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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Walkthrough Part 27: Castle Outskirts with English subtitlesComplain, DMCA

what is happening guys welcome to part

27 of the walkthroug­h making our way

towards the very end here we are at a

sheena castle which is under siege

so from this castle idle very first

thing i'd recommend doing just gonna get

rid of this guy this is a huge pain he

has to deal with suck up his loot

we're gonna run back on up here so we

get up here for the red dudes are at one

and grab that Adamantite and then oh my

god can't get through the door whatever

we're going the other way instead screw

these guys don't need to go that way

anyway yeah so we'll go over here yes

this is a couple big boys laying around

there like sad they're like everybody'­s

gone I don't know what to do with myself

you kill one this one gets really angry

same as a lot of the big boys hit him

with the spear

sorry big guy


okay we're gonna head straight for the

back right corner here we're not really

worried about all these fights that are

going on because there's no items up on

these rooftops for us to grab crazy

ninjas battling and so there is the

bridge over here talk to this guy part

of the reinforcem­ent please please hurry

the castle outskirts are in bad shape

damn ministry forces are taken up to

surf at Valley and raised a bridge

please save us you know hush or Oishi

now you can see they are just absolutely

stomping them but before we do that

there's some bunny hat [ __ ] we're gonna

do go on here rest at the idol

another decent and games spot to farm

here the most these guys have basically

like lost their will I'm that Fistful of

ash we're gonna be going that way in

just a second but first you just guys



just get nice and warmed up all right

now you probably remember this guy from

earlier here that he'd show up

opportunit­y don't do one now

namu Amida butsu namu Amida butsu

everyone forgive me but no one will put

their life on the line for free all

right how do I make my escape

hmm well I'll tell you how you make your

escape like yes

congratula­tions she was skipped all

right now what we're about to go [ __ ] is

going to be crazy this is one of the

most intense encounters in the game it

sure comes ready

into the bushes fast take over one of

those monkeys

it's the distractio­n monkey ah they're

all coming already

um possession lucky let us fight


get up look at it that's a battle of

monkeys wolves gun fired all kinds of

[ __ ] going on

oh god no oh god no yeah you know how

hard these dudes could be I'm sorry we

got little monkey bro here helping us

I'm about to get bonk darn I wonder if

this is now bro oh I got oh I got enough

for like one use now we're going for



hardest thing about this encounter

honestly is the fact that you can't

really see what's going on here keep

fighting in the grass Oh

bundle Jesus statue for taking them all

out and more importantl­y missed out the

idol and we got another very very nice

place to spawn if you're looking to do

more like 'i'm farming

come up here let's kill this monkey then

he'll basically take care of everyone

else for you you can just kind of chill

here while you

those work oh yeah so decent spot cuz

you can backstab that one monkey no no

Bad Monkey

get back out there and die with the



this is it this is what y'all came here

to see monkey fights hardcore edition


sucking up all that delicious experience

so weird cuz they'll drop you know we

got scrap iron there but we also got

Adamantite so their loot tables are just

all over the freaking place anyway okay

we got everything ready to go let's head

back over this way there's there's

nothing that whole area is blocked off

but you can still go there and visit the

merchants of course but we are gonna had

oh right here best so I hunted down the

thing that I was looking all over for me

you can you can always tell when it's

been like this asana seen to my last

episode for today just because I'm

hitting that point where I'm like going

out of my mind looking for stuff it's

literally right in front of me

here is the fabled mercury but I could

not find okay

so head on back to Sheena castle old


now now it's time to make our way across

the bridge so I'd highly highly suggest

have the at a very least the magnet

loaded umbrella if you have suzaku's

that's even better anyway it's time for

our shinobi reinforcem­ents

up ahead the stronghold bringing them

down I should know what

nothing can stop me done fitted

intendent didn't know oh my god they

hurt so anyway yeah we're just gonna run

across and grab this well get yourself

an idol why would you make things harder

than they need to be all right so head

on up and just rough don't even worry

about these guys for now they got a

different battle going on first picking

out red row slightly upgraded retro

using double-o da cheese

hit by that damn double out stop it stop

it read bro it's like fighting a loading

katana strength build god damn it oh man

Eddie grab that Adamantite now we're

gonna head on up main reason for heading

up here is we're trying to dispatch as

many of these guys as possible from


as you can see chicky kechi boss fight

so anyway just tight around for now

doesn't matter that this guy knows

you're here we're going to snatch every

enemy and then take him out and he's

coming a little bit quicker than I


so what's a boogie you can see he likes

to breathe fire he's basically the

drunkard just with fire instead of

poison fire I'm gonna getcha I'll getcha

we're gonna make him burn some calories

for a bit he is earning off those


oh my god the guy can't believe they got

me or did they ha ha ha nothing ever

gets me

I was actually a pretty close one

almost had me worried

go ahead and pick up the ministry

dowsing powder I'm just checking my

notes here blah blah Ariel okay

oh that's fine come this way


Oh God


so if you look closely at him you can

see he has armor on very similar to big


but man I'm playing with fire here while

since I've tackled something with only

one Reza vailable

from the good old-fashio­ned double tap

you'll notice that he's up a little bit

easier to build poise on well that's

entirely dependent on whether or not you

take off his armor don't it's actually

harder to build on

but without the armor he quickly drops

giving us our final prayer of me oh boy

alright so we're gonna continue onward

and there should be a sugar waiting for


there it is C sugar upstairs going to

pop on out the axe see these little bits

take them out and grab the heavy Quinn

purse it's up for mercury

don't know if it's here window set drop

for mercury so we're gonna check this

area first okay did not mean here so we

can get on over there to the idol I

think the mercury is closer I'm either

way because we're fighting a bunch of

[ __ ]


oh no no oh wow this is really bad this

is gonna be it does it's gonna be my

first death just really how it goes down

Oh God

oh my god we're getting to that Idol now

I'm gonna get my damn mercury


got my mercury first just

stop it these guys are actually really

good for farming up here I'm not so much

experience but you can get a you can

actually get fulminated mercury off

these guys it's just killing them if you

have on stuff like bail diem and whatnot

okay me killed dude grab Adamantite kill

grab or else an arrest i doing what am i

doing what am i doing here

uh yeah consume those final prayer

necklace that's what I like to see axe

that stuff on out

this full ash pellet shooting at me

earlier it's kind of shitty seeing it

all like burning down like this

merchant bro is up there though and he's

safe so we got that going for us

man it sucks guy

uh my hotsy grab the sugar moving

forward and hannah mantenere gate and

turn underwear the merchant is a

added a man tag

alright let's haul ass out oh sorry

got places to be it's not near you

scrubs come on

so we're going to be making our way back

up to the merchant actually


show up


it's not the merchants Mountain no this

isn't the marshmallo­w that explains why

I don't see any hook showing up

a merchant buddy so you can buy whatever

you want here we got buttload of money

by this point in the game I'm actually

gonna go and spend as much of it as

possible on upgrades before we wrap

things up but how we got that thing I

mentioned earlier so you can see yo

livers divine confetti snap seeds you

know you can buy as much of that stuff

as you need before going into new game+

alright so um stealth you should work

your way up to that gunner tower it's

gonna be nice and snaky here

see they have one of those dudes now the

thing is they don't they saw me up to

the tower this is what we really want

just to make things fun what's uh have

you ill some people and then let's have


all right this one's taken a nap or

something so anyway there are three main

items that you can see from right up


unfortunat­ely the raging ogre doesn't

drop anything so there's no point

killing him but we do want those items

one of them is a grey backs one is a

mercury and one is a pellet so these

guys are busy doing all the fighting for


I get one more just because why the hell


after lump rave wax have the mercury

grab the pillow hey big guy sorry I have

no interested

kind of see just walking through this

that there has been some serious [ __ ]


everything was burning the fires raging

out of control the howling was intense

whoa oh god I didn't think they were

going to follow me all the way up here

oh boy

this ladies and gentlemen is probably

gonna be the hardest trophy to get for a

lot of folks this is the demon of hatred

basically manis butt on fire and extra

angry not fun to deal with but we're

gonna wrap things up here this guy very

much hits his own episode because for

starters it's a three phase fight

there's really no cheesing past this guy

this is just outright a he's a good good

boss I have a couple tricks up my sleeve

I'm gonna share but he very much is a

good good boss so especially with 3,000

gold now looks like the perfect time to

pick my ass back to the lap of data

temple and upgrade some of those shinobi

tools so anyway wrapping this one on up

moving on from here we're going to have

probably only two more episodes we have

the hatred demon in the next episode and

then after that we just have the final

boss and all three endings so make sure

to stay tuned and I'll catch you guys

soon enough


Why is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice rated M? ›

Large blood-splatter effects occur as enemies are killed; some attacks result in decapitation and/or dismemberment. Cutscenes depict additional acts of violence: a man impaled through the chest with a sword; a child stabbed with a sword off screen.

What should I do after Gyoubu? ›

With Gyoubu dead, the Ashina Castle Gate lies open before you, allowing you to take the path to the Ashina Castle.

Can you miss items in Sekiro? ›

A missable experience for players is a sidequest that involves feeding the carp, which will then lead to the player finding the corpse of the fish in the arena where they defeated the Guardian Ape.

What door is Kuro talking about? ›

While down here, Lord Kuro may mention of a Shinobi Shortcut Secret Door nearby - and you can spot it just between the stairway and the nearby library area. By hugging the wall here along the body outline - you can find a shortcut leading all the way back to the Dilapidated Temple in the Ashina Outskirts.

Who is the final boss Sekiro? ›

Isshin the Sword Saint is the final boss in Sekiro, found in the game's Ashina Castle area, following on from Divine Dragon in our walkthrough of the game's bosses and mini-bosses.

Why is Sekiro 18+? ›

This game is rated PEGI 18 which restricts availability to ADULTS ONLY and is not suitable for anyone below this age. This rating has been given due to depictions of strong graphic violence towards human-like characters.

Can a 15 year old play Sekiro? ›

The only thing you will encounter is blood (which is not very realistic in the first place), and a severed head. Furthermore, although it doesn't need saying, the game is, overall, really violent, but I believe that an adolescent can handle it.

How old is Sekiro? ›

How many endings does Sekiro? ›

That's even more true considering that Sekiro has not one, not two, but four different endings, each explaining different aspects of the game's lore.

What order should I play Sekiro in? ›

This means that the order should be: Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, and then Sekiro, which would bring the player up to the release of Elden Ring.

Who is the first boss in Sekiro? ›

Leader Shigenori Yamauchi - Yamauchi for short - is the first 'boss' encounter of any type that you'll have found in Sekiro so far. He appears shortly after you do your first bit of killing, having visited Lord Kuro in the Moonlit Tower and got your sword.

Can you skip genichiro? ›

You'll find Genichiro Ashina at the very top of Ashina Castle - head through the open window left of the Ashina Elite and grapple up to start the cutscene and reach him - and note that the cutscene is skippable if you find yourself repeating it a few times (which you probably will).

Is Headless an optional boss? ›

Headless overview

The Headless are optional mini-bosses that are deceptively challenging to take out.

Does killing the snake in Sekiro get you anything? ›

After killing the snake, Sekiro players will get a couple of rewards. For one, they will earn the Fresh Serpent Viscera item. And secondly, they will also unlock of Sekiro's achievement/trophies for going through the trouble of killing the snake.

How is Kuro immortal? ›

Immortality: Kuro has been granted the ability to recover from any physical injury. First demonstrated when encountering the Bull Ayakashi, he lets his own arm to be eaten by Yokai. Kuro however heals it within seconds, in addition that his flesh is also a poison for the Yokai.

What boss is after Divine Dragon? ›

Demon Of Hatred

The Demon is available to fight once you've defeated the Divine Dragon, and you can find him in the Ashina Outskirts where you fought the game's first boss, Gyoubu Oniwa.

Should I give back Kuro his charm? ›

You played with it on - on your first playthrough. If you take if off it allows you to receive damage while blocking, plus damage you receive in general is buffed. If you're not good at deflecting, keep it. If you want a challenge, return it to Kuro.

How tall is Sekiro? ›

Figma Sekiro stands at approximately 6 feet tall.

What is the strongest boss in Sekiro? ›

1) Isshin Ashina

While this is a quicker ending, it is also considered the hardest, as you'll have to face two optional bosses in a single fight: Emma the Gentle Blade and Isshin Ashina. While Emma has just one phase, Isshin has two, and adjusting between these is difficult enough.

What happens if you beat the boss at the start of Sekiro? ›

While it seems technically possible to beat Genichiro at the beginning of Sekiro, we don't recommend players bother doing so. There doesn't seem to be any reward or Trophy tied to it, and ultimately, they are supposed to lose the first boss fight.

Can an average gamer play Sekiro? ›

All you need is time and patience. Average gamers, even below average gamers, can do just fine as long as they have the time. The average Sekiro player isn't some god at gaming, they just put in practice. Maybe you'll need a lot of practice, and that's okay.

Why do they call him Sekiro? ›

"Sekiro"「隻狼」is not the protagonist's actual name, but one derived from pairing 「隻」 "seki" (derived from sekiwan「隻腕」, meaning "one-armed") and 「狼」"ro" (meaning wolf). The name was created by the Tengu of Ashina, as Wolf refused to reveal his name.

Is Sekiro based on a true story? ›

Unlike Dark Souls, Sekiro is largely modeled after the real world and a specific time in history.

What does Sekiro mean in Japanese? ›

“Sekiro” means one-armed wolf in Japanese. How did the idea of centering the game around a shinobi or a ninja with a prosthetic arm come about?

Is Sekiro too difficult? ›

“Sekiro is very hard,” my friends warned me. “How hard can it be?” thought I. Today, if someone were to ask me to rank Sekiro's hardness factor on a scale of 1-10, I'd put it somewhere around 12.

Can you be a girl in Sekiro? ›

No, you can't.

Who is Sekiro's Lord? ›

Lord Kuro, The Divine Heir, is one of the central characters in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The young lord is heir to a mystical bloodline, often referred to as Dragons Blood, which is rumored to be able to be bestowed upon those chosen by those of the bloodline.

What religion is in Sekiro? ›

Sekiro's explicit connection to religion is not hard to see, given that a major group of enemies are Buddhist monks and that the game is covered in Buddhist art and iconography. Both Sekiro and Fallen Order draw from the historical relationship between Samurai warrior culture and Buddhism.

What anime is Sekiro based on? ›

FromSoftware's action-adventure RPGs have become world-conquering blockbusters, but they owe a debt to Kentaro Miura's iconic manga, Berserk. Berserk, one of the longest-running manga series ever created, has spawned many anime and video game adaptations.

Is Sekiro a long game? ›

It takes about 30 hours to beat Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but that doesn't mean the game is completely over. Players who want to finish the game to 100% completion can expect to take an average of about another 40 hours on top of the 30 required to beat the game, for a total of 70 hours in-game.

What happens if you obey owl? ›

There, you'll see a cutscene between Owl and Lord Kuro. When you approach Owl, he'll give you a choice: “Obey the Iron Code, forsake Kuro” or “Break the Iron Code, stay loyal to Kuro.” Choosing to obey to the Iron Code will lock you out of the other endings.

Which ending is easier Sekiro? ›

Sekiro's Shura ending is considered the bad ending. It ultimately ends with Sekiro being possessed by a demonic force and letting Kuro die. It's also the easiest one to get, here's what you have to do.

Is Dark Souls or Sekiro better? ›

When all of this is paired with the game's multiplayer features, it becomes clear that the replayability of the original Dark Souls triumphs over anything Sekiro can provide. There's a reason fans of the Souls series still play this game nearly a decade since its release.

Is Sekiro an easy game? ›

Sekiro is an unbelievably difficult game. You don't need us to tell you that. It was instantly criticized upon release for being too difficult, and some people infamously called for an "easy mode" to make the game more palatable and welcoming.

Which version of Sekiro is best? ›

Overall then, you'll want to go for the PS4 Pro version if you can. If you have a 120Hz display, get the Xbox One X version. If it's a choice between the base consoles, DF recommends that you stick with the PS4.

Is it possible to win the first fight in Sekiro? ›

That first battle against Genichiro Ashina is technically winnable, although it requires nearly preternatural swordplay to do so. You can see for yourself in the video above. This is something of a FromSoftware tradition: The first boss battle of Demon's Souls is designed to kill you, but it can be defeated.

Who is Wolf's father Sekiro? ›

Great Shinobi - Owl is the father of the Wolf, and while you may have previously thought you were done with him on the roof of Ashina Castle, he returns for one last bout with you in a harder version of the Hirata Estate Memory later in the game.

Is Emma a boss in Sekiro? ›

Emma and Isshin Ashina are the 'bad' ending bosses in Sekiro, found in the game's Ashina Castle area, following on from Guardian Ape in our walkthrough of the game's bosses and mini-bosses.

Can you still cheese Genichiro? ›

Truthfully, there's only really one way to cheese Genichiro Ashina in Sekiro. You can absolutely go ham with the Firecracker Prosthetic, which will stun the boss every time, letting you rip into him with a few clean hits.

Who should I fight before Genichiro? ›

If you haven't yet entered the Hirata Estate and defeated Juzou the Drunkard or Lady Butterfly, take some time to do that now. These two bosses will help increase your power, making it easier to deal with Genichiro.

Is Radahn a optional boss? ›

Though Starscourge Radahn is one of four bosses with a Great Rune, since you only need two to progress the story, this is thankfully optional. For those looking to complete the Ranni quest however - it's a required encounter.

When should I beat Margit? ›

What level are you supposed to be in order to beat Margit? The short answer is around level 25.

Is General Radahn a optional boss? ›

While Starscourge Radahn is an optional boss, taking him down is required for a specific ending and will give you access to Nokron, Eternal City. However, you only need to eliminate two Shardbearers to gain access to Leyndell Castle, so choose wisely if you wish to keep your sanity.

Are there 2 snakes in Sekiro? ›

Two enormous snakes, encountered in different areas of the game. The first one is come across in the Underbridge Valley where Wolf can stab it in the eye by entering the palanquin. It is later encountered in the Sunken Valley where it destroys the bridge to the Gun Fort.

How do you avoid giant snake Sekiro? ›

As the eye of the snake draws closer, you'll eventually get the Deathblow (red dot) prompt on the eye. Now press the right bumper to stab your sword straight into the eye of the giant snake. The snake will now writhe around in agony, and you're free to run. Turn away from the snake, and run.

Are there 2 Great Serpent in Sekiro? ›

You encounter two Great Serpents in multiple areas of the game and must progress through each encounter without dying in order to discover how to eventually kill the Serpent which first ambushes you. (The second Serpent, found near the Toxic Memorial Mob at the bottom of the Sunken Valley, is not killable).

How do I open the secret passage in the Elder ring? ›

How to Open Hidden Paths in Elden Ring. What you are looking for is an Illusory wall, aka a Hidden wall. Players need to strike this wall with their weapon once or multiple times and after it breaks, a new path to a secret location will be unveiled. You can also roll into the wall to break it apart.

How do I get to Sekiro in sunken valley passage? ›

You can find the entrance to the Sunken Valley by way of the back of Ashina Castle. Once you have reached the rooftops of the main castle tower, look for a small bridge and reservoir guarded by a Samurai Leader, and a path leading away from the castle and down a forested path.

How do you open the door at the bottom of Ashina Reservoir? ›

  1. The key is dropped by a spear-wielding soldier on the bridge to the Abandoned Dungeon. ...
  2. Found to the left of the Ashina Castle Sculptor's Idol, in front of the door that leads down to the Ashina Reservoir, if it hasn't been retrieved prior to the first invasion of Ashina Castle by the Central Forces.

How many endings does the elder ring have? ›

The simplest answer is that there are six different endings. However, four of those endings are very similar. They're variations on what you could call a neutral ending. The two others are "special" endings that will take a bit more time to unlock.

Does Kilgrave tunnels have a boss? ›

The Stonedigger Troll is one of the miniboss Foes you can fight in one of the optional Limgrave Dungeons in Elden Ring.

Is there a secret wall in Black Knife Catacombs? ›

Going back to the Chamber in the secret passage with the dead-end, players can keep moving forward this time until reaching a wall. Hit the wall, and it will disappear, revealing a hidden corridor leading to the Black Knife Assassin boss fight.

Does the Demon Bell affect bosses Sekiro? ›

Question: Does the Bell Demon Affect Bosses? Answer: Yes and no, and sadly not in a good way. The boss loot will not increase, as those special items are set in stone. However, the bosses will benefit from the Bell Demon buff, making them much more punishing.

Should I use the Bell Demon? ›

In-Game Description

The Bell Demon confers hardship, but perhaps also slightly better spoils. Using this item has no particular effect aside from causing the demon to leave.

Is Guardian Ape optional? ›

The Guardian Ape (獅子猿, Lion Tamarin) is a mandatory Boss with one Deathblow Counter in each phase.

How hard is Guardian Ape? ›

The Guardian Ape is one of Sekiro's toughest bosses, with some quick and unpredictable attacks, heavy hits that do major posture damage, and not one but two, rather different phases. In the first phase, the Guardian Ape is a 'beast', meaning the Firecracker Prosthetic will work well if you're a fan of using it.

Should I do Hirata Estate before Ashina Castle? ›

It doesn't really matter what you beat first. Hirata Estate is a "Memory" so technically it takes place before the events of the main game, at least that's the impression I got all the way through it. As for the lady butterfly, a little advice; Be aggressive.

Why can I not go to Ashina Castle? ›

Video Guide: Ashina Castle Grounds (Dusk)

Even the Ashina Castle Gate has been locked - which means the only access to the castle is via the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance. Before leaving the dungeon, be sure to head back inside for a moment.

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