My Friends Bolo & Ketch - Chapter 4 - ImNoJedi (2022)

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It was quiet. Too quiet. Normally, Hannah liked the quiet, but considering who she was currently walking the streets with, the quiet concerned her. “You guys alright back there?” she asked, turning her head back slightly to address the two behind her.

“Uhh, yeah?” Ketch responded in a shocked tone.

“Why wouldn’t we be?” Bolo added, also sounding shocked.

“Just… curious,” Hannah responded. As much as she appreciated the company, Bolo and Ketch weren’t exactly the chattiest pair. She’d gotten so used to conversing with her other friends during her trips to the market that she didn’t realize how much she missed it. Or maybe it was just the Bad Batch themselves that she was missing so much. Not that Bolo and Ketch were terrible company. But… they weren’t her family.

The two of them started whispering to themselves behind her, which caught her attention. She played it off like she was ignoring them, but then she felt each of them come up on either side of her.

“So uhh,” Ketch began in an awkward tone. “What do you normally do when you come out here?”

“Do?” Hannah questioned, quirking her eyebrow at him.

“Like in the meantime,” Bolo joined in. “Like right now.”

Hannah chuckled. “You mean, when I’m just walking?”

“Yeah!” Ketch exclaimed.

“Exactly!” Bolo added.

Hannah chuckled again. “Well, normally I’m… I’m with someone else, so I end up chatting with them or something like that.”

“Oh…” Bolo and Ketch both looked at each other, knowing exactly who Hannah was talking about. “Right…”

“Do you always come here with one of them?” Bolo asked.

“Usually,” Hannah answered. “This morning was the first time I went on my own though.”

“And you were ok?” Ketch asked.

A small smile spread on Hannah’s face. “Yeah… I mean, I made it back to the parlor in one piece, didn’t I?” She snickered slightly. “You guys made sure of that.”

Once again, Bolo and Ketch just looked at each other wordlessly. It was obvious even to them that Hannah was downplaying how she really felt.

“Well, umm,” Bolo began, twiddling his fingers nervously. “If you ever need some help, Ketch and I are always around, you know.”

“Yeah!” Ketch added enthusiastically. “You know us, we’re always at the parlor, hangin’ out. Pretty sure Cid wouldn’t mind if we did something other than spend money and cause trouble, you know?”

The small smile on Hannah’s face grew significantly at hearing all of that. “Oh, you two…” She reached out and patted them both on the arm with a giggle. “Cid wouldn’t be the only one who wouldn’t mind that.”

It didn’t take long after that before they all reached the part of the city where the repair shop was supposed to be. All of the storefronts in that area were mostly open, almost more like market stalls that seemed to extend far into the walls. The three of them hoped that would make the repair shop easier to distinguish.

“We could always just ask somebody where it is too,” Ketch suggested.

“Ehh, I’d rather not,” Hannah replied, shaking her head.

“Oh right, I forgot,” Ketch said with a chuckle. “You don’t like talking to people very much, do ya?”

Hannah shook her head again. “Not really… is it that obvious?”

“Oh, well…” Ketch scratched the back of his neck nervously, which prompted Bolo to jump into the conversation.

“You do a great job talking to people, don’t worry,” Bolo reassured her. “He was just saying what we’ve heard about you, that’s all.”

Hannah blinked in confusion. “Heard about me? What?”

“From your friends,” Bolo responded.

“Yeah, they talk about you all the time,” Ketch added.

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Hannah continued to blink rapidly in shock. “They… do?”

“Oh yeah,” Bolo said with a laugh. “Especially the kid. She looks up to you a lot, I think.”

Hannah’s face lit up and she clasped her hands together. “She does?”

“Definitely,” Ketch replied with a nod. “And I’m pretty sure the bandana guy only ever talks when the topic is about you.”

Hannah’s face began to blush profusely and she wrang her hands together nervously. “He does??”

Bolo and Ketch both just nodded in response. Very slowly, Hannah began to hide her face inside her neck wrap, much to the other two’s confusion.

After a little while of searching the streets, Ketch began to get audibly frustrated at not being able to find the repair shop yet. Hannah reassured him that they would be able to find it eventually, especially with all three of them looking. Then Bolo pointed out one of the shops up ahead. Hannah and Ketch couldn’t see what he was talking about due to being much shorter than Bolo, which made him laugh. Eventually though, all three of them were able to see the place Bolo had found. From what they could tell, the place could definitely pass for a repair shop with all of the gadgets and machinery scattered everywhere.

A single counter sat near the front of the shop like a mini market stall. Hannah approached the counter, with Bolo and Ketch following behind at a close distance. There didn’t seem to be anybody there though.

“Hello?” Hannah eventually called out. “Is Master Gildish here?”

Nothing but silence for a moment. Then suddenly, a figure appeared, seemingly coming out from one of the piles near the wall. “Yes he is!” the figure loudly proclaimed. Hannah was so startled, she nearly shrieked and bumped into Bolo and Ketch behind her.

Then Hannah’s jaw nearly fell to the floor in shock. Standing behind the counter was what appeared to be an architect droid, but with various different droid parts on his body. A pair of lenses were attached to the back of his head, and his right arm looked more like it belonged on a protocol droid. Something was weird about the hand on that arm as well.

“Which one of you summoned me?” The droid asked, leaning against the counter and looking between the three of them rapidly.

Bolo and Ketch both pushed Hannah forward without saying a word.

“Oh, uhh, that was me!” Hannah responded with a nervous laugh. “Umm, are you–”

“Master Gildish!” The droid exclaimed. “Yes I am! As I already said! A pleasure to make your acquaintance!” He reached out with his odd arm and grabbed Hannah’s hand, shaking it vigorously.

“Nice to meet you,” Hannah responded as she rubbed her freshly shaken hand.

Master Gildish made a humming noise and pulled one of the lenses on the back of his head forward, which made one of his eyes look enormous in size compared to the other. “Interesting…” He began examining Hannah, then Bolo and Ketch. “Very interesting indeed…” With one swift movement, he flicked the lens back behind his head again. “Did you come here just to stare, child?”

Hannah jolted slightly in surprise. “Oh, I’m sorry, it’s just… I’ve never seen an architect droid before. I didn’t know there were any outside of the Jedi temple on Coruscant.”

“Oho!” Master Gildish leaned against the counter with his normal arm. “Young one, you’ll find there are many unusual things in this vast galaxy we live in. Many unexplainable things. Things that don’t make a lick of sense in the slightest! Pah!” He waved his odd arm in the air nonchalantly. “Not worth wasting the brain power on. Better to worry about what’s within your realm of understanding.”

From behind her, Hannah could hear Bolo and Ketch whispering about how weird Master Gildish was and wondering what the heck he was talking about. She could barely hold back a giggle.

“I’m sorry, I just have to ask,” Hannah said, a visible wonder on her face. “Did… did you work for the Jedi? Do you know how to build lightsabers?” A small gasp escaped her lips. “Do you have any lightsabers here?”

A sputtering noise came from Master Gildish, followed by a single exaggerated laugh. “If I did, I certainly wouldn’t be flaunting it around after what the emperor did to their kind! More importantly…” He leaned forward more on the counter, staring intently at Hannah. “Why are you so curious about Jedi and lightsabers, hmm?”

“Oh, I just…” Hannah sheepishly tucked some of her hair behind her ear. “I just think they’re cool, that’s all. Honestly.”

“Hmmmm…” Master Gildish squinted and kept his gaze on Hannah, then pulled both of the lenses behind his head forward as he continued to stare. It felt like he was peering straight into Hannah’s soul with his now massive-looking glowing yellow eyes. “You are an interesting one…”

Hannah felt one of the boys elbow her from behind and she nervously chuckled. “Uhh, anyway, we’re not here for that. We’re looking for a power cable. The one on our jukebox got fried…”

“Ahh, now you’re speaking my language!” Master Gildish exclaimed, pounding the counter with his good hand. “Come, come, come…” With his odd hand, he beckoned the three of them to follow him inside the shop.

As they followed him inside, Hannah saw that one of his lower legs was different. She couldn’t recognize the model, but it was much shiner than the rest of him, which was clearly worn with age. As odd as he was, Hannah was certain he was a fountain of knowledge. There were so many questions she wanted to ask him, but knew this wasn’t the time. A good reason to come back another day, she thought to herself.

Similar to Sash’s place, the repair shop wasn’t organized very well. Everything was clearly related to machinery, but there still seemed to be no rhyme or reason to its placement. Hannah found herself getting distracted by it all and wandered off from the rest of the group. The eclectic collection of machine parts and gadgets reminded her so much of Tech and Echo, and she sorely wished they were there with her to enjoy it all.

From the corner of her eye, Hannah thought she saw movement near one of the piles. Very carefully, she approached the pile and peeked over it. Something small suddenly popped out from behind the pile and perched on top of it, spooking Hannah enough to make her squeal. Her fright quickly turned into adoration when she got a better look at the small thing. It was another droid, barely a foot tall, that looked like a pair of goggles with two little legs underneath its head. It seemed to be looking up at Hannah curiously and made a chirping sound.

“Oh, lookit you, little guy,” Hannah cooed at the sight of it. “Hey, buddy…” She carefully reached out a hand towards it in an attempt to pet it.

The little droid looked at her hand and slowly began to approach with another chirp, but both of them were suddenly startled by the appearance of Master Gildish. “How did you know his name?!” he exclaimed in Hannah’s face.

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Hannah’s chest heaved from alarm, and she clutched a hand to her chest in an attempt to get her heart to stop beating so fast. “A lucky guess, I guess?” she replied with a nervous chuckle.

Once again, Master Gildish began staring intently at Hannah, studying her face and peering deep into her eyes. Very briefly, Hannah felt some sort of tug in the back of her consciousness, as if something was trying to connect with it. The sensation startled her so much, she lurched away from Master Gildish with a slight gasp.

“Skittish thing, aren’t you?” Master Gildish quipped with a huff. He turned to the pile the little droid had been perched on and said, “come, Buddy! I need your scopes to help me find something.”

The little droid had been knocked from his perch out of fright, but managed to climb back up again and gave his master a chirp and a nod. Hannah barely held back a squeal from how adorable it was.

“He’s so precious,” she cooed as the little droid hopped off the pile. “Can…” She turned to Master Gildish curiously. “Can I hold him?”

Master Gildish scoffed. “If you’d like. I suppose I owe you that much for correctly guessing his name anyway.”

Very gently, Hannah crouched down in front of Buddy and held out her hands near the ground. Buddy looked up at her curiously, then down at her hands before carefully stepping onto them. He was much lighter than Hannah expected, weighing no more than an actual pair of goggles. Hannah’s face beamed as she pulled the little droid up to her chest and held him close for fear that he might fall out of her hands.

“Your master better watch out,” she whispered down to him. “Or I might take you home with me.”

“I’d like to see you try!” Master Gildish exclaimed, somehow able to hear every word she’d said.

With Buddy in hand, Hannah followed Master Gildish further into the shop, taking in everything around her. Again, she wished Tech and Echo were there to tell her what everything was, especially since she didn’t want to bug Master Gildish about it. They eventually reached one of the far corners of the room, and Master Gildish asked for Buddy back. Hannah was in the middle of giving the little droid some scritches on top of his head and handed him over with a pout. Master Gildish thanked her for returning his Buddy to him, and the two droids began searching through the various piles together, leaving Hannah to her own devices.

Although the back of the shop was darker than the rest, Hannah was still able to see where Bolo and Ketch had gotten to. They weren’t far off and thankfully weren’t causing any trouble at the moment. Ketch seemed to be as confused about everything as Hannah was, but Bolo actually seemed to be enjoying himself.

“Oh wow,” Bolo said as he picked up one of the machine parts. “This is a nice-looking power coupler.”

“Is that what that is?” Ketch asked, looking over the part with confusion. “And how do you know what it is?”

Bolo looked a bit sheepish. “I… I happen to know quite a bit about land vehicles actually.”

“Since when?” Ketch exclaimed.

“Since a while!” Bolo retorted. “You don’t know everything about me, you know!”

Ketch scoffed. “Apparently not!”

There was a brief moment of worry as Hannah thought a fight might break out between them, but thankfully they just went their separate ways. She let out a sigh and shook her head in relief before going back to her own business. She was very curious to see what else was in this corner of the shop and began thoroughly looking around the space. It was a bit hard to see due to the darkness, but Hannah did her best to not knock anything over as she inspected the various things set up around there.

Then Hannah thought she felt a pair of eyes staring at her from the farthest part of the room. She wondered if maybe there was another droid in the shop and turned to face it with curiosity.

What she saw shocked her so much, she gasped out loud. It was another droid, but not the kind she expected. She had only ever seen them on the holonet, but she knew exactly what kind of droid it was: a Separatist Battle Droid.

Briefly, Hannah froze in fear for what it might do, but quickly realized the droid wasn’t moving. She could hear the Clones’ voices in the back of her mind telling her to leave it alone, but she was too curious. Carefully, she approached the droid, ready to run if she needed to. But she made it all the way up to it without anything happening.

Now that she was close enough, she could see the droid much better. It mostly looked like all the depictions of Battle Droids she’d seen before, although this one had yellow markings painted on its head and chest. It also looked completely scuffed up and battle worn, and it was missing one of its arms entirely. Looking at it in that state actually made her sad. She’d heard countless tales about the Battle Droids both from the holonet and her Clone family, and it was always from a negative perspective. Sure, it was true the Battle Droids were responsible for countless deaths and destruction across the galaxy. But it was only because they were programmed that way. Droids were machines, not people. If anything, Droids were easier to forgive because you could simply alter their programming into something else entirely. Even this Battle Droid, who most likely had killed living beings before, wasn’t innately evil. And because of that, Hannah was sad for it.

She also would never admit it to anyone, but she actually thought the Battle Droids looked really adorable. Not as much as Buddy, but still adorable in their own way.

Very carefully, she reached her hand out and gently ran her fingers across the long snout of the Battle Droid’s head. To her surprise, there wasn’t much dust on it. Perhaps it had recently come to the repair shop. More importantly, why was there an entire Battle Droid in Master Gildish’s repair shop?

“Admiring the Commander, are you?”

Master Gildish’s voice once again spooked Hannah so much, she shrieked. She bumped into one of the nearby shelves and sent a few things over the edge, which toppled onto the floor with a crash.

“Ahh, sorry…” Hannah said, grabbing onto the shelf so it wouldn’t fall over.

Master Gildish waved it off and shook his head. “Ehh, that shelf is full of nothing but junk anyway.” He beckoned Hannah to follow him, saying, “Come, I think Buddy’s found a good cable for you.”

Hannah gave the Battle Droid one last look before following Master Gildish back to the pile where he’d left Buddy. The little droid was perched on the pile with a single cable set aside nearby. He excitedly chirped and pattered his feet with a few happy hops when Hannah and Master Gildish approached, which sent Hannah into a fit of giggles.

“Well done, Buddy,” Master Gildish said and patted the little droid on the head. “This here should do the trick for you…” He picked up the cable and showed it to Hannah, running the fingers of his normal hand across it. “A good quality, sturdy power cable, sure to last you a good long while. So long as you treat it well and don’t do anything reckless with it!”

“After what happened to the last one,” Hannah said with a chuckle. “I’m going to make extra sure of that.”

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With his odd hand, Master Gildish reached down for Buddy, who hopped onto his hand eagerly. Master Gildish placed the little droid onto his shoulder and beckoned Hannah to follow him again to complete their business. Buddy sat perched on Master Gildish’s shoulder like a little bird, and Hannah was certain she was going to lose her mind from how stinking adorable this little droid was.

As they made their way back to the front, Hannah called for Bolo and Ketch, who promptly dropped what they were doing – quite literally in Ketch’s case – and began to follow. Bolo complimented Master Gildish on the wide array of parts there were in the store and asked how he’d managed to get so many.

Master Gildish let out a hardy laugh and told him, “My boy, when you’ve lived as long as I have, you’ll find a great many things come your way, whether you want them to or not. For instance, in all the centuries I’ve lived here on Ord Mantell, I can safely say I’ve never seen a group quite as odd as you three.”

“Oh, you should see my other friends,” Hannah replied with a laugh.

Ketch laughed as well, saying, “That’s funny, I thought you said ‘centuries’!”

“I did!” Master Gildish sternly replied. “Don’t question me, pirate!”

Bolo began laughing, but Ketch scoffed. “Hey, I’m no pirate! Sheesh! I mean, I have a cousin who’s a pirate, but that doesn’t mean I’m one!”

Bolo’s laughter abruptly stopped. “Wait, you have a cousin who’s a pirate? Since when?”

“Since a while!” Ketch replied. “You’re not the only one who hasn’t shared everything, you know!”

Thankfully, Hannah didn’t have to intervene and stop a potential squabble, as they had reached the front of the store again. Master Gildish led them all to the counter and asked which of them would be paying for his services. Bolo and Ketch asked how much it would be, and Master Gildish responded that it would depend on exactly how they planned on getting the jukebox to him for repairs. Almost sheepishly, Hannah told him that she had a friend who would be able to repair the jukebox, although it was going to be a few days before that could happen.

“Well, I suppose if you want to do it the cheap way,” Master Gildish commented with a scoff.

“Oh shoot,” Hannah suddenly exclaimed and smacked her own forehead. “I forgot about the radio again. Master Gildish, do you have a radio transmitter? We also need one of those.”

Master Gildish looked at Buddy, who was still perched on his shoulder. He told him to head back and see if he could find what they needed. Buddy gave a nod, and Master Gildish set the little droid down on the floor gently. Hannah couldn’t keep her eyes off him as Buddy began the long trek back inside the shop to look for a radio transmitter.

“Helpful little thing, that one,” Master Gildish stated. “If you’re looking for something, he can find it for you. Best explorer on all Ord Mantell, I guarantee that!”

“Bet he’d get along great with Hunter,” Hannah said to herself with a giggle.

“Who?” Master Gildish asked, leaning in almost uncomfortably close to Hannah.

“O-oh, he’s my…” Hannah cleared her throat loudly. “A friend. Just a friend of mine.”

The glowing yellow eyes of Master Gildish squinted at her, and he let out a thoughtful hum. “You wear your heart on your sleeves, skittish one. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Hannah blinked at him in surprise. Was she really being that obvious? Curiously, she pressed her hands to her own cheeks and felt the heat radiating from them. Maybe Master Gildish was just really good at reading people. That’s what she hoped at least.

About a minute later, Buddy came running back, and Master Gildish asked if he’d found anything. Sadly, Buddy shook his goggles-shaped head, and Master Gildish sighed. “Tough luck,” he told the others. “Looks like I’m fresh out of radios unfortunately.”

The three others lamented equally, with Hannah looking the most disappointed. Bolo and Ketch began wondering what they could do. As far as they knew, the repair shop was their best bet at finding a replacement radio transmitter. Master Gildish asked if they’d ever visited Sash’s pawn shop, to which they replied that they had just come from there. Hannah remained quiet. She was beginning to lose hope that they were going to be able to fix the jukebox, and it showed on her face.

“Don’t give up yet!” Bolo encouraged her.

“Yeah!” Ketch added, equally encouraging. “There’s gotta be somewhere around here that’s got a transmitter! We just gotta keep looking!”

A small smile spread on Hannah’s face. “Thanks guys. I don’t want to give up yet either. It just isn’t looking good, you know?” She fake chuckled and sighed. “Honestly, I’m just as worried about what Cid is gonna say if we can’t fix the darn thing…”

Master Gildish suddenly let out a curious hum. “Did you say ‘Cid’?” Hannah nodded, and Master Gildish let out a hardy laugh. “Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while! Still keeping busy with the Syndicate, I assume? She always was an ambitious one, that young whippersnapper!” He began laughing again, which left the other three in a state of awe and confusion.

“Whippersnapper?” Hannah snarked with a laugh of her own.

Young??” Bolo and Ketch both exclaimed, looking at each other doubtfully.

The amused state of Master Gildish turned to contemplation, and he hummed thoughtfully again. “Well now, if you’re working for Cid, then that changes things quite a bit. Or perhaps, it helps make more sense of things.” For what felt like the dozenth time that day, Master Gildish studied Hannah’s face, peering deep into her eyes. “Tell me truthfully, child… how desperately do you want this?”

“The radio?” Hannah questioned, quirking an eyebrow.

Master Gildish leaned in closer, but Hannah didn’t budge. “You tell me,” he replied in a much softer, firm tone.

Briefly, Hannah felt that tug on the back of her consciousness again, but just like before, she shook it off. And after a moment of thought, her face twisted into a look of determination. “I don’t intend on going back until I’ve found what I’m looking for.”

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Although he had no moving mouth, it was obvious that Master Gildish was smiling at her. “A good answer. A wise answer. I see why Cid let you into her operations.” He proudly pounded the fist of his good hand on the counter and nodded. “Come with me,” he said, beckoning to all of them with his odd hand.

Bolo and Ketch looked at each other in confusion, even more so after Hannah began following without a second of hesitation. They both called out for her to wait up, and she turned back to them with a laugh. “Keep up, would ya?” she joked at them both, slowing down just enough for them to catch up with her.

To their surprise, Master Gildish was leading them around the shop, into the dark side alley. Buddy was keeping pace with Hannah, and she leaned down to pick up the small droid before following Master Gildish into the darkness. Lamps lining the walls began to light up as they walked down the alley, as if they were activated by their mere presence. And more curiously, the lamps would dim as they left their proximity, leaving a trail of darkness behind them.

Eventually, the group was led to an area behind the shop, to what appeared to be some sort of shed. Like the alleyway, it too was completely dark. But as Master Gildish stepped closer to it, similar lamps began to alight, providing a clear look into what was inside the shed. Hannah and the boys all gasped at what they saw.

“Is…” Bolo began, pointing inside the shed. “Is that…”

“A modified RCG-18 landspeeder?” Master Gildish answered. He walked up to the vehicle in question and placed his odd hand onto it proudly. “Why yes, it is.”

Bolo looked like his eyes were going to bulge out of his head, and Hannah couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’ve been working on this lovely lady for some time now,” Master Gildish said, running his odd hand along the side of it. “She’s still in need of some modifications, but she’s usable.”

“She’s beautiful,” Bolo responded with a sniffle.

Ketch rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Yeah, yeah, neat vehicle. Why exactly are you showing us this though?”

“Because I’m letting you borrow it, obviously,” Master Gildish bluntly replied.

Bolo looked like he was going to faint. Hannah held back another laugh and instead turned to Master Gildish and asked, “Borrow it for what?”

“For getting your radio transmitter, of course!” Master Gildish exited the shed and walked over to Hannah. He grabbed her shoulders and turned her around, pointing out a path that seemed to lead out of that section of the city entirely. “Follow this path due north and you’ll come to an outcropping near the mountains with a building inlaid into it. The man who lives there can get you pretty much anything you could think of. Maybe even that lightsaber you were so curious about.” He chuckled and patted her on the shoulder before turning her around towards him again. “Be wary though. He’s not a friendly man, nor is he easy to please. You’ll have to keep your wits about you, lest you get on his bad side. And trust me! You do not want that to happen…” Slowly, he looked down at his odd hand, which made Hannah nervous. Then his head popped back up and he said, “I’m sure you’ll be fine though!” He reassuringly patted Hannah’s shoulder again, and she nervously chuckled in response.

Then Master Gildish looked over his shoulder and whispered to Hannah, “Might want to keep an eye on those two especially.” He pointed to Bolo and Ketch, who were both looking over the landspeeder. “You’re a smart one. You’ve got nothing to fear. But them…” He let out a pained groan and shook his head.

By this point, Hannah felt completely overwhelmed with information, but she remained strong and told Master Gildish that she would make sure to keep Bolo and Ketch out of trouble. That’s what she’d been doing most of the day, after all. Master Gildish had full faith in her, which was nice to hear. But she could feel her anxieties bubbling inside as she thought about whatever awaited them down that pathway.

“I assume one of you knows how to drive these sorts of things, yes?” Master Gildish inquired, gesturing to the landspeeder again.

“Yes,” Hannah responded. “It’s been a while though…”

“That’s alright,” Bolo spoke up. “I can drive!” He pressed his long fingers together sheepishly and added, “I’d… like that a lot actually.”

“Excellent!” Master Gildish clapped his hands together and walked into the shed. Everyone once again went wide-eyed with shock as Master Gildish’s odd hand suddenly retracted into his arm. A tool reminiscent of Echo’s scomp popped out, and he used it to release a clamp attached to the landspeeder. “She’s all yours.” He then reached out and grabbed Bolo’s arm, firmly saying, “Temporarily.

Hannah walked over and giggled at the slight terror in Bolo’s eyes. “We understand. This is really kind of you, Master Gildish.”

“Think nothing of it,” Master Gildish replied, waving his hand nonchalantly. “Just return her to me in one piece, that’s all I ask. Oh,” he began unraveling the power cable from his arm. “You will still need to pay for this though.”

Hurriedly, Bolo and Ketch began gathering together their credits and eagerly paid for the cable, much to Hannah’s delight. She was definitely glad she wouldn’t be going to this mysterious place by herself, even if Master Gildish thought the two of them would cause trouble.

Their business now settled, Master Gildish wished them all safe travels and once again reminded them to not ruin his beloved landspeeder. Bolo was very honest about wanting to take care of the landspeeder and promised he would bring it back in one piece. Hannah gave a very solemn goodbye to Buddy and told him that she would come back to see him someday, which made the little droid very happy to hear. Master Gildish was also happy to hear it, as he appreciated Hannah’s business and was eager to see what surprises she would bring with her next time he saw her.

“Oh, I’m definitely bringing my other friends out here sometime,” Hannah told him with a laugh. Then, very respectfully, she bowed to him and said, “Thank you, Master. You’ve really been a great help.”

“You can thank me by keeping that spark of yours lit, young one,” Master Gildish replied, giving Hannah a gentle pat on the chest. “The galaxy needs more of your kind, especially in these times.”

Somehow, that tug on Hannah’s consciousness made contact again, and for a moment, it was like Hannah was brought out of the place where she stood and was looking down upon herself from a different perspective. Like she was looking through someone else’s eyes. It frightened her enough to make her breath catch in her throat.

Master Gildish hummed thoughtfully again. “Another time, perhaps.” He placed his good hand on Hannah’s shoulder reassuringly and led her to the landspeeder. As Hannah sat down, Master Gildish leaned over the side and said, “I’ll let you know when the Commander is finished, since you seemed so interested in him.”

“Alright,” Hannah said with a smile. “How will you know where to find me though?”

Master Glidish chuckled. “You have more important things to worry about, child.” He gave the landspeeder a good pat before stepping aside so they could leave. Hannah and Ketch both waved as they drove off, with Buddy chirping and waving back with one of his little legs. Master Gildish simply kept his hands held behind him and hummed thoughtfully, as he had been doing most of the day.

“May the Force be with you, young one.”

A small breeze blew past Master Gildish’s robotic face, and he sighed wistfully before turning his face to Buddy on his shoulder. “I suppose you’re not the only one who has something they need to uncover, my little friend.”

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Buddy looked back at his master curiously, as he often did. He had learned by then to not question his master, but like with most things, he was sure to find out what he meant someday.


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Turn to the left and squeeze through the passage, and you'll find a door to open for a shortcut back to the area near where you met the Wanderer. He's not there anymore, But go ahead and Flip over the pit and climb the wall you weren't able to before. Head into Kujet's Tomb and head to the door inside.

Does Cal Kestis fight Vader? ›

Though Cal manages to stab him in the side thanks to a distraction from BD-1, Vader impales Cal with his own lightsaber and nearly kills him before Cere - having survived her apparent demise - intervenes.

Who was Cal Kestis mentor? ›

Cal Kestis was a Jedi Padawan during the Clone Wars, training under Jedi General Jaro Tapal (Travis Willingham).

Is the wanderer a Sith? ›

Although not many details about the enigmatic wanderer are revealed, he is described as a former Sith which makes sense given the color of his lightsaber blade.

Who killed the Nightsisters? ›

Dooku took revenge on the Nightsisters for their betrayal, sending General Grievous and a droid army to wipe them out.

Can you finish Dathomir first? ›

You won't miss anything by going to Zeffo or Dathomir first. And you can always change your mind and head to the other. No matter what you do at the beginning of the game, you'll visit and explore both planets eventually.

Is it better to go to Dathomir or Zeffo first? ›

The first, and probably most important, reason to go to Zeffo is that this is the correct planet to visit should you wish to continue the story. Outside of that there are a few more reasons you should go here.

Do I need double jump for Dathomir? ›

The reason Jedi Flip is learned this late in the game is due to Dathomir: there is an area you need to cross with double jump in order to progress further on the planet, but it'll lead you to an area you can't leave without Force Pull.

Is Cal Kestis alive in rise of Skywalker? ›

Cal Kestis

The game ends with the crew setting off on a new adventure, and while Cal hasn't been seen or mentioned since, the fact that his story ended with him being alive is good enough reason to conclude that he's still alive.

Does Cal Kestis meet Obi-Wan? ›

The real-world reason for not having a Cal Kestis cameo in Obi-Wan Kenobi likely comes from a desire to give the developers behind the Jedi games as much creative freedom as possible, not wanting to box in Cal's journey by having Obi-Wan Kenobi claiming he's alive or dead.

What is Cal's canon lightsaber color? ›

Cal Kestis' second lightsaber first appeared in the 2019 video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Although the canon color of the weapon's blade is blue, its kyber crystal can be customized with the other possible colors of green, orange, purple, yellow, indigo, cyan, and magenta.

Who killed Jaro tapal? ›

Jaro Tapal was killed when a bunch of Clone troopers, under the command of Order 66 shot him in the stomach and shoulder. He was formerly Cal Kestis's master.

Is Cal Kestis a GREY Jedi? ›

Cal Kestis Becomes A Grey Jedi

At its heart, this method could keep the perspective of Cal exploring the galaxy for ancient relics, but would also allow him to focus on new aspects of the Force. Cere's story as a Jedi Master has largely concluded, for better or worse, and there is not much left that she can teach Cal.

Is Cal Kestis older than Luke? ›

As of Fallen Order, Cal Kestis is roughly 18 years old, with him being less than 10 years older than Luke and Leia would be at the time. Cal's relatively young age opens up the possibility for the character to appear in many events leading up to the Original Trilogy.

Is Ronin a Jedi or Sith? ›

The Ronin was a former Jedi who broke off from the Jedi clans and created the Sith. Prior to the reunification of the Empire, Jedi knights had served various constantly-warring feudal lords.

Is Ronan a Sith? ›

Star Wars: Ronin: A Visions Novel by Emma Mieko Candon, coming October 12, will expand on the world of The Duel, telling the story of a former, unnamed Sith — known only as Ronin, i.e., a wandering samurai — as he travels the galaxy.

Why is Ronin lightsaber red? ›

In “The Duel,” the protagonist simply known as Ronin wields multiple red lightsabers like a Sith. So does his opponent. That's weird — in canon, morality is usually color-coded with red for evil and other lightsaber colors denoting noble Jedi.

Is Malicos a Sith? ›

For example, while on the planet of Dathomir, Cal meets Taron Malicos, a cloaked figure who appears as an ally, before revealing himself as the franchise's deadliest Sith. Before becoming another victim of the Dark Side, Malicos was once a skilled Jedi and brilliant general during the Clone Wars.

How do you get a Jedi Flip? ›

You don't have to worry about missing the chance to unlock double jump (or Jedi Flip as the game calls it) since you acquire it during the main story. To be more specific, you get the ability in the fourth chapter when you make your second visit to the Wookie homeworld, Kashyyyk.

How do you get across the gap on Dathomir? ›

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Use Jedi Flip at That Point on Dathomir. The hero needs to get the Jedi Flip to use at that point on Dathomir. That point is the jump point next to the Wanderer on Dathomir.


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