters week 3 exit interview (28)

By chuckschwa in United States,

Got to meet Kerry and Patrick at Brickfair VA, super nice guys! It was sad to see them go

I agree, I didn't think throwing a new team in was a very good idea either. This stunt has been done in television for years. Usually, it's a team from a previous season, or a team from another international version of the show, which I totally would have preferred. Bring back a team that got eliminated early on a previous season!

LEGO Masters week 3 exit interview (29)

By Johnnyred in United States,

@PDelahanty said:
"I think the new team was added in so that they could start with the same number of teams and have the same number of episodes, but cut out a non-elimination episode (which is usually the first one at least). I think it was a poor production decision. I'd rather not have teams joining in after it's already going. Even though it means more people get to be part of the show, it doesn't seem fair.

Dear Lego Masters Producers: DO NOT EVER DO THIS AGAIN!"

Agreed, terrible idea. What would have been better is the "Sudden Life" rounds like they have in the Australian version where a team can earn their way back.

(Video) How Did LEGO Masters Contestants Prep for the Show?


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