Romancing the Zone: 8 Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Married Couples (2022)

Here are some things you can add to your bedroom setup to grow more intimacy — whether it’s emotional, intellectual, or physical (va-va-va-voom).

1. Make a hot and steamy schedule

Even if aligning calendars and setting appointments sounds like the furthest thing from sexy, it’s fundamental to long-term love. This is especially true for married couples who have kids.

Ideally, you and your partner have schedules that allow you both to be home during normal sleeping hours. But even if you go to sleep at different times, try to get into bed at the same time, with a little buffer time before you sleep. This is the golden hour for connection.

There’s also no shame in putting sex on your schedule. If it’s not happening spontaneously, be a boss and pencil it in. Intentionality is romantic!

2. Engage in romantic comedy-worthy conversation

Communication may sound simple, but it also may be the most important step in building romance. In fact, research shows that working on communication skills — particularly expressing feelings, needs, and desires — improves intimacy.

A small 2021 study showed that training in communication skills reduced marital burnout. Signs of marital burnout can be physical, emotional, or psychological, including:

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  • fatigue, sleep disturbance, appetite changes
  • resentment, frustration, emptiness
  • low self-esteem, despair, negative feelings toward your spouse

On the other hand, in long-term relationships, increased intimacy leads to increased sexual desire, which leads to increased odds that you are getting lucky, my friend.

But beware of the common date night pitfall of talking only about the kids or how much your coworkers irritate you. The more personal your conversation, the better.

Try these conversation kickstarters:

  • Thank your partner or tell them something you appreciate about them.
  • Give them a compliment about their appearance.
  • Ask questions and listen actively.
  • Try a tool like the Gottman Card Decks App for a nearly endless supply of conversation starters.

3. Give your sleeping space a sexy sensory makeover

Think of your bed as a giant sensory bin to roll around in. Try layering your bed with soft and firm features, fabrics that are silky, fluffy, bumpy, or soft.

It’s a good idea to think about building a nest that may put your body in a relaxed state so that you can focus on your partner. The textures in your room can also be a buffet to experiment with and determine what sensations each of you are drawn to.

Here are some other ideas for dressing your bed for romance:

  • Get low. Try a low platform bed or put your mattress directly on the floor for that relaxed, in-bed-all-day-with-my-lover feeling.
  • Keep ‘em separated. We’re not suggesting you switch your king for a pair of twin beds, but your relationship could benefit from having two separate duvets. Think about all the resentment and cold shoulders you could avoid!
  • Go ever-nude. What if you banned clothing from your bed? If that’s too big of a leap, maybe designate one naked night a month and work your way up from there.

4. Do some heavy breathing with aromatherapy

Don’t underestimate the power of scent! Pump your bedroom with a signature essential oil blend and start making memories. Your romantic scent may continue to transport you back to the good times every time you mist or diffuse it.

Try these scents to evoke a certain mood in your boudoir:

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  • Energizing: eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint, rosemary
  • Relaxing: lavender, mandarin, neroli, roman chamomile, vetiver
  • Aphrodisiac: clary sage, rose, ylang ylang

5. Staycation that b**ch

There aren’t too many things as invigorating as just getting away. But if you and your partner can’t escape for a real vacation, why not turn your bedroom into a retreat that feels like one?

What are your favorite parts of your most romantic hotel stay? Chilled rosé and a fluffy robe? The sound of waves breaking outside? A great mattress? Use your imagination and introduce those elements into your bedroom.

6. Get flexible before getting freaky

According to a small 2016 research review of 10 studies, higher levels of mindfulness are associated with higher relationship satisfaction. Bedtime yoga is not the only way to be mindful, but it is a fun way to use your bodies and also get the benefit of being in the moment.

Get mindful by doing breathing exercises, meditating, or focusing on any activity together with your partner. Just remember these key components of mindfulness: Don’t strive for any particular outcome, and keep judgment out of the bedroom.

7. Open the toy chest

Bedroom toys? Yes, definitely collect a treasure chest of adult toys to “play” with your partner. But don’t stop there. Having fun and engaging in novel activity is a big part of romance, even when you’re not being sexual.

Recently, researchers found that two-thirds of university students surveyed found romance with someone who started out as a friend. There’s reason to believe that couples who play together, stay together.

Nonsexual activities build intimacy, too. Try one of these bedtime-friendly activities with your partner:

  • Some light gaming. Yes, screen time disrupts your sleep cycles, but gaming together could be a fun once-in-a-while activity.
  • Netflix and chill. It’s a cliché because it works. Snuggle up and enjoy a show you both love.
  • Book club for two. Reading is usually a solitary situation, but try reading the same book at the same time.

8. Create a sweet nothings soundscape

Round out your romantic bedroom experience with a great playlist or some white noise. Tap back into your mixtape skills to put together a playlist for every bedtime mood:

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  • Back in the day: songs from when you and your partner first got together
  • Fantasy atmospheres: sound types like “thunderstorm by the fire in a castle” or “camping by the lake”
  • Mellow instrumentals: music that stays in the background for deep conversations or bedtime reading
  • Sleepy mix: tracks for falling asleep together
  • Sexy trax: songs like “Let’s Get It On” on repeat

Maybe you heard that married people have better long-term health outcomes than people who aren’t married. So far, researchers haven’t pinned down the reason for the correlation, but they have theories. A 2017 study found that married people have lower levels of the “stress hormone” cortisol than nonmarried people.

If being in a satisfying relationship means lower stress, you may experience better physical health, too. Stress can lead to tension, pain, breathing problems, heart problems, depression, lowered immunity, and many other health issues.

In a 2021 study, researchers also found that sexual satisfaction and intimacy are tied to better cognitive health as you age. Not necessarily a causal relationship, but it’s not a bad goal to work toward.

Let’s talk about romance, baby, let’s talk about you and me

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Ask five people to define “romance” and you’ll get five very different answers. What pushes our buttons and makes us relax enough to build intimacy through vulnerability is highly personal.

It’s cute in the movies when someone makes a big romantic gesture that lands perfectly, but most of us can’t guess our way to romance. We have to talk about it!

Talk with your partner about what makes your heart swell. Is it coming home to a clean kitchen? The way they make your coffee? The way they tip dashers so generously?

Talking about what turns you on physically and emotionally can help you build a blueprint for romance in your relationship.

Bottom line

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Relationships are work, and sometimes you just want to go to bed, but if you invest in making some slight changes, a lot of good intimacy can come as a result. Try some of these tips to set up your bedroom and your bedtime routine for more automatic romantic opportunities.

Remember, once you get your schedules in sync and practice communicating your feelings and desires, the rest is a matter of doing what feels good.


How can I add romance to my bedroom? ›

How to Make Your Bedroom More Romantic
  1. Remove the distractions. Turn or take the TV out of the room. ...
  2. Fix the decor. ...
  3. Use candles and other sources of good scents. ...
  4. Fix the lighting. ...
  5. Change your bedding. ...
  6. Think sheer. ...
  7. Put some color in your life. ...
  8. Use music.
20 Jun 2018

How can I spice up my Sexlife? ›

8 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life
  1. Learn Something New. ...
  2. Build Some Stamina. ...
  3. Try New Positions. ...
  4. Accessorize Your Intimacy. ...
  5. Confess Some Fantasies. ...
  6. Make Space For Your Partner to Do The Same Things. ...
  7. Get Help for Dysfunctions. ...
  8. Communication is Key.
10 Jul 2021

How do you plan a seductive night? ›

Take a look at these date night ideas that not only save money but keep you happy in your abode...
  1. Play board games. ...
  2. Have a movie night. ...
  3. Plan a Spa Night. ...
  4. Have a pizza and ice cream night. ...
  5. Enjoy a sexy scavenger hunt. ...
  6. Play hotel room.
21 Jun 2021

How can a man make his room romantic? ›

  1. Make the bed with satin, dark-colored sheets. ...
  2. Hang a mirror in the bedroom. ...
  3. Sprinkle rose petals on the bed. ...
  4. Dim the lights. ...
  5. Light lavender or vanilla scented candles. ...
  6. Turn on some romantic music. ...
  7. Place a love letter on his pillow. ...
  8. Decorate the bedroom like a movie scene.

What is the most romantic colour? ›

The Most Romantic Colors
  • Red. "Not only is red the color of the blood that flushes the face and swells the pelvis and that one swears one would spill to save the beloved's prized hide. ...
  • Pink. This romantic color is more tranquilizing. - ...
  • Peach. ...
  • Orange. ...
  • Yellow. ...
  • Green. ...
  • Blue. ...
  • Purple.
13 Feb 2009

How do you set up a romantic scene? ›

Light Candles & Hang String Lights

YMING. Nothing sets the mood quite like romantic lighting. Fill your space with candles of all sizes and turn on some string lights for a seriously sultry effect. You and your partner won't be able to help cuddling up together with a glass of wine surrounded by twinkling lights.

How often do married couples make love? ›

Average number of times per week married couples make love

25% had sex once a week. 16% had sex two to three times per week. 5% had sex four or more times per week. 17% had sex once a month.

How do I plan a romantic evening for my wife? ›

Tips for Planning a Romantic Evening
  1. Try something new. ...
  2. When going with take-out, change up where you eat dinner. ...
  3. Send your spouse, partner or date and invitation to dinner. ...
  4. Make sure there aren't any distractions. ...
  5. Add romantic aromas. ...
  6. Feed each other rather than using utensils. ...
  7. Plan a night of dancing.
9 May 2012

What can I do with my wife at night? ›

17 Sweet Date Night Ideas for Married Couples
  • Visit a museum or gallery together.
  • Relive your wedding.
  • Create a bucket list together (or check off an item)
  • Plan an AirBnb staycation.
  • Have a midnight picnic.
  • Coffee & conversation.
  • Get a couples massage.
  • Cocktails and slow dancing.
1 May 2020

How can I romance my wife without spending money? ›

10 Unique Ways to Show Love Without Spending Money
  1. Make a photo book or collage. ...
  2. Or go digital, and edit a video. ...
  3. Send them on a scavenger hunt. ...
  4. Curate a personal playlist for them. ...
  5. Stay in for a cozy movie night. ...
  6. Offer up a service or favor (and actually follow through). ...
  7. Take them on a romantic hike.
12 Feb 2020

Which colour is best for bedroom for newly married couple? ›

According to Vastu, pink is one the best bedroom colours for couples, especially newly married couples, as shades of pink denote intimacy and bonding.

Which colour is best for married couple? ›

Red. Because red is the colour of love and romance, Indian weddings are dominated by all shades of red. To make your room feel more romantic, decorate it with a dash of red.

Which two Colour combination is best for bedroom? ›

Which two colour combination is great for bedroom? If you are looking for two colour combinations for bedroom walls, some of the best options are dark blue and white, brown and beige, a light pink and white, and muted green with brown or white.

What is the most relaxing color for a bedroom? ›

One study by Travelodge found that households that have blue bedrooms received the best night's sleep compared to any other color. Having blue in your room can make you feel safe, relaxed, and calm. As a result, it's one of the best bedroom colors for sleep.

What is the most popular wall color in 2022? ›

The most popular neutral interior paint color of 2022 is Pure White by Sherwin-Williams. This popular neutral wall color is beloved by interior designers for any room.

What is the new wall color for 2022? ›

Pantone's 2022 Color of the Year is making history with its best reveal yet: an entirely new hue created, for the first time ever, to serve as Color of the Year. They call it Very Peri (17-3938).

What color is seductive? ›

When used in conjunction with violet or black, pink is associated with seduction and eroticism. Purple is the color between red and blue. It is similar to violet.

What is the most arousing color? ›

The arousal theory of color proposes that red is associated with arousal.

What are the 7 colors of love? ›

Just as there are 7 colours of the rainbow, so there are 7 different colours of love.
Relationship Clinic
  • Red Love (Heart) ...
  • Blue Love 💙 (Head) ...
  • Yellow Love 💛 (Conditional) ...
  • Green Love 💚 (Godhead) ...
  • Purple Love 💜 (Head&Heart)

How can I make a romantic night at home? ›

If you need to refresh your romance routine, try one of these ideas to make your time at home feel a little more exciting.
  1. Cook a gourmet meal together. ...
  2. Go on a picnic. ...
  3. Wine taste at home. ...
  4. Challenge each other to a bake off. ...
  5. Have a paint-off. ...
  6. Project a movie in the backyard. ...
  7. Do a fun cardio workout. ...
  8. Take a virtual yoga class.
13 Jul 2020

What should I do for a romantic night? ›

45 At-Home Date Night Ideas to Reignite Your Romance
  1. Spend the night looking at the stars. There are few things more romantic (or affordable!) than stargazing with your sweetie. ...
  2. Play a good old fashioned game. ...
  3. Prepare a special dinner. ...
  4. Reminisce. ...
  5. Have a spa night. ...
  6. Build a fort. ...
  7. Play video games. ...
  8. Take a bubble bath.
2 Feb 2022

How can I decorate my room romantically? ›

  1. Lighting can be very effective to spice up the romance in both of you. ...
  2. Candles can evoke feelings of intimacy. ...
  3. Make it a point to add dimmer switch to the lightning so that psychologically, you will be induced to romantic feelings.
  4. Also, one should place mirrors in such a way that it will reflect the softened light.
13 Jun 2022

How can I romance my wife without spending money? ›

10 Unique Ways to Show Love Without Spending Money
  1. Make a photo book or collage. ...
  2. Or go digital, and edit a video. ...
  3. Send them on a scavenger hunt. ...
  4. Curate a personal playlist for them. ...
  5. Stay in for a cozy movie night. ...
  6. Offer up a service or favor (and actually follow through). ...
  7. Take them on a romantic hike.
12 Feb 2020

How can I be romantic to my man? ›

Whether you want to find romantic love or deepen an already intimate relationship, there are many ways to show someone you care, including:
  1. Be thoughtful. ...
  2. Express yourself. ...
  3. Give gifts. ...
  4. Know your partner's love language. ...
  5. Listen attentively. ...
  6. Make time for your partner. ...
  7. Show physical affection. ...
  8. Surprise them.
11 May 2022

What romantic things can I do for my husband? ›

Most of these are so easy to do but can mean so much!
  1. Stick a post it “love” note in his wallet. ...
  2. Look him in the eye and give him a sincere compliment. ...
  3. Surprise him with his favorite meal or favorite dessert! ...
  4. Sneak him a passionate kiss before he leaves for work. ...
  5. Write him a love letter. ...
  6. Send him a flirty text.
6 Feb 2020

What can I do with my wife at night? ›

17 Sweet Date Night Ideas for Married Couples
  • Visit a museum or gallery together.
  • Relive your wedding.
  • Create a bucket list together (or check off an item)
  • Plan an AirBnb staycation.
  • Have a midnight picnic.
  • Coffee & conversation.
  • Get a couples massage.
  • Cocktails and slow dancing.
1 May 2020

What do couples do physically? ›

Physical intimacy is about touch and closeness between bodies. In a romantic relationship, it might include holding hands, cuddling, kissing, and sex. Your relationship doesn't have to be sexual or romantic to have physical intimacy. A warm, tight hug is an example of physical intimacy with a friend.

What can couples do at night? ›

  • Go on a picnic.
  • Take a walk.
  • Sing karaoke.
  • Go eat at a restaurant you've never eaten at before.
  • Go to a coffee shop. We love this one! ...
  • Play board games. It's amazing how much fun they are as an adult! ...
  • Go see a movie. Flip a coin to decide who picks if you have differing opinions!
  • Go to an arcade.

What is the perfect romantic evening? ›

Go to a drive-in movie

Romantic evenings ideas don't even have to be expensive, it just has to be a surprise and a little creative. Ask her to watch a movie. This is something really special especially when you've been really busy lately. A few hours of alone time enjoying a good movie is already a refresher.

How can I surprise my husband with a date night? ›

Here we go.
  1. Have a Game Night.
  2. Recreate the Drive-In Movie Experience.
  3. Plan a Getaway in the Backyard.
  4. Host a Virtual Happy Hour with Friends.
  5. Stream a Live Concert.
  6. Learn a New Skill, or Explore a New Hobby.
  7. Turn Your Living Room Into a Cafe.
  8. Play a Game of Twenty Questions.
2 Apr 2022

How do couples style a small bedroom? ›

10 Small Bedroom Ideas for Couples - YouTube

How can I make my hotel room romantic for him? ›

Great Romantic Ideas for Date Night at a Hotel with a Jacuzzi
  1. Turn your hotel room into the romantic restaurant.
  2. Slow dancing to soft romantic music in the background.
  3. Enjoy a romantic dessert in bed.
  4. Share a bottle of champagne in a jacuzzi.
  5. Relax in a jacuzzi with your lover.
  6. Enjoy a romantic breakfast in bed.


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