TOP TEN KILLER BASS LURES - Bass Masters Elite UK (2022)

TOP TEN KILLER BASS LURES - Bass Masters Elite UK (1)

The Lures in this guide are proven Bass catchers so if you’re looking to catch more fish then read on

Top Ten Killer Bass Lures: Welcome, all you bass-loving madman out there. The lures we mention will give you powerful insight into catching those spiny silver powerhouses we love. Be sure to check out other posts on our website for our expert advice on other topics as regards to catching more bass. Good luck!

The Lures that get results

The lures we will be reviewing are all lures we use on a daily basis. We know these lures work otherwise we wouldn’t use them. You can see the lures in some of the pictures on the website.


Listen, please take this into consideration! if there’s no fish where you are fishing, or the water is like mud our fantastic guide just isn’t going to help.

Conditions can play a major role in your success for catching any fish, not just Bass so please remember this and take this into consideration when you try any of the lures we recommend.

Top Ten Killer Lures 2018

(In no particular order)

1: Megabass Zonk

2: Savage Gear Eel Lemon back

3: Sasuke 120mm Sandbora

4: IMA Komono Joker

5: Duo Bay Ruf 135

6: Tackle House Vulture

7: Duo DC12

8: Xorus Pachencko

9: Tackle House Feed Shallow

10: IMA Rocket Bait

1. Megabass Zonk

TOP TEN KILLER BASS LURES - Bass Masters Elite UK (2)

You beauty! This is a killer lure for crystal clear conditions at night or even first light. This Zonk has a habit of fishing out some of the bigger boys that are just waiting to pounce. Be careful with the depth of water you may be fishing, this is a deeper diving lure that will snag the bottom. Not for the shallower venues, I’m afraid. We don’t want to lose another £25 now. These Zonk lures can be pretty expenses but please do not pay too much. In fact, you can expect to pay around the £25 mark. This is the best price we could find for the Zonk click this link: Megabass Zonk Best Price

2. Savage Gear Eel.

Generally, we will tend to use the Lemon Back at night (it’s the bottom one) and the White and silver in the day. Personally, it’s not the lure I would start off with, but the times I have been and every other lure is failing, these bad boys can really hoof them out. Sometimes the Bass are just right on the bottom, so these are the tactic for that scenario. The Fiiish Minnow is also another great soft plastic lure. To get the Savage Gear Eel on Amazon CLICK HERE make sure you get the right one.

TOP TEN KILLER BASS LURES - Bass Masters Elite UK (3)

3. Sasuke Sand bora

OMG This is the lure of the year for me. As you can see I had to replace the two rear trebles, they were completely straightened by a lump of a fish that never was. At least I didn’t lose my lure around a rock. This lure seems to work well when the fishing was slow but I have had my best bass on this lure. I love it. To get the IMA Sasuke 120mm CLICK HERE

TOP TEN KILLER BASS LURES - Bass Masters Elite UK (4)

4. IMA Komomo II Joker (Flashing Plate)

This is another great lure for me, in fact, I had my PB on this very lure. Great for first light and just as the light is fading in the evening. It’s a very shallow diver and has a great action the Bass just can’t resist. The Cotton Candy is another version of the Joker but the paint comes off, so after a few fish, it loses its look. We can help you with lures that have been chewed up in our Tips and Tricks page. Good luck trying to get hold of the Joker. I can not find it seems sold out. However, you can keep checking the internet and one may come along. There are still other fantastic variants though. CLICK HERE: to purchase the Komomo II

TOP TEN KILLER BASS LURES - Bass Masters Elite UK (5)

Top Ten Killer Bass Lures That work

5. DUO Bay Ruf Manic 135

I first saw this lure in a Youtube video, I think they were catching Tunny or something like that in Greece, I really must find the video and put it on the website. Anyway, this streamlined missile can often be the answer to our prayers when that clear water is just out of reach for lures like a Komomo or Tackle house Feed. This baby casts miles, I always take this with me wherever I go. We found the Bay Ruff Manic lures on Amazon but be careful with the prices some sellers are taking the p..s. They do have the two versions we recommend though, I wouldn’t buy some of those other silly colours. CLICK HERE to get the Bay Ruff Manic 135

TOP TEN KILLER BASS LURES - Bass Masters Elite UK (6)

6. Tackle house Vulture

This lure is the Bass Mans lure for 2018. He has had more than his fair share of doubles fishing with this lure. Watching it dance on the surface of the flat water it no surprise the bass just wanna devour it. As you can see this is not the bog-standard version of this vulture, it has been painted white. The Tip and Trick page will go over why we do this, so make sure you read and take heed. Extremely hard to get this brilliant lure but we have found it on Amazon: CLICK HERE To get the Tackle House Feed Vulture

TOP TEN KILLER BASS LURES - Bass Masters Elite UK (7)

7. DUO DC12

This is a great looking lure that catches plenty of fish when they are switched on. Probably works better in the really clear water of a daytime. I’ve also had a lot of joy with its baby sister the DC 9. We could only find the DUO DC12 on Ebay CLICK HERE to purchase this lure

TOP TEN KILLER BASS LURES - Bass Masters Elite UK (8)

8.Xhorus Patchinko

We are nearly coming to the end of our Top Ten Killer Lures 2018, but it would be rude not to mention this little baby. In fact, that is the baby Patchinko and like its daddy, it’s a great surface lure and casts extremely well in the bargain. There are many different varieties of the Xorus Pachinko take your pick. Click here to see your Patchinko options

TOP TEN KILLER BASS LURES - Bass Masters Elite UK (9)

9. Tackle House Feed Shallow

Not the greatest casting lure but still one of my top ten killer lures. There is an even bigger version of this lure which does have a better casting range. This particular lure in the picture has a spot by the rear. This means it’s slightly heavier than the standard version. A very popular lure especially the white version that glows slightly so great for night luring when the water is crystal clear, a must-have. CLICK Here to get the Tackle House Feed Shallow

TOP TEN KILLER BASS LURES - Bass Masters Elite UK (10)

10. IMA Rocket Bait

I have lost my fair share of these lures, to be honest. They are a fantastic lure for when the fish are at a distance, but please when casting make sure you reel as soon as that bad boy hits the water. They cast like a missile like the Bay Ruf Manic but sink extremely quick so don’t stop for a chat or light up a fag when you’re reeling it in. Trust me, it will work out expensively. Another brilliant lure though this is the candy version.

TOP TEN KILLER BASS LURES - Bass Masters Elite UK (11)

IMA Rocket Bait

We hope you’ve enjoyed our review of our Top Ten Killer Lures 2018, feel free to message us if you have any killer lures you may have discovered that we do not mention. And always remember to be safe!! CLICK HERE To get the IMA Rocket Bait

Now go catch them bass!!

TOP TEN KILLER BASS LURES - Bass Masters Elite UK (12)

Top Ten Killer Bass Lures

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Top Ten Killer Bass Lures


TOP TEN KILLER BASS LURES - Bass Masters Elite UK (13)


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