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American slang – Ditch. <> Definition.
To leave an unwanted person, place or thing behind; to get rid of something or someone

What is ditch in a sentence?

sharptoothed 2549904 There is a ditch on each side of the road. sharptoothed 1858714 “Jump across the ditch.” ” I will if you will.” CK 545284 He ditched the car in an alley and took off running. darinmex 663912 The fat man jumped over the ditch and fell to the ground.

Why is it called ditch?

The origins of the word lie in digging a trench and forming the upcast soil into a bank alongside it. This practice has meant that the name dïc was given to either the excavation or the bank, and evolved to both the words “dike”/”dyke” and “ditch”.

What is the synonym of ditch?

throw out, throw away, discard, get rid of, dispose of, do away with, shed. abandon, drop, shelve, scrap, jettison, throw on the scrapheap. informal dump, junk, scrub, axe, get shut of, chuck, chuck away, chuck out, pull the plug on, knock on the head.

How do you ditch a guy?

10 Non-Confrontational Ways To Get Rid Of A Guy Who Just Won’t Quit

  1. Not looking. Tell him you’re not looking for anything serious. …
  2. I’m busy with ___ (fill in the blank)___. …
  3. Phase yourself out. …
  4. Be boring. …
  5. Be ugly. …
  6. Be contrary. …
  7. Cut him off. …
  8. Friend zone him.
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What are ditches used for?

Ditches are natural or constructed watercourses that can be open, covered, or tiled and are typically used for the purpose of
irrigation or drainage of agricultural land
. Canals are artificial waterways constructed to convey water for irrigation or drainage of agricultural land.

Ditch | Meaning of ditch

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Are you ditching me meaning?

To leave, abandon, or purposefully lose someone.

What does ditch out mean?

to get rid of something or someone that is no longer wanted
: The getaway car had been ditched a couple of miles away from the scene of the robbery.

Are ditches deep?

Ditches are described as having a depth that is measured from profile grade and bottoms that typically have a normal cross slope of 0%. The normal ditch depth for rural highways is 5 feet and the normal ditch width is 10 feet. For divided roadways, the median ditch depth is 4 feet, as defined by ‘M’ in Figure 1 below.

Where is your ditch?

So what’s the ditch? It’s the inner part of either your elbow or your knee and one of the more difficult areas on the body to tattoo. It’s also trending like crazy, according to Burak Moreno, tattoo artist at Fleur Noire in New York.

What does ditching class mean?

skip class =
to not attend class
. “Skip class” is not as negative in meaning as “cut class” and “ditch class.” Most of the time it is used to mean that you had to be elsewhere because of other duties, instead of meaning “truant.” Examples: “I have to skip class this afternoon for a doctor appointment.” (

What is a long ditch called?

The definition of a trench is a long, narrow ditch sometimes dug by troops during wartime to hide from enemies. A long narrow ditch dug in World War I to protect troops from being seen by the enemy is an example of a trench. noun. Trench means to dig a long and narrow ditch.

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How do you ditch someone?

If you want to get rid of someone you don’t like, the most straightforward way to do it is to either
confront that person or just to avoid him until he gets the picture
. But if the person really doesn’t get the picture, then you can start being annoying until the person decides to distance himself.

What to say to end a relationship?

What to Say and How to Say It

  • Tell your BF or GF that you want to talk about something important.
  • Start by mentioning something you like or value about the other person. …
  • Say what’s not working (your reason for the break-up). …
  • Say you want to break up. …
  • Say you’re sorry if this hurts. …
  • Say something kind or positive.

How do you end a relationship over text?

Hi, hope you’re good. I really enjoyed getting to know you but if I’m honest, I’m not feeling a real connection between us. It was lovely meeting you. I wanted to say that I really enjoy us chatting and I would love to see you again, but for me it would be as friends.

Are ditches natural?

Breadcrumb Menu. Rural drainage systems or ditches are networks of
manmade and natural drainage ways
where water flows from individual farms, home lots, and rural residential communities.

What is the difference between ditch and swale?

Roadside ditches are designed to function primarily for conveyance. Bare soil ditches may even act as a significant source of sediment. By contrast, swales and wet swales are intended both for conveyance and treatment, and are often subject to more frequent maintenance.

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What does ditch water mean?

Definition of ditchwater

1 : foul stagnant water collected in a ditch. 2 : something regarded as typically dull and lifeless writing as dull as ditchwater.

How do I ditch my friend?

How to Ditch Insincere Friends

  1. 1 Reach out and ask them to meet up with you.
  2. 2 Avoid involving other people if you can.
  3. 3 Meet somewhere neutral to talk with them.
  4. 4 Tell them honestly how you feel about them.
  5. 5 Be kind and tell them that you want to end your friendship.
  6. 6 Use “I” statements when you talk to them.

What to say to someone who ditches you?

Hi [Name of Person], I’m sorry to hear that you won’t be able to make it tonight. I was really looking forward to getting together. I’ve got so much going on these days that it would’ve been helpful had you reached out sooner, but I understand these things happen.

What kind of noun is ditch?

​noun countable. UK /dɪtʃ/ ditch verb. last-ditch adjective. singular.

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Is a ditch a hole?

The definition of a ditch is a long narrow trench or hole dug into the ground. An example of ditch is digging a moat around a castle.

What does ditching a plane mean?

Ditching is a controlled emergency landing on water. It can be caused by almost anything, but usually it’s because of engine failure or running out of fuel. Pilots only decide to ditch an aircraft when there is no better alternative. Despite the difficulty, pilots don’t undergo extensive training on ditching.

What does it mean to ditch plans?

Ditch can also be a verb meaning to toss something or forsake it. You can ditch a plan that’s going wrong, or a boyfriend who is misbehaving. If you make an emergency crash landing, you ditch your plane. Definitions of ditch.

Why are there ditches?

Ditches reduce flow rates and increase storage of excess rainwater which helps reduce downstream erosion and the impact on stream habitat caused by high concentrations of suspended solids. The detection of illicit discharges is easier in open ditches than in closed piped systems.

What are road ditches called?

Gutters are normally parallel to the street, but at intersections (especially intersections with a downhill slope or grade) these
shallow depressions
for controlling rain runoff may continue downhill across the intersection, perpendicular to the other road.

What is the ditch tattoo?

A ditch tattoo is
a design inked on the inner part of the elbow or back of the knee
. Because of the nature of the body, those locations tend to dip a bit—much like a ditch would—which gives the placement its name. Simply put, “it is called a ditch tattoo due to the placement being in a ditch of the body,” says Sen.

How painful is a ditch tattoo?

Elbow Ditch/Outer Elbow – 8 out of 10

Before you decide to get a tattoo on the outer elbow area or the elbow ditch, remember that two of three nerves in your arm run through the elbow ditch. This means that the area is extremely painful, and tattooing can cause numbness in the whole arm.

How painful is an elbow tattoo?

At the elbow, the bone lies directly beneath the skin as well, so this area can be quite sensitive to pain. The inner part of the elbow is extremely sensitive due to its nerve endings and thin skin.

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