Ron DeSantis Beats Woke Disney Like a Rented Mule but Conservative Inc., Thinks He Is a Bad Man (2022)

Wednesday, Florida’s senate voted to abolish “special districts” created by Florida in 1967. The immediate impact of the impending abolition will fall on Disney and its company town, the “Reedy Creed Improvement District.” Read DeSantis Announces Legislature Will Consider Ending Disney’s ‘Special Tax and Governing Jurisdiction’ Status and BREAKING. Ron DeSantis Scores Major Win Over the Disney Groomers as Florida’s Legislature Abolishes Disney’s Special Tax Avoidance Scam.

Lawmakers in the Republican-controlled chamber backed the measure in a 23-16 vote. It now requires a vote in the state House before it can go to the desk of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, who called on the Legislature to support the bill during the special session this week.

The legislation would dismantle Disney’s special district on June 1, 2023. The special status, which was granted by a state law in 1967, allows Disney to self-govern by collecting taxes and providing emergency services. Disney controls about 25,000 acres in the Orlando area, and the district allows the company to build new structures and pay impact fees for such construction without the approval of a local planning commission.

The effort to eliminate Disney’s district, known as the Reedy Creek Improvement District, comes after DeSantis began targeting the corporation over its leaders’ criticism of legislation he recently signed that would prevent classroom discussion of gender identity and sexual orientation in kindergarten through the third grade.

In my view, there is no reason to permit this “improvement district” to exist. Subcontracting governance to private corporations was standard fare in the coal, timber, and agricultural industries in the first part of the previous century, and they disappeared for very good reasons. One of my grandfathers and one great-grandfather lived in company towns in the coalfields of southern West Virginia; it wasn’t a great existence. However, the reaction from RealConservatives™ reminded me of why I no longer describe myself as such.

(Video) LEAKED Disney Call Shows Woke Company ADMIT to 'GAY AGENDA' | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 987

“This escalation represents an ugly and ill-conceived mistake, a blemish on DeSantis’s otherwise mostly excellent gubernatorial record,” writes Charles C. W. Cooke at National Review.

Those who have defended the move argue that sticking it to Disney in this matter demonstrates that the Republican Party is willing to “fight” and will thus represent a victory for conservatism. But this is silly. Admirably, Governor DeSantis has already fought Disney, and he has already won. The policy about which Disney chose stupidly to complain is now Florida law. It passed both houses of the state legislature; it was signed by DeSantis, who had been correctly defiant in the face of Disney’s gripes; and it enjoys the support of broad majorities of Floridians. There is no need for the Republican Party of Florida to salt the earth here; it has prevailed in every particular.

A good question to ask in politics is, “And then what?” And so it is here. I have no doubt that, if they really want to, Governor DeSantis and the Republican majorities in the state legislature can revoke Walt Disney World’s special status, and I have no doubt that, in the short term, they might profit politically from doing so. But then what? Does the curriculum bill become even more the law? Of course not. In all likelihood, all that happens is Florida’s zoning policy gets a little worse, the legislature elects to tie itself up for years in extremely complex and costly litigation meant to untangle the state from Disney, and other large businesses note for the record that Florida’s heretofore-admirable commitment to solving big and complicated problems should henceforth be regarded with an asterisk.

(Video) Dave Rubin: Disney cannot get out of the 'woke' swamp

That’s not “fighting.” It’s a tantrum.

Here is another sampling from National Review Brad Palumbo and Foundation for Economic Education (yeah, I know, wtf?) staffer Hannah Cox from their website “Based Politics.”

Disney has benefitted greatly off the backs of taxpayers. Not only has the company been given special governing powers as discussed above, but it receives an immense amount of corporate welfare as well.

There’s nothing free-market about the practice of corporate welfare. In fact, it is a direct attack on the values of capitalism—allowing the government to pick winners and losers in the market, shielding large corporations from competition, and creating a corporatist political dynamic that overrides the will of the people in a constitutional republic.

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Ayn Rand once said, “The difference between a welfare state and a totalitarian state is a matter of time.” While just one incident in themselves, the actions of Florida lawmakers are another small step along that trajectory. We see time and time again that once the government begins to give companies corporate welfare, it then believes it has the right to control them. (The same is true with individuals as well).

So, the retaliatory efforts of Ron DeSantis and other Florida lawmakers against Disney are almost certainly unconstitutional, and deeply concerning regardless. But the door was opened by the corrupt relationship Disney held with the state government for decades. Maybe next time, businesses should think twice before getting in bed with the government.

Follow the logic. Yes, the policy is terrible. Yes, it benefits a megacorporation to the detriment of the average Floridian. But because that corporation opposes the policies of Florida’s governor and legislature, they can’t revoke the law they passed because of the First Amendment. And for Heaven’s sake, can we not drag a horrible novelist and thinker like Any Rand into what are supposed to be rational conversations.

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This is so tiring. Every time a Republican politician does things that are good policy (like eliminating a vast corporate welfare scam) or punishes corporations that actively interfere in the political process (like Disney), you can rely on dozens of members of Conservative Inc. to line up to attack the Republican and defend the corporation. Of course, you hear this over and over and over with the “muh private company” types who are completely happy allowing Google, Facebook, Twitter, and associated social media companies to prevent conservative politicians from communicating with the public. Yet, these same people lose their sh** if a Republican politician talks about breaking up or regulating corporations actively meddling in our political system in a way Vladimir Putin could only dream of doing.

It reminds me of the scene from Peyton Manning’s epic SNL skit called “Mentor.” (The video is cued to the punchline, but the whole thing is worth watching.)

“Okay, I’m sorry. Do you wanna lose?”

(Video) Tucker: This is an intimidation campaign against 'Libs of TikTok'

The left respects precisely one thing: power. It never fails to mistake kindness and politeness for weakness. Disney waded into a social policy controversy in Florida in an unconscionable and dishonest way. Its “First Amendment” rights were not impaired as it openly participated in maligning the sponsors of the anti-grooming bill and misrepresenting the contents of the bill. What do you think would happen if Governor DeSantis and the legislature had allowed this to pass unremarked? Would Disney just record the “L” and move on to their core business? No, they’d be back with a vengeance.

By slapping Disney down hard and where it hurts, that is, the pocketbook, DeSantis has prevented Florida from becoming a playground for meddling by the hyper-political LGBTIQCAPGNGFNBA+ types who have congregated in that company (I’m sure the company’s primary audience being teens and younger has nothing at all to do with anything).

There is no difference in how DeSantis pantsed Disney and any other form of political retaliation. If your enemies don’t fear you, you lose the ability to impose an agenda on the legislature and state agencies. Why the Conservative, Inc. people can’t grasp that sometimes you do have to plow the earth with salt (metaphorically) and parade around (metaphorically) with heads on pikes to make a point is just beyond me, and I don’t care to follow any political leader who is afraid of retaliating against and breaking the Democrats and the corporations that employ them.


Does Disney have its own government? ›

The Disney World resort in Central Florida consists of four theme parks, countless hotels, waterparks, golf courses, a shopping and nightlife district, and even its own public transit system. But Disney World isn't just a resort. It's its own government.

Is Disney suing Florida? ›

The plaintiffs, all residents of Orange and Osceola counties, have refiled their civil lawsuit in state court to contest the bill from 2022's first special session. Senate Bill 4-C, seeks to dissolve any and all special independent districts established before 1968, the year Florida's state constitution was ratified.

How much money does Disney bring to Florida? ›

Its theme park megaresort near Orlando attracts around 50 million visitors a year, powering a Central Florida tourism economy that annually generates more than $5 billion in local and state tax revenue. The upshot: Disney usually gets whatever it wants in Florida.

How big is Disney World? ›

The two parks couldn't be more different when it comes to their sizes. Disney World covers an astonishing 43 square miles of land. Disneyland is just 500 acres — that means about 51 Disneylands can fit inside Disney World.

Does anyone live at Disney World? ›

However, while living long-term in Cinderella's Castle isn't actually an option, you can live at Disney World now. Any Disney fanatic that is on the market for a new home should look into Golden Oak. The housing community is located right on the Walt Disney World resort property in Orlando, Florida.

Is there a city under Disney World? ›

Lying underneath the famous theme park is an entire underground city made up of a network of tunnels. Known as “utilidoors” — utility corridors — these tunnels are used by Disney staff to keep them hidden from public view.

Who is Disney owned by? ›

The Walt Disney Company
The Walt Disney Studios corporate headquarters in Burbank, California, 2016
Total assetsUS$203.609 billion (2021)
Total equityUS$93.011 billion (2021)
OwnersThe Vanguard Group (7.3%) BlackRock (4.1%)
Number of employees195,000 (2022)
22 more rows

Why is Disney stock dropping? ›

Key Takeaways. Disney's fourth quarter 2021 results disappointed investors, and its stock is falling. The decline was primarily due to slow growth in subscriber numbers for Disney Plus, its streaming service. Revenue for the company's other divisions improved compared to the same time last year.

What happens if you get hurt at Disney World? ›

So, yes, you can technically sue Disney if you were hurt on their premises. However, you should first hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to examine your case and give you professional legal advice. Not all cases are won by plaintiffs - indeed, many of them do not even reach the trial phase.

Why Disney has its own government? ›

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis revoked a special tax privilege that allows Walt Disney Co. to govern the land housing its theme parks, escalating a dispute over Disney's opposition to legislation limiting classroom instruction on gender and sexuality.

Who is Disney owned by? ›

The Walt Disney Company
The Walt Disney Studios corporate headquarters in Burbank, California, 2016
Total assetsUS$203.609 billion (2021)
Total equityUS$93.011 billion (2021)
OwnersThe Vanguard Group (7.3%) BlackRock (4.1%)
Number of employees195,000 (2022)
22 more rows

Does Disney have its own fire department? ›

The Reedy Creek Fire Department is the full-service fire and emergency medical services organization that provides protection for the Reedy Creek Improvement District. Walt Disney World is the largest taxpayer and primary landowner.

Is Disney World private property? ›

Company Rights. The Walt Disney World Resort, including the water parks, Disney Springs and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and its designated roadways, walkways, and parking areas, is private property.


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