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      Are your stars crossed or in perfect alignment?

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      Making a love connection

      The truth is, there’s no telling when that one-of-a-kind connection will happen or what it will take for two souls to spark. However, astrology and horoscopes are meant to guide all of the zodiac signs toward the right path to their future—andtrue love. So if you’re looking at a potential romantic candidate, you may want to take into consideration what astrologers have to say about zodiac compatibility. While every zodiac sign has attractive qualities, not all of them work well together.

      Of course, that doesn’t mean that if you and your partner have clashing signs, you should just throw your hands in the air and walk away. Even astrologers warn their followers not to break up with their lovers over this information. “In lived reality, a person has a couple of primary signs, so the sun sign won’t be the only indication of whether a couple is compatible,” says astrologer Emily Ridout. “So, even if you and your partner don’t match up initially, don’t despair! For best results with this information, compare a few placements in the chart, such as moon signs (emotional compatibility), Venus signs (love compatibility), and Mars signs (chemistry).” Knowing and understanding other parts of your birth chart, like yourrising sign, can help you figure out those nuances.

      But as far as compatibility among the sun signs is concerned, here is how matters of the heart usually play out. For an even more comprehensive look at love and life, you’ll also want to learn about your Chinese zodiac, zodiac element, and what the year has in store for you. And if you’re looking for literal puppy love, head over to this guide to finding the best pet for you, based on your zodiac sign.

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      Aries (March 21–April 19)

      Aries is a dominant personality. People of this sign tend to be eager and ready to take the lead; they are all about action and will face problems head-on. When it comes to romantic relationships, they need someone who won’t get in their way. “Aries is primarily looking for a partner who will encourage their outer expression and not dampen their zest for life,” Ridout says. Of course, that doesn’t mean they want a complete doormat, either. An ideal partner would be someone who knows how to handle Aries without butting heads.

      Compatible signs

      Sagittarius is a great companion because people of this sign are adventurous and outgoing; the two will sustain each other’s energy. Gemini is a good match for similar reasons, while Libra could also forge a bond based on mutual respect and understanding.

      Non-compatible signs

      Aries is too bullish for signs like Scorpio and Cancer. Virgo would also be an improper pairing because the two would constantly clash over what they see as the right course of action. The last thing you want is to be stressed in your relationship.

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      Taurus (April 20–May 20)

      The fixed earth sign of Taurus is pretty set in its ways. Sometimes this can mean that Bulls are stubborn, but on a deeper level, they are sure of who they are and what they want. “Taurus is primarily looking for a partner who will appreciate their pace, their passion, and their desire to hold their inner awareness and power,” Ridout explains. Literally and figuratively, Taurus is a rock for their true love and will stand by them no matter what. Looking to shower your love with presents? Check out this gift guide for every zodiac sign for just the thing.

      Compatible signs

      The other earth signs, Capricorn and Virgo, make a great match for Taurus, as they share the same fundamental nature. (That’s basically the essence of zodiac compatibility.) Cancer is also a good choice, too, because they are just as passionate and caring as Taurus, and they take their dedication to their loved ones equally seriously.

      Non-compatible signs

      For as much as Taurus loves opulence and sensuality, this sign does not appreciate show-offs when it comes to relationships. Leo, Aquarius, and Sagittarius are too excitable for Taurus, who prefers a more grounded temperament.

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      Gemini (May 21–June 20)

      Geminis love to have fun and tend to be hard to pin down. They go where the wind takes them, and they need a partner who is just as agile. Ridout sums it up by saying, “Gemini [wants] a partner who will encourage their free thought and go with them on mini-adventures that allow the good times to roll.”

      Compatible signs

      As someone who can see two sides to any argument, Libra is perfectly suited to Gemini, the sign of the Twins. Where some might call Gemini two-faced, Libra understands that there is more to them than meets the eye. Additionally, Sagittarius and Aquarius share the same intellectual curiosity and need for exploration as Gemini.

      Non-compatible signs

      Capricorn and Taurus do not like the unpredictable nature of this sign, which they see as flighty. Scorpio may also feel naturally distrustful of Gemini. While we’re on the subject, find out how trustworthy each sign is.

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      Cancer (June 21–July 22)

      Whether we’re talking about food, presents, or attention, Cancer is a loving sign who enjoys giving, and they seek someone who shares those same values. “Cancer is looking for a partner who makes them feel at home and who takes care of themselves and others,” Ridout says. They are more than willing to be the shoulder you can cry on, and they will feel secure in a relationship that provides them with that same comfort.

      Compatible signs

      Scorpio and Pisces, two very intuitive and emotional signs, will deeply appreciate Cancer’s love and dedication. Virgo also loves to nurture and cherishes a reliable partner like Cancer.

      Non-compatible signs

      Gemini, Sagittarius, and Leo are too independent and won’t satisfy Cancer, who needs to be needed. They’re not necessarily selfish, but they don’t crave that same level of domesticity.

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      Leo (July 23–August 22)

      Lighthearted and gregarious, Leo wants a best friend as much as a lover. “Leo [needs] a partner who is willing to play with them and who sees—and appreciates—their shine,” says Ridout. They’re spirited people who want a partner in crime with just as much enthusiasm for life. For them, zodiac compatibility means finding someone who won’t be intimidated or turned off by their big personality.

      Compatible signs

      Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Gemini share Leo’s aspirations and excitement, making them very suitable matches. Of course, zodiac compatibility isn’t always enough to avoid an argument—but knowing the best days to do certain things may help you avoid some of those bumps in the road.

      Non-compatible signs

      Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo can be too regimented for Leo, who may feel bogged down by their rules. The earth signs tend to feel like Leos should get over themselves.

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      Virgo (August 23–September 22)

      Ridout explains that “Virgo is primarily looking for a partner who is steadfast, loving, and ethical, and who appreciates their thoughtful approach to life.” This sign does everything with purpose and expects their partner to do the same. Because of their unique standards, they can be difficult to figure out and to please, and they find the more lighthearted signs to be too careless or, well, stupid.

      Compatible signs

      Capricorn shares Virgo’s love for hard work and setting goals. Taurus and Scorpio are passionate and trusted potential partners. While they may not share the same North Star, Virgo admires the fact that these signs have their own code of conduct to live by.

      Non-compatible signs

      Sagittarius, Gemini, and Aquarius would likely wear on Virgo’s patience by testing boundaries or acting in a way that is unexpected. Believe it or not, there’s a similar process when picking the right pet for you. These are the dog breeds that are most compatible with your zodiac sign.

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      Libra (September 23–October 22)

      Libras are marked by the scales of justice and, more generally, by the concept of balance. According to Ridout, “Libra is primarily looking for a partner who brings balance and direction to their life, who neither dictates nor passively watches them.” This intellectual sign loves to learn and desires a mutually beneficial and equal relationship. Fun fact: This zodiac sign also produces the most billionaires.

      Compatible signs

      Because Libra is so measured, partnering with another Libra is probably the most logical choice. People of this zodiac sign can also do well with an Aries or an Aquarius, who provide an intriguing challenge and mental stimulation.

      Non-compatible signs

      One part of what makes love so wonderful is that initial spark, and Libra doesn’t usually feel that energy from Virgo or Capricorn. Pisces can also be a poor fit by being too untethered to reality, preferring instead to live in a world of art, feeling, and dreams.

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      Scorpio (October 23–November 21)

      There is a depth to Scorpio that frankly cannot be met or understood by everyone. People of this sign can be intensely private, so they want to make sure that whoever they let in is worth the risk of opening up. This might make Scorpio seem unwilling, but they do have a strong desire to find that special person. “Scorpio is looking for a partner willing to go deep with them and to see them for who they truly are under the surface,” Ridout says.

      Compatible signs

      The other two water signs, Pisces and Cancer, also experience the world primarily through their emotions and can match the intensity of Scorpio. These signs are willing to forge the powerful bonds that Scorpio secretly craves. Virgo loves trying to solve the puzzle that is Scorpio, and they also find that kind of long-term investment worthwhile. This thoughtful, nurturing earth sign is the kind of dedicated partner Scorpio needs.

      Non-compatible signs

      Just as the head and the heart don’t always see eye to eye, Aquarius can be too cerebral for the sensual Scorpio. Leo and Aries are also ill-advised matches for Scorpio, whose determination to fulfill their own ambitions would cause conflict. If you’re looking to be more productive, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it, depending on your zodiac sign.

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      Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

      Sagittarius is a sign that comes to know itself through experiences, which is why these people love to explore and try new things. Just like Leo wants to find a playmate, Sagittarius wants their own adventure buddy. “Sagittarius [wants] someone who is willing to get deep and silly at the same time,” Ridout explains.

      Compatible signs

      Another Sagittarius or a Gemini would definitely be able to vibe with that type of inquisitive and energetic lifestyle. Aries, another sign that loves to be active, may also be able to provide a firm, guiding hand where one is needed.

      Non-compatible signs

      Sagittarius is too rambunctious for the likes of Capricorn and Taurus and isn’t skilled enough at communicating emotions to successfully date a Pisces.

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      Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

      If the zodiac were a classroom, Capricorn would be the kid who takes great pride in their grades, studies religiously for each exam, and bemoans anything less than an A. They love feeling accomplished, and they yearn for others to notice their accomplishments, too. Still, they’re only human. “Capricorn is primarily looking for a partner willing to support them and see them for all their excellence as well as their vulnerabilities,” Ridout says.

      Compatible signs

      Virgos and other Capricorns appreciate and respect the drive this sign has, and they sympathize with the desire to be perfect. Scorpios know that there is more to this sign than meets the eye, as they are often misunderstood themselves.

      Non-compatible signs

      On the other hand, Leo, Gemini, and Sagittarius view Capricorn as being overly serious and stodgy.

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      Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

      Not one for tradition, Aquarius is ever the free thinker who consistently strives for improvement. People born under this sign search eagerly for new answers to old problems, taking inspiration from the unlikeliest sources. As far as romantic partnerships go, this air sign is looking for someone who can pique their intellectual curiosity. “Aquarius is primarily looking for a partner who can think deeply and clearly,” Ridout says, “and who can create a true partnership with depth and equity.”

      Compatible signs

      Aquarius will be best off with its own kind or with a Gemini, who is similarly energetic and nimble-minded. Libra, a proponent of fairness and lover of research, also lives up to the humanitarian inclinations of an Aquarius.

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      Non-compatible signs

      Scorpio’s way of thinking can be too convoluted for Aquarius, who prefers logic and openness to emotions and secrecy. Cancer, another water sign, won’t have much luck either for this reason. A Taurus definitely won’t jive with Aquarius either, since this is a sign that loves to turn everything on its head. By the way, did you know that this is the rarest zodiac sign?

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      Pisces (February 19–March 20)

      The sign of the fish, Pisces enjoys swirling around the more watery areas of the subconscious. They are comfortable with the intangible and the ethereal, like mysticism and artistic creativity. For this reason, some signs may view them as “too out there,” but admirers adore their seemingly effortless way of being.

      Compatible signs

      Scorpio and Cancer are like Pisces in that they are deeply invested in emotional connections. Scorpio has a special fondness for this sign’s ability to think and to live abstractly, which fits Ridout’s assessment that Pisces needs “a partner who can navigate the world with them while diving deep into spiritual and artistic endeavors.” And while it may come as a surprise, it turns out that Capricorn is also a wonderful companion for Pisces—the ultimate example of how opposites attract.

      Non-compatible signs

      Outgoing signs like Gemini, Sagittarius, and Leo don’t really speak the same language as contemplative Pisces, who can be gentle and shy.

      Now that you’re up to speed on your best (and worst) matches, check out the most inspirational quote for each zodiac sign to understand yourself and your partner more fully. Then, check out these hilarious zodiac memes for lots of laughs!


      Originally Published: September 01, 2021

      Zodiac Compatibility: Signs That Should and Shouldn’t Date (15)

      Taylor Markarian

      Taylor is a regular contributor to RD.com covering culture, advice, travel, pets, and all things weird and haunted. She is the author of From the Basement: A History of Emo Music and How It Changed Society, which analyzes the evolution of punk and mental health. She holds a B.A. in Writing, Literature & Publishing from Emerson College.


      What zodiac signs Cannot get along? ›

      Scorpio and Leo may experience difficulty agreeing. Leo and Scorpios conflict over Leo's failure to change as quickly as Scorpio. The second sign Scorpios find trouble getting along with is Aquarius.

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      These 6 Zodiac Signs Are The Most Difficult People To Date
      • Taurus. Taurus men and women achieve their goals via hard effort and perseverance. ...
      • Virgo. Virgos are ambitious and diligent individuals. ...
      • Scorpio. Scorpio is a dedicated and passionate person. ...
      • Sagittarius. ...
      • Capricorn. ...
      • Aquarius.
      20 May 2022

      What zodiac signs go perfect together? ›

      There are a number of zodiac signs that are a perfect match, including Gemini and Libra, Cancer and Scorpio, and Pisces and Virgo. These signs have complementary personalities and similar interests, making them perfect for each other.

      What two zodiacs are enemies? ›

      The Zodiac Signs That Are the Worst Enemies, Astrologer Says
      • Taurus and Aries. A friendship between Aries and Taurus is quite challenging, but it is understandable why they would be attracted to each other at first. ...
      • Cancer and Sagittarius. ...
      • Virgo and Aquarius. ...
      • Scorpio and Leo. ...
      • Capricorn and Libra.
      17 May 2022

      Which zodiac is easiest to love? ›

      1. Virgo. Virgo, once the high of the relationship's novelty wears off, you are by far the easiest sign to stay in love with.

      Which zodiac falls in love easily? ›

      Taurus. Taurus, of all the zodiac signs, you fall in love the fastest – by far. You have a big, open heart and you're always looking for someone to give it to.

      What zodiac signs are hot? ›

      The Hottest 5 Zodiac Signs In Astrology Who Are Bound To Always Be The Centre Of Attention
      • 1) Taurus.
      • 2) Cancer.
      • 3) Sagittarius.
      • 4) Aquarius.
      • 5) Scorpio.
      3 May 2022

      What zodiac signs are lovers? ›

      Here is a list of zodiac signs who are the best lovers.
      • Libra. Libras know how to make their loved ones feel special and will take advantage of any opportunity to do so. ...
      • Leo. Leos are loud, yet they are also lovely and loving. ...
      • Sagittarius. A Sagittarius is also a superb lover. ...
      • Aquarius. Aquarius is an introvert at times.
      3 Mar 2022

      What Zodiacs do when their mad? ›

      How Each Zodiac Sign Deals With Anger Varies, But It Can Reveal A Lot About You
      • Aries: Explodes With Anger, But Overcomes It Easily.
      • Taurus: Slow, Boiling Rage.
      • Gemini: Sarcastically Argues Until You Forget Their Original Point.
      • Cancer: Passive-Aggressive Emotional Outbursts.
      • Leo: Pride Can Easily Get The Best Of Them.
      12 Sept 2017

      What zodiac signs are the smartest? ›

      The smartest zodiac sign is actually a tie between Aquarius and Scorpio, astrologists say—but they share the top spot for two very different reasons. Those born under the Aquarius sign have the highest levels of analytical intelligence, which is measured by cognitive ability and IQ.

      What zodiac signs should marry each other? ›

      Best Marriage Compatible Zodiac Signs
      • Aries and Libra. People of Aries sign are born leaders and have a dominating nature. ...
      • Taurus and Virgo. Taurus is the most grounded and emotional sign to ever exist. ...
      • Gemini and Sagittarius. ...
      • Cancer and Taurus. ...
      • Leo and Aries. ...
      • Virgo and Scorpio. ...
      • Libra and Gemini. ...
      • Scorpio and Pisces.

      What two signs hate each other? ›

      • Aries folks probably shouldn't get involved with a Pisces or a Cancer. ...
      • Tauruses and Leos might have a hard time. ...
      • Scorpio is probably one of the worst matches for Gemini. ...
      • Aquarius is a super tough match for Cancers. ...
      • Leos would struggle in a relationship with Capricorns. ...
      • Do not pair a Virgo with a Sagittarius.
      26 Aug 2022

      Who is Scorpio soulmate? ›

      Scorpio Soulmate Sign: Virgo

      The most attentive Scorpio soulmate sign, Virgo fulfills all the expectations of the Scorpions. Ruled by Mercury (God of communication), Virgo knows very well how to understand the technicalities of Scorpio's elusive mind. Together, they create a practical and passionate bond.

      Who will break an Aries heart? ›

      A partner who doesn't recognize or acknowledge just how special they are will be the one thing that can hurt Aries the most. A partner who failed to keep up, or simply didn't appreciate their efforts would also be completely heartbreaking.”

      What zodiac signs have attitudes? ›

      4 Zodiac signs who have an attitude problem
      • Aries. When Aries-born people become stressed, they make everyone around them stressed! ...
      • Gemini. Geminis often have a hard time trying to make the right decision. ...
      • Virgo. Virgos are know-it-alls.
      3 Mar 2021

      What three zodiac signs are the smartest? ›

      Aquarius, Virgo, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn are the most intelligent zodiac signs. Each sign (and all the others) has strengths that make them unique. Some are book-smart like Virgo, while others are visionary like Aquarius.

      Which zodiac signs gets jealous easily? ›

      What Are the Most Jealous Signs in the Zodiac?
      • Scorpio.
      • Cancer.
      • Leo.
      • Virgo.
      • Taurus.
      • Aries.
      25 Oct 2022

      Which zodiac is mostly single? ›

      Generally, people like Cancer and Taurus love to be in committed relationships, as they adore the sweetness of being in love and having a steady companion. Other signs, like Scorpio and Aquarius, would much prefer to be on their own, either to work on their goals or simply enjoy a bachelorette lifestyle.

      What zodiac is good at kissing? ›

      Taurus. It should be no surprise that Venus-ruled Taurus is considered one of the best kissers of the zodiac. They may not have the outward swagger other signs exhibit, but what they lack in showmanship they make up for in sensuality.

      Which zodiac is lucky in money? ›

      As a result, it is not surprising that Taurus is one of the most successful signs when it comes to acquiring fortune. When it comes to pursuing their goals, their tenacity will pay off. Leos enjoy the finer things in life.

      What zodiac signs can flirt? ›

      Here we bring you 4 zodiac signs who are masters of flirting skills.
      • Aries. For Aries, flirting pretty much comes easily. ...
      • Gemini. Although Geminis are frequently criticised for their flirty behaviour, they frequently engage in innocent flirtation. ...
      • Leo. Leos can captivate anyone by using their personality. ...
      • Libra.
      23 Aug 2022

      What zodiac is hot cold? ›

      Triplicities by season
      LibraAirHot & Wet
      ScorpioWaterCold & Wet
      SagittariusFireHot & Dry
      CapricornEarthCold & Dry
      8 more rows

      What signs are more attractive? ›

      Top 5 Most Attractive Zodiac Signs According to Astrologer
      • Virgo - Why? They like to take good care of themselves inside and out so that shines through.
      • Leos - Why? They Love attention so they're always trying to look their best and like to strut that confidence.
      • Taurus - Why? ...
      • Aquarius - Why? ...
      • Libra - Why?
      12 May 2022

      Which zodiac is not interested in love? ›

      Geminis date with their brain, not with their heart, which makes them detached from deep emotional connections. They take life very lightly and don't like to settle for love.

      Which zodiac is pure heart? ›

      Patient and loyal, Taurus is truly pure of heart.

      As an Earth sign, Taurus keeps their circle feeling totally grounded.

      What Zodiacs are loyal? ›

      Ranking the Loyalty of Astrological Signs
      • Cancer.
      • Taurus.
      • Leo.
      • Capricorn.
      • Scorpio.
      • Virgo.
      • Aries.
      • Pisces.

      What signs are twin flames? ›

      Signs of a twin flame
      • sense that you're meeting yourself.
      • multiple similarities, sometimes uncanny.
      • deep connection.
      • desire to grow.
      • prioritization of growth over being in a relationship.
      • the meeting signifies a major change in your life.
      7 Jul 2021

      What is a twin flame zodiac? ›

      Twin-flame astrology tells you to what extent you both are compatible instead of whether you are compatible. Twin flames need not belong to the same zodiac sign; they can also involve unexpected combinations. When you meet your twin flame, your energies will match, and you will feel a magical bond.

      What zodiac signs should you not fight with? ›

      Here are 7 zodiac signs that are the most difficult to deal with when angry.
      • Aries. Aries are one of the most scariest zodiac signs when angered. ...
      • Gemini. Gemini likes to keep their emotions to themselves. ...
      • Leo. Albeit there bossy nature, Leo's are very calm and friendly in nature. ...
      • Libra. ...
      • Scorpio. ...
      • Aquarius.
      14 Mar 2022

      What zodiac can get along with everyone? ›

      Pisces as a coworker.

      They're the sign who everyone wants on their team. Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) love coworker Pisces the most. Ultimately, Pisces are able to fit into any situation. Their blessing (and their curse) is that they're always trying to meet other people at their level.

      Which zodiac is not jealous? ›

      Aquarius. This sign allows people, romantic partners, material items, and success to come and go as they please—without attachment. So it's no surprise that its representatives rarely get jealous.

      Which zodiac get angry fast? ›

      Taurus: According to astrology, the people of this zodiac get very angry quickly. When Taurus people feel bad about something, then they are not able to control their anger. Not only this, it becomes difficult to calm them down.

      What zodiac signs gets mad easily? ›

      Beware: These 5 Zodiac Sign get ANGRY very easily
      • Aries. Aries have an aggressive personality. ...
      • Taurus. Taureans are tenacious and aggressive. ...
      • Virgo. Virgins are perfectionists by nature. ...
      • Leo. Leos are one of the strongest zodiac signs and are intolerant and domineering by nature. ...
      • Scorpio.
      29 Aug 2022

      Are opposite zodiac signs soulmates? ›

      It is believed that the opposite zodiac signs are soulmates because they possess every quality needed for a perfect union and completion. Not only do they complete each other's shortcomings, but they also complement each other. As a result, the opposite signs who complete each other, become soulmates.

      Which zodiac fears being alone? ›

      • 4 Zodiac Signs That Hate Being Alone. Everyone acts differently when it comes to spending alone time or socializing. ...
      • Gemini. People know Gemini men and women as blabber queens and kings. ...
      • Leo. It is pretty hard for Leo to spend their time alone. ...
      • Libra. For Libra natives, Venus is the ruling planet. ...
      • Capricorn.
      3 May 2022

      What zodiac signs are innocent but arent? ›

      The Signs: Innocent or Evil
      • Acts innocent and is innocent: Cancer, Pisces, Virgo.
      • Acts innocent but is evil: Gemini, Aries, Aquarius.
      • Acts evil and is evil: Scorpio, Libra, Sagittarius.
      • Acts evil but is innocent: Capricorn, Taurus, Leo.

      What zodiac signs are careless? ›

      Here's a look at the most careless signs of the zodiac, from slightly selfish to notoriously neglectful.
      The Most Careless Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers
      • 6 | Pisces. As the dreamy water sign of the zodiac, Pisces are often considered to be loners. ...
      • 5 | Gemini. ...
      • 4 | Aries. ...
      • 3 | Capricorn. ...
      • 2 | Scorpio. ...
      • 1 | Sagittarius.
      5 Jun 2022


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