Ukraine latest news: Russians told to 'save your lives' ahead of looming battle - as West rejects Moscow's 'dirty bomb' claims (2022)

Key points
  • Warning of 'uncontrolled escalation' as Russia makes 'dirty bomb' claim
  • 'Save your lives': Russians evacuate Kherson ahead of expected battle
  • Russian-installed authorities announce local militia in Kherson
  • RT presenter suspended after saying Ukrainian children should have been drowned
  • Podcast:'They are killing civilians because they can't do anything on the battlefield'
  • Updates from John Sparks in eastern Ukraine and Dominic Waghorn in Moscow. Live reporting by Emily Mee


Ukraine War Diaries: Tactical nukes, thermo nukes, and what we really think?

After escaping Russia’ssingle biggest one-day attack on Kyiv, Oksana catches her breath in Madrid, where she tries to second guess what Vladimir Putin'sforces are going to do next.

Meanwhile, recording in the basement of his Kyiv apartment block during an air raid, Ilyas outlines what he - and many Ukrainians - are being told in respect of a nuclear attack.

Ukraine War Diaries uses first-person audio, recorded on the ground in Ukraine, to give an intimate day-to-day perspective of life in a war zone.


Israel provided intelligence to Ukraine to down Iranian-made drones - report

Ukraine has been shooting down Iranian drones supplied to Russia - and it's doing so with the help of Israeli intelligence, according to a report in the New York Times.

The newspaper didn't specify what information was offered to Ukrainian authorities.

Following a drone swarm attack in Kyiv, Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba reportedly appealed to Israel for air defence weapons.

Although Israel's defence minister Benny Gantz refused to offer weapons - largely because Israel depends on Russian cooperation for its air force to conduct raids in Syria - he did say he would provide early warning systems.

Meanwhile, Ukrinform reported that Israel's air force struck a factory in Syria where Iranian drones were being made.

As we've been reporting, Russia has allegedly been using Iranian drones to strike targets across Ukraine.


The blackouts in Kyiv creep up on you. They're unpredictable - and life is impossible for some

There is no Hollywood moment when the whole city goes dark or when the twinkling lights of a block of flats go out in unison.

Instead, these cuts happen sporadically, with a sense of tiring unpredictability. The electricity will be cut from half a building, but not the other. They will come back on, then go off once more.

One side of the road will be lit up; the other will be dark.

The people of this country, and of this city, are well accustomed to dislocation and nervousness. From the very earliest days of this conflict, it's been obvious that resilience runs like a seam through the Ukrainian national character.

But this is different. There is no adrenaline rush in coming home to find that your heating doesn't work and you can't cook food.

And so we visit Pozniaki, a Kyiv suburb to see how life continues as night falls and the electricity fails.

Read more from our Europe correspondent Adam Parsons below...

(Video) Ukraine War: News blackout means 'something big is going on'


Russian-installed authorities announce local militia in Kherson

All men remaining in the Russian-held city of Kherson are being encouraged to join a newly announced local militia.

The Russian-installed administration said this morning the militia would be formed ahead of an expected battle for the city.

As we reported earlier, it has ordered other civilians to evacuate, saying they should "save your lives" and return at a later date.

Kherson - which was annexed by Russia last month - is a key target for both Moscow and Kyiv, due its location on west bank of the Dnieper River.

The city is the largest still held by Russia and is a gateway to annexed Crimea.


Russia Today presenter accused of inciting genocide after saying Ukrainian children should have been drowned

A presenter and pro-war commentator has been suspended from Russia Today after saying children who criticised Russia should have been "thrown straight into a river with a strong current".

In his show broadcast last week, Anton Krasovsky had been responding to an account by Russian science fiction author Sergei Lukyanenko about how, when he first visited Ukraine in the 1980s, children told him they would live better lives were it not for Moscow occupying their country.

"They should have been drowned in the Tysyna (river)," Mr Krasovsky said in reply. "Just drown those children, drown them." Alternatively, he said, they could be shoved into huts and burned.

A segment of the interview on social media also showed Mr Krasovsky laughing at reports that Russian soldiers had raped elderly Ukrainian women during the invasion.

Margarita Simonyan, the Russian state-controlled news channel's editor-in-chief, said Mr Krasovsky had been suspended because of his "disgusting comments".

She added that no one at Russia Today shared his views.

In a statement on the channel's website, Ms Simonyan added: "For the children of Ukraine, as well as the children of Donbas, and all other children, I wish that all this ends as soon as possible, and they can live and study in peace again - in the language they consider native."

Russia Today has been banned in many Western countries - including the UK - for its pro-war commentary.

(Video) Iran denies supplying Russia with drones to use in Ukraine war - BBC News


Russia continuing to use Iranian drones, UK says

British intelligence suggests Russia is still using Iranian drones across Ukraine's territory.

It is likely using the Iranian Shahed-136 UAVs to infiltrate Ukrainian air defences and as a substitute for its long-range precision missiles, the British Ministry of Defence said.

It added that Ukraine's efforts to contain the drones have been successful.

Russia has allegedly turned to using the Iranian "kamikaze" drones - dubbed this because they drop and explode on targets - as it has started running out of its long-range precision weapons.

Last week, the UK, France and Germany called on the United Nations to probe accusations Russia was using Iranian-made drones in Ukraine.

Iran has strongly denied that it has sold such weapons to Moscow.

(Video) Russian general admits situation in Kherson is 'tense' | Ukraine latest


Russians in Kherson told to 'save your lives' ahead of expected battle for city

Moscow is evacuating its civilians deeper into Russian-held territory as a battle for the city of Kherson looms.

Ukraine has long trailed a full counteroffensive to take back the key city, which sits on the west bank of the Dnipro river and is a gateway to Russian-annexed Crimea.

Russian-installed authorities in Kherson are sending out warnings for civilians to evacuate, with education minister Sergei Kravtsov saying in a video message: "The situation today is difficult. It's vital to save your lives.

"It won't be for long. You will definitely return."

Yesterday, the Russian-installed officials reported there were not enough vessels to ferry people across the river due to a "sharp increase in the number of people wishing to leave".

About 25,000 people have been evacuated since Tuesday, the Interfax news agency said.


Warning of 'uncontrolled escalation' as Russia accuses Ukraine of planning to use 'dirty bomb'

Moscow has stepped up its rhetoric in the last few hours, with defence minister Sergei Shoigu making a series of phone calls to his British, French and Turkish counterparts.

In the calls, he described a "rapidly deteriorating situation" and said - without evidence - that Ukraine could escalate by using a "dirty bomb" or conventional explosives laced with radioactive material.

It's worth remembering that Ukraine does not possess nuclear weapons, and Russia has said it could protect its territory with its nuclear arsenal.

Western experts have feared that Russia's choice to annex more parts of Ukraine could be used as a pretext for Moscow to claim it is protecting its own territory.

Mr Shoigu also spoke with US defence secretary Lloyd Austin for the second time in three days, with Mr Austin saying he "rejected any pretext for Russian escalation".

The US, the UK and France later released a joint statement saying they rejected Russia's warning about a "dirty bomb". Here's what they said...

(Video) Ukraine War: Russia risks having 15,000 troops cut off

"We, the foreign ministers of France, the United Kingdom, and the United States, reiterate our steadfast support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of Russia’s ongoing aggression. We remain committed to continue supporting Ukraine's efforts to defend its territory for as long as it takes.

Earlier today, the defence ministers of each of our countries spoke to Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu at his request. Our countries made clear that we all reject Russia's transparently false allegations that Ukraine is preparing to use a dirty bomb on its own territory. The world would see through any attempt to use this allegation as a pretext for escalation. We further reject any pretext for escalation by Russia."

Ukraine also hit out at Russia's accusations, with foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba rejecting them as "absurd and dangerous".

"Russians oftenaccuse others of what they plan themselves," he said.


Good morning and welcome to our live coverage

As we head into a new week, we'll be bringing you all the latest updates on the war in Ukraine - but first here's a quick summary of what happened over the weekend.

Tensions heightened between Russia and Ukraine as Moscow's defence minister Sergei Shoigu discussed the "rapidly deteriorating situation" with his British, French and Turkish counterparts.

He also spoke with US defence secretary Lloyd Austin, who told him he "rejected any pretext for Russian escalation".

Russia fired more missiles and drones into the Ukrainian-held southern town of Mykolaiv, destroying a block of flats.

Moscow also kept up its attacks on Ukraine's energy and military infrastructure, with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy saying the attacks had struck on a "very wide scale".

Meanwhile, Russian civilians are being evacuated from Kherson as Ukrainian forces pile more pressure on the occupied city.

Ahead of an expected battle for the city, about 25,000 people are reported to have been evacuated.


Goodnight - a round up of today's news

Here's the latest roundup of what's been happening in Ukraine today.

(Video) Russia attacks Ukraine's power supply causing widespread blackouts

  • Kremlin refuses to say if Putin has ordered troops to withdraw from Kherson;
  • Ukraine says Russia is planning to blow-up a major dam and cause 'historical disaster';
  • US and Russian defence secretaries hold first call in five months;
  • UK among those calling for UN probe into Russia's use of Iranian drones;
  • Ukraine takes dig at Medvedev in odd Twitter exchange with Elon Musk;
  • Vladimir Putin fires sniper rifle at Russian boot camp.

Join us tomorrow for more updates.


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