Top 5 Best Remote Control Golf Carts Reviews | Buying Guide (2023)

Top 5 Best Remote Control Golf Carts Reviews | Buying Guide (1)

Golfing remains one of the most popular amateur sports around because it is both highly competitive and relaxing.

Golf can also be a useful cardiovascular exercise if golfers walk instead of ride on carts. Therefore, anyone getting into this hobby needs to find a high-quality remote golf cart that meets their needs in a variety of different ways.

The following review will not only highlight the five best remote golf carts on the market today but provide a plethora of other information you need to make the best buying decision.

For example, you will learn about the importance of the “follow” feature on carts and master a few basic maintenance tips.

The Top Five Best Remote Control Golf Carts on the Market Today

Top 5 Best Remote Control Golf Carts Reviews | Buying Guide (2)


Top 5 Best Remote Control Golf Carts Reviews | Buying Guide (3)

Top 5 Best Remote Control Golf Carts Reviews | Buying Guide (4)

Top 5 Best Remote Control Golf Carts Reviews | Buying Guide (5)

Top 5 Best Remote Control Golf Carts Reviews | Buying Guide (6)

Top 5 Best Remote Control Golf Carts Reviews | Buying Guide (7)


Bag Boy Quad Navigator Cart

MGI GMI Zip Navigator Remote Control Electric Golf Caddy, Black

Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Golf Cart, Black

Spin It Golf Products GC1R "Easy Trek" Remote Controlled Electric Golf Cart, Silver

CartTek GRi-1350LIB BLACK Electric Remote Control Ion Battery Golf Caddie

Remote Control


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Top 5 Best Remote Control Golf Carts Reviews | Buying Guide (9)


MGI GMI Zip Navigator Remote Control Electric Golf Caddy, Black

Remote Control


Top 5 Best Remote Control Golf Carts Reviews | Buying Guide (10)


Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Golf Cart, Black

Remote Control


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Top 5 Best Remote Control Golf Carts Reviews | Buying Guide (11)


Spin It Golf Products GC1R "Easy Trek" Remote Controlled Electric Golf Cart, Silver

Remote Control

These carts provide a broad range of benefits that make them worth your consideration. They include the following models, which I will review in greater depth below this subsection:

  • 1. Bad Boy Navigator
  • 2. MGI Zip Navigator
  • 3. Stewart Golf X9
  • 4. GC1R “Easy Trek” Remote Controlled Electric Golf Cart
  • 5. CartTek GRi-1350LIB

1. Bag Boy Navigator

Top 5 Best Remote Control Golf Carts Reviews | Buying Guide (13)

Bag Boy Quad Navigator Cart

  • Full direction remote control allows for left, right, forward, reverse and speed control
  • Patented Gyroscope 'anti-deviation' Technology keeps cart on Track
  • Advanced digital electronics with full color display, speed settings and Battery level indicator
  • Adjustable upper bag support bracket with bungee straps; powerful, twin calibrated 230W motors
  • Dual gearbox System

The Bag Boy Navigator is my number-one remote golf cart choice for several different reasons.

First of all, I love the full-direction remote control option. This remote allows you to move the cart in four different directions and at a multitude of different speeds. Even better, the anti-deviation technology uses a gyroscope to keep the cart on the right track at all times.

Other exciting features of this cart include a battery-level indicator, flexible bag straps, multiple types of support brackets with bungee straps, and high-quality digital electronics that provide a multitude of readout options. And last, but not least, the high-performance lithium-ion battery provides 12 volts and 24 amps of power.

That said, there are a few downsides to this item that you should seriously consider before buying it.

While these issues are mostly quite minor, some might be a bigger deal to specific individuals. As a result, I strongly suggest browsing through the pros and cons section below and weighing them against the price listed at the very bottom of this mini-review.

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  • Folding design is very easy to store
  • Battery provides more than enough power for 18 holes
  • Turn radius is fairly tight
  • Remote is very responsive


  • Fairly heavy at 54 pounds
  • Lacks a “follow me” option
  • Seat feels a little flimsy

Who is Best Suited for This Cart?

Beginning golfers who are just getting used to the sport may benefit from this cart more than advanced golfers.

The lack of a “follow me” feature may turn off those advanced golfers but won’t be a huge deal to beginners. However, those who don’t mind a non-follow cart will appreciate what this model has to offer.

2. MGI Zip Navigator

Top 5 Best Remote Control Golf Carts Reviews | Buying Guide (14)

MGI GMI Zip Navigator Remote Control Electric Golf Caddy, Black

  • Full Directional remote control allows for left, right, forward, Reverse and speed control
  • Patented Gyroscope Straight tracker technology keeps the caddy on Track across any Terrain
  • Downhill speed control minimizes your effort and maximizes control
  • Twin calibrated motors for supreme power & agility
  • Powered by the largest capacity Lithium 24V 380Wh batter
  • Included components: caddy,battery,manual,remote

The MGI Zip Navigator is just a step or two below the Bag Boy Navigator in quality and value.

For example, it too contains a full-directional remote control that provides multiple direction options, a variety of specific and adjustable speeds, and a patented gyroscopic straight tracker that keeps the cart running smoothly on grass and other types of terrain.

However, the MGI Zip Navigator does have a few options not found on the Bag Boy Navigator.

For example, the MGI has downhill speed control to ensure that the cart never gets out of your control while you are going up and down hills. And the twin motors have been carefully calibrated to provide multiple levels of power and agility that can’t be topped.

So why is this cart second on the list instead of first? Well, there are a few issues with it that concern me and which will likely concern other golfers as well.

While these issues aren’t severe enough to drag the MGI Zip Navigator too far down the list, they were just annoying enough to keep it from being the best cart that I could find.


  • Fourth wheel provides increased stability and directional control
  • Park brake keeps the cart strongly held on just about every terrain type
  • Odometers track how far you’ve walked on a golf trip
  • Zip-fold design makes the cart extremely easy to store


  • Tends to struggle a little bit going up hills
  • Battery may start getting low by the end of a game
  • Lacks a “follow me” option

Who is Best Suited for This Cart?

Anybody who wants to track how far they use their cart and how much exercise they get should love the MPI Zip Navigator.

However, its easy-to-fold design is particularly helpful for people who have smaller cars or who don’t have a lot of room where they can store their cart when they aren’t on the course.

3. Stewart Golf X9

Top 5 Best Remote Control Golf Carts Reviews | Buying Guide (15)

40 Reviews

Stewart Golf X9 Follow Electric Golf Cart, Black

  • This cart will follow you on the fairways to allow you to focus on your game.
  • 55 yard Bluetooth remote control: forward, left, right, reverse & cruise control.
  • Rechargeable lithium handset & 22Ah lithium cart battery.
  • Handbuilt in Great Britain.
  • Folded Size: 12.55 inches (h), 25.9 inches (w), 32.2 inches (l).

The Stewart Golf X9 is the first cart on my list that will follow you around on the course using “follow me” technology.

I will talk about why this option is such a great choice later on in this article. For now, just understand that this option is a cool feature that makes the Stewart Golf X9 stand out from other carts on this list.

However, there are plenty of other carts with a follow option available on the market. A few are even included in this list. That said, the Stewart Golf X9 stands out from these models in a variety of ways. First of all, it “follow me” design uses Bluetooth control to make it easier for you to track the movement of your cart from just about any remote device.

Just as importantly, the Stewart Golf X9 is one of the lightest carts on the market – just over 31 pounds – and powered by a high-quality lithium battery that stays strong throughout a whole game. And with benefits such as aluminum housing, downhill braking, and an elegant and sleek design, the Stewart Golf X9 is an excellent option for just about any golfer.


  • Multiple storage options for a variety of items
  • Durable and robust chassis resists damage and other issues
  • Four-wheel design keeps the model very stable
  • Automatic “follow me” design will read your movements quite accurately


  • The price of this cart is quite high
  • ”Follow me” technology works for just 50 yards
  • Some control issues on paths

Who is Best Suited for This Cart?

Golfers with a lot of money to burn will really appreciate this cart. It provides them with the best “follow me” option on the market today. And while its price and a few other issues hold it back from the top of the list, the Stewart Golf X9 is one of my favorite remote golf carts available. If I had the cash, it’s probably the one I’d be using for my game.

4. GC1R “Easy Trek” Remote Controlled Electric Golf Cart

Top 5 Best Remote Control Golf Carts Reviews | Buying Guide (16)

Spin It Golf Products GC1R "Easy Trek" Remote Controlled Electric Golf Cart, Silver

  • Remote controlled golf caddy
  • Airless rubber tires
  • Dual 200W motors
  • 12V - 33AH SLA battery
  • Power-off free wheeling

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So far, the carts I’ve discussed cost over $1,500 to nearly $3,000. While many golfers can afford these options – even if on payment plans – others simply don’t have that kind of money.

Thankfully, the GC1R is available as a high-quality budget remote golf cart. Though it may lack some of the bells and whistles common on other carts, this model will still get the job done.

For example, it has two 200-watt motors that provide a surprising amount of power and control over most golf course terrain.

The airless rubber tires offer excellent grip on the roughest areas of a course, particularly when the 12-volt battery is fully charged. Even more surprisingly, this cart has a free-roam option that allows it to follow you wherever you go.

All of these options, combined with multiple preset speed choices, make this a surprisingly excellent choice for someone who wants to spend under $500 on a remote golf cart. That said, the lower price does cost you a few benefits and options that drive this cart down the list a little.


  • Unbeatable price for the quality of the cart
  • Controls surprisingly well on steeper hill inclines
  • Among the lightest carts available on the market
  • Free-roam option surprisingly accurate for such a low-cost cart


  • Material quality is lower to suit the smaller price tag
  • Rampant complaints about poor customer service
  • Battery may be a little weaker than other models

Who is Best Suited for This Cart?

Individuals who just don’t have a lot of money to spend should try out this budget model.

For the price, I think it is the best low-cost model that I could find on the market. Be prepared for a few downsides, though, as this cart will lack a large number of the options available in my previous choices.

5. CartTek Gri-1350LIB

Top 5 Best Remote Control Golf Carts Reviews | Buying Guide (17)

CartTek GRi-1350LIB BLACK Electric Remote Control Ion Battery Golf Caddie

  • Programmable – full feature Remote Control
  • Four factory speed settings, or program your own
  • Adjustable turning force and electronic tracking
  • Twin 24 Volt High torque motors
  • 24 Volt, 8.8 Ah Lithium Ion battery weighing only 3.5 pounds

Last on my list of high-quality golf carts is this model by CartTek.

In some ways, it is a compromise model between the highest- and lowest-priced models on my list. For example, it is a little cheaper than the top choices on my list but more expensive than the budget option. As a result, the CartTek strikes a unique balance that makes it worth considering.

For example, its remote is fully programmable, meaning that you can set it to run at a multitude of different speeds and in many different directions.

Those who don’t want to program their cart can just use one of the four factory-preset speed and direction options. Beyond these benefits, the CartTek possesses a 24-volt battery that just might be the most powerful on this list.

So why is the CartTek at the bottom of my list? While it does contain cool options like adjustable turning force and electronic tracking, the CartTek simply doesn’t provide the same level of quality as the other carts I’ve highlighted. Don’t let its lower ranking fool you, though, as this model is still one of the best available on the market today.


  • Easy-to-use pre-set remote options
  • Light, but powerful, battery is just 3.5 pounds
  • Electronic tracking keeps your cart driving straight
  • Reasonable price that is easier for most golfers to afford


  • Fairly bulky and a little hard to store
  • One of the heaviest models on the list at 50 pounds
  • Programming may be hard for some to understand

Who is Best Suited for This Cart?

Golfers who want a great middle-of-the-road cart option will appreciate this model.

It has just enough engaging elements to make it attractive but, unfortunately, a number of issues that do decrease its quality. However, anybody who wants a cart with programmable controls will fully appreciate this cart and its many options.

Important Elements to Look For in a Remote Control Golf Cart

Top 5 Best Remote Control Golf Carts Reviews | Buying Guide (18)

So just how did I come up with my rankings for these golf carts? I took a look at multiple elements to gauge the value offered by each cart. These elements are listed below to make it easier for you to rate these carts or others like them on the market:

  • Price – While a high price shouldn’t be a deterrent for a remote golf cart, you need to make sure that the value of the cart is high enough to warrant the price.
  • Battery Power – Make sure that your remote golf cart battery is – minimally – 12 volts to get sufficient power. Aim for higher power levels if you can afford them, such as 24 volts.
  • Remote Types – Try to find a remote that has as many options as possible for control and programming. In this way, you can get the most bang for your buck.
  • Braking Power – A great remote golf cart should brake well on multiple types of terrain and not roll away when parked on a hill.
  • Climbing and Descending Ability – Golf courses are filled with a multitude of hills, which a high-quality cart needs to climb and descend without difficulty.
  • Turning Radius – A good remote golf cart should be able to turn in a tight radius to prevent difficult control situations.
  • Stability – While three-wheel carts may be less expensive and a little easier to turn in tight spots, four-wheel carts typically provide more stability.

The Benefits of “Follow Me” Golf Carts

Top 5 Best Remote Control Golf Carts Reviews | Buying Guide (19)

Throughout the cart reviews above, I mentioned that some carts used what I termed “follow me” technology.

This feature is exactly what you think, as it allows the cart to follow you while you walk on a golf course automatically. Carts with “follow me” technology typically utilize a variety of different items to ensure your cart successfully tracks you.

For example, higher-value carts typically have sensors that track your movement and follow it as much as possible.

As a result, you can just walk in front of your cart without having to haul it physically. Other elements that help the cart operate smoothly include gyroscopic trackers that keep the cart from tipping over while it rides. Typically, this feature is available in ranges from 50 to 100 yards.

Some lower-value carts may require the use of remotes to keep the “follow me” technology accurate. However, most carts with this feature typically allow you to program the cart in multiple ways to achieve higher precision with your controls. Just as importantly, these carts usually have more stable wheels to keep them from tipping in dangerous ways while you ride.

Maintenance Tips for Remote Control Golf Carts

Top 5 Best Remote Control Golf Carts Reviews | Buying Guide (20)

While a high-quality remote golf cart typically lasts for years without maintenance, performing a few maintenance procedures will keep them running smoothly for even longer.

The following are just a few of the steps that you can take to ensure that your cart is in great shape for years to come:

  • Regularly Charge the Batteries – Recharging the battery of your cart after every golf outing should keep it strong. Make sure to disconnect it, though, the moment that it reaches peak charge levels.
  • Check Battery Connections – After charging your battery, make sure to check the connections to ensure that they are clean and fully connected to the battery and the rest of the cart.
  • Clean the Wheels – Wipe down the surface of the cart wheels with a simple soap-based cleaner to break apart dirt, clay, and other stains from their surface.
  • Fix Tears on the Cart Pockets – As your cart experiences some wear and tear, make sure that you sew any tears on the cart pockets to keep them from spilling.
  • Oil the Motor – Oil and grease all the important motor parts at least once every six months to keep them lubricated. Check for any wearing issues that could be affecting your motor, including worn gears and other issues.
  • Repair Wire Frays – Wire frays are a huge problem with remote golf carts because they can affect how well they operate. Make sure that you repair or replace any frayed wires throughout the cart to ensure that it doesn’t stop working.
  • Get the Brakes Checked – At least once a year, take your cart to a repair specialist and have them inspect and repair the brakes. While you’re there, have them double-check the motor to ensure that it isn’t running into any problems.
  • Care for the Remote – Lastly, make sure that your remote is either properly connected to the cart or has fully-charged batteries. Make sure that none of the buttons are sticking due to dirt working its way between and underneath them.

FAQ on Remote Golf Carts

Top 5 Best Remote Control Golf Carts Reviews | Buying Guide (21)

What benefits do remote carts offer?

Remote carts keep a golfer physically active without tiring them out. Beyond that, remote carts also save a golfer money by making electric golf carts unnecessary. Regular golfers may pay as much as $20 per outing for a cart, but owning a remote bag cart eliminates that fee.

What are the downsides of these remote carts?

The biggest downside of these carts is their cost. Many beginning golfers may struggle to justify paying $500-3,000 for one. However, the savings on electric cart fees alone will help to pay for the cost. These simple caddies may also be a bit hard to store in a car if they don’t have a folding design. Besides these minor annoyances, most remote carts provide a high-quality experience.

Is the “follow me” technology worth it?

Some golfers find that “follow me” carts are harder to use than they are worth. For example, you need to turn them off every time you take a shot, or the cart will continue to follow your movements. That said, “follow me” technology is a good option for someone who wants a hands-free bag-handling experience.

Should I get a front- or rear-wheel drive cart?

Front-wheel carts typically struggle to turn as tightly as rear-wheel models but climb hills more easily than rear-wheel models. By contrast, rear-wheel models tend to spin when stuck in the mud but are easier to repair. The choice here is up to you.

How long will these carts last?

Performing proper maintenance and repair procedures on these carts can help them last for over 10 years. However, you should expect to change your battery a few times during its lifetime. Most remote golf cart batteries are good for 150 charges before being replaced.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, remote golf carts provide a variety of benefits that make them more than worth the investment for the beginner and advanced golfers. And the five models mentioned here are the best that you can find anywhere and provide the most engaging and fun golfing experience on the market today.

However, there are plenty of other models available on the market that could be worth a consideration. If you find that these options are not quite what you want in a remote golf cart, there should be a similar model available. I strongly suggest, though, that you give these carts a chance. They truly are your best options.




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Are there golf carts that follow you? ›

The CaddyTrek is a smart robotic golf caddy that carries your bag so you don't have to. The CaddyTrek allows golfers to walk hands free, allowing players to enjoy the health benefits of the game of golf without the burden of carrying a bag.

Does PowaKaddy have a remote control? ›

The PowaKaddy RoboKaddy Golf Trolley is a remote-controlled one-piece easy folding powered trolley with forward, left, right and reverse controls. You operate it via a pocket-sized transmitter, while two whisper-quiet motors drive the rear wheels.

How do I choose an electric golf cart? ›

A major factor you will want to consider is the size and weight of your golf trolley and how easy it is to travel with to and from the golf course. Ideally you will want a golf trolley that is lightweight and easy to lift in and out of your car, as well as being able to fit comfortably into your boot.

How far will an electric golf cart go on a full charge? ›

Depending on the manufacturer, most gas golf carts have between a 5 and 6 gallon gas tank and get about 40 miles to the gallon. Electric golf carts with fully charged batteries in perfect condition get about 35 miles to the full charge.

Are remote control golf carts worth it? ›

A scorecard holder, umbrella holder, and large drink holder are included at no extra cost. This remote-control caddy is a bit on the pricey side, but given the high-quality build, responsiveness of the remote, ease of use, and overall reliable performance, we think it's definitely worth it.

How do follow golf carts work? ›

Practically the system is designed to be as user friendly as possible, so use is as simple as: Press the green 'follow' button and walk in front of the X9 Follow. The machine will fall in behind you and keep your walking pace. When you reach your ball & stop, the X9 Follow will also stop.

What is the latest PowaKaddy? ›

The all-New ultra-compact PowaKaddy CT6 folds in 2 simple steps. It features a new 2.8” OCA mid-size full colour widescreen display and a USB charging port. The soft touch handle height adjusts to fit you perfectly. An integrated carry handle makes it easy to transport.

What is a GPS golf trolley? ›

M5 GPS Electric Trolley | SMART TOUCH

Compact and easy-to-fold, the M5 GPS is the world's first compact trolley to offer fully‑integrated GPS built into a super-responsive 3.5” touchscreen display. Easily viewable no matter the weather, the screen can be easily controlled in all conditions – even while wearing a glove.

How do you use the PowaKaddy fw7? ›

Powakadday FW7 Review - YouTube

What do you need to know before buying a golf cart? ›

10 Things to Look for When You Buy Used Golf Carts
  1. Is the Golf Cart New or Refurbished? ...
  2. How Old Is the Golf Cart? ...
  3. Is It a Gas or Electric Golf Cart? ...
  4. If Electric, Are the Batteries in Good Condition? ...
  5. Are the Tires in Good Shape? ...
  6. How Does the Golf Cart Run? ...
  7. Who Is the Manufacturer? ...
  8. Is the Cart Itself Damaged?
Jul 30, 2018

Is electric or gas golf cart better? ›

Reliability: Both carts are very reliable, but newer electrics do generally last longer than gas. On an electric cart, there are fewer parts and therefore fewer parts to go bad. with a gas cart, you have clutches, carb, fuel pump, belts, valves, starter and more.

Do you push or pull a golf cart? ›

Pushing is way easier than pulling and is less taxing on the shoulder muscles, muscles better used on the swing than on pulling a cart. It makes sense; golf push carts efficiently transfer energy from the natural walking position to the wheels.

Should you charge your golf cart after every use? ›

Should you charge new golf cart batteries? Yes. New golf cart batteries should be charged every time they are used as this will extend their lifespan, help them retain their capacity for longer, and prevent discharge. It is vitally important to charge new golf cart batteries, even after their first use.

Should I leave my golf cart plugged in all the time? ›

Manufacturers suggest leaving your golf cart plugged in all of the time while using an auto battery charger, as it will keep the batteries fully charged and always available. If batteries are not charged for prolonged storage, they may damage over time and deliver less capacity.

Which is better 36 or 48 volt golf cart? ›

Basically, a 48V system gives you more “pep in your step” and picks up/speeds up a bit faster than a 36V system. Energy Needed/Amps Drawn- A 48V system draws less amps and provides a little more range with all things being equal (cart/passenger payload weight, motor horsepower, etc).

Is an electric golf push cart worth it? ›

Electric Golf Trolley Benefits

Walking around carrying your golf bag in the sun for several hours will cause you to exert yourself much quicker than if you were walking without carrying anything. Most golfers carrying their golf bags strip them down to the bare essentials so they are as light as possible.

Are push carts worth it? ›

Golf push carts are an extremely worthwhile and increasingly popular investment for golfers. Their benefits include: They save you energy by not having to carry your clubs on your back.

Can you use BAT caddy in the rain? ›

Learn the physical limits of your caddy before you drive it into challenging situations. Don't operate your cart in heavy rain or drive it through deep casual water. Electric and water don't mix!

Why does my golf cart slow down going downhill? ›

When your electric golf cart struggles on inclines, it means that you have to work harder to lift the front wheels. The cart's batteries interfere with its acceleration, and your speed decreases.

What motors do golf carts use? ›

Electric golf carts have two different types of motor options: DC and AC motors. The first type was the most commonly used for years, but a growing number of cart manufacturers are shifting to AC motors.

Why are golf carts so popular? ›

#1: Popularity

Driving golf cars is more fun, cheaper than cars, and an easy way to visit with neighbors while social distancing. Because families haven't been spending money on large, lavish vacations, they've been spending their money on “toys” like golf carts, RVs, or boats!

Who invented golf carts? ›

Early History

The first golf cart was initially invented in 1932, when Lyman Beecher of Clearwater, Florida built a rickshaw-style cart for golfers that was pulled by two caddies.

Is there a golf cart shortage? ›

All dealers across the country sold record amounts of new and used golf carts. Fast forward to 2021. Demand seems to be about the same as 2020. Hence there is a shortage of used golf carts in the market.

Why do people drive around in golf carts? ›

They are better for the environment, they are easier to park; they're just a lot of fun,” Denton said. “If you're driving down the road in a car and you see a friend, you wave, you honk and you keep going. If you're in a golf cart, you pull over and talk.

What can I get instead of a golf cart? ›

Ways to get around beyond the golf cart

There are essentially five different types of alternative transportation in golf: The golf scooter, a motorized skate/surf board, the golf bike, the golf ATV and the Segway.


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