More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (2023)

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John Goodman - 100 Pounds Al Roker - 150 Pounds Miranda Lambert - 20 Pounds Jimmy Kimmel - 25 Pounds Jonah Hill - 30 Pounds Gordon Ramsay - 50 Pounds Simon Cowell - 20 Pounds Ross Mathews - 50 Pounds Action Bronson - 127 Pounds Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi - 42 Pounds Kelly Osbourne - 85 Pounds Drew Barrymore - 20 Pounds Mo’Nique - 80 Pounds Kate Hudson - 25 Pounds America Ferrera Lost An Undisclosed Amount of Weight Shannon Beador - 40 Pounds Shonda Rhimes - 15o Pounds Missy Elliott - 70 Pounds Rebel Wilson - 66 Pounds Carrie Underwood - 2o Pounds Alec Baldwin - 60 Pounds Seth Rogen - 30 Pounds Chaz Bono - 85 Pounds Kelly Clarkson - 40 Pounds Tyra Banks - 30 Pounds Chris Pratt - 60 Pounds Charles Barkley - 40 Pounds Adam Richman - 70 Pounds Ricky Gervais - 40 Pounds Phylicia Rashād - 35 Pounds Jerry Ferrara - 50 Pounds Star Jones - 160 Pounds EJ Johnson - 130 Pounds Claire Richards Lost 80 Pounds Charlotte Crosby - 30 Pounds Timbaland - 130 Pounds Wayne Knight - 117 Pounds Rosie O’Donnell - 175 Pounds Susan Boyle - 30 Pounds Rex Ryan - 105 Pounds Princess Eugenie Lost a Few Pounds Pre-Wedding Rachel Frederickson - 155 Pounds Chrissy Metz - 100 Pounds Christian Bale - 70 Pounds Valerie Bertinelli - 47 Pounds Zach Galifianakis - 50 Pounds Kendra Wilkinson - 55 Pounds Kim Kardashian - 70 Pounds Natalie Portman - 20 Pounds Eminem - 81 Pounds Gabourey Sidibe - 150 Pounds Jessica Simpson - 50 Pounds Jennifer Hudson - 80 Pounds Christina Aguilera - 50 Pounds Whoopi Goldberg - 30 Pounds Austin “Chumlee” Russel - 95 Pounds Janet Jackson - 60 Pounds Dawn French - 98 Pounds Kevin Smith - 85 Pounds Anne Hegerty - 20 Pounds Marie Osmond - 50 Pounds Carnie Wilson - 150 Pounds Abby Lee Miller - 40 Pounds Mariah Carey - 30 Pounds Jordin Sparks - 50 Pounds Sharon Osbourne - 20 Pounds Lisa Riley - 140 Pounds Drew Carry - 80 Pounds Mama June - 200 Pounds Melissa McCarthy - 75 Pounds Marissa Jaret Winokur - 60 Pounds Paul Wall - 130 Pounds Khloe Kardashian - 40 Pounds Chaka Khan - 60 Pounds Candace Cameron - 22 Pounds Holly Hagan - 40 Pounds Mila Kunis - 20 Pounds Ed Sheeran - 50 Pounds Oprah Winfrey - 26 Pounds Matthew McConaughey - 42 Pounds Adele - 42 Pounds Ricki Lake - 100 Pounds Queen Latifah - 30 Pounds Tony Robbins - 20 Pounds Melissa Joan Hart - 40 Pounds Kelly Rowland - 70 Pounds Celine Dion Lost An Undisclosed Amount of Weight Trace Cyrus - 50 Pounds Tom Hardy - 30 Pounds David Harbour - 75 Pounds Angela Deem - 90 Pounds Randy Jackson - 114 Pounds Adrienne Bailon - 20 Pounds Quinton Aaron - 100 Pounds Gregory Gourdet - 40 Pounds Ryan Lochte - 21 Pounds Jacob Batalon - 100 Pounds Hilary Duff - 30 Pounds Jay Ellis - 15 Pounds Jennifer Lopez - 10 Pounds Jenna Jameson - 80 Pounds Joe Giudice - 70 Pounds Tyler Baltierra - 24 Pounds AJ McLean - 27 Pounds Tom Arnold - 75 Pounds Ayesha Curry - 35 Pounds Peter Facinelli - 30 Pounds Raven-Symoné - 40 Pounds Jodie Sweetin - 37 Pounds Ree Drummond - 60 Pounds Rob McElhenney - 70 Pounds Billy Joel - 50 Pounds James Corden - 84 Pounds Tiffany Haddish - 40 Pounds Busta Rhymes - 100 Pounds Videos

John Goodman - 100 Pounds

At his heaviest, actor John Goodman weighed nearly 400 pounds. Yes, you read that right, 400! When he realized just how heavy he was, he decided it was time to make a change. His first step to weight-loss? Cutting out alcohol.

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Then, he focused on cleaning up his diet, eating lean meats, tons of fruits and veggies, and protein shakes. The last step in this life-changing endeavor was hiring a personal trainer; he's lost and managed to keep off more than 100 pounds.

Al Roker - 150 Pounds

Who doesn't love "Today Show's" Al Roker? Though it may seem like it's the more, the merrier when it comes to the TV personality, topping out at 340 pounds may be a little too much. After failing at various diets, Roker underwent gastric bypass surgery to lose weight.

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Roker reported that he had dropped 150 pounds post-operation, eating mostly high-protein and low-carbs. The host even decided to write a book about his journey, "Never Goin' Back: Winning the Weight Loss Battle For Good."

Miranda Lambert - 20 Pounds

When you're constantly on the red carpet, you have to work hard to keep up appearances. No one knows this better than country singer Miranda Lambert. She lost 20 pounds, revealing an even more jaw-dropping body on the red carpet.

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She shared her tricks with "Women's Health," explaining that giving up on diets and making more conscious healthy choices like fruit instead of fries is really what helped her. The singer also recommends eating more veggies, green juice, and doing run-walk intervals! If it gets us a body like hers - sign us up!

Jimmy Kimmel - 25 Pounds

Jimmy Kimmel never thought that much about his weight until he hosted Dr. Oz on his show back in 2010. After the doctor explained his concern for the comedian, Kimmel decided it was high time to begin dieting.

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What did this diet entail - having two protein shakes and a small dinner every day for around two months, and eventually moving on to a 2,000 calorie-a-day regimen. Kimmel quickly dropped the 25 pounds and now swears by intermittent fasting!

Jonah Hill - 30 Pounds

Jonah Hill went from "Superbad" to super-slim, and we are here for it! His weight loss journey began back in 2011, before the production of "21 Jump Street," when Hill revealed his drastic 30-pound weight loss.

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The actor got himself a trainer and a nutritionist and has continued to lose weight and even showed off a much slimmer figure in 2017.

Gordon Ramsay - 50 Pounds

Who would have ever thought that the one and only Gordon Ramsay would lose weight for love?! In 2018, the "Hell's Kitchen" chef revealed that he decided to shape up to save his marriage. He felt overweight, and he felt like he needed to change for her.

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In Ramsay's opinion, Tana was gorgeous, better-looking, and he couldn't understand why she stayed with him. Since making the decision to shape up, Ramsay has competed in multiple Ironman events and has kept up a thinner figure.

Simon Cowell - 20 Pounds

Though it may seem like somewhat of a temporary trend, switching to a vegan diet does have its health benefits - just ask Simon Cowell. This, along with an active lifestyle, helped the "X-Factor" judge lose 20 pounds.

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He admits that when you're in your sixties and have a small child running around, you've got to do all you can to keep up. Cowell explained that he is getting healthier in an effort to keep up with his son. He's changed his diet but can now play soccer with his son, something he wasn't able to do before!

Ross Mathews - 50 Pounds

You probably recognize Ross Mathews from "RuPaul's Drag Race." The reality television judge unveiled an impressive weight loss in November 2020. He decided to break the pattern and reclaim his health and is currently down 50 pounds!

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After his mother's passing, Mathews decided it was time to get back into shape. He understands that he is a work in progress and that he is very happy with his current results.

Action Bronson - 127 Pounds

Believe it or not, Action Bronson lost 127 in nine months. In 2020, he decided to get his act together and get serious about his health. “I’ve been a big boy my whole life, and it got out of control,” he told "Men's Health," remarking that at his heaviest, he was about 400 pounds.

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"I got myself together, and here we are in December, and I’m 249 pounds this morning — shredded.” Action is taking action, and we can't help but applaud him!

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi - 42 Pounds

Notorious "Jersey Shore" star Nicole "Snooki" lost 42 pounds within the first six months after having her first child in 2013. She followed a strict 1,300-calorie-a-day diet and worked out four days a week with her personal trainer.

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For Snooki, becoming a mom and seeing all the strong mothers at the gym was inspirational. She shares her workouts and has even penned a book called "Strong Is the New Sexy: My Kickass Story on Getting My Formula for Fierce."

Kelly Osbourne - 85 Pounds

Kelly Osbourne, most notoriously known for her appearance on her family's reality TV show, has been struggling with weight since the show's debut. When she appeared on "Dancing With the Stars" in 2009, she picked up some healthy habits.

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Her partner on the show made her eat salads and explained that high-protein and low carb diets would keep her energized, and that's when she started losing weight. She realized that the time-less tale of diet and exercise really do work. Since the beginning of her journey, the singer has lost 85 pounds. And we couldn't be more proud!

Drew Barrymore - 20 Pounds

When you've been under the spotlight since childhood, it's hard not to focus on your weight losses and gains. Barrymore has not been shy about her weight-loss journey and gives all the credit to her personal trainer. Calling Marine Alton her "long-time teach and dear important friend," Barrymore has explained how Alton has helped her, healed her, and encouraged her to keep going when she felt like giving up.

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Drew and Marnie had been working side by side for about 15 years, and that Alton helped her transform her body for her role in "Santa Clarita Diet."

Mo’Nique - 80 Pounds

Comedian and actress Mo'Nique has been on and off the radar for years. In 2014, she lost a whopping 80 pounds. For the first time in her adult life, she was under 200 pounds. Despite suspicions that she went under the knife to achieve her drastic weight loss, Mo'Nique explained that she managed to shed all the weight from healthy eating and hard work.

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She shared the details of her life-changing transformation on Twitter, posting about her workouts, which included weight lifting and jumping rope.

Kate Hudson - 25 Pounds

Actress Kate Hudson is a brand ambassador for Weight Watchers and uses the program to help her get back in shape and keep in shape after the birth of her third child back in 2019. In December of that same here, she joined as a global ambassador and announced her weight loss goal of 25 pounds - a goal she met!

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What she loves about WW is that it's the smarter way to lose weight because it stays off. To her, the most wonderful thing about WW is that you can eat what you want; you just have to be conscious; it taught her a lot about food.

America Ferrera Lost An Undisclosed Amount of Weight

After welcoming two children, actress America Ferrera fell in love with triathlons and triathlon training. She had to change her relationship with her body, and the most drastic thing she did to achieve that was train for the triathlon.

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She didn't do it to punish herself or lose weight, she did it as a mental and spiritual challenge to drive herself, she knew she could push through, and she did. Not only did she push through it, but she transformed herself, not only physically but mentally as well. She overcame the mental barriers she had created for herself and looks better than ever!

Shannon Beador - 40 Pounds

Sometimes, a painful divorce is all you need to get your life back into gear. Following her divorce in 2019, the "Real Housewives of Orange County" star lost over 40 pounds. She revealed that she had gained weight due to stress. Though she's obviously putting in solid hours at the gym, Beador credits her new mentality with helping her lose weight.

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The hardest work for her was changing her state of mind and getting to a mental place where she knows she's going to be okay. The moment she got there mentally, the weight just started coming off.

Shonda Rhimes - 15o Pounds

In 2017, Shonda Rhimes, the genius behind many of our favorite television shows, opened up about her dramatic 150-pound weight loss to "Health" magazine.

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She explained that she didn't do it because she thought she'd become beautiful like in the movies; she did it because she simply could not walk up to her short flight of stairs without taking a break. She felt as though her body was rebelling against her brain and that she'd ignored it for long enough.

Missy Elliott - 70 Pounds

Hip-hop legend Missy Elliot has been on a health journey in recent years. She started her process in 2018, cutting down on juices and sodas, drinking only water. What was hardest for her was cutting out bread, but her hard efforts clearly paid off.

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She feels as though she's less sluggish and has restored her glow. Perhaps her health mission was inspired by her 2011 diagnosis with Graves' Disease, an autoimmune illness that affects her thyroid.

Rebel Wilson - 66 Pounds

Rebel Wilson has been on a health binge as is trying to make each and every year healthier. 2020 was the year she decided to make some positive life changes, calling it "The Year of Health." She walks, hydrates, and tries to avoid sugar and junk food - she knows it'll be hard, but she's pushing through.

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Wilson works out seven days a week and is a big fan of high-intensity interval training. Rebel, if you're reading this, keep up the hard work!

Carrie Underwood - 2o Pounds

This singer and mother of two has shared that she couldn't run as fast or lift as heavy as she could before having her second child. That being said, she vowed to stop focusing on "bouncing back" and start appreciating her body for what it could do rather than what it was no longer able to. She decided to focus on working towards her goals and stop analyzing every pound and every meal.

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She worked with a personal trainer to get back into shape and also started eating a vegan diet. She feels like she is a more pleasant person to be around when she is working out, which at the end of the day is really all that matters!

Alec Baldwin - 60 Pounds

Alec Baldwin, either you love him, or you hate him. The actor is well known for his very manly man appearance and his piercing blue eyes! Always a bigger guy with broad shoulders, Baldwin did struggle with his weight at a certain time. A few years back, the charming and talented actor began to gain weight, to a point where his doctor said he was pre-diabetic.

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With the fear instilled in him and wanting to be around for as long as possible, Baldwin took action. He first started by cutting back on sugar, and the rest followed. Ditching his sweet tooth and focusing on a bit more exercise, the actor managed to shed 60 pounds!

Seth Rogen - 30 Pounds

Another celeb who’s dropped quite a few inches off their waistline is Seth Rogen. The actor and comedian has typically appeared in films as the chubbier, “dad bod” character, who’s just the funny guy. Over the years, he’s been in a number of hilarious films, like, who’s gonna forget "Superbad." But since he sported that image, Rogen decided to get on a health kick and has transformed his body!

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Hiring a personal trainer and cleaning up a less-than-healthy diet, the actor has shed around 30 pounds! He’s reaping the physical benefits, as well as the employment benefits – having a slimmer figure has helped with his career and landing bigger and better roles!

Chaz Bono - 85 Pounds

The son of the pop goddess, Cher, has undergone quite a few transformations. Chaz Bono was actually once Chastity Bono. After transitioning, Chaz has since become a spokesperson for transgender issues, has done an amazing job at raising awareness about the matter. Bono, who always struggled with his weight, first tried surgery and cosmetic procedures to quick the process – however, he found that finally, he wanted to lose weight naturally.

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And he’s maintained the lifestyle changes, developing healthy habits and going for “good” foods, as well as hitting the gym, which led to a wonderful weight loss of 85 pounds! These days, Bono is literally a shadow of his former self and is looking a lot more in shape!

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Kelly Clarkson - 40 Pounds

Kelly Clarkson is known for her huge pipes, but we didn’t think she’d get to a stage where she’d be known for her voluptuous figure too. Whilst Kelly Clarkson had been furthering her career after American Idol; she also was putting on weight. But when she stepped out as the host of this year’s Billboard Music Awards, people were shocked – she’d certainly slimmed down a lot!

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After media attention, Clarkson opened up and credited a book she read by cardiac surgeon Dr. Steven Gundry, who warned of the actual danger of seemingly healthy foods that can cause weight gain and diseases. Her lifestyle changed after she too was diagnosed with a thyroid issue back in 2006 – and since changing things up, she’s positively glowing!

Tyra Banks - 30 Pounds

The gorgeous Tyra Banks has always been in the spotlight – either for her modeling or beauty, business pursuits, or occasionally her irreverent mouth! The American model was always looked up to for her great figure, but some 13 years ago, Banks gained some weight, which toppled her from supermodel status!

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However, being as well-connected and as determined as she is, Banks knew she only had one choice: to get in shape. She hired a fitness trainer, ate healthier, and voila! The model and personality dropped around 30 pounds in just a few months. Nice!

Chris Pratt - 60 Pounds

The handsome actor who’s risen to fame with his appearance as Starlord in the Marvel franchise, as well as his role in the new "Jurassic Park" films, wasn’t always as shredded as he appeared in "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1." Up until that point, the actor had never concerned himself with hard dieting and exercise, though when he reached 300 pounds, he decided to turn things around. Also, when you’re in shape, you can get more roles!

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First things first, Pratt hired a trainer and followed a tailored diet program, which helped him shed 60 pounds! The results? Well, you saw how good he looked in Guardians. Hot dayum!

Charles Barkley - 40 Pounds

Now things certainly start slowing down once you hit 50. And that includes weight loss. Well, it’s debatable. In our 50+ club is Charles Barkley, who was feeling the middle-age pudge starting. His noticeable weight gain was really only doing one thing (pardon the incoming pun): weighing him down.

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However, Weight Watchers to the rescue! Barkley was scouted as a male face for the program and soon found himself losing weight. All up, Barkley lost a crazy 42 pounds through the famous point-based diet. Whilst he lost a lot of weight, he gained even more money, pocketing almost $2 million for the endorsement!

Adam Richman - 70 Pounds

Save the knife for people with less willpower, like Adam Richman, for example. The actor and TV personality from the show "Man vs. Food" successfully dropped a significant amount of weight without surgery! Unfortunately, it seems that his participation in such shows also led to him carrying quite a bit of excess baggage.

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Following his role as the host of "Man vs. Food," Richman decided he’d had enough of the Philly steaks and the ridiculous hotdogs, as well as the excessive plates of chips and such, and went on a weight loss journey. After changing his diet and hitting the gym regularly, Adam lost a whopping 70 pounds!

Ricky Gervais - 40 Pounds

Sure, Ricky Gervais was a bit of a late bloomer – it took him around forty years to really hit the big time. It was when he appeared on the sitcom "The Office" that really cemented his place in lights. The hilariously entertaining show broke records worldwide, and its memes are still all over the internet. The comedian, who hails from England, is a man of many talents – he’s a writer, actor, musician and producer!

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Despite his success, Gervais still had some issues –,, particularly with his body. Back in 2011, he decided that he no longer wanted to be seen as that middle-aged, overweight comedian – so he embarked on his own weight loss journey. The star went on a healthy diet plan and a strict fitness regime, which led to a loss of 40 pounds! Nice!

Phylicia Rashād - 35 Pounds

We all know that celebs that endorse weight-loss programs end up getting some big bucks – and Phylicia Rashad is no exception! The actress joined up with Jenny Craig in 2009, and the program worked! She ended up losing 35 pounds without requiring any surgery!

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (30)

Being paid to lose weight seems ideal – all the blood, sweat, and tears for a hot bod and a few dollars! Rashad has also had a change in mindset, now urging people that weight loss should be undertaken to improve your quality of life!

Jerry Ferrara - 50 Pounds

Actor Jerry Ferrara made quite a name for himself in his role as Turtle on the popular TV series "Entourage" On the show, he was a bit on the fuller side, but these days, after losing over 50 pounds, he’s now unrecognizable. What a transformation!

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Whilst there was no specific reason for his drastic weight loss (though let’s be real, who doesn’t want to look and feel better?), the actor buckled down, changed his diet, and got some help from a personal trainer. Now he’s killing it!

Star Jones - 160 Pounds

Co-host of the famous panel show, "The View," next up is Star Jones. The panelist, who hosted the ABC show between 1997 and 2006, always sported a fuller figure. When she was on the show, she was at her peak weight. However, things did turn around!

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (32)

The co-host left her former obese self behind a few years after her time on the show, undergoing gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery. Why? Well, her weight was seriously affecting her health. If she hadn’t taken action, she could’ve died! Whilst she would ignore her weight before, once things got serious, she was spurred into action. She’s since lost 160 pounds. Yep, 160!! A star is re-born, eh?

EJ Johnson - 130 Pounds

You've certainly heard of Magic Johnson him, right? Perhaps you’ve also heard of his son, EJ Johnson? The son of one of the most famous athletes in history, EJ however, struggled with his weight for many years.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (33)

Sure, some drama followed him, as seen on the shows "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills" and "EJNYC," but there was something that was really weighing him down (excuse the pun). The weight, which had been causing him so much drama over the years, soon began to start some major health issues. He had a gastric sleeve fitted and lost an amazing 130 pounds!

Claire Richards Lost 80 Pounds

Does anyone remember Steps? Well, if you’re a fan, we’ve got a transformation for you! The group was pretty big back in the late 90s, particularly when it came to the pop group scene. Whilst they enjoyed success, and singer Claire Richards along with her fellow band members, they disbanded shortly after – in 2001.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (34)

It was at this point that singer Richards started putting on a few pounds. Reaching for food to help her along, Richards amassed around 80 pounds on top of her small frame. But she realized she’d reached a point that wasn’t healthy. She committed herself to train and eating right, and now she’s dropped all that weight, looks fab, and is totally a babe!

Charlotte Crosby - 30 Pounds

Ah, another reality TV series. Another celebrity reality TV star who piled on pounds. Sound familiar? Look, we’re sorry, but it seems that these stars are the most prone to weight gain! Charlotte Crosby, of "Geordie Shore," is next up on her list. We’re going back to 2014 when a photo of her on a bike was leaked online – and it was less than flattering.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (35)

The embarrassment of the photo, which was un-photoshopped and well…not the best, made her want to hit the gym the very next day. With the help of a personal trainer and some diet advice, Crosby toned up and lost over 35 pounds! She decided to try and profit from it too – releasing a cookbook and weight loss DVDs to help her fans too…how interesting.

Timbaland - 130 Pounds

The Grammy-award-winning producer and media superstar Timbaland was always looking more like Notorious B.I.G. than Pharrell, but hey, we loved his music no matter what! But whilst it became accepted that Timbaland was just an extra-large human, it seems that he wasn’t super happy about that being his normal.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (36)

The producer and musician managed to drop 130 pounds – and how? All by himself! Pretty amazing. No surgeries, no nothing, just a strict diet plan, and regular exercise. Is anyone else seeing a pattern here? You do your good thang!

Wayne Knight - 117 Pounds

Actor and comedian Wayne Knight has been immortalized for his “funny fat guy” type act – particularly with his portrayal of the hilarious Newman in "Seinfeld." You may also remember him as the principal in "Billy Madison!" Anyway, the actor has certainly captured our hearts with his roles over the years. But Knight always had a bit of a sweet tooth, packing on an additional 40 pounds whilst on "Seinfeld."

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (37)

It’s no joke when you get to a point where you’re classified as obese, and Newman was made aware of this quick smart. He decided to get back in shape, bypassing the gastric bypass and losing weight naturally and healthily. When you’re focused and consistent, you can achieve anything!

Rosie O’Donnell - 175 Pounds

A fabulous leading lady next up is Rosie O’Donnell. The American comedian, actress, producer, author, and TV personality began her career as a teenager on the series "Star Search" in the 80s, which shot her to stardom!

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (38)

The now 57-year-old was one of the most prominent names in the 80s and 90s but had another issue that held her back: her weight. For many years, O’Donnell struggled with her weight and put off changing things. But several years ago, she decided to clean up her act (heh), undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, dropping a CRAZY 175 pounds!

Susan Boyle - 30 Pounds

Susan Boyle certainly dreamed a dream when she walked onto the "Britain’s Got Talent" show. Well, at least, she probably felt she was dreaming – getting through each round after that shockingly good rendition of the "Les Misérables" classic. The singer was not one to worry about her looks, however with stress and anxiety building and being thrust into the spotlight, weight gain was inevitable. Comfort eaters will understand!

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (39)

Focusing on her singing career, Boyle didn’t really notice the extra pounds she’d accumulated; however, once her career was on a high, Boyle hired a trainer! Said trainer helped give her a routine and food recommendations, which seem to have paid off massively! The Scottish songstress has lost around 30 pounds from her heaviest, and you can just see in her smile that she’s more confident and happier!

Rex Ryan - 105 Pounds

Former American football coach and currently a television analyst of the NFL, Rex Ryan is a bit of a legend! Something that’s also legendary about him is his incredible weight loss! The man who used to be the head coach of the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills of the National Football League has always been around athletes. But it seems that their athleticism didn’t extend to ol’ coach!

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (40)

At his max, Ryan peaked at 348 pounds! When he first started losing weight, it proved difficult. So he decided to commit to lap band surgery, helping him lose 105 pounds! Looking to the future, it seems that Ryan is happier, healthier, and more able to keep up with the game he loves!

Princess Eugenie Lost a Few Pounds Pre-Wedding

Every bride wants to look like a princess on their big day, right? Well, Eugenie already has the princess part down, but she felt she needed to slim down a little to fit into her gown. Anyone who’s walked down the aisle knows that there’s always that push to get down one, or two, or a few dress sizes for that big day, right? Fad diets, extra cardio, hitting the weights section more frequently, and laying off the extra sweets are just some of the things we all do in order to get in shape.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (41)

Following her cousins Prince William and Prince Harry, all eyes were on her and her new beau. She’s fitter and stronger and looks great! She looked stunning in her wedding dress!

Rachel Frederickson - 155 Pounds

When you watch a show like "The Biggest Loser," you can’t help but sympathize with their struggle and feel overwhelming joy when they are successful with their weigh-ins! Weighing in at 300 pounds at the start of the competition, the 2012 winner of the series worked her butt off, literally.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (42)

The intense workouts and even more drastic calorie cuts saw Rachel Frederickson lose almost 200 pounds! At the end of the season, Frederickson stepped on those scales weighing in at just 110 pounds. Since then, she’s put on 20 pounds, which is certainly healthier. Pretty amazing transformation – a couple of plastic surgery procedures to tidy up the excess skin, and Frederickson is literally a new person.

Chrissy Metz - 100 Pounds

Chrissy Metz just seemed to be in the right place at the right time when the role came up for the TV series "This Is Us." But while acting, Meltz just fell into place; it seems that she also had something else falling into too many places that wouldn’t budge: and that was weight. With said weight problems, it did make it more difficult for the actress to land new roles.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (43)

The weight gain was having a negative effect not only on her body but on her mind too: so she knew she had to take action and do something about her situation. Metz signed herself up to a 2000-calorie diet and daily exercise, which has since helped her drop a whopping 100lbs! You go, girl!

Christian Bale - 70 Pounds

Now Christian Bale is a bit of a shapeshifter when it comes to his acting roles – he can seemingly seamlessly shift form depending on the role at hand. He’s been in the media for his crazy transformations – his ability to slim down to a waif-like frame and then pack on muscle for a beefier looking character.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (44)

The dedication is commendable. Most notably, Bale’s transformation for his character in "The Machinist" saw him drop 70 pounds. Imagine how much fun he would’ve had bulking back up to a healthy weight! We’re sure his doctor had some qualms with him whittling down to that size, but hey, it also pegged him as an actor who truly suffered for his art.

Valerie Bertinelli - 47 Pounds

Rising to fame and household-name status during the 70s and 80s, next up is Valerie Bertinelli. The actress, who rose to prominence as the star of popular sit-com "One Day at a Time," went kinda quiet after the show ended. Why? Well, we’re not so sure, but we are sure of one thing: she began to struggle with her weight.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (45)

The TV actress had a bit of a resurgence in the mid-2000s, after becoming a spokesperson for the famous diet program, Jenny Craig. The program was a success for Bertinelli, who dropped around 50 pounds! Not bad at all. We’re sure she got some dollars out of it too!

Zach Galifianakis - 50 Pounds

Now "The Hangover," which was one of those films that shot all its cast to superstardom, certainly didn’t leave Zach Galifianakis behind. Whilst he was shooting the film, he was a lot chubbier, but it seems that whilst he seemed comfortable in the role, it actually irked him.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (46)

So Galifianakis made it his mission to shed some pounds and implemented a new fitness program and diet! He quit alcohol and focused on being healthier, eventually dropping around 50 pounds! Up and onto less “fat-guy” roles.

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Kendra Wilkinson - 55 Pounds

Now when you’re a Playboy bunny, everything is about looks. You’re photographed within an inch of your life, and the attention is all on how hot you are. Kendra Wilkinson, who became Hefner’s girlfriend in the infamous mansion, was the bombshell blonde that every bunny aspired to be. But for someone who’d spent her life in the limelight and was always complimented for her beauty, it would’ve been a hard pill to swallow when the pounds piled on.

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The busty Wilkinson put on around 60 pounds whilst pregnant (which is totally normal and natural, of course!), but it felt disastrous for the Playboy bunny. Despite the rumors, Kendra didn’t undergo any plastic surgery – she lost the 55 pounds she wanted to, naturally. The lesson seems to be if you exercise and eat right, you’ll lose weight – funny how that happens!

Kim Kardashian - 70 Pounds

Arguably the most famous woman in the world, Kim Kardashian was the woman who brought thick and curvy back. The reality TV star, model, and socialite (and actress...heh), is renowned for those killer curves and booty. But at one point, those curves got a little out of control.

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"The Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star struggled with weight gain after giving birth to her first child, North. But luckily, being a celeb means you’ve got the means to hire the best in the business – so getting a PT and fixing up her cravings helped Kim to drop 70 pounds. Apparently, Atkins was the secret folks. Get on it!

Natalie Portman - 20 Pounds

Now when you start off slim, it’s pretty difficult to shed even more weight. But the best actors and actresses will go to the ends of the earth for a role. So the waif-like Portman went to losing 20 pounds for her role as a ballerina in "Black Swan." Intense movie, so it makes sense that Portman underwent such a transformation.

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Her role as Nina Sayers won her much international acclaim, but it wasn’t without its trials. The demanding role saw Portman follow a whole foods diet and ridiculous workout routine so that she could achieve the specific look for the role. Ballerinas are usually exceptionally wiry and slim, and Portman certainly delivered!

Eminem - 81 Pounds

It seems that Eminem might have found his own songs to be inspirational when it comes to working out – pretty sure "Just Lose It" is a mainstay on every hardcore gym playlist, right? Having sold over 155 million albums worldwide, the rapper is definitely one of the most prolific and respected of all time. Back in 2007, however, Eminem had a brush with death, almost passing from a sleeping pill overdose.

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After he recovered, he was checked into rehab and was set back on a straighter path. Whilst he was in rehab, he did, however, pile on a few pounds. ‘Slim Shady’ was no more! But after gaining weight, he focused on his health and followed a strict eating plan, shedding an amazing 81 pounds over the course of several months!

Gabourey Sidibe - 150 Pounds

Now, if you haven’t seen "Precious," we recommend you do so. Stat. Its main character was played by breakout actress Gabourey Sidibe. But despite winning a stack of awards for her amazing performance, the actress had something else to be shocked by her weight problem.

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It was clear that her very visible size wasn’t inspiring confidence, and she was diagnosed with Type 2 or lifestyle diabetes. Following her diagnosis, the actress decided to re-evaluate her lifestyle choices and underwent weight loss surgery in order to turn things around. The result? The actress has lost almost 150 pounds!

Jessica Simpson - 50 Pounds

Remember when Jessica Simpson stepped out in "Dukes of Hazzard" in her Daisy Duke?? Yeah, damn. The beautiful blonde always had a very lithe, petite figure, despite a er... larger chest! Ideal body, right? However, that’s hard to keep up sometimes. Particularly post-pregnancy. The singer battled weight issues after giving birth, yo-yo-ing up and down.

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However, Simpson, like other celebs on our list, found a program that worked wonders for her: this particular program was Weight Watchers. Signing a $3 million contract, the singer became a spokesperson, and the results speak for themselves, shedding 50 pounds!.

Jennifer Hudson - 80 Pounds

Okay. Before we go into her weight loss, can we just stop and remind y’all of how incredible Jennifer Hudson is as a singer? That performance of “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” in "Dreamgirls" was just out of this world. Seriously. So if you haven’t seen it, please, for the love of soul, Google it! In 2005 Hudson had her big break on "American Idol," which led to a career that would blossom in years to follow.

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But in her personal life, she was undergoing a number of trials and tribulations, all of which accumulated and led to some serious weight gain. She was almost 80 pounds overweight and depressed. She decided that enough was enough and made it her mission to lose the pounds she’d gained: no gastric sleeve, no surgery. Hudson adopted a strict diet, worked out frequently, and lost 80 pounds! What a woman! Also, she is lookin’ smokin’ hot!

Christina Aguilera - 50 Pounds

With her peroxide blonde hair, blue eyes, and full lips, the singer has always been gorgeous! The head-turner wore those super low slung jeans which hung on her hips – a la Dirrty. However, Christina Aguilera also wanted a kid. As a result, she had to put on a few pounds in order to have her bub!

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Packing on almost 50 pounds, which, on her tiny frame, is quite a lot, the singer was looking fuller for a while. However, she was extremely determined and was keen on getting back in shape. With the help of yoga, a trainer, and a change in diet, she ended up dropping the amount she put on!

Whoopi Goldberg - 30 Pounds

Now, Whoopi Goldberg is straight up a legend. The "Sister Act" star and panelist on "The View" has had a lot of success and won many accolades over the years. You’d probably notice too that Goldberg had always been a little heavier, but this all changed following a particular partnership.

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Goldberg, in the early 2000s, became an endorser for the Slim-Fast program. Diet shakes and meal plans and all that jazz, Goldberg signed on and shed a good deal of excess weight. She also managed to rake in dollars – imagine being paid to lose weight. Sign us up? Anyway, fast forward, and Goldberg has maintained nicely, though perhaps she doesn’t use Slim-Fast methods anymore!

Austin “Chumlee” Russel - 95 Pounds

We don’t know about you guys, but we can happily cozy up and just binge-watch "Pawn Stars." The reality TV star of the show, (oh and businessman), "Pawn Stars," Austin Chumlee Russell loves his food.

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The star, who always struggled with his weight, reached a staggering 300 pounds. This weight was the point where his health started to take a hit. He wasn’t fond of the idea of going under the knife, so Chumlee worked his butt off at the gym, dropping 95 pounds!

Janet Jackson - 60 Pounds

Oooh, a Jackson has entered our list of celebs fighting the bulge! Janet Jackson, the glam sister of the Jackson family, surprisingly had an issue with her weight for a time. The six-time Grammy award winner and musical icon hit a bit of a slump following the birth of her second child. Jackson put on almost 60 pounds, but hey, if anyone’s gonna bounce back, it’s Janet!

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Hitting the gym hard and following a strict diet plan, Jackson managed to drop her post-baby weight gain and get back into shape. No tummy tucks, no gastric bands, no surgery – just pure, old fashioned hard work and consistency! It certainly can get you results! We’re definitely inspired – gosh, if we ever got pregnant, we’d love to be able to drop the baby weight as quickly as Janet did!

Dawn French - 98 Pounds

Ever-popular English actress, comedian, and writer Dawn French has always had a little bit of a weight problem. For years she battled with her weight, but one day she had finally had enough and was ready to change. But there was something that happened first, which really motivated her to change her lifestyle habits. Dawn French was diagnosed with cancer and had to have a laparoscopic hysterectomy. Pretty huge wake-up call.

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Following her surgery, French was forced to drop her daily calories in order to assist with her recovery and a quicker one at that. Surgery again wasn’t an option considering the procedure she’d just endured, so she worked on exercising regularly and cutting her cables. Safe to say it worked a treat, shedding almost 100 pounds!

Kevin Smith - 85 Pounds

Sure, he may not be super successful on the screen as of late, but he’s certainly been successful in losing a crazy 85 pounds! Kevin Smith has a bit of a rep, for well, not being exactly a Hollywood A-Lister. At one point, the actor hit 320 pounds and could barely fit into an airline seat.

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That was the moment when everything changed – a real wake-up call! Kevin decided to make a change because there was more at risk than fitting into an airplane seat. Speculation was that Smith hired a trainer and coach to help along the way – but insiders say that Smith did his own thing, cutting back on sugar and following a much healthier plan, which has led to some awesome results!

Anne Hegerty - 20 Pounds

"Aaaaaah I’m a Celebrity" was an interesting show, wasn’t it? Not a fan of reality TV, but hey, that’s why there’s something for everyone, right? Anne Hegerty, who appeared on the show, has been sporting a noticeably slimmer figure – and we think it might have something to do with the show! During her time on the series, contestants were basically only able to eat rice and beans. Despite the protests (not very mild), they had to just put up with it – and hey, Hegerty’s probably not regretting signing up given the positive side effects.

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Within three weeks of her near-starvation diet, Hegerty dropped almost 20 pounds! Sign us up! But the media frenzy following her exit on the show was something else – people couldn’t believe the incredible transformation!

Marie Osmond - 50 Pounds

If you saw her today, you’d not think Marie Osmond had ever had a weight problem, nor an age problem for the matter! These days, Osmond sports trim and very fit figure, as though she’s found the elixir of youth. Please, share.

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It seems, however, that there’s a certain something she owes her great look to – Nutrisystem. The singer and performer became a spokeswoman for the brand in 2007, which also helped her lose a crazy 45 pounds! The personalized diet program helped her shed weight, and she didn’t end up needing a tummy tuck! Not bad at all. But there was also financial incentive – it’s rumored Osmond scored a cool $1.65 million for the deal.

Carnie Wilson - 150 Pounds

Best known as a member of the 80s girl group Wilson and Phillips, Carnie Wilson has music in her blood! How so? Did you know Carnie is the daughter of The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson? Pretty cool to say, “hey, that’s my dad!” Whilst Carnie Wilson didn’t have any weight issues as a kid and teen growing up, it was just after the band fell apart that the pounds piled on.

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Wilson ballooned due to comfort eating, reaching almost 300 pounds. But it was once she reached that tipping point that she realized she had to snap out of it and make a change! The singer’s best option was gastric sleeve surgery. However, this too, made things difficult – eventually, she underwent lap band surgery in 2012, which helped her lose 150 pounds!

Abby Lee Miller - 40 Pounds

For someone who’s so into dancing, it seems ironic that Abby Lee Miller couldn’t keep the pounds off! Rising to fame on another reality tv series: "Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition," the reality TV star seems to have a little issue with food. The "Dance Moms" persona found her figure curving a little too far outwards, and as a result, struggled with a few additional pounds.

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But at one point, it got so bad that she realized eating wasn’t going to get her anywhere fast except to an early grave. Talk about a wake-up call! After gastric sleeve surgery and a few diet tweaks, Abby Lee Miller lost over 40 pounds!

Mariah Carey - 30 Pounds

Enter the woman who earns a crazy $40 million each year, every year, in royalties for the most famous Christmas song ever. The incomparable songbird Mariah Carey emerged in the 90s as a classically trained pop-star with a figure that looked great in those LBD’s! However, over time, a trend emerged – the singer’s weight would yo-yo, particularly after giving birth to her twins with rapper Nick Cannon.

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In 2017 however, the singer came out and admitted that she had sleeve surgery, which enabled her to slim down and sport a much smaller and tighter figure! We’re sure with a tweaked diet and exercise regime, as well as the surgery; she’ll be good for the long run! (heh).

Jordin Sparks - 50 Pounds

The gorgeous "American Idol" alumna stepped onto the scene with “Tattoo” and had us all shook. Her career went from strength to strength, with her single with Chris Brown skyrocketing her to household-name status overnight. Producing chart-toppers and flashing her beautiful smile to fans, Sparks seemed to not have a care in the world! However, not all on the surface is as sleek and shiny as it seems. Then it began to show to fans and the world.

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The singer slowly started putting on weight, and it became clear that the singer was struggling with weight gain. The flow-on effect saw Sparks lose confidence in her image and herself, which impacted her music-making too! But she decided to kick her own butt and started eating well and hitting the gym. The results speak for themselves – almost 50 pounds lighter, the talented singer is a vision!

Sharon Osbourne - 20 Pounds

TV personality and show host, Sharon Osbourne, is, of course, the wife of legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne. Sure, during the 80s and 90s, she had somewhat of a reputation for being a less-than-glamorous housewife, but since then, she got in shape, got a fire haircut, and now is going for “lady of the manor.”

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Like our celebs on this list, Osbourne lost a decent amount of weight, slimming down via gastric sleeve surgery. Her surgery caused her to lose almost 30 pounds. However, she realized she could handle her weight without it, having it removed some 7 years later. It seems that the Atkins diet has kept her in tip-top condition, just like Kim K!

Lisa Riley - 140 Pounds

English actress and former star on "Strictly Come Dancing," Lisa Riley has always had something of a weight problem. As well as being an actress on "Emmerdale" between 1995 and 2001, Riley hosted "You’ve Been Framed" between 1998 and 2002, and we’re expecting a revamp this year! Tipping almost 300 pounds, Riley was heavier and not feeling great about it. The actress, however, decided on changing her lifestyle and getting rid of the excess pounds!

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With a tremendous effort, the actress and presenter lost an astonishing 140 pounds! That’s literally a whole person. With a ton of hard work and commitment, she tirelessly fought herself and her weight. Kudos!

Drew Carry - 80 Pounds

Decorated comedian and industry heavyweight Drew Carey rose to prominence with his show “Whose Line Is It Anyway.” This particular show also made him one very wealthy man. Did you know that in 1998, Carey was listed by "Forbes" as the 24th highest-paid entertainer? That year he earned $45 million, as well as $750,000 per episode for “The Drew Carey Show.”

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Anyway, despite the cash inflow, there also seemed to be a lot of food going in without much exercise to expend those calories! After being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes (the lifestyle kind), Carey took charge of his health and decided to focus on dropping a few pounds. The comedian was determined however, to do things the natural way, without the assistance of surgery. So he buckled down and lost 80 pounds. Sayonara Type 2 diabetes!

Mama June - 200 Pounds

Ah yes, who could forget the reality TV series "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo." If it were us, we’d leave it far behind in reality TV trash land, but hey… it’s kinda addictive. Dammit! Anyway, the matriarch of the show, Mama June, is next up on our list of celebs who piled on the pounds. However, Mama June always had an issue with her weight and was the brunt of many jokes due to her obesity. She sure showed the world and the haters when she dropped 300 pounds after gastric sleeve surgery.

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Mama June was an exception – sometimes, gastric sleeve surgery is a more viable option when the weight loss is more than substantial. She then went on to go under the knife and had some excess skin trimmed, as well as a boob job just to make her feel, well, good! You can see all the deets on her own show: "Mama June: From Not to Hot."

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Melissa McCarthy - 75 Pounds

Okay seriously. Melissa McCarthy in "Bridesmaids" completely won us over. She absolutely killed in that movie! You may not know this, but she’s been on the scene a lot longer – the comedic actress appeared back in the ‘90s! Her role in "Gilmore Girls" gave her more of a name, and she was recognized in many American households.

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But McCarthy always was on the heavier side, and well, she wasn’t always happy about being cast as the plus-sized actress who was funny. Stereotypes eh? The actress-comedienne hit her breakthrough with her weight, though: in 2016, McCarthy lost 75 pounds without the help of gastric bypass surgery! She just worked hard and got where she wanted. You go, girl!

Marissa Jaret Winokur - 60 Pounds

Ah, yes, "Hairspray!" What a film! Taking the lead role in the musical was actress Marissa Winokur. The actress, who won a Tony Award for the Broadway adaptation of the colorful and very fun musical extravaganza, won hearts! However, she had a bit of a problem.

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Always on the heavier side, Marissa was almost admitted with a medical emergency due to her weight. Her cholesterol shot up to an alarmingly high level, and her doctor advised her seriously to lose weight. She went on a restrictive 1,200 calorie diet and exercised her heart out. But hey, the final result was worth it: Winokur lost over 60 pounds!

Paul Wall - 130 Pounds

Rapper Paul Wall made quite a bit of noise on the scene, particularly when he entered. But just at the beginning of his career, the rapper just about hit 320 pounds. At such an alarming weight on the scales, he was urged to lose weight in some way because his heart wasn’t going to be able to take it much longer.

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He underwent gastric sleeve surgery. Following the procedure, Wall had to also adopt a strict diet that focused on balance and a lot of fresh fruit and veg, as well as being relatively low in carbs. With a consistent approach, Wall managed to lose a staggering 130 pounds! It seems that after his experience, there’s no going back, as he continues to maintain his newly adopted healthy lifestyle!

Khloe Kardashian - 40 Pounds

Did someone say Revenge Body? The taller of the Kardashians, Khloe, has undergone a crazy transformation. Where she used to carry a few extra pounds, the Kardashian sister is now sporting a much trimmer figure. The TV personality however, had more of a reason to get in shape – let’s call it fuel for her fire. And that fuel? A bad break-up.

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Nothing spurs us on more than a relationship that soured. So adopting a strict diet and the help of a fitness trainer, Khloe managed to drop around 40 pounds following her breakup. Since then, she started her own show, "Revenge Body," which seems appropriate, seeing as she can relate to the contestants!

Chaka Khan - 60 Pounds

Ain’t nobody, loves me better...what a song, huh? Chaka Khan, the disco queen goddess that she is, has always been a bit of a superstar. Her music changed the scene, especially songs like "Tell Me Something Good," "Hollywood," and "Sweet Thing." At one point, however the singer’s curves got a little out of control when she tipped the scales at over 200 pounds!

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It was at that point she finally decided to do something about it. Nope, she didn’t request the help of a surgeon – Chaka Khan shed 60 pounds by drastically changing her diet and becoming something of a gym bunny! Consistency, consistency, consistency! Nowadays, it’s second nature to Chaka Khan, and she’s never looked better!

Candace Cameron - 22 Pounds

Ah, "Full House." What a series, eh? Not to play with puns too much, but Candace Cameron, in her role as D.J. Tanner, certainly was sporting a fuller figure. Fast forward from her part as the slightly fuller 16-year-old, and Candace Cameron- Bure is a different woman!

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Sure, age will help you lose that puppy fat from when you’re a teen, but Cameron opened up, telling media outlets that she got rid of 22 pounds the old-fashioned way. No special help, no fad diet, no intense regime – just adjusting her lifestyle, incorporating better foods, and exercising more regularly! See folks – it’s really a lot simpler than we make it out to be – put down that cayenne pepper water and maple syrup and go for a walk outside!

Holly Hagan - 40 Pounds

Good old "Geordie Shore." One of those trash reality TV series’ that people just can’t seem to get enough of. Holly Hagan is well known as the red-headed, fiery little lady who gave a lot of personality to the show! After years of heavy food – a lot of fast food which was often deep-fried and probably delicious – Hagan decided to ditch it all and get on a health kick!

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With the help of a PT, Hagan was fighting fit in months and had her diet “fixed.” Fast forward, and Hagan is 40 pounds lighter and looking gorgeous! Nowadays, she’s a big proponent of healthy eating and looking after yourself – she now calls her personal weight loss journey an “education.”

Mila Kunis - 20 Pounds

Now we love an exotic looking brunette. Mila Kunis certainly delivers on that. The gorgeous Ukrainian has been on our screens from a very young age. The talented Kunis has great versatility – from comedy roles to more serious, dramatic ones. And when she’s committed to a role, she really commits.

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Such a role was when she was cast opposite Natalie Portman in "Black Swan." The already svelte and petite Kunis dropped a further 20 pounds to fit into the role as a young ballerina. But here’s the twist: she only had weeks! A strenuous diet plan which was high in protein and low in carbs, as well as an intense gym routine, led the star to drop the pounds required in the time frame. After the movie, we’re sure she had a few donuts to make up for the weight loss!

Ed Sheeran - 50 Pounds

The "Shape of You" singer wasn’t well, so in shape. We apologize profusely for that terrible pun – but it was there for the taking, so we went for it. Anyways, Ed Sheeran is known for his one-man-band style of performance, and it seems that the same was true for his amazing weight loss transformation!

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No magic pills, no magic exercise regimes – just consistency, hard work, and dedication. When you’re trying to lose weight, you’re literally a one-man-band. Heh. But Ed Sheeran followed the tried and true path – eat less and exercise more and dropped around 50 pounds. When there’s a will, there’s away!

Oprah Winfrey - 26 Pounds

The woman who pretty much-inspired half of America, next up is the incomparable Oprah Winfrey. The ever-motivational Winfrey, who changed America with her own show "Oprah," which she hosted, was true to her can-do attitude and figured she had to lose weight and would do it on her own. Not resorting to sleeve surgery or any procedures, Oprah took it slow and decided to team up with the people at Weight Watchers. It’s safe to say it was a success! All you need is consistency and self-belief; that’s it!

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Following the famed points system, Oprah even became a spokeswoman for the program, losing over 25 pounds from the partnership! Also, um, can we talk about the fact that the endorsement made her $65 million richer? Not like she needed MORE money, but hey, knowing Oprah, she’s probably donated it to a worthy cause. A true legend.

Matthew McConaughey - 42 Pounds

Alright, alright alright. Yes, okay, it’s probably one of his most famous lines, but something that’s bigger than that is the astonishing weight loss Matthew McConaughey underwent for his role in "Dallas Buyers Club." Known for his southern charm and tousled blond locks (oh and that debonair smile), he’s certainly known for his blockbuster success. Oh, and his unwavering commitment to any job role once he’s signed on!

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Like Christian Bale, McConaughey had a deadline to get in shape for his character – just several months. With the expert help of a fitness trainer and dietitian, McConaughey was whittled down to well, a stick, really. Sure he was on a healthy diet, just limited calories. Not really a necessary weight loss for health reasons – but certainly a crazy transformation!

Adele - 42 Pounds

Adele is gorgeous inside, no matter what the scale says, but it certainly is hard to look past her recent transformation. The "Someone Like You" singer was recently spotted on vacation with fellow British stars Harry Styles and James Corden looking stunning. According to the "Mirror," Adele lost about 42 pounds, but it looks more like a hundred.

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The songbird has been public about her weight in the past, saying that she knew she " had to change." Another source claimed that Adele underwent this healthy change just so that she could be the best mom possible. Sweet, Adele!

Ricki Lake - 100 Pounds

So if you don’t rate, just overcompensate; at least you’ll know you can always go on Ricki Lake… hehe. The celebrity actress and former TV show host Ricki Lake has had an ongoing struggle with her weight.

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So when she made it her mission to lose a serious amount of weight, fans were both impressed and amazed at her wonderful transformation. Did you know she lost almost 100 pounds?! Sure, she had a little help via gastric sleeve surgery, but she’s healthy, and fighting fit now, and that’s what matters!

Queen Latifah - 30 Pounds

The Queen, who is Latifah, is another inspirational woman who’s on our list of fabulous transformations. The established record producer, rapper, and actress has always sported a curvier figure and has never been ashamed to flaunt it! Whilst media are always going to pry and poke and tell celebs they need to be a certain weight, Latifah would look the other way.

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But at one point, Latifah was feeling the pressure and decided to lose a few pounds. Unlike others who’ve gone down the surgery route, Latifah wanted to do things the natural way; yep, you guessed it – regular exercise and a healthy diet! No fads here, folks – and now that she’s 30 pounds lighter, she’s kept those haters away too! Yaaasss!

Tony Robbins - 20 Pounds

Life coaches are typically known for their role-model status – people look up to them and look to their advice in achieving their goals. So you’d want to be a walking, talking example of how to live your best life, right? Tony Robbins is one of these guys. He’s known for helping people to reflect and evaluate their lives and go and get what they want.

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But it seemed that Robbins was struggling with something in his own life – his weight. The "Unlimited Power" author harnessed that power and changed his mindset and lifestyle, which led to a massive weight drop. The life coach made sure to stay physically active every day, as well as adhering to a balanced diet. In doing so and being consistent, Robbins lost 30 pounds! And he’s kept it off!

Melissa Joan Hart - 40 Pounds

Ahh, Melissa Joan Hart. How can we forget her as our teenage witch! The series definitely saw a revamp in recent years, particularly with Netflix, but we won’t ever forget who first ah… bewitched us! But despite her witchy powers, Melissa Joan Hart was not invincible when it came to bearing children! The actress gained some pounds additional to her bub and looked nothing like her younger self (duh!).

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But whilst she had 40 pounds or so to drop, Hart was not… disheartened. She joined the Nutrisystem program and lost all that baby weight, and she’s looking so much more like her teenage witch self!

Kelly Rowland - 70 Pounds

If you look at Kelly Rowland now, you’d never have thought that the pocket-rocket could’ve possibly carried 70 pounds on her lithe little frame! The singer, actress, songwriter, and more recently, TV personality as well, been known for her gorgeous figure since like forever, right?

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However, childbirth changes even the best of us – so she had a bit of a tough time dealing with post-pregnancy weight after giving birth to her first munchkin. The singer, however, is in the entertainment business and, of course has access to the very best trainers and dietitians. So she hired a PT, followed a diet plan, and stuck to it, and lost 70 pounds just a few months after giving birth! Amazing.

Celine Dion Lost An Undisclosed Amount of Weight

Celine Dion is one of the highest-selling artists around the globe. What with her demanding job and hectic schedule, it’s easy to see how maybe food isn’t a priority – but surely with a massive entourage, she’d have people whose priority is simply to feed her.

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The songbird has even come under scrutiny after appearing a little too thin at recent concerts and public appearances. But Celine Dion retorted that she’s happy with her looks and is perfectly healthy!

Trace Cyrus - 50 Pounds

While we’ve all seen Miley's radical transformation from child star to wrecking-ball-riding pop star, another member of the Cyrus family has gone through his own big change — Miley's brother, Trace. The heavily tattooed Metro Station frontman showed off his weight loss in a series of shirtless Instagram posts.

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The “Shake It” singer attributed his significant weight loss to working out twice a day, six days a week, and intermittent fasting (fasting for various periods of time throughout the day). As for making excuses, the rocker said he works out “no matter what”!

Tom Hardy - 30 Pounds

Tom Hardy is one of the most respected actors in the industry, and it's no surprise why. In addition to becoming emotionally invested in his roles, the actor is known to physically transform into the characters he plays. While many recognize his intimidating large frame shown in films like "Warrior" and "Bronson", the actor has also slimmed down dramatically for roles.

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For his role as Stuart Shorter in the British indie film "Stuart: A Life Backwards," the actor lost close to 30 pounds to play the troubled young man afflicted with muscular dystrophy.

David Harbour - 75 Pounds

David Harbour, while a celebrated actor, isn’t too well-known for his physique. The “Stranger Things” actor underwent a dramatic physical transformation for his role as Jim Hopper, the police chief of the fictional town of Hawkins.

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David explained that he chose to use intermittent fasting to help him shed the pounds, explaining that he would even fast for up to 24 hours twice a week! If it sounds intense, it was — the actor complained that he was “hungry a lot of the time” for the seven months it took him to lose 75 pounds!

Angela Deem - 90 Pounds

There’s addictive reality television, and then there’s the “I-just-can’t-look-away” appeal of TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days”. One of the reality television franchise’s breakout stars was Angela Deem and her (often) hilarious antics with then-fiancé Michael Ilesanmi.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (91)

While Angela always seemed confident about her looks on the show, it turned out that she was struggling with accepting her weight gain. Taking matters into her own hands (or rather, her surgeon’s hands), Angela underwent a gastric sleeve procedure, liposuction, and breast reduction, all resulting in shedding almost 100 pounds.

Randy Jackson - 114 Pounds

As one of the beloved hosts of “American Idol,” Randy was a fan favorite. He was also known for his fuller figure, which at one point topped 350 pounds. After noticing that his weight was affecting his health, he began to focus on eating healthier foods while also undergoing gastric bypass surgery.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (92)

Now, more than 100 pounds less, Randy feels better than ever. He has been able to keep the weight off by overhauling his diet and starting every morning with a vigorous Pilates class. Whatever he’s doing, it clearly seems to be working!

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Adrienne Bailon - 20 Pounds

“Cheetah Girls” star and “The Real” co-host Adrienne Bailon has always embraced her curvy figure. But when she decided to expand her family, she knew she had to get healthy. By switching to a plant-based diet and incorporating more exercise, the star was able to lose 20 pounds.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (93)

Adrienne says that she plans on keeping the weight off thanks to changing the way she eats and changing her “whole relationship with food.” She has flaunted her weight loss not just in a bikini photo on Instagram, but also on the red carpet.

Quinton Aaron - 100 Pounds

As a football player with a troubled past in the critically-acclaimed film “The Blind Side,” actor Quinton Aaron seemed quite confident despite his larger frame. But, behind the scenes, the actor was struggling with his weight and the difficulties associated with it.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (94)

After being asked to get off a flight for taking up two seats, the actor decided to do something about his weight. After that incident, he changed his diet and started to exercise more. Though he has already lost 100 pounds, he plans on losing even more.

Gregory Gourdet - 40 Pounds

When you’re trying to lose weight, being surrounded by food can be a challenge. This is especially true for “Top Chef” star, Gregory Gourdet. After reaching his highest weight, the star of the cooking reality show decided to do something. But he couldn’t reach his goal weight alone.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (95)

In a social media post, he thanked everyone from his yoga instructor to his physical therapist for accompanying him on his fitness journey. Fans were happy to not only see his amazing transformation, but also his acknowledgment of the people working behind the scenes to help them get in shape.

Ryan Lochte - 21 Pounds

Let's be honest, Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte was never truly out of shape, but the professional swimmer still wanted to slim down a bit for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games, and we don’t blame him. As a swimmer, even the smallest amount of weight gain could affect his athletic performance.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (96)

In just two months, the athlete shed 21 pounds thanks to using a fitness app to track his meals and workout regimes. The 12-time Olympic medalist showed off his leaner and more muscular frame on his social media, much to the delight of fans!

Jacob Batalon - 100 Pounds

For many, getting fit isn’t just about looking a certain way, it’s also about feeling physically well. “Spider-Man: No Way Home” actor Jacob Batalon remembered feeling “sleepy at work” and unable to do simple physical activities such as climbing up the stairs without losing his breath. This, combined with being embarrassed by how far he let himself go, propelled the actor to take charge of his health.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (97)

Jacob began eating a plant-based diet and working out six days a week, each session for an hour and a half. The hard work has certainly paid off!

Hilary Duff - 30 Pounds

As a child-star-turned-adult-celebrity, Hilary Duff has spent much of her life in the spotlight. After welcoming her child, Hilary worked with a personal trainer to help her shed any remaining baby weight. Between boxing and running, she lost 30 pounds.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (98)

The star acknowledges that while it has taken her a bit of time to get back into her pre-baby shape, she says, “I appreciate my body and what it's done for me.” She showed off all that hard work at the gym with a very revealing photo shoot for “Women’s Health” in 2022.

Jay Ellis - 15 Pounds

As Lawrence on the HBO series “Insecure,” Jay had to go through a tough fitness regime in order to match the fitness journey of his character. On the show, his character, Lawrence, was supposed to be training for a marathon.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (99)

Ever the professional, Jay said, “I didn’t feel like I was being honest to the character if I didn’t do it. And I wanted that challenge as an actor.” His hard work paid off — soon, he was running more than 18 miles a week and lost 15 pounds!

Jennifer Lopez - 10 Pounds

Between flaunting her impressive abs on social media, to showing off her taut body on stage, there’s no denying that Jennifer Lopez has one of the most incredible figures in Hollywood. JLo isn’t shy about sharing just how much work and energy she puts into looking the way she does.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (100)

From protein-rich meals to hours spent at the gym or in intense dance practice sessions, the diva works hard at reaching her health goals. But although she is super disciplined, even she has moments when she wants a bit of junk food, explaining, “we’re all human.”

Jenna Jameson - 80 Pounds

Like many other parts of her life (and self), Jenna Jameson has been completely revealing about the struggles she has faced throughout her fitness journey. The former adult film actress shared that after having her child, she gained a significant amount of weight. Over the years, she has implemented a strict Keto diet.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (101)

While “boring,” the lifestyle change seems to be working. The celebrity has shed close to 100 pounds and has shared her weight loss journey through a series of candid social media posts and photos, much to the delight of her many supportive fans!

Joe Giudice - 70 Pounds

While going to jail isn’t a great goal to have, it can sometimes result in a positive change, at least it did for “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Joe Giudice. After the reality television star was incarcerated, it became obvious that he had been spending quite a bit of time at the prison’s gym.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (102)

His newly muscular frame and significant weight loss seemed so dramatic that he was compared to another muscular reality star — Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino! Though Joe has quite a few years on the “Jersey Shore” star, he’s looking better than ever!

Tyler Baltierra - 24 Pounds

Let’s be honest; when it comes to making healthy and good decisions, the cast of “Teen Mom” aren’t exactly experts. But when Tyler Baltierra (star of “Teen Mom OG”) decided to make a healthy lifestyle change, fans were very supportive. Though he was quite fit to begin with, Tyler wanted to focus more on building muscle and eating healthier.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (103)

While his fans are quite impressed by his weight loss and muscles, his number one fan seems to be his wife, Catelynn Lowell, who bragged about her attractive husband on several social media posts!

AJ McLean - 27 Pounds

From Backstreet Boy to “Dancing With the Stars” competitor, former-pop star AJ McLean seems to excel at everything he does. That being said, the celebrity often had difficulties revolving around his health. Thankfully, starring in the very physical dance reality competition show, “Dancing with the Stars,” helped spark the desire to improve his health and physical fitness.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (104)

After shedding close to 30 pounds, the singer and dancer feels much better and more energetic — perfect timing as it was right before he and it was the rest of the Backstreet Boys have begun their worldwide tour!

Tom Arnold - 75 Pounds

Like most of us, celebrities also like to indulge while on vacation. Unfortunately, the calories consumed abroad often find themselves turning into excess weight, which follows us back home. For comedic actor Tom Arnold, filming in Italy often meant late-night meals with rich and highly caloric foods, causing him to gain significant amounts of weight.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (105)

After experiencing a health scare, the “True Lies” star decided to get serious about his health, changing his diet and exercising first thing in the morning. With close to 100 off of his frame, the actor is healthier than ever!

Ayesha Curry - 35 Pounds

After admitting that “Fitness wasn’t really a part of my lifestyle,” cookbook author and television star Ayesha Curry decided to shake things up when it came to getting healthy. She began practicing intermittent fasting, working out more, and focusing on portion control in order to shed some weight and gain more energy.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (106)

That said, the Jamaican-Canadian star still occasionally indulges in her favorite meal — oxtail rice, peas, and fried plantains. Thanks to these lifestyle changes, Ayesha says, “I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life.” We couldn’t agree more!

Peter Facinelli - 30 Pounds

Actor Peter Facinelli may have played a supernatural being in the “Twilight” films, but in real life, he was dealing with the same issues as us mere mortals — weight gain. Working with a hypnotherapist, Peter began practicing mindful eating — being more aware of the food you are consuming.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (107)

He also began to meditate, which helped balance his stress levels, and made mindless snacking a thing of the past. Adopting these healthy eating habits has helped the actor shed 30 pounds, and he’s looking better than ever!

Raven-Symoné - 40 Pounds

For some people, getting healthy isn’t just about looking good for swimsuit season, it’s also about making sure that they’re able to live a long and healthy life with the people they love. The former “The View” co-host, Raven-Symoné, has often battled with her weight and health, but after marrying her wife, Miranda Pearman-Maday, the “Cheetah Girls” star decided to take charge of her health and future.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (108)

By removing added sugar from her diet and eating healthy foods prepared by her wife, she has successfully shed a whopping 40 pounds!

Jodie Sweetin - 37 Pounds

While some people lose weight by changing the way they eat or how often they exercise, some people lose weight without even realizing it! “Fuller House” star Jodie Sweetin lost close to 40 pounds during a particularly stressful moment in her life.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (109)

The actress, who described herself as a “mess” during the time of the event, completely lost her appetite. Thankfully, Jodie is feeling much better these days, and looks a lot healthier too! We wish her well on her mental health journey!

Ree Drummond - 60 Pounds

As a cookbook author and television star, “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond found it difficult to reach her fitness goals. Ree explained that she hit “rock bottom” one night when she was enjoying a late-night snack of chips and salsa. The realization that she had gone “overboard” led her to begin a weight-loss journey resulting in losing close to 60 pounds!

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (110)

Though she still indulges in her famously decadent desserts, she joked that “I just eat a Rhode Island-sized piece instead of a Texas-sized piece.” Good advice!

Rob McElhenney - 70 Pounds

Actor Rob McElhenney may not seem like someone who would completely overhaul his lifestyle to get fit, but after gaining 60 pounds for season 7 of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” the actor decided to get fit.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (111)

Not only did he shed the weight he had put on for the show, but he added a lot more muscle definition. Though he’s rocking quite the body these days, the actor admits that the process has been very difficult. From not eating after certain times to running three miles a day, Rob has definitely put in the work!

Billy Joel - 50 Pounds

Billy Joel has always been known as one of the most energetic and legendary performers, but recently, he’s feeling a lot healthier. The Piano Man shed 50 pounds recently and looks better than ever. Fans were shocked to see his svelte figure from behind his famous piano.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (112)

Far from looking like a "schlubby-looking guy" (as Billy once described himself), the "Uptown Girl" singer decided to make some drastic changes after seeing an unflattering photo of himself. Now in his 70s, the singer-songwriter is in terrific shape and full of energy, much to the delight of concertgoers!

James Corden - 84 Pounds

Funny man James Corden is well-known for his hilarious personality, but in recent years, many have also focused on his fuller figure. “The Late Late Show” host decided to make some changes to his lifestyle. James, who is also the ambassador for WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers), began exercising in the morning and eating healthily.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (113)

For James, one of the biggest motivators in his quest to become healthier was his son. He states he didn’t want to “feel embarrassed when I'm chasing my son on the football field and out of breath after three minutes."

Tiffany Haddish - 40 Pounds

Actress and standup comedian Tiffany Haddish may seem like the most confident woman in the room, but deep down, she was feeling uncomfortable with her body image. The “Girls Trip” actress decided that she was finally ready to embark on her fitness journey with an intensive month-long fitness program.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (114)

Not only did she lose 30 pounds over that period, she later lost an additional ten. The comedic star now works out several times a week doing everything from aerial yoga to lifting weights — a routine that is clearly working judging by photos she's uploaded to social media!

Busta Rhymes - 100 Pounds

Like most of us, many celebrities don’t realize just how unhealthy their lifestyle has been until they encounter a health scare. For rapper Busta Rhymes, losing two of the most significant people in his life resulted in excessive weight gain. Unfortunately for him, he was also forced to change his lifestyle after having to get emergency surgery on his throat.

More Celebs and Their Awesome Transformations (115)

The rapper began eating healthier foods and working out. Fans were able to get a glimpse at his newer and leaner frame when he appeared on “The Masked Singer.”

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