Mum shamed for wearing sundress to son's party because of her cleavage (2023)

A mother who claims her cleavage 'stole the spotlight' from her seven year old son's birthday party has hit back at social media critics who have branded her 'indecent'.

Raquel Dicuru, 37, from Tonbridge, Kent, was throwing a seventh birthday party for her son last month when her sister-in-law filmed her lighting the candles on the birthday cake.

It wasn't until she watched the cute keepsake video back that she realized her 'boobies' were prominently featured in the purple flower sundress - right in front of the small children.

But the assistant ability consultant couldn't resist sharing the clip on TikTok, jokingly captioning it: 'When you didn't realise your boobies were stealing the spotlight at your son's birthday party until you saw pics and vid later that evening!'.

The mum-of-two says that the footage, which racked up more than one million views, has provoked backlash from many viewers, with some claiming that Raquel was trying to 'find a husband' and branding her 'indecent'.

The summery purple sundress, which is below the knee and off shoulder, was heavily critiqued for being 'attention grabbing' but Raquel insists it was 'the angle' of her sister-in-law's video that made it look more 'booby' than it actually was

The sweet video, taken by Raquel's sister-in-law, shows Raquel lighting candles on her son's cake for his seventh birthday, the dress does show her cleavage, but she was called 'sick' and branded critics 'nasty'

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Comments on social media site TikTok accused the Mum-of-two from Kent of being 'attention grabbing'

The sundress, which comes down to the knees, doesn't look revealing and it was the angle of the video that put Raquel's cleavage front and centre as she lit the candles.

Raquel said that the footage, which racked up more than one million views, has provoked backlash from many viewers, with some claiming that she was trying to 'find a husband' and branding her 'indecent'.

In follow-up videos responding to snide comments, Raquel told her critics to 'get a life' and posed up in the dress again to push for an explanation about why her outfit was 'offensive'.

She justified herself on TikTok, saying nobody had noticed anything unusual about her dress until she received video footage from the party later that night.

The offending dress, which looks like a regular sundress, was re-posted online by the 37-year-old, as she defiantly says 'I won't let trolls get to me'

'My sister-in-law was the one who filmed the video,' Raquel explained. 'She didn't even notice until she sent me the video and I said, "Oh my god! My boobies are right there".

'Normally, I would be just adjusting my clothing all the time. But that dress was quite comfy so I wasn't.

'I think it's mostly down to the angle of the video. She was filming from above and I was crouching down a little bit.

'We were all just living in the moment and singing happy birthday to my son. So I just thought it was funny that we were all unaware.


The happily married mother was accused of 'looking for a single dad'

'I posted it online because I thought it was funny and got a shock when I saw the reaction.

'Some of the people said my caption was drawing attention to my boobs. But that's why it was funny.

'It's like when people walk out of a toilet with paper hanging onto their shoe.

''Of all the videos I've posted about litter picking and eco-living - which I would love to go viral - it was this that did.'

Raquel received numerous comments from people who took issue with her decision to wear the low-cut dress.

Raquel said 'The majority of comments were people getting upset about the video.

People rushed to defend the UK Mum, saying 'life happens they are just boobs' and seemed confused as to why people were 'hating' on a 'basic sun dress'

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'The main issue seemed to be that I was being 'indecent' for wearing that type of dress and that I was posting the video for attention.

'People were angry, they thought it was outrageous. They were questioning what sort of person I was, if I was looking for a husband.

'I'm happily married and not looking for anybody.

'The comments were mainly from men. I also had people defending me though, telling trolls to 'lighten up'.

'I had to start deleting the nasty comments because they were getting really . I didn't reply to most of them, so I just deleted them and continued with my life.

'Men were commenting stuff like 'Women know what they're doing' and 'Women always do this for attention'. It was as if I was being blamed for having something on show.

The stunning Raquel, pictured here in a denim top with teal highlights in her brunette hair says she is 'happily married and not looking for anyone' she didn't understand why people thought her choice of attire was so 'outrageous'

'It just sounds like they've had bad experiences with women and they're putting me into this category of 'She wants the dads to look at her, she just wants attention'.

'They were saying I was making it all about me rather than my son. Someone said the fact I posted the video was "sick". It's just weird - why are people so angry? They're just boobs.

'Of course, people create a story in the head about what went on behind the scenes with the video.

'I don't mind too much - these people don't know me. If they knew me, they'd know I'm not like that.'

Although she was initially taken aback by the comments, Raquel strongly believes that she did nothing wrong by wearing the dress.

Raquel said 'Deep down, the harsh comments did make me question what I wear. But then I thought 'No, they're the ones who have a problem with it'.

'It's funny how people are angry at skin. Half of the world has boobs - I don't know why it's so taboo.

'It was a hot day at the start of June. I was wearing something comfortable for a picnic in the park.'

Despite the criticism, Raquel is determined to not let the critics change her mind on what she wears.

Raquel said 'This hasn't put me off wearing the sundress. I'm not indecent - I like to dress nice for the body that I have.

'Nobody should be shaming me or anybody else for what we wear or what we want to show.

'You would see something much more revealing at the beach' The cleavage was seen from above but many TikToker's just don't understand the issue

'I'm just showing a bit of boob or a bit of a leg. It's hot - I don't have to cover up so that other people can be comfortable.'

Many commenters didn't hold back in their critiques of Raquel's party outfit.

One wrote 'The fact you highlighted this is sick.', whilst another said 'Yeah right, everything about you screams 'Look at me'.'

Another questioned'Why would you even wear that to a kid's birthday party?', as a fellow critic who was male, remarked 'Women ALWAYS know when they're hanging out.'

One TikTok user said 'Not smart enough to wear something at a kid's party. She must be looking for a single dad.'

The special moment was seen as 'funny' by the mum, who was cutting a very creative looking cake with her little boy

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Some commenters came to Raquel's defense on the issue, saying the dress was just a 'basic sundress' and 'why is everyone hating?'.

One wrote 'Sorry, don't see anything wrong. If you go to the beach, you see a lot more flesh,' whilst another said'Why is everyone hating…it's just a basic sundress?'

One supportive commenter wrote 'Wow, some of these comments. It's a funny situation, folks. Life happens and they are just boobs. Laugh a little.'


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