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It had been a while since Hannah had been in a landspeeder. Even though they weren’t going very fast, Hannah enjoyed the feeling of the wind blowing across her face and hair. She remembered all the times she would go for rides with her dad when she was younger; back then, it was the closest thing to flying she could get. And even now, after having actually ridden in a starship, the sensation of her hair getting whipped around by the wind felt more akin to what she imagined flight was like.

The environment was special for this instance though. It felt weird going through the back alleys and side streets of Ord Mantell, but also comforting in a way. For the first time all day, Hannah felt like she could relax. In the pit of her stomach, anxiety was building at the thought of whatever awaited them at the end of their journey. But she didn’t want that to stop her from enjoying this moment. As the slivers of light beaming between the different buildings flashed onto her face in various patterns, Hannah leaned her head back and shut her eyes to let herself slip into brief euphoria. A calm before the storm.


Ketch’s voice suddenly made Hannah alert again, and she slowly opened her eyes to find him staring down at her from the back seat.

“Uhh, you asleep?” Ketch asked her curiously.

Hannah stared up at him blankly for a moment. “No…”

Ketch just grinned in response, and she sighed.

“Just thought you might wanna know what I’ve been lookin’ into here,” Ketch said, waving a datapad in his hand.

Hannah sat up straight and turned around to face him, holding her hair back so it wouldn’t whip into her face from the wind. “Did you figure out who we’re going to see?”

“I think so, yeah. Although…” Ketch shook his head. “If it’s true, then we might be in over our heads…”

“Well, spit it out already!” Bolo exclaimed from the driver’s seat next to Hannah.

Hesitantly, Ketch began explaining how he had looked into all the different vendors near the area they were heading towards. None of them fit the description Master Gildish had given them, but in the process of his research, Ketch remembered some stories he’d heard in the parlor about a crime lord who lived in the mountains. He began doing research based around those parameters, and sure enough, there was one person who fit the bill.

“They call him ‘The Krag’,” Ketch told them with an added dramatic flair.

Bolo gasped, while Hannah let out a small snort. “The guy who lives in the mountains is called ‘The Krag’?” Hannah snarked. “Does everyone around here use the Clone Trooper naming method or something?”

“I’ve heard of The Krag!” Bolo exclaimed. “They say he’s nearly impossible to please, that some have had to literally sell their soul away to get something from him.” In a loud whisper, he added, “he’s supposedly even meaner than Cid.”

Hannah and Ketch looked at each other with worry. Although it sounded like they were over exaggerating, Hannah’s anxieties began to grow exponentially. She didn’t want to believe Master Gildish was sending them somewhere straight up dangerous, but after everything she had been through since leaving Astreon, it wouldn’t surprise her either.

The rest of the ride was spent in silence. Bolo kept his focus on driving the landspeeder, while Hannah fidgeted nervously with the power cable in her hands. Ketch had already been keeping his focus on holding the transparisteel dome even while doing his research, but he seemed to be clutching it a bit more nervously now.

Gradually, the buildings around them became more sporadic and transitioned altogether into rocky cliffsides. Hannah’s heart began to beat faster in her chest. They were close.

Then their path came to an abrupt end. The cliffs pincered into a small valley with a single cliffside at the end of it. Portions of the cliff had clearly been whittled away to form a sort of housing unit with only a single door in the middle of it. The valley was eerily quiet, to the point where they could all hear themselves breathing once Bolo turned the landspeeder off. Hannah was certain the boys could hear her heart beating loudly in her chest too.

“So uhh,” Ketch began hesitantly. “Who’s goin’ in first?”

All three of them looked between each other with the same level of nervousness and uncertainty. Then Hannah let out a deep breath and shut her eyes to center herself. “Stay close, boys,” she said and began heading for the door. Bolo and Ketch were right on her heels, not intending on going far from her even if she hadn’t asked.

The closer she got to the door, the louder Hannah’s heartbeat got in her ears. It became almost unbearable by the time she was within arm’s reach of the door. With another deep breath, Hannah reached out for the door to give it a knock. Her hand got hardly a Tooka’s length from it before the door suddenly opened on its own. The three of them stood unmoving, eyes wide.

Bolo gulped loudly. “Uhh… a-anyone home?”


There was no response.

“Nope, don’t like that,” Ketch mumbled nervously to himself.

Hannah tightened her fists and swallowed her fear, then took a few steps inside. Bolo and Ketch barely waited a second before joining her.

Stepping inside, it was almost impossible to believe they were inside the cliff. The interior was surprisingly posh, with lavish carpets lining the floor and decorative lamps hanging overhead that gave the space a dim yet pleasant glow. Various items of seemingly high value decorated the walls and were strewn throughout the area on display. It reminded Hannah of a cross between Cid’s office and a museum. All three of them were completely enamored with the space.

Which made it even more of a surprise when the door suddenly shut behind all of them. Hannah gasped from shock, and Bolo and Ketch each gave a small yelp and grabbed onto each other out of fear.

Then a light appeared at the end of the room. An elegant desk with a large empty chair sat near the back wall. A staircase wrapped around behind it that led to an upper level. And at the top of the staircase stood an absolutely massive figure mostly cloaked in shadow.

“Well, well,” the figure began. The voice was gravelly and deep, with a bit of a muffle sound to it. “Looks like I got some new clients ta do business wit.” They began stepping down the stairs, which allowed the others to finally see who it was. An extremely tall, quite rotund male Besalisk wearing a nice suit and holding a cig in his mouth was coming down the stairs. He carried himself with a presence equal to his size. There was no question that this had to be The Krag.

Once he had come down the stairs, the Besalisk beckoned to Hannah and the boys, saying, “Come, come, make yaselves comf’table.”

Very cautiously, Hannah began to approach, with Bolo and Ketch once again close behind her. The Besalisk yanked the chair behind the desk away, which made a loud screeching noise, and he sat down on the chair with a hefty sigh. As Hannah got closer to the desk, she saw several smaller chairs placed nearby, which the Besalisk said they could pull up closer if they wanted.

So far, aside from his sheer size, Hannah didn’t see anything to worry about regarding The Krag. But if meeting Vin Drazundr had taught her anything, it was that nice people aren’t always good people.

After they had pulled up the chairs and sat down, the Besalisk leaned back in his chair with all four of his arms folded on top of his round belly. He took a puff of his cig and let the smoke trail out for a moment before finally speaking again. “So. Who do I haf da pleasure of speakin’ to t’day?”

It was silent for a moment as the three others tried to decide who was going to speak first. Hannah eventually cleared her throat and said in a somewhat shaky voice, “Umm, m-my name is Hannah. And these are my friends, Bolo and Ketch.” She gestured to each of them, and they both gave a nervous wave.

“A pleasure,” the Besalisk responded, nodding his head respectfully. “Ya probably already guessed it, but dey call me ‘Da Krag’.” He took another puff of his cig. “Now before we get into da business side’a tings, I always like ta know a few tings about my clients ahead’a time. Mainly, I like knowin’ exactly how ya got ta hearin’ my name and how ya found my place. I ain’t exactly a well-known celebrity around heah, if ya catch my drift.” He chuckled a bit, which prompted the boys to respond with nervous chuckles of their own.

“We were sent by Master Gildish,” Hannah hesitantly responded.

“Oh?” The Krag raised an eyebrow at her. “Dat ol’ coot’s still kickin’, huh? Figguhs. Must be sumtin’ real important ya lookin’ for if he sent ya ta me of all people.”

Hannah nodded. “He said you could get almost anything we asked for.”

“An’ he was right,” The Krag replied. “For da right price, o’course.” He took another puff of his cig with a massive smirk spread on his amphibian-like face.

“Of course,” Hannah responded with another nod, this time her face tilted to the floor.

“So tell me den, Miss Hannah,” The Krag said, leaning forward a bit more in his chair. “What do ya need Da Krag ta get for ya t’day? Sumtin’ fancy? Sumtin’ rare? Maybe sumtin’… ya don’t wan’ nobody ta know about?” He pulled the cig out of his mouth with another puff and began twiddling it between his massive fingers.

Hannah chuckled nervously. “Well, I guess that depends on your definition.” Her hands wrang together nervously in her lap, which she was certain hadn’t gone unnoticed. “It’s actually kind of silly, but… w-we need a… radio transmitter.”

The Krag blinked a few times and then threw his head back with a hardy laugh. “A radio? Ol’ Gildish sent ya ta me for dat?” He shook his head with another laugh and pinched the bottom of the fin between his eyes. “Now dat… dat’s hysterical. Tell me I’m not da only one who tinks dat’s hysterical.”

Another moment of silence before Ketch raised a hand. “I thought it was kinda funny actually…”

“Oh, it’s betta den funny,” The Krag replied. “It’s kriffin’ hilarious. Ya know why dat’s hilarious?”

Silence again. None of them knew how to respond.

“It’s hilarious cause dat means all’a you are real desperate. Which is good news fo’ me.” The Krag chuckled again and rested three of his arms on his belly again, using the fourth to hold the cig in his mouth.

Hannah was beginning to seriously question if coming there was a grave mistake.

“A’righty den,” The Krag said after taking another puff. “A radio, it is. I got one’a dose, no problem. Hell, I got more if ya need ‘em.” He began punching some buttons on his desk with a snicker. “Dat all for ya? Nuthin’ crazier den dat?”

Hannah looked between each of the boys, then back at The Krag again. “N-no, that’s it.”

“Yeesh, people’ll really do anythin’ fo’ anythin’ dese days,” The Krag responded, shaking his head. “Ok den, dat’ll be out shortly.” He leaned forward, resting his lower arms on top of the desk and clasping his upper hands together. “Now comes da fun part.”

A small flap suddenly opened on the front of the desk, which spooked Hannah enough to make her gasp. Then what appeared to be a piece of flimsi began poking out of the opening.

“Dere’s ya receipt,” The Krag stated. “I don’ like usin’ datapads or whateva fo’ dese tings. Too easy ta hack into.”

Hannah pursed her lips together to hold back a smile. In her head, she could just picture the long rant Tech would’ve gone into if he were there, with Echo joining in of course. And she already knew it would end with them both ultimately agreeing with The Krag’s belief as well.

Almost like she was afraid something might happen if she touched it, Hannah hesitantly pulled out the piece of flimsi and began looking it over. Her eyes went wide, and her jaw dropped, which prompted Bolo and Ketch to come over and look at the receipt as well.

“What the–?!” Bolo exclaimed.

“Are you kidding?!” Ketch also exclaimed.

“That much?!” Bolo exclaimed again.

“For a radio?!?” Ketch once again exclaimed.

“Da best radio ya gonna find on Ord Mantell,” The Krag replied. “And apparently da only one…”

“Which raises the price,” Hannah solemnly added.

“Dere, ya see?” The Krag said, gesturing to Hannah. “Dis gal knows how it works. I see why she’s da mouth’a dis group.”

Bolo and Ketch then pulled Hannah away for a moment to discuss what they should do. Even with all their current money combined, there was no way they’d be able to pay what The Krag was asking for. There was the potential to ask if they could pay another way, but they all knew that could lead to more trouble for one or more of them. The boys suggested that maybe there was another way, that maybe The Krag wasn’t the only one on Ord Mantell with a radio; they hadn’t searched everywhere, after all. But that ended up devolving into an argument between the two boys about what Cid was going to say and how they didn’t want to have to do that much work and even going into whose fault the entire ordeal was in the first place. Hannah literally had to put her foot down to get them to stop arguing, and she could feel The Krag’s gaze staring them all down intently.

“Both of you,” Hannah quietly addressed Bolo and Ketch. “Let me handle this, ok? I said I was gonna handle it, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Bolo and Ketch looked at each other with worry, then back at Hannah again.

“We believe you,” Bolo quietly replied. “It’s just…”

“I-if anything happens to you, Cid and your friends will kill us,” Ketch interjected, equally quiet. “And well… we don’t want anything happening to you either.”

Bolo nodded in agreement.

Hannah gave them a grateful smile. “Thanks, boys. I’m glad you both have been with me today. I don’t think I could’ve done this alone.” She let out a small sigh. “But I’m not giving up. We’ve come too far for that.”

“You’re not… scared?” Bolo asked.

“Oh no, I’m terrified,” Hannah replied with a soft chuckle. “But… I’m doing it anyway.”

“Are ya done mumblin’ over dere?” The Krag loudly asked from his seat. “As much as I like dis chair, I ain’t got all day ta be loafin’ around down heah.”

“Sorry!” Hannah sheepishly replied as she turned to face him. “We just needed to discuss how to deal with this.” She waved around the piece of flimsi in her hand.

“I see,” The Krag replied. He leaned back in his chair and took a puff before continuing. “So den, what’s da conclusion?”

“Umm…” Hannah started, but then went silent for a moment. Her mind was racing with all the different ways she could go about dealing with this predicament. Normally, she was able to come up with some sort of lie to deal with a situation like this. But she knew that probably wasn’t a good idea with this guy. He was too good at reading people, it seemed. He actually reminded her a lot of Cid.

“Take ya time, girlie,” The Krag snarked. “I don’ got nowhere betta ta be.”

Yup, he definitely reminded Hannah of Cid. Which brought up an interesting idea in her mind…

“So, here’s the thing,” Hannah started as she pressed her hands together. “We don’t currently have the amount that you’re asking for. But, if you’re willing to hold onto the radio for us, I might be able to convince my boss to make up the rest of the payment. We could even give you what we currently have now as, like, a down payment. How does that sound?”

The entire time Hannah was talking, The Krag was making small puffs of smoke and thoughtfully stroking his rubbery wattle. He at least seemed to be listening to what Hannah was saying, which was good. He continued to think for a moment, then hummed thoughtfully and took the cig out of his mouth.

“Ya sure ya boss would be willin’ ta go along wit dis deal?”

“Well,” Hannah replied. “Like you, she appreciates good business, so I feel like she’ll see the value in it. This is technically for her, after all.”

“Interestin’…” The Krag stroked his wattle a few more times. “If ya don’ mind me askin’, who exactly will I be havin’ da pleasure’a workin’ wit on dis deal?”

Ketch surprisingly spoke up before Hannah could respond. “Her name’s Cid.”

“Yeah,” Bolo added. “She’s always doing business with guys like you, actually.”

As the boys were speaking, Hannah watched The Krag’s murky yellow eyes grow wider and wider in obvious recognition. She assumed that he already knew Cid, but the recognition on his face wasn’t blatantly positive.

“Oh, well, ya should’a told me ya were wit Cid,” The Krag said as he began fiddling with his cig again. “Dat definitely changes tings quite a bit heah…”

“You already know her then?” Hannah asked, almost hesitantly.

The Krag laughed. “Know ‘er? Yeah, ya could say dat. Dat ol’ bat an’ I go way back.”

“That’s great!” Bolo exclaimed.

“We won’t even have to introduce you then,” Ketch added. “Makes sense that you two are already friends.”

The cig in The Krag’s hand began twirling just a bit rougher between his large fingers, to the point where Hannah was worried it might snap in half. “Yeah…” he said in a much gruffer tone than before. “Friends… dat’s what we are…”

That was all Hannah needed to hear to realize she’d definitely just made another mistake. A memory of a passing comment Cid had made once flashed in her mind, and she was struck with the realization that The Krag fit the description of an old flame Cid used to have. There was no way they were easily getting out of this situation now.

“Y-you know what,” Hannah started, a nervous hitch in her tone. “Maybe there’s another way we can deal with this. A way that doesn’t have to involve anybody else.”

“An’ what would dat be, Miss Hannah?” The Krag asked with blatant irritation.

“Umm…” Once again, Hannah went silent as she searched her thoughts. She began by berating herself for not coming up with a plan ahead of time to deal with this. More so than any other time that day, Hannah sorely wished that Hunter was there with them. He was good at handling these sorts of things, and also good at formulating plans on the spot. She also very much wished he was there to help get her out of there, as her nerves were definitely starting to get the better of her by then. But Cid’s voice still echoed in her head, the voice that told her to keep her chin up and act confidant. Maybe some confidence would help her figure out what to do next.

“Honestly,” Hannah finally said, letting her newfound confidence show. “I’m not exactly sure. Is there maybe something we can work out as an exchange? Like a trade, maybe?”

The Krag pondered for a moment. “Dat depends on what ya offerin’. I saw ya got a nice lookin’ landspeeda out dere. Dat’ll get ya more den a radio from me, I’ll tell ya dat.”

Bolo and Ketch both immediately protested, making it perfectly clear that the landspeeder wasn’t theirs and was simply being loaned to them. The Krag shrugged, saying that he didn’t see why any of that mattered, but that was none of his business, and he took a long puff of his cig. Then he turned back to Hannah again.

“You’s a smaht one, girlie,” he said as he gestured to Hannah with his cig. “I can tell just from ya face. So I’m gonna let you do da negotiatin’. You tell me what I’m gettin’ in exchange fo’ ya precious radio.” He put the cig back into his mouth and leaned back into his chair, folding all four of his hands across his belly. “Gimme an offer I can’t refuse.”

On the outside, Hannah was keeping it together as best she could. Internally however, she was a living hurricane of anxiety. It felt like she’d backed herself into a corner with no way out. Again, her heart ached for her friends to be there with her, to somehow get her out to safety like they always did. But no, no she told herself. She couldn’t expect them to come rescue her all the time. This was her problem, and she had to deal with it. She could deal with it. She just had to be strategic about it. But how?

Maybe she was using the wrong kind of strategy. She’d been trying to think like Hunter, like a well-trained commander who knew all the ins and outs of every situation. But Hunter wasn’t the only strategic one of the group. In fact, it could be strongly argued that the smallest of them was superiorly strategic to all of them.

So Hannah decided to do what she thought Omega might do. She was going to be kind and honest.

“Time,” Hannah confidently said. “I… I offer my time.”

Bolo and Ketch looked at Hannah in confusion, while The Krag simply raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

“I’m offering you the same thing I offered Cid,” Hannah continued. “I have nothing else. But I get the sense you don’t really need anything else, do you?”

There was nothing but silence for a moment as they waited for The Krag to respond. Then a large smirk began to grow on The Krag’s face, and a throaty chuckle escaped his lips.

“You really are da smaht one, ain’t ya?” The Krag chuckled again and began to sit up straight in his seat. “A’righty den. Offer accepted.” One of his hands came slamming down on the desk with a loud thud, which spooked the others. “Go on, get outta here you two,” he said, waving off Bolo and Ketch. “Ya ain’t got nuthin’ fo’ me.”

Immediately, Bolo and Ketch protested, even stronger than before. They actually both linked arms with Hannah, refusing to leave her side. Hannah appreciated their concern, but she told them not to worry and that she would be ok.

“We’re not leaving you alone with this guy!” Ketch exclaimed.

“We made Cid a promise!” Bolo added.

Again, Hannah reassured them that she would be fine. She trusted that The Krag wasn’t going to do anything harmful to her, and The Krag actually reaffirmed that statement. Gently, Hannah released herself from their grasp and gave them both a reassuring squeeze on the arm.

“Trust me,” she said in the most confidant tone they’d ever heard from her before. “It’ll be ok. Just wait outside. If I’m not out after sundown, then go back to Cid’s and let her know where I am, ok? Can you guys promise me that?”

With sorrowed looks on their faces, Bolo and Ketch nodded and began heading for the door, leaving Hannah alone in the room with The Krag. Once they were gone, The Krag chuckled to himself and leaned against his desk to address Hannah directly.

“A’righty, Miss Hannah,” he said with his cig still stuck in the corner of his mouth. “It’s just you an’ me now. An’ I know exactly how you an’ I are gonna be spendin’ our time togetha.” Another throaty chuckle came from his mouth as his lips curled into a sly grin.

Hannah should’ve been scared. She should’ve regretted everything. But she didn’t. She’d done exactly as she’d intended. And whatever was about to happen to her, she wasn’t going to regret later.



Who was Kestis modeled after? ›

The appearance of protagonist Cal Kestis was modeled after his voice actor Cameron Monaghan.

Who is the wanderer in Jedi fallen order? ›

Taron Malicos was introduced in the 2019 video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. He was voiced by Liam McIntyre and had a range of concept art in The Art of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

How do you beat the Trilla in fortress? ›

You'll need to parry her moves when she's attacking and slowly whittle down her guard. However, unlike Malicos, Trilla's guard bar will restore at a somewhat normal rate, so you'll need to play on the aggressive side to break her guard.

Does Cal Kestis fight Vader? ›

Though Cal manages to stab him in the side thanks to a distraction from BD-1, Vader impales Cal with his own lightsaber and nearly kills him before Cere - having survived her apparent demise - intervenes.

Will Cal Kestis appear in Kenobi? ›

The real-world reason for not having a Cal Kestis cameo in Obi-Wan Kenobi likely comes from a desire to give the developers behind the Jedi games as much creative freedom as possible, not wanting to box in Cal's journey by having Obi-Wan Kenobi claiming he's alive or dead.

Is Cal Kestis a GREY Jedi? ›

Cal Kestis Becomes A Grey Jedi

At its heart, this method could keep the perspective of Cal exploring the galaxy for ancient relics, but would also allow him to focus on new aspects of the Force. Cere's story as a Jedi Master has largely concluded, for better or worse, and there is not much left that she can teach Cal.

What is Darth Maul's real name? ›

The notable exception to this, however, is Darth Maul, whose real name has never been revealed, and most likely never will. Although Maul was largely wasted in The Phantom Menace and seemingly killed off unceremoniously at its climax, he was later revealed to have survived being bisected and falling down a vast shaft.

How old is Cal Kestis in fallen order? ›

If Cal is 13 in Fallen Order's Clone Wars flashbacks, that would make him roughly 18 during the events of the game. Another five years would mean Cal is about 23 years old in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Is the wanderer a Sith? ›

Although not many details about the enigmatic wanderer are revealed, he is described as a former Sith which makes sense given the color of his lightsaber blade.

Is Trilla the final boss? ›

Trilla Suduri may be the final boss in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, but she's much easier than the annoying Taron Malicos. She can't block your Force attacks so you're good to go. The trick to defeating Trilla Suduri is to keep on freezing time.

Is Trilla in Kenobi? ›

A Resurrection for Trilla

As previously mentioned, Obi-Wan Kenobi takes place five years after Jedi: Fallen Order, making it highly unlikely for the Second Sister to make an appearance in the show.

Is Fallen Order before Kenobi? ›

The first Fallen Order game is set five years before the event of Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the next game, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, is set almost exactly at the same time as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Is Cal Kestis alive in rise of Skywalker? ›

Cal Kestis

The game ends with the crew setting off on a new adventure, and while Cal hasn't been seen or mentioned since, the fact that his story ended with him being alive is good enough reason to conclude that he's still alive.

Why does Cal only wear one glove? ›

Cal is no longer working at the ship breaking yard, so he has no need to continue wearing a glove for work purposes. Yeah, that's the hand he holds his light saber with.

What is Cal's canon lightsaber color? ›

Cal Kestis' second lightsaber first appeared in the 2019 video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Although the canon color of the weapon's blade is blue, its kyber crystal can be customized with the other possible colors of green, orange, purple, yellow, indigo, cyan, and magenta.

Is Malicos a Sith? ›

For example, while on the planet of Dathomir, Cal meets Taron Malicos, a cloaked figure who appears as an ally, before revealing himself as the franchise's deadliest Sith. Before becoming another victim of the Dark Side, Malicos was once a skilled Jedi and brilliant general during the Clone Wars.

Is Yoda in fallen order? ›

A new Easter egg has been discovered in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order that gives players a brief glimpse of Yoda in the highly acclaimed title. Combining a number of different genres together, Jedi: Fallen Order puts players in the role of Cal Kestis.

What do you do after you meet the wanderer on Dathomir? ›

Turn to the left and squeeze through the passage, and you'll find a door to open for a shortcut back to the area near where you met the Wanderer. He's not there anymore, But go ahead and Flip over the pit and climb the wall you weren't able to before. Head into Kujet's Tomb and head to the door inside.

What happens if you go to Dathomir first? ›

There's a bit of reward if you risk going to Dathomir first: You'll get a lightsaber upgrade earlier than you otherwise would if you headed to Zeffo first. To get that, you'll have to fight your way through some of the game's toughest enemies. If you survive, the upgrade you pick up will make Zeffo easier.

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