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What is Unemployment Insurance?

Unemployment Insurance (UI) is a program designed to ease the economic burden of unemployment by providing a temporary source of income for individuals who are unemployed through no fault of their own.

Who pays the unemployment tax?

In Mississippi, employers pay all of the unemployment tax.

How do I file for benefits?

As soon as you become unemployed, you may file a claim for unemployment insurance benefits online or by calling 601-493-9427. Note: MDES accepts new or reopened unemployment claims Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.However, people who served on active duty in the military or earned wages in another state or a federal agency may continue to file by phone on Mondays and Tuesdays. You can file claims online anytime on this website.

You should be prepared to provide the following information:
1. Your Social Security number,
2. Your complete mailing address and phone number,
3. The names, addresses, and phone numbers for all your employers for the last eighteen (18) months,
4. The dates you worked and the reason you left each employer.
5. Alien Registration number or Visa number, if you are not a U.S. Citizen.

What if I worked in more than one state? Can I file a claim against another state if I live in Mississippi?

If you worked in more than one state you may be eligible for a Combined Wage Claim. The base period wages from all states in which you worked are combined and you may be able to establish a combined wage claim under the law of a single state to qualify for benefits. An unemployment claims representative can explain the options and procedures for filing a Combined Wage Claim if you think you might qualify.

What is a benefit year?

The benefit year is 52 consecutive weeks. It begins on the Sunday of the week in which your application for benefits is filed. If monetary eligibility requirements are met, your claim will remain in effect for one year. (Note: This does not mean you will receive benefits for a full year).

How is the weekly benefit amount calculated?

A formula is used to calculate the amount of benefits based upon wages paid to you during the base period. Additionally, in order to be eligible one must have:
1. Worked and received wages in at least two quarters of your base period
2. Earned at least $780.00 in the highest quarter of the base period
3. Earned forty (40) times your weekly benefit amount in your base period

What is the maximum weekly benefit amount?

In Mississippi the maximum is $235.00 and the minimum is $30.00.

What is a base period?

The base period is defined as the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters immediately preceding your initial claim for benefits. Benefits are based on your earnings during this period of time.

What if I worked for an employer during the base period and the wages are not shown on my claim?

Once you file a claim for benefits, you will receive a Monetary Determination. The Monetary Determination shows the wages reported by your employer(s) during each quarter of your base period. Study the notice carefully. Be sure that it includes all wages paid during the quarters shown. If you believe that some wages you earned are not shown, you should contact the MDES Call Center and file a request for re-determination.

How long will it take to get my first benefit payment?

Provided you meet all the eligibility requirements, and you are unemployed through no fault of your own, you can expect to receive your first check after you have filed your second weekly certification.The first week is a waiting period.

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What is a waiting period?

If it is determined that you are eligible for benefits, the first eligible week that you file a claim will serve as your waiting period week. You will not be paid for this week.

If my claim is established for one year, why did I exhaust my benefits in six months?

The maximum amount of benefits you are eligible for is based on your base period wages. The maximum amount payable on any UI claim is 26 times your weekly benefit amount.

Can child support be deducted from my benefits?

Yes. The amount deducted from your benefit payment each week is determined by the Department of Human Services. If you disagree with the amount of child support deducted, or if you have any questions regarding child support, you should contact the Department of Human Services.

What if my weekly benefit payment is late?

Claims are processed Monday through Friday. Depending on when you submit your claim, whether it is online or by using the 2File UI app, you should receive your payment within 5 days from the date you filed your weekly certification.

Can an employer protest payment of a claim?

Yes. The employer has the same appeal rights that the claimant has.

If I quit my job, or get fired, will I be eligible for benefits?

Possibly. If it is determined that you were not discharged for misconduct connected with your work, or if you can prove you had good cause for leaving your employment, you may be entitled to benefits.

What does "misconduct" mean?

Generally, misconduct is an act which is either willful or is an intentional disregard of the employer's interest.

What are the eligibility requirements?

To be eligible for UI benefits, one must:
1. Must be unemployed through no fault of your own.
2. File a weekly claim as required - Claims filed late may be denied.
3. Be able to work - You must be mentally and physically able to work your normal work week.
4. Be available for work - You must be ready to go to work. You must be willing to accept full-time work. You must have transportation and have made necessary childcare arrangements. You cannot have barriers or conditions, which prevent you from accepting work immediately.
5. Be actively seeking work - To meet availability requirements you must make a "good faith" effort to find work. An active work search effort is required.

What is an Eligibility Review?

Periodically you will be scheduled to report in person for an Eligibility Review. You will receive a notification that will tell you the date and time to report. At this time, you will be asked to provide at least three places you have looked for work. If you fail to report as scheduled for your Eligibility Review, your claim may be affected.

Must I register for work with the WIN Job Center?

Yes. Failure to register for work with the WIN Job Center in your area could result in a delay or denial of your benefits.

If I am registered with a union, or a private employment agency, am I still required to register with the WIN Job Center?


If I accept odd jobs, or part-time work, can I still receive benefits?

Yes. But remember, you must report all wages when earned, not when paid. Your weekly claim form asks, "Did you do any work last week?" If you work, simply report the dates, name of the business you worked for, number of hours worked, and the gross amount you earned during that week.

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Do I report my gross earnings or my net earnings on my weekly claim?

Report your total earnings, before deductions, for the week you actually perform the work, regardless of when you get paid. We will deduct any earnings over $40.00 from your weekly benefit amount.

What if I refuse an offer of work?

If you are offered work, and it is determined that it was suitable work, your benefits may be denied for up to 12 weeks.

What if I go back to work full-time?

Advise the MDES Call Center of the date you will return to work, or provide the date when filing your weekly claim form..

What do I do if my address changes?

Notify the MDES Call Center as soon as possible. If you move out of the area, or to another state, you must report immediately to the claims center nearest your new address. Visit our list of Other States' Labor sites to find the office nearest you.

Do I have to pay federal income tax on the unemployment benefits that I receive?

Yes. You can elect to have tax withheld from each benefit payment, or you can wait and pay the tax when you file your tax return.

What should I do if I am separated from my part-time job while filing a claim for benefits as Working Part-Time?

Notify the MDES Call Center as soon as possible after the separation.

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What are my rights if I disagree with an eligibility decision?

Whether you are an employer, or a claimant, you have the right to file an appeal and receive a hearing.

When should I file an appeal?

If you disagree with a decision you have 14 days from the mailing date of your decision to request an appeal. You may file by contacting the MDES Call Center, or mail in a written request to:

Appeals Department
P.O. Box 1699
Jackson MS, 39215-1699.

If I file an appeal, do I need an attorney?


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Should I continue filing weekly claims if I file an appeal?

Yes. You should continue to file your weekly claim forms as long as you are unemployed.

How long does it take to get a hearing scheduled?

Once you have filed an appeal you will receive written notification of the time and date of your hearing. Hearings are scheduled as soon as possible. After the hearing has taken place you should receive a written decision from the Administrative Appeals Officer, usually within 14 days. The Administrative Appeals Officer has the authority to reverse, modify, or sustain a decision.

Will the appeal process stop my benefit payments if I am currently receiving UI benefits?

No. If you were deemed eligible and have been receiving benefits, your payments will not stop unless/until the Administrative Appeals Officer reverses the original decision.

After my hearing, if I disagree with the Administrative Appeals Officer's decision, what should I do?

If you disagree with the Administrative Appeals Officer's decision, you can file an appeal to the Board of Review by writing to the address on your letter or by contacting the MDES Call Center. If you still disagree with the Board of Review's decision, you may then file to the Circuit Court in the county where you live. In cases where the plaintiff is not a resident of the State of Mississippi, such action may be filed in the circuit court of the county in which the employer is located, where the cause of action occurred, or in the county of employment. If you disagree with the Circuit Court Judge's decision you may then file to the Mississippi Supreme Court.

Where can I get more appeals information?

You may call the Appeals department in the state office at (601) 321-6294.

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Why am I overpaid?

An overpayment occurs when a claimant receives benefits for which he or she is not entitled.

What is the penalty for failing to report my earnings?

An overpayment will be established and you may be assessed a disqualification for a time period up to one year. Unemployment fraud is punishable by Law. You could get up to 30 days in jail and/or be fined up to $500.00 for each week benefits are unlawfully received.

Will I be charged interest on the overpaid unemployment benefits?

Yes. Interest will accrue at the rate of 1% per month on the unpaid balance.

Where do I send my payments?

Payments may be mailed to:

Mississippi Department of Employment Security
Benefit Payment Control Department
PO Box 22730
Jackson MS 39225-2273

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Please write ONLY the last four digits of your Social Security Number on your payment to ensure that the correct account is credited.

Can I set up monthly payments?

A minimum payment of $150 every thirty days is required in order to avoid legal action to collect the non-fraud debt.

Can I pay less than the required monthly payment?

Any amount submitted will be applied to the outstanding balance. However, in order to prevent legal action from being taken, you must submit the required payment of $150 every thirty days for non-fraud debt .

Can you take the overpayment amount out of my benefits?

If you are eligible for unemployment benefits, and file weekly claims, the amount of your benefit payment will automatically be applied toward your overpayment.

Can you take half of my benefits, and send me the other half?

No. The entire amount of your benefit payment will be applied toward your overpayment until it is cleared.

I did not work for the employer that is stated on my Audit Letter or Notice of Determination for the weeks listed. How can I correct this error?

You must contact the employer in question and have them write a letter (on their company letterhead) to the Benefit Payment Control Dept. This letter must include your name, Social Security number, and a statement regarding the incorrect wage information.

I did not get a benefit payment for the weeks listed on the Audit Letter or Notice of Determination. What do I need to do?

If a week is listed on your Audit Letter, our records indicate a payment was sent to you for that week. If you did not receive this payment, you will need to contact the MDES Call Center.

Why haven't I received a cancellation when I paid the full amount with a personal check?

Personal checks take up to 30 days to clear the bank.

If I have a collection lien/warrant on my credit report, how can I get it removed once I have paid the full amount of my overpayment?

We will send you a copy of the lien cancellation that is sent to the Circuit Clerk. You need to present that as proof to the credit bureau that you have paid your overpayment in full. We do not communicate with the credit bureau.

Why wasn't I informed that my wages could be garnished?

You were informed on your Notice of Determination about the legal steps that can be taken if you fail to make payments as required. You were also informed on a First and Final Notice.

What is a collection warrant?

A collection warrant is a lien that is enrolled on the judgment book at the Circuit Clerk's office to collect on an overpayment. (See Section 71-5-367 MESC Law and Regulations).


How long can you draw unemployment in Mississippi? ›

The benefit year is 52 consecutive weeks. It begins on the Sunday of the week in which your application for benefits is filed. If monetary eligibility requirements are met, your claim will remain in effect for one year. (Note: This does not mean you will receive benefits for a full year).

What does issue on file mean for unemployment in Missouri? ›

Any situation that requires a determination to be made regarding your eligibility to receive benefits is called an “issue”. An issue can take on average 4-6 weeks to be completed.

How do I file my weekly unemployment benefits in Mississippi? ›

You may file your current weekly claim certification online through MDES' Online Unemployment Services. You must login with your user id and password or establish a new user id and password if you are not a current user. You may file online outside normal business hours.

How long does an unemployment appeal take in Georgia? ›

If you are approved for benefits, your former employer may appeal within the same fifteen-day period. If either party appeals, the Georgia Department of Labor will typically schedule a telephone hearing within two to three weeks.

Can I collect unemployment if I quit? ›

While in most cases you cannot voluntarily quit a job and collect unemployment insurance benefits, where you can show “unsafe, unhealthful, or dangerous” working conditions, that were so intolerable that you had “no choice but to leave the employment,” you could be eligible to collect unemployment insurance benefits.

Can I get an extension on my unemployment benefits in Mississippi? ›

Extended Benefits (EB)

The basic EB program provides up to 13 additional weeks of benefits when a State is experiencing high unemployment.

What disqualifies you from getting unemployment in Missouri? ›

You may be disqualified from receiving UI benefits if you've been discharged for misconduct connected with work, quit for reasons not attributable to work or your employer, refused a suitable work offer, or are not able or available to work.

How do I know if approved for unemployment Missouri? ›

Access information about your claim 24/7 by logging into your account at The website also has information on past benefit year claims. You can print a summary if you need proof of your unemployment for any reason.

Do you have to pay back unemployment in Missouri? ›

Claimants are required to pay back overpaid unemployment benefits, those payments are returned to the Trust Fund. Benefit charges for overpaid amounts are removed from an employer's account.

How do I know if my unemployment claim was approved? ›

You can check your claim status online at Unemployment Benefits Services or call Tele-Serv at 800-558-8321. We use information from you and your last employer to determine if you qualify.

How much is unemployment in MS now? ›

The base period of a claim includes the first four (4) of the last five (5) completed calendar quarters immediately preceding the effective date of the claim. The minimum WBA in Mississippi is $30.00. To estimate your WBA you must first determine what your wages are for the highest quarter during your Base Period.

How do I file weekly over the phone in Mississippi? ›

If you worked and earned wages in Mississippi, you may file a claim for unemployment insurance benefits online or by calling 601-493-9427. Your claim for benefits will be effective the Sunday of the week the claim is filed.

How long does it take to hear back from appeals? ›

An appellate court may issue its opinion, or decision, in as little as a month or as long as a year or more. The average time period is 6 months, but there is no time limit. Length of time does not indicate what kind of decision the court will reach.

Is Georgia an at will state? ›

Georgia is an at-will employment state, meaning that an employee can be fired for any reason except an illegal one. Types of Wrongful Termination: Discrimination. Breach of Contract.

How do you know if you were denied unemployment in Georgia? ›

You will receive a claim determination letter from the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) if your unemployment claim has been denied. This letter will list the specific reasons why your claim was denied and give you information on the appeals process.

How do you prove just cause for quitting? ›

You are justified voluntarily leaving your job in the following situations if, considering all the circumstances, quitting your job was the only reasonable alternative in your case: sexual or other harassment. needing to move with a spouse or dependent child to another place of residence. discrimination.

What am I entitled to if I quit my job? ›

Normally, you would be entitled to full pay up to the effective date of termination of employment (your last day of employment), including any holiday pay for holiday you have built up but not taken, overtime, bonuses and commission earned up to that date.

Can I quit my job for medical reasons? ›

Health and medical reasons account for a significant number of voluntary separations from employment. Most states consider certain medical reasons to be “good cause” for quitting employment, and a claimant may be entitled to benefits if they quit under these circumstances.

Whats the most unemployment you can get? ›

If you are eligible to receive Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits, you will receive a weekly benefit amount of approximately 50% of your average weekly wage, up to the maximum set by law. As of October 2, 2022, the maximum weekly benefit amount is $1015 per week.

How long do you have to file for unemployment after losing your job? ›

File for unemployment in the first week that you lose your job or have your hours reduced. Your claim begins the Sunday of the week you applied for unemployment. You must serve a one-week unpaid waiting period on your claim before you are paid UI benefits.

How do I fix EDD disqualification? ›

If you are disqualified from receiving benefits, you have the right to appeal within 30 days of the mailing date on your Notice of Determination. Visit Unemployment Insurance Appeals for more information on the process.

What is good cause for quitting a job and collect unemployment in Missouri? ›

If you recently lost your job through no fault of your own, are unable to work due to a natural disaster or quit for good cause related to the work or the employer, you may be eligible to receive unemployment benefits.

What do I do if I get denied unemployment in Missouri? ›

If you disagree with the determination, you can file an appeal. The appeal must be filed within 30 days of the date of the determination. For more information, visit How to File an Appeal.

How many hours can you work and still get unemployment? ›

For JSA, if you're working 16 hours or more, you'll be classed as a full-time worker and your payments will be stopped. If you work less than 16 hours, your payments will be reduced based on a sliding scale. You must declare your change in circumstances as soon as you're earning £5 or more per week.

What is base period for Missouri unemployment? ›

In Missouri the base period is defined at the first four of the previous five completed calendar quarters immediately preceding the quarter in which the claim begins. See below to determine base period of an unemployment claim. *Base Periods always begin on the first Sunday in January, April, July, and October.

How long do you have to work in the state of Missouri to get unemployment? ›

To be eligible for this benefit program, you must meet all of the following: Unemployed, and. Worked in Missouri during the past 12 months (this period may be longer in some cases), and.

What is seasonal unemployment? ›

It refers to a situation where a number of persons are not able to find a job in a particular season. It occurs in the case of agriculture, ice-cream factories, woollen factories, etc. Following measures may be suggested to reduce seasonal unemployment.

How do I appeal an unemployment overpayment in Missouri? ›

Appeals can be filed by a claimant, an employer, or a licensed Missouri attorney by using either the Claimant Request for Appeal Form, the Employer Request for Appeal Form, or online using Uinteract.

What is unemployment repayment? ›

After leaving your job, your employer will provide Revenue with your pay and tax details and your leaving date. A claim for an unemployment repayment can be made: immediately if emergency tax was applied in your last employment.

What happens when Missouri unemployment runs out? ›

When those benefits run out, you may be able to collect Extended Benefits (EB), another federal program designed to help states during periods of high unemployment.

What does the determination is reversed mean? ›

Reversal can occur when the decision of a court of appeal is that the judgment of a lower court was incorrect. The result of reversal is that the lower court which tried the case is instructed to vacate the original judgment and retry the case.

What does non monetary mean in unemployment Missouri? ›

Monetary. Select Monetary to display a screen providing detail on the claimant's wages and employer account chargeability. Non-Monetary. Select Non-Monetary to display a screen providing detail on the claimant's pending and prior issues and the associated decisions.

What does claim summary mean? ›

The Claim Summary, sometimes referred to as the Explanation of Benefits (EOB), shows how a claim was paid, denied, how much was paid to the Provider, and will also let You know if You owe an additional amount to that Provider.

How long does it take to get unemployment back pay? ›

It takes at least three weeks to process a claim and issue payment to most eligible workers. With the large amount of claims we are processing, there may be delays.

How do I get rid of my unemployment overpayment? ›

What to Do If You Receive an Overpayment Notice
  1. File an appeal: If you feel that you received the notice in error, go to your state unemployment website to request a hearing.
  2. Request a waiver: If the overpayment is legitimate, then you may be entitled to either a waiver or forgiveness of it.

What does benefit amount mean? ›

Benefit Amount means the insurance benefits provided in the policy and is the amount of insurance issued as shown on the Schedule. Sample 1Sample 2Sample 3. Benefit Amount means the highest amount payable under the Scale of Benefit applicable at the time of accident.

What is the maximum weekly benefit amount in Mississippi? ›

In Mississippi, your WBA is calculated by taking the total wages from the highest quarter of your base period and dividing that number by 26. Your maximum total benefit amount cannot exceed the total wages of your highest quarter; in other words, your maximum benefits cannot exceed 26 times your WBA.

Do you get paid for the waiting week on unemployment in Mississippi? ›

If it is determined that you are eligible for benefits, the first eligible week that you file a claim will serve as your waiting period week. You will not be paid for this week.

How do I unlock my Mdes account? ›

If you have a verified email address registered with MDES, please enter your username and email address below. After clicking Submit, an email containing password reset instructions will be sent to you.

What is the success rate for appeals? ›

Depending on the type of case, the overall success rate for appeals is somewhere between 7% and 20%.

How long does a Stage 2 appeal take? ›

Overall you can expect to receive a final decision under the appeals procedure within 90 days of the date your Stage Two appeal was accepted.

How long does a direct review appeal take? ›

If you choose the direct review option, a Veterans Law Judge will review your appeal based on evidence you already submitted. You can't submit new evidence, and you can't have a hearing. Note: The direct review option will take an average of 365 days (1 year) for the Board to complete.

Can I sue my employer for stress and anxiety in Georgia? ›

Georgia law protects employees from intentional infliction of emotional distress; however, these claims are very difficult to bring. There must be proof that the employer is responsible (not just the perpetrator) and the conduct must have been extreme and outrageous.

What voids a will in Georgia? ›

For a will to be valid in Georgia, it must be written – either typed or by hand. (Georgia Code § 53-4-20). Oral wills, or wills that are recorded by audio or video, are not valid in Georgia. Holographic wills, which are wills that are written but not signed by two witnesses, are not valid in Georgia.

Can a job fire you for being sick with a doctor's note in Georgia? ›

Employees cannot be lawfully fired while on medical leave under the protection of the FMLA. That being said, the FMLA doesn't apply to everyone; there are certain conditions that must be met. Among them: The FMLA only applies to business with 50 or more employees.

What is cyclical unemployment? ›

What Is Cyclical Unemployment? Cyclical unemployment is the component of overall unemployment that results directly from cycles of economic upturn and downturn. Unemployment typically rises during recessions and declines during economic expansions.

How long does it take for EDD appeal decision? ›

According to Gregory Crettol, the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board's CUIAB assistant director of policy, research, and innovation, the average wait time in September 2021 was 21 weeks from when someone files an appeal to when someone gets a decision mail date.

What is considered job abandonment in Georgia? ›

Job abandonment occurs when an employee does not report to work as scheduled and has no intention of returning to the job but does not notify the employer of his or her intention to quit.

How much unemployment can I get in MS? ›

The basic program provides up to 26 weeks of benefits to unemployed workers, replacing about half of their previous wages, on average. Benefits offered to unemployed workers vary greatly from state to state — from $235 in Mississippi (the lowest for a state) up to $855 in Massachusetts.

What is the most money you can get on unemployment? ›

The unemployment benefit calculator will provide you with an estimate of your weekly benefit amount, which can range from $40 to $450 per week. Once you submit your application, we will verify your eligibility and wage information to determine your weekly benefit amount.

How many job searches are required for unemployment in Mississippi? ›

You MUST be registered for work with MDES Employment Services (Mississippi Works). You MUST contact three (3) employers each week to apply for full time work (35 hours or more). An actual application must be completed with at least one of the three employer contacts.

Can I get benefits if I work full-time? ›

Yes, you certainly can claim some benefits – depending on how many hours you work in a week.

What can I claim if I am unemployed? ›

Benefits you can claim if you are not working or are on a low...
  • Statutory Sick Pay. ...
  • New-Style Jobseeker's Allowance. ...
  • New-Style Employment and Support Allowance. ...
  • Universal Credit. ...
  • Tax Credits. ...
  • Child Benefit. ...
  • Healthy Start Scheme. ...
  • Sure Start Maternity Grant.
4 Apr 2022

How long does it take to receive my unemployment money after making a request for payment in Kentucky? ›

If there are no disqualifying factors, we will generate the payment by either direct deposit or a debit card within 2 to 5 days. If you continue to be unemployed you can request your second benefit payment online at or calling 877-369-5984.

Does Notice of Unemployment Insurance Award mean I am approved to receive payments? ›

This Notice is not a final decision on whether you are eligible to receive Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits. Review this Notice carefully to ensure your employer and wage information in the table below are accurate.

How do I know if my EDD disability claim was approved? ›

Most claims are processed within 14 days of receipt of a completed claim. You can log in to your account to check the status of your DI claim at any time. Note: For the status of your PFL claim, you must call 1-877-238-4373.

Do you have to pay back a non fault overpayment PA unemployment? ›

Non-Fault Recoupable Overpayment

A non-fault overpayment will be deducted from any future benefit payments during the benefit year when the benefit was paid and the three-year period immediately following that benefit year. The deductions may not exceed one-third of the weekly benefit rate.

Can Social Security take your whole check for overpayment? ›

If you are receiving SSDI payments, Social Security will withhold the full amount of your benefit each month, unless you request a lesser withholding amount. If you are receiving SSI, Social Security will withhold 10% of the federal benefit rate each month to recover the overpayment.


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