Pokémon Unite Tyranitar build, best items and moveset (2023)

A strong Tyranitar build will allow you to turn this Generation 2 Armor Pokémon into an undefeatable opponent in Pokémon Unite - the MOBA Pokémon game.

Tyranitar is classified as an All-Rounder Pokémon in Pokémon Unite, so your essential priorities will be to inflict damage, sponge damage from lower HP teammates like Attackers, and knock out enemy Pokémon such as Defenders before scoring goals with your allies. To do any of this, you will need the best items and moves for Tyranitar.

Below you will find our recommendations for the best Tyranitar build and, if you would like to see how Tyranitar matches up to the other Pokémon on Unite’s roster, please visit our Pokémon Unite Tier List.

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  • Tyranitar build: Our recommendations for the best Tyranitar moveset in Pokémon Unite
  • Tyranitar's evolution line
  • Best held items for Tyranitar
  • Best battle items for Tyranitar
  • How to unlock Tyranitar in Pokémon Unite

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Tyranitar build: Our recommendations for the best Tyranitar moveset in Pokémon Unite

Tyranitar lands into the All-Rounder role in Pokémon Unite, which allows this Pokémon’s playstyle to focus on knocking out enemy Pokémon, and damaging foes up close. If you are yet to play as an All-Rounder Pokémon, Tyranitar is an exceptional choice to start learning this role.

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Glancing at Tyranitar’s stats, it is a powerful All-Rounder thanks to its high offence and great endurance. When using Tyranitar, you will typically be damaging opponents by engaging the enemy first, so teammates can follow up from a secure distance. Make sure you stay alive to prevent falling behind in experience or neglect helping allies in fights; the early match can be severely arduous, if you're missing out on experience.

As Tyranitar, you will need to stay near a ranged Attacker such as Glaceon, around a Supporter like Hoopa to gain shields alongside healing, or a Defender like Crustle to follow up on displacing moves used on enemy Pokémon like X-Scissor.

Running in alongside a ranged Attacker will have you lowering the opponent’s HP, which will either knock them out or force them to leave the fight. A Supporter will grant Tyranitar better survivability or help secure last hits, due to Tyranitar being a melee Pokémon with low base movement speed. Ally Defenders allow Tyranitar to land ferocious hits on the enemy.

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When playing as Tyranitar, it’s important to level up as quickly as possible, because, without evolving and a full set of moves, you will be at a disadvantage. Thankfully, Tyranitar has an advantage of rushing in to steal last hits on wild Pokémon through its single targeting or area of effect moves. This will deny the enemy experience and earn you the blessings experience gives such as levels to new moves, and most importantly the opportunity to evolve.

Tyranitar’s Ability - Sand Stream – activates when Tyranitar uses a move. Sand Stream increases the user’s defence, special defence, and continually deals damage to Pokémon caught in the area for a short time.

Sand Stream can also deal critical damage to tear away at shields.

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At the start of the match, you will need to choose either Rock Polish and Bite.

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We recommend choosing Rock Polish, because it can be used to cross the wall over to Lillipup to save time. It will also aid you in catching up to the starting Aipom in path due to Larvitar’s already low movement speed.

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At Level 5, you will have the choice between Dark Pulse or Stone Edge.

We recommend choosing Dark Pulse, because if the enemy Pokemon falls below a set percentage, then they will be immobilised for a small time. If used again within a short time frame, additional damage will be dealt. More principally, if Dark Pulse is used with Ancient Power when piercing strength has been increased, it can ignore shield effects plus defence.

When upgraded, it will reduce this move's cooldown.

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Reaching Level 9, you will then have the option between Ancient Power and Sand Tomb.

We recommend choosing Ancient Power, because it increases Tyranitar’s movement speed, adds a shield, and makes the user resistant to all hindrances. When Ancient Power is used after charging, it will emit a shock wave that will stun the enemy. If this shock wave hits an enemy, then you can emit a second shock wave that deals damage plus decreases enemy movement speed for a short time. In addition, if the second shock wave hits an enemy, Tyranitar receives a shield dependent on the number of Pokémon hit, reaching a maximum shield after striking three Pokémon.

When upgraded, Ancient Power will enhance the shields rewarded.

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Lastly, Tyranitar will learn its Unite Move at Level 9 – Tyrannical Rampage.


Tyranitar will rampage, increasing its movement speed and if the user is affected by hindrances – it will shorten the time of Tyrannical Rampage. While Tyranitar continues to rampage, its basic attacks will change properties that release grounded shock waves, while dealing added damage. If an enemy Pokémon is hit by these basic attacks under a specific HP percentage – it will instantly knock them out.

It is best to use Tyrannical Rampage, when a teamfight has been going on for a little while. You, and your team, want to weaken the enemy Pokémon then use this Unite Move, when the enemy’s HP reaches to a low enough point for an immediate knock out.

Pokémon Unite Tyranitar build, best items and moveset (7)

This move’s basic attack can go through obstacles, but each time the basic attack is used, it will be a delayed attack pattern. You will see an indication icon on every enemy Pokémon, while Tyrannical Rampage – well – rampages. This icon above their HP bar tells you the correct amount of HP your opponent needs to ensure Tyrannical Rampage knocks them out effortlessly!

Need help deciding which Pokémon to choose? Check out our Pokémon Unite tier list and build guides for - Pikachu, Snorlax, Gardevoir, Cinderace, Greninja, Gengar, Blissey, Lucario, Espeon, Delphox, Glaceon, Buzzwole and Absol.You can also learn more about the Ranked system, Fair-Play Points and how to surrender a match.

Tyranitar's evolution line in Pokémon Unite explained

Tyranitar is placed at the end of a three staged evolution line – meaning in Pokémon Unite, it starts the match as Larvitar.

Larvitar will evolve into Pupitar when reaching Level 5. Pupitar will evolve into Tyranitar when reaching Level 9.

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Best held items for Tyranitar in Pokémon Unite explained

When deciding on Held Items in Pokémon Unite, you need to contemplate which items will heighten the Pokémon’s strengths and hide its weaknesses.

Tyranitar is proficient in defeating/stealing wild Pokémon, enemy Pokémon and rushing in to score points expertly. For these reasons, Tyranitar will need Muscle Band, Razor Claw, and Focus Band.

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Most of Tyranitar’s devastation will come from its basic attacks, so we want to have Muscle Band to increase the attack speed to provide constant damage to get those boosted attacks in. The basic attack damage from Muscle Band will be an extra 3% depending on the opposing Pokémon’s persisting HP.

The reasoning behind Razor Claw is that after using Rock Polish or Ancient Power to get in close, our next basic attack will be stronger; but, most supremely, will slow down the enemy Pokemon after landing a basic attack – allowing Tyranitar to continue its monstrous onslaught.

Focus Band adds slight healing to long fights, and works in tandem with Sand Stream by also granting Tyranitar further defence plus special defence.

Pokémon Unite Tyranitar build, best items and moveset (9)

Best battle items for Tyranitar in Pokémon Unite explained

It is best to choose the Eject Button for Tyranitar’s Battle Item in Pokémon Unite. Tyranitar has abysmal options to escape dire situations outside of Ancient Power. Eject Button will get you out of situations in a flash or let you dive in closer to aid teammates. Using Eject Button then using Ancient Power will allow you to cover the map very quickly.

Before reaching Level 9, it will be tough to escape situations without a mobility Held Item such as Eject Button. Speedsters like Absol, Gengar and Zeraora can easily pounce on Tyranitar. Having Eject Button will save you often; especially when Ancient Power’s shields are not active.

Pokémon Unite Tyranitar build, best items and moveset (10)

How to unlock Tyranitar in Pokémon Unite

Tyranitar can be purchased with 575 Aeos Gems or 14,000 Aeos Coins from the in-game shop.

Tyranitar is a tank-shredding monster. Focus on whittling down the enemy Defenders such as Snorlax, Crustle, Trevenant, and Greedent. Tyranitar’s pure damage capabilities will be able to provide superb benefits you will need, if enemy Defenders have previously caused you trouble throughout any of your matches.

When your attack numbers with Tyranitar are highlighted in white – this means that your moves, basic attacks, and your passive Sand Stream are inflicting true damage to enemies. True damage or as Pokemon Unite calls it piercing strength, makes Tyranitar an unstoppable fundamental counter to Defenders. True damage through the use of Ancient Power will eviscerate shields, even shields given by goals.

(Video) TYRANITAR 100K+ DAMAGE BROKEN BUILD 😍🔥 | Pokemon Unite Hindi Gameplay

Best of luck out there with Tyranitar!


What item is the best on Tyranitar? ›

Tyranitar is proficient in defeating/stealing wild Pokémon, enemy Pokémon and rushing in to score points expertly. For these reasons, Tyranitar will need Muscle Band, Razor Claw, and Focus Band.

What are good Moveset for Tyranitar? ›

Best moveset for Tyranitar

The best moves for Tyranitar are Smack Down and Stone Edge when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.

Is Tyranitar is best in Pokemon unite? ›

Tyranitar release date in Pokemon Unite

But the new pokemon is undoubtably very powerful, playing as a front line unkillable hyper carry.

How do you counter Tyranitar in Unite? ›

The best Pokemon Go Tyranitar counters are Terrakion, Shadow Machamp, Shadow Hariyama, Mega Lopunny, Conkeldurr & Lucario.

Can Tyranitar beat Garchomp? ›

Mega tyranitar had ability Sand stream to summon a sandstorm in battle. Here instead of working in favor of tyranitar it will work against it because of garchomps sand force ability. So I think we can conclude that in a battle between the two of them Garchomp has better chance of winning.

Should I use Rare Candy on Tyranitar? ›

While that's probably easier on the feet than walking a Legendary, it doesn't do you any good if you need a powered up Tyranitar for your Mewtwo raid in a few days. What is this? Should I use Rare Candies? Simple answer is yes.

Is Tyranitar or shadow Tyranitar better? ›

It is largely preferred over its non-Shadow variant as it is actually able to defeat Dialga in the 1 shield, as the Shadow Bonus allows Tyranitar to hit a breakpoint that regular Tyranitar cannot. Generally speaking, anything that doesn't resist Dark will generally be seriously dented by this monster.

Is Tyranitar better as a rock or dark type? ›

There are a few good gym defenders weak to Dark (notably Exeggutor, Metagross and Slowbro), but Rock is a better gym generalist. As for gym defence and tier 4 raids, both are equally useless.

Is Tyranitar based on Godzilla? ›

Tyranitar gained a mega evolution in this Generation, and rather fittingly resembles Super Godzilla or SpaceGodzilla (whose design was inspired by the former), complete with an exaggerated version of Super Godzilla's 'crown' and large dorsal fins erupting out of its back.

Which is the No 1 Pokémon in Pokemon Unite? ›

In Pokémon Unite, the best and most used characters are the ones that deal the most damage and have the highest speed. Zeraora has been top tier since the game was in beta, able to dash around like a yellow Spider-man and deal insane damage along the way.

Is Tyranitar better than Dragonite? ›

Even though the base stats are similar, Dragonite is much better in almost every situation.

What is the strongest unite Pokémon? ›

Despite the newcomers, Pikachu has retained its spot as the best Attacker in Pokémon Unite. This is in part due to Pikachu's ability to Stun opponents, before defeating them with its high damage output. Pikachu's Unite Move has also been made more powerful thanks to recent meta changes.

Is crunch or dark pulse better? ›

This move and Dark Pulse could probably make a nice tie, but Crunch takes the edge for two reasons. First, Dark-type Pokemon have higher Attack than Special Attack on average. Second, lowering Defense lasts longer and further destabilizes the opponent.

Is crunch or dark pulse better for Tyranitar? ›

Dark Pulse is another interesting alternative to hit Rotom-A hard even in case of a burn, and it also hits Reflect Starmie for more damage; however, Crunch is almost always better. From there, Tyranitar can use many different moves to accommodate its team's needs.

Is Tyranitar better as a rock or dark type? ›

There are a few good gym defenders weak to Dark (notably Exeggutor, Metagross and Slowbro), but Rock is a better gym generalist. As for gym defence and tier 4 raids, both are equally useless.

Is Tyranitar worth getting? ›

Tyranitar is deffinetly worth it. Not only is it a strong Pokemon, but its move set is pretty awesome too. If you train your tyranitar past level 70, I'm sure it would be a deadly Pokemon. So, yes.


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