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Business cards have been around for a while. In the world of business cards, not much has changed in the past 50 years. That is until using QR codes on business cards became the new and easy way to pass on your information.

One of the greatest things about using QR codes on your business card is that you can fit so much data into the QR code (3Kb to be exact). This means you won’t be limited by the physical space on your business card to provide information.

So, before creating your business cards, lets take a look at what QR codes are and how you can use them to your advantage.

What is a QR Code?

A QR (Quick Response) code is a new version of the common bar code that you see at your local grocery store. The unique thing about QR codes is that they are accepted outside of grocery stores and anyone can make their own code by using a tool.

They can store up to 3Kb of information, which translates to over 4000 characters, which is basically a small article. Although most people use QR codes for web hyperlinks, there are heaps of uses for them. For example, car manufacturers stamp QR codes on all of the different car parts in order to easily identify them on production lines.

You can use QR codes to redirect people to your website, show your vCard (contact information) or even accept cryptocurrency payments. Since there are so many uses for QR codes, they have an attractive use case for business cards.

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Why Use a QR Code on Your Business Card?

QR codes provide a bridge between printed media and the digital world. They do this by providing a quick way to view and open links to websites (and other things) that would otherwise have taken a long time to type in manually. This is why they’re a perfect match for business cards.

Instead of writing out your website or email address on your business card, you could simply use a QR code for it. Better yet, you could supply all of your contact information in a vCard format which is visible when the QR code is scanned. That way, the person who scans your QR code gets all of your contact information instantly and doesn’t need to keep your business card if they don’t want to.

Imagine trying to fit all of your contact information into a 3.5 x 2 inch business card whilst making it look nice and stylish. Not an easy feat, is it? Although QR codes can sometimes look a bit out of place on a business card, most of the time, they will actually save you space, and can even help give your card the minimalist look.

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Benefits of Using QR Codes on Business Cards

QR Code Scans Can Be Tracked (Sometimes)

The problem with traditional printed media is that it’s very difficult (and sometimes impossible) to track its effectiveness. However, tracking QR scans is possible, at least when opening links to websites.

For example, say you have a custom QR code that links to your website. Instead of just using the normal link, you could append UTM tracking parameters onto the link which means you can track (in Google Analytics) how many times the QR code is scanned and the link is opened.

This is a huge benefit compared to simply handing over your business card with a printed website address on it.

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Space Saving

They might look ugly, but it’s undeniable that they save a lot of space. It’s easy to get carried away when adding contact information in your business card and have it blow out of proportion and look unprofessional. If you have a lot of contact information, generating a QR code that shows your vCard is super easy when using one of the many QR code tools.

A vCard is basically a digital business card that has all your contact information on it. Many modern applications such as Outlook, Gmail, and most smartphones use vCards to store contact information. For example, if you scan a vCard QR code with an iPhone, it will automatically create a contact on your phone with all the information from the vCard on it.

Easy to Use

If you’ve never scanned a QR code, go and scan one today and you’ll know what I mean when I say it’s really easy. Most phones have in-built apps that will scan a QR code.

The process couldn’t be simpler. You scan the code, and it automatically takes you to the website using your browser, and that’s it. If you’re using a vCard, it simply opens the vCard on your phone so you can store all the contact information.

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Shows That You’re Techy

No one likes a Grinch that flat out refuses to use technology and exclaims that technology is the devil’s work. Technology is moving at such a rapid pace, that many people struggle to keep up. But this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

Using a QR code in your business card shows people that you’re up to date with technology and know the benefits of the QR code. It also shows that you think outside the square and want to utilize your business card to its full potential.

Has a Mysterious Element to It

Have you ever seen a QR code somewhere with no explanation as to what it’s for? I have, and it really hurts not knowing. So, what do I do when this happens? Scan it, of course.

A QR code is similar to a nicely wrapped Christmas present. You look at the present and immediately want to know what’s inside it. But you can’t know until you open it. The same happens with QR codes. You see it, but you don’t know what it is until you scan it.

Curiosity is a powerful motivator to do things.

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Drawbacks of Using QR Codes on Business Cards

People Don’t Know How to Scan QR Codes

Not everyone knows what a QR code is or how to scan it. Although this is by no means a reason not to have a QR code on your business card, it’s definitely a consideration. If possible, provide instructions on how to scan the code. That way, people won’t feel so alienated. Also, if someone doesn’t know what a QR code is, it’s a great conversation starter and a great way to break the ice when handing your business card over.

At the end of the day, some people are averse to using technology and don’t want to try new things, even if it makes their life easier. So, you will get some people who don’t care or aren’t interested in QR codes, and that’s OK. Eventually, if a technology is really good, people are forced to use it.

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Looks Ugly (Especially If You Don’t Know What It Is)

I must admit, the first time I ever saw a QR code, i thought it looked really ugly. That is until I learned what it actually was. There are millions, if not billions of people that don’t know what a QR code is.

This is why it’s important to consider who your customers are. If you’re selling gophers to the elderly, it’s probably not the best idea to have a QR code on your business card. However, if you’re in the IT industry, or any other industry where tech is heavily involved, it may be well received when you hand over your business card.

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Takes up Valuable Space on the Business Card

Every bit of that 3.5 x 2 inch business card is valuable real estate. You don’t want to waste any space. Having a QR code which takes up around 1/6th of the space could seem like a waste of space.

That is until you remember just how much information the QR code can provide. Then it starts looking a lot more attractive. The only time it feels like it’s taking up a lot of space is when you try to repeat the information that is in the QR code, on the business card as well.

How to Make Your Business Card Better With QR Codes

Website / Social

Adding your company URL is one of the most common uses of the QR code. You can add in any link you want and as mentioned earlier, if you add UTM tracking to the link, you’ll be able to track the number of visits to your website resulting from scanning your QR code. You can also add in your Facebook, Twitter or any other social profiles you wish, such as your company page.


This is another great use of a QR code. What’s better than supplying your digital business card, on your physical business card? Since vCards are used by many devices, it makes sense to include it on your business card and also makes it super easy for the recipient to copy your contact details directly onto their phone.


Providing text in your QR code is a sneaky and genius way to offer discounts to your customers. If they scan the code, you could give them a 10% discount on your products and services or any other offer. You could also use it to write your company slogan or anything you want really.


This is more appropriate for appointment cards, but useful on business cards as well. You can compose an email message using a QR code that will automatically be ready to send when someone scans the code. This is useful if you want potential customers to make a quick inquiry without much effort.

SMS Message

Similar to email, this is a great way to give your customers the option to quickly make an inquiry with your business or ask questions about any products. You can simply include a predefined message that is ready to be sent when the QR code is scanned.

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How to Add a QR Code to Your Business Card

Step 1

Create your own QR code using a QR code generator.

Step 2

Head over to Gimmio to create your business card. Our business card maker is 100% compatible with QR codes.

Then, upload the image of the QR code onto your business card. You can place the QR code anywhere on your business card and even resize it as you wish. That way, you ensure your business card still looks great, whilst remaining fully functional.

Examples of Business Cards with QR Codes

Check out some of our examples of business cards that have a QR code on them. Try scanning some of the QR codes yourself to see how the vCard shows up on your phone.

Using QR Codes on Business Cards - Gimmio (10)

Source: Thomas Lowe

Using QR Codes on Business Cards - Gimmio (11)

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Source: Sarah Page

Using QR Codes on Business Cards - Gimmio (13)

Source: David Orban

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Using QR Codes on Business Cards - Gimmio (15)

Using QR Codes on Business Cards - Gimmio (16)

Using QR Codes on Business Cards - Gimmio (17)

Using QR Codes on Business Cards - Gimmio (18)

Wrap Up

Whether you think QR codes on business cards are a good or bad idea, the fact is, they are super-efficient and easy to use. This makes them an attractive option for use on business cards, which have a very limited amount of space for contact information.

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Overall, I think QR codes are an amazing technology that will only get more popular as time goes on.


Will QR codes work on business cards? ›

A business card with a QR Code is easily the most convenient way to share your personal or company's contact information. All users have to do is scan the QR Code, view contact details, and save them on their smartphones within a few minutes.

How do you use a QR code on a digital business card? ›

Most android manufacurers also support QR Code scanning through the camera app. Just aim the camera at the QR Code. Click the notification and the contact information is opened automatically in the address book.

What is the minimum size of QR code on business card? ›

What is the minimum size of QR code? The minimum size of QR code should be at least 1.2 inches (3-4 cm) in dimension to make it scannable in short distances. For QR codes on business card, the estimated size for it should at least be 0. 8 x 0.8 inches.

Are QR codes good for business? ›

QR codes provide a contactless approach of sharing an information to the end-user by only using a smartphone gadget and scanning the QR code, making it convenient and safer to do business or personal transactions.

How do I make my business cards better with QR Codes? ›

A vCard Plus aka QR Code Business Card acts as your digital business card. You can link your contact information, like name, address, email, mobile number, social media, etc., to it. People can scan your vCard Plus QR code to get your details, save your contact, and connect with you.

How do small business markets use QR codes? ›

How to utilise QR codes for a better marketing strategy that reaches, engages and converts your audience
  1. Direct customers to a landing page/website. ...
  2. Dial your business number. ...
  3. Send a message. ...
  4. Send an email. ...
  5. Download apps. ...
  6. View business location. ...
  7. Direct customers to social media pages. ...
  8. Shopping and E-commerce.
14 Dec 2021

How do I utilize a QR code? ›

You can use the camera app on any phone to scan a QR code. After being scanned, the QR code will send the user to a new destination, such as a website, coupon page, social media profile, etc. Some QR codes will send users a PDF, image, or video -- or prompt a text message conversation.

Do QR codes need to be a certain size? ›

Although there is a minimum size QR Code of 2 x 2 cm (0.8 x 0.8 in), QR Codes be made as large as you need as long as you use high-quality images so that the pixels don't become too blurred. When designing a QR Code to be used for a minimum distance scan, you have to also consider the placement.

How far away can you scan a QR code? ›

QR codes were designed for a 10:1 distance-to-size ratio. That means the optimal distance of a QR code scanner from a QR code is 10 times the width of the QR code. In other words, if a QR code is 2" wide, scan it from 20” away.

Can a printed QR code be scanned? ›

In testing your printed QR code, you can use a QR code scanner app on your smart devices whether it is android or IOS.

What is the disadvantage of QR code? ›

The disadvantages: unclear benefits and security risks
Advantages of QR codesDisadvantages of QR codes
Fast information retrievalAdded value not clear
Interesting application possibilitiesIssues with some placements
Security risks
17 Oct 2022

What are the weakness of QR? ›

Drawbacks or disadvantages of QR code

It requires phone with camera which makes it costly for the common users to afford. ➨It requires installation of QR code reader software or application in order to scan the QR code image. This is not possible in all the types of mobile phones.

What do businesses see with a QR code? ›

You can collect big-picture information, like how many people scanned your code, and more granular data, like geographic location, date, time and what device or operating system was used. And finally, you can ask your customers for certain information (like their email or phone number) when scanning your QR code.

Are QR codes still relevant 2022? ›

The use of a QR code in 2022 remains relevant and will continue to do so in the future. It didn't take long for QR codes to be solely realized- not until the COVID-19 shook the world to its core.

Why you shouldnt scan QR codes? ›

The FBI is warning that cybercriminals have tampered with QR codes to steal consumers' login, financial information and money. Crooks are altering both digital and physical QR codes and replacing them with malicious code, the Jan.

Where is the best place to put QR code? ›

You can place QR codes on nearly anything your target audience comes in contact, so get creative. Put one of the back of your cash register, your menus or brochures, t-shirts, business cards, banners, books, magazines, coffee mugs, napkins, posters, social media sites, and any other promotional product.

Does QR code expire? ›

No, QR codes do not have an expiration date. The QR code has a Quick Link behind it. As long as the Quick Link is active, the QR code will continue to work.

Which QR code is best for business? ›

Top 6 QR Code Generator Software for Small Businesses
  • Beaconstac QR Codes.
  • Flowcode.
  • BL.INK.
  • QR Code Generator Pro.
6 Oct 2022

How QR code is better than barcode? ›

Because QR codes can be read vertically and horizontally, they can store significantly more information. While one-dimensional barcodes can only store around 20-25 characters, QR codes can store up to 2,509 numeric characters of 1,520 alpha-numeric characters.

How much does QR code cost for business? ›

Static QR Codes are free, whereas dynamic QR Codes cost as low as $5 a month.

Are QR codes free? ›

Yes, QR codes are completely free to use and can be generated in any QR code software available online, as long as the QR solution is generated as a static QR code.

Do retail businesses need a QR code? ›

QR Codes increase traffic to the website

Retail marketers can use this technique to drive traffic to the business' store page to make the purchase easier for customers. Businesses can easily achieve this by adding a 'scan to learn more,' call to action. Here's a guide to choosing the best QR Code Generator for retail.

Are QR codes worth it? ›

Benefits of QR Code usage in 2022

A QR Code is capable of storing up to 4,296 characters, making them a viable tool for various industry verticals. A QR Code can be used for inventory management, mobile marketing, product packaging, contact tracing, and even for print advertising.

Can you put a QR code on anything? ›

You can use QR Codes on any medium such as business cards, brochures, product packaging, displays, and much more. Those without an idea can start exploring the most common QR Code use cases in your field.

Can you use a QR code without an app? ›

To scan a QR Code with Google Screen Search, you don't need an app. You can use the following steps to scan a QR Code: Point your camera at the QR Code. Hold down the “Home” button and swipe up to reveal the options at the bottom.

How much information can you put in a QR Code? ›

Up to 7,089 characters can be encoded in one symbol. A QR Code symbol of this size can encode 300 alphanumeric characters. Since QR Code carries information both horizontally and vertically, QR Code is capable of encoding the same amount of data in approximately one-tenth the space of a traditional barcode.

Does a QR Code have to be square? ›

Do QR Codes have to be square-shaped? No, QR Codes do not have to be square-shaped. You can use a QR Code shape generator to create them in custom shapes, such as a circle.

Can a QR Code be any color? ›

QR Codes do not have to be standard black and white in order to be scanned. Adding color is the easiest way to make them lively and draw attention from consumers. You can incorporate your brand or campaign theme depending on the goal or content you want to provide.

How many times can a QR code be scanned? ›

Static QR codes are permanent once generated and do not have a scan limit. You can scan them as many times as you like. Most dynamic QR codes also have unlimited scans.

How long will QR codes work? ›

A static QR code contains information that cannot be modified once it's live. This means any typo or misstep will require you to create a brand new one. The good news is that static codes don't expire — so once the content is set, your work is done.

How long will it take to run out of QR codes? ›

How many years does it take for a microcredit to drop the 25X25 size to produce a QR code? There is no shortage of Chinese 2D codes, and they are used by everyone in the world, which equals: 1.301 x 10^132 / 5 = 2.602 x 10^131 years.

Can you take a picture of a QR code and use it? ›

Yes you can. Please make sure the QR code is clear so our partner can scan it. We can't be held responsible if an unclear picture or screenshot prevents you from redeeming the code.

Why doesn't my QR code work when printed? ›

In order for a QR code to scan on your printed Item, you must make sure to print the PDF of the Item.

Can a normal printer print QR code? ›

Related. Getting QR codes to the printer doesn't require special software, except for the tools needed to generate the code in the first place. As long as you have the QR code as an image file, then you can print it out on a document, poster, brochure or banner sign.

What information can a QR code collect? ›

The data stored in a QR code can include website URLs, phone numbers, or up to 4,000 characters of text. QR codes can also be used to: Link directly to download an app on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Authenticate online accounts and verify login details.

Can a QR be hacked? ›

But can hackers get through a QR code? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Hackers have recently caught up with the QR code craze and have begun placing infected and decoy QR codes in order to infect phones and hack private users directly through their personal devices. Every QR code you scan could be infected.

What are the two types of QR codes? ›

7. What are QR Code encoding types? Numeric only - This mode can store a maximum of 7,089 characters. Alphanumeric - This input mode can store a maximum of 4,296 characters.

Do customers like QR codes? ›

A study by Datasential found that 58% of consumers would like the option of using a QR code to pay at a restaurant. Among consumers who have used QR codes to order and pay, 70% of them said that they had a positive experience.

Are QR codes confidential? ›

Are QR codes secure? As mentioned earlier, QR codes are inherently a secure technology. They simply direct users to the data encoded within their native smartphone camera apps or standalone QR code readers.

Why QR codes are successful? ›

QR codes allow businesses to provide consumers with a deeper look into their products or services. Restaurants, food providers, and grocery stores can do this by creating a QR code menu or placing a QR code conveniently next to a product in-store.

› Blog ›

Learn about QR advantages & limitations. Compare QR codes vs barcodes vs RFID. Check pros & cons of each of those types.
QR codes store information and make it accessible. QR stands for “quick response”, which makes sense, because a scan quickly calls up information and executes c...
Since 1994, Quick Response Codes have come a long way. In the smartphone era, these square-shaped barcodes have found extensive applications. Some of these incl...

Can I use QR Codes instead of barcodes? ›

QR codes can hold more information - While a barcode can represent up to 25 characters, a QR code can go up to 2500. This means you can include much more information, like the URL of a product's page on your webshop. QR codes can be smaller - a QR code can be up to 10 times smaller than a bar code and still readable.

Will QR Codes work if printed? ›

As long as the code is readable and is printed on flat, non-textured, matte-finished paper. For smaller QR codes, you can use papers that are smooth coated and have good ink holdout. For larger QR codes, you can use an uncoated porous sheet for code preservation.

What are the disadvantages of QR codes? ›

QR codes store information and make it accessible. QR stands for “quick response”, which makes sense, because a scan quickly calls up information and executes commands.
The disadvantages: unclear benefits and security risks.
Advantages of QR codesDisadvantages of QR codes
Fast information retrievalAdded value not clear
2 more rows
17 Oct 2022

Are QR codes becoming obsolete? ›

The simple answer is yes! They are relevant and will continue to still be relevant in the coming years. In fact, QR codes are only making a huge comeback during the COVID-19 pandemic. QR codes have been around for many years already.

Which is more secure barcode or QR code? ›

QR codes are also more secure than one-dimensional barcodes as the information can be encrypted. There's also less room for error, as they have three levels of error detection built into the code; if something is off, you'll know.

Is a screenshot of a QR code valid? ›

Unless the QR code is too blurry to read, a screenshot will work. Yes, you can take a screen shot of a QR code from any website or app and you can save it in your phone.

Can a photocopy of a QR code be scanned? ›

Yes you can. Please make sure the QR code is clear so our partner can scan it. We can't be held responsible if an unclear picture or screenshot prevents you from redeeming the code.

Why doesn't my QR code work when printed? ›

In order for a QR code to scan on your printed Item, you must make sure to print the PDF of the Item.

› blog › everything-you-need-t... ›

QR codes bridge the gap between the real and online world. In this article you'll learn how combining them with your business cards can become a powerful ne...


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